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Pictures taken during September 2006

id: 16374
Brett playing Half Life 2: Deathmatch
id: 16375
Mel's got a bag full of laundry
id: 16376
Death magnets!
id: 16377
id: 16378
id: 16379
id: 16380
Wiki's not sure about that camera
id: 16381
id: 16382
Wiki comes after the camera!!
id: 16383
Get your nose away from the lens!
id: 16384
"Must.. climb... head"
id: 16385
Wiki struggles up the side of Mel's head
id: 16386
Mel helps him out a little
id: 16387
Wiki's slipping!
id: 16388
He made it!
id: 16389
Mel's not sure about this situation
id: 16390
Wiki heads for the crack in the couch
id: 16391
Wiki's "cavemaning out"
id: 16392
"Go away"
id: 16393
There he is!
id: 16394
He's gotten bigger
id: 16395
Wiki closeup
id: 16396
Hey Wiki
id: 16397
Still trying to figure out my camera..
id: 16398
Hi Mel
id: 16399
He looks much smaller when you put him in an open area
id: 16400
id: 16401
"Hey... what are you doing?"
id: 16402
"I'm... going over here now"
id: 16403
"Oh noes, a wall"
id: 16404
"Hmm, you're still here huh?"
id: 16405
"What's over there?"
id: 16406
Wiki straings to get a good view of... something
id: 16407
Mel's dad plays with the spinning thing
id: 16408
Blinded by the light..
id: 16409
id: 16410
Watch your face
id: 16411
This stupid thing was a lot of fun
id: 16412
Flying thign catch
id: 16413
Action shot!
id: 16414
Mel's dad looks like he's up to no good
id: 16415
Bailey hangs upside down
id: 16416
Mel says "she looks like a goblin!"
id: 16417
Go Bailey go
id: 16418
This picture is really funny for some reason
id: 16419
Mel jumps into the middle
id: 16420
Shaved Mo
id: 16421
Mo looks right
id: 16422
Mo looks left
id: 16423
Mo looks... into my camera!
id: 16424
"His tail is so fluffy!"
id: 16425
Aww, Mo
id: 16426
Mo's trying to escape
id: 16427
There is no escape for Mo
id: 16428
Hi Mel
id: 16429
I found this picture of Mo before he was shaved
id: 16430
Mo was SO BIG
id: 16431
My face.. in pins!
id: 16432
My latest origami ball
id: 16433
120 pieces
id: 16434
Not bad..
id: 16435
Well I think it's neat
id: 16436
Snakes on a Sudoku!!
id: 16437
Snakes on a Plane: The novel adaptation
id: 16438
Go trunk man!!!
id: 16439
I dropped a box full of Magic cards
id: 16440
It was a catastrophe
id: 16441
The moon next to Carlson
id: 16442
This was the exposure setting I needed to show the moon
id: 16443
And this was the exposure setting I needed to show Brett and Mel
id: 16444
Topaz printed these to the Linux Lab from RIT!
id: 16445
An awesome desktop featuring the Swordfish from Cowboy Bebop
id: 16446
I reversed the peephole on our room and took this picture of Brett
id: 16447
Is this super creepy or what?
id: 16448
My frozen water balloon animal!
id: 16449
It's a doggy!
id: 16450
Closeup of the doggy's head
id: 16451
Brandon's got a pink llama
id: 16452
And a green necklace
id: 16453
I made a brain parasite for the llama
id: 16454
Since the parasite is on the back of the llama's head he doesn't notice. Brandon is freaked out by this whole situation
id: 16455
Mike uses our room for a t-shirt photoshoot for some eBaying
id: 16456
Brandon took this picture when I wasn't around
id: 16459
Hey look, it's the Traina Center
id: 16460
Check out this Clark truck
id: 16461
It's got a face on it
id: 16462
Such an angry truck
id: 16463
Outside the train
id: 16464
That's the door I went in
id: 16465
Trucks on a train!
id: 16466
Rob with the new fried ravioli from Papa Gino's
id: 16467
Hi Rob
id: 16468
James was there too
id: 16469
Whoa! James!
id: 16470
James tries to play it cool
id: 16471
id: 16472
Rob's turn to be cool
id: 16473
James flashes some sort of... coaster.. gang... sign.
