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Pictures taken during October 2006

id: 16830
Brett and Tony
id: 16831
The new dorm is nearly done!
id: 16832
I shipped my iPod to a dude on eBay
id: 16833
Live from Topology!
id: 16834
Prof. Rudolph's arm is coming out of Sarita's head!
id: 16835
Some crazy cougar!
id: 16836
I didn't get too close so he wouldn't harass me
id: 16837
Mel's favorite form of meat: pile
id: 16838
Anyone want some pastrami?
id: 16839
Pieces of a door handle
id: 16840
id: 16841
id: 16842
id: 16843
id: 16844
id: 16845
id: 16846
The camera mounts onto this part
id: 16847
ITS's neato spherical panorama device
id: 16848
If the bubble's in the middle, everything's balanced!
id: 16849
18 shots per round
id: 16851
The screen's box
id: 16852
There it is...
id: 16853
Mel clears a space for her new machine
id: 16854
HD 23-inch... *drool*
id: 16855
She even got a free printer!
id: 16856
Carefully opening the box..
id: 16857
Little tiny cuts
id: 16858
The box is open!
id: 16859
Mel's mom holds the box down
id: 16860
Mel takes time to savor the moment
id: 16861
Mel with some sort of box
id: 16862
id: 16863
Thar she blows
id: 16864
The extraction begins
id: 16865
Careful guys
id: 16866
id: 16867
I can see the head! I mean.. both handles!
id: 16868
Isn't she a beauty?
id: 16869
The screen is all wrapped up nice
id: 16870
Look how big it is!
id: 16871
Mel loves her screen
id: 16872
id: 16873
It's enormous
id: 16874
The empty boxes went home with Mel's parents
id: 16875
Empty boxes
id: 16876
Mel with her new computer "Quenty" and screen "Lawrence"
id: 16877
Put it to good use Mel!
id: 16878
Mike and Brett teamed up against me in Magic
id: 16879
"We're gonna kick your ass"
id: 16880
A pretty tree
id: 16881
Some weird cable in Back Bay station
id: 16882
Becky with her new car
id: 16883
Dad figures out how to screw the front license plate on
id: 16884
He eventually had to drill in
id: 16885
Becky poses with his license plate
id: 16886
There was a small dent in the back
id: 16887
Some bird in a tree
id: 16888
Who comes up with these names?
id: 16889
Becky's shopping
id: 16890
id: 16891
Doo doooo doodoodoo
id: 16892
Becky looks oddly suspicious with that bunch of bananas
id: 16893
More strange hybrid fruits
id: 16894
Since when did Shaw's have a Wild Oats section?
id: 16895
Take it to the MAX with max cola!!
id: 16896
Becky browses the ramen section
id: 16897
id: 16898
That's gross becky
id: 16899
Ah yes, small, cold, hard, circular toast. My favorite
id: 16900
Who's that nerd?
id: 16901
My new drill
id: 16902
It was broken, so Isabelle was not impressed
id: 16903
Retainer lady got my name wrong
id: 16904
My new retainer. I'll try not to throw this one away..
id: 16905
Yeah, that drawing will help a lot..
id: 16906
Bye Mom
id: 16907
Colored leaves blurring by
id: 16908
id: 16909
Blurry leaves
id: 16910
Slightly less blurry leaves
id: 16911
Electric stuff in the background
id: 16912
Nice trees
id: 16913
More blurs
id: 16914
id: 16915
Some gross water
id: 16916
A truck with some stuff on it
id: 16917
Blurry window
id: 16918
Sarah on the train
id: 16919
Sarah reading some sort of book..
id: 16920
More blurs outside the window
id: 16921
Laser exposures!
id: 16922
It's supposed to say "HI" with circles around it
id: 16923
Laser, the blue light, and some sort of strange stain on the wall
id: 16924
Mike got his green laser pointer
id: 16925
Me and Mike both wrote our names... then crossed out the other's. Unfortunately Mike wrote too high
id: 16926
Mike crossed out "yatpay"!
id: 16927
We drew Brett. This was way harder than it looks since we could only see a little dot in the darkness with no reference points
id: 16928
Brett take two
id: 16929
Brett got lasered!
id: 16930
Brett's a laser mummy!
id: 16931