id: 16474
The retainer goo.. holder...thing
id: 16475
The shiny bit on the stick
id: 16476
They fill this with goo and put it in my mouth
id: 16477
Rubber bands for braces
id: 16478
Some sort of box
id: 16479
Retainer colors
id: 16480
I forgot to pick one
id: 16481
The neato rubber bowl, minus the goo
id: 16482
Care for a mouthful of goo?
id: 16483
He uses curtains as a cape
id: 16484
I fell on the escalator
id: 16485
It didn't hurt that much, but it bled a lot
id: 16486
All fixed.. kind of
id: 16487
Those sharp sharp teeth
id: 16488
There were a lot of people working on the T
id: 16489
Some constructing dude
id: 16491
Whoops! This dude was looking right at me!
id: 16492
Some airplane
id: 16493
Another Half Life 2 -esque picture
id: 16494
This dude's walking around in the water!
id: 16495
What's he up to
id: 16496
The fountain
id: 16497
A shorter exposure of the fountain
id: 16498
James outside the mall
id: 16499
James is with that arrow
id: 16500
Waiting to get into the Apple store
id: 16501
I really liked the focus blurring on this
id: 16502
An ouchies from a few days ago. Stupid shelf thing
id: 16503
This ad was wicked weird
id: 16504
Ah, the genius bar. Home of the geniuses
id: 16505
We found Mars!
id: 16506
See? Mars
id: 16507
My new toy, the Phlat Ball. Now it's a frisbee...
id: 16508
Now it's a ball!
id: 16509
The Zakim Bridge
id: 16510
Zoomed in on the Zakim Bridge
id: 16511
Commuter rail
id: 16512
The Moo-Flower
id: 16513
Stupid cow
id: 16514
Trojan cow
id: 16515
Hallo Trojan cow
id: 16516
A huge panorama of the Worcester train station
id: 16517
A medium sized version. These were all put together in Photoshop
id: 16518
A smaller version
id: 16519
I met this soldier guy outside of the train station
id: 16520
He's a cool guy. Good luck out there man!
id: 16521
Mike's new LCD TV
id: 16522
A firetruck and a police car outside my room. Note Aoi's lights on the left
id: 16523
My knee about 30 hours later
id: 16524
Now it's starting to hurt...
id: 16665
James looks really insane here, like he's trying to eat his own head.
id: 16666
Waving a newspaper like crazy
id: 16667
Brandon... in a chair
id: 16668
James thinks something is funny
id: 16669
Nice face Brandon
id: 16670
Faces are funny
id: 16671
Halfway to one of Brandon's "crazy eye" looks
id: 16672
James does a crossword or something
id: 16673
Looks like it's time to paint my keyboard again..
id: 16674
Shut it!
id: 16675
Mike reads over their script for a skit
id: 16676
Nice shirt, Mike
id: 16677
Is that a grenade in his hand?
id: 16678
Focus on... foot!
id: 16679
Focus on... wall!
id: 16680
Like my schedule?
id: 16681
James needs a haircut
id: 16682
Why are you putting on my shirt?
id: 16683
I never button that shirt
id: 16684
Why does everyone think it's so funny to put my clothes on?
id: 16685
Mike's got my balloon pump
id: 16686
I thought this picture was funny because that dude's head is just floating in a sea of white
id: 16687
Brandon sure looks ponderous in MIke's glasses
id: 16688
I thought this picture was neat because of the blur
id: 16689
"Stocks are down?!"
id: 16690
Those aren't my pizzas I swear
id: 16691
Two caf workers enjoy their lunch break
id: 16692
I found Mel in the student lounge in the UC
id: 16693
The stupid toaster
id: 16694
Go, bagel, go!
id: 16696
Lots of bread
id: 16697
Lots of potato chips in generic white bags
id: 16698
Some crazy math from Topology
id: 16699
Yeah, that's the word I'd use
id: 16700
Hi Professor Rudolph
id: 16701
Some sort of line
id: 16702
Brett at his new laptop
id: 16703
Brett loves to shuffle
id: 16704
This is basically the view you get as soon as you open our door
id: 16705
Constantly shuffling
id: 16706
This is where I keep my death magnets
id: 16707
Mel checks stuff online
id: 16708
Like my decals?
id: 16709
Hi Mel!
id: 16710
Mel seems to be trying to pin down the secret ingredient in Bistro Burgers: squirrel
id: 16711
Don't give me that look
id: 16712
My mini-buckyball
id: 16713
It's sneaking up on Mel
id: 16714
A turkey on an old Peapod Squad poster
id: 16715
Mel's a slob, but don't tell her I said that
id: 16716
Mel checks stuff online
id: 16717
Mel against the window
id: 16718
All must bow down before StrongDuck and his magical crown!
id: 16719
Mel seems unphased by the recent seizure of power in her room
id: 16720
StrongDuck proclaims... something across the land
id: 16721
Mel's sprinkler
id: 16722
Mel's got lots of shoes
id: 16723
"It's clean!" I believe you Mel
id: 16724
Some magic decks on Mel's desk
id: 16726
This dog was in ITS earlier
id: 16727
He seemed like a pretty cool dog
id: 16728
The view out the window from my desk
id: 16729
Some spirals hanging in the stairwell
id: 16730
The sign said "Please touch (gently!)"
id: 16731
They make strange noises
id: 16732
There are some wind chimes too
id: 16733
id: 16734
id: 16735
Whooo spiral!
id: 16736
More spirals!
id: 16737
Button art
id: 16738
It's a bit creepy..
id: 16739
The button art up close
id: 16740
More buttons!
id: 16741
These paintings were really impressive
id: 16742
Flower of Evil
id: 16743
Another cool acryllic painting
id: 16744
Some strange sculpture
id: 16745
Brett and I found this one night in Dana Hall
id: 16746
So many DESUs!
id: 16747
id: 16748
Closeup of DESU
id: 16749
DESU forever!
id: 16750
id: 16751
Lincoln and DESU!
id: 16752
A couple random extra ones
id: 16753
Another angle of DESUs
id: 16754
Igor adds another hard drive to a professor's mac
id: 16755
I dubbed the new ATI room "Fort Awesome"
id: 16756
I found this warning on the shredder... watch your tie!
id: 16757
Hi Igor!
id: 16758
4chan macros!!
id: 16759
id: 16760
Squirrel's got some food
id: 16761
id: 16762
Eating squirrel!
id: 16763
id: 16764
He's on to me
id: 16766
Mel fills out the information packet
id: 16767
id: 16768
Go Mel go
id: 16769
Mel's allergies are pretty funny
id: 16770
Handing in the paperwork
id: 16771
Mel browses the collection to find one a batman symbol
id: 16772
Very clever, guys
id: 16773
Mel's psyched
id: 16774
Found it!
id: 16775
Mel's ready
id: 16776
Doug explains how it works
id: 16777
Mel's butt cheek is exposed!
id: 16778
Doug wipes down the area
id: 16779
Tattoo pigments
id: 16780
Lots of colors
id: 16781
Mel's going with straight black
id: 16782
Some tattooing equipment
id: 16783
The outline of the tattoo, this was just rubbed on
id: 16784
Mel assumes the position
id: 16785
Ready to rock!
id: 16786
Doug shows Mel that the needles are being unwrapped
id: 16787
Mel's getting comfy
id: 16788
The needle
id: 16789
Setting up equipment
id: 16790
Doug gets the pigments ready
id: 16791
Who's that dweeb?
id: 16792
A closeup of the outline
id: 16793
Glovin' up!
id: 16794
It begins!
id: 16795
Mel's marked for life!
id: 16796
"Is that it?"
id: 16797
Doug concentrates
id: 16798
Hi Mel!
id: 16799
Some of that is real ink, folks!
id: 16800
Tattoo in progress
id: 16801
Doug is hard at work
id: 16802
Doug almost looks like he's thinking "whooops!"
id: 16803
Everything's going well
id: 16804
The pigments
id: 16805
The outline is halfway done!
id: 16806
Doug continues
id: 16807
Go Doug go!
id: 16808
It's times like this that I'm glad I've got a zoom lens
id: 16809
Doug's been at it for a while now
id: 16810
Another "butt update" for mel
id: 16811
Looking good!
id: 16812
The completed outline, with a little bit of the main body
id: 16813
The center is filling up!
id: 16814
Mel didn't complain one bit
id: 16815
How's it going, Mel?
id: 16816
id: 16817
Half way done!
id: 16818
More filling in
id: 16819
Doug dabs off extra pigment
id: 16820
Mel adjusts her position... carefully
id: 16821
"My hand is asleep"
id: 16822
Wiggle that hand!
id: 16823
Nearly done now!
id: 16824
Almost there!
id: 16825
The completed product, with a little antiseptic
id: 16826
A closeup of the batman tattoo
id: 16827
All done!
id: 16828
Just a little sore :)
id: 16829
Doug patches Mel up
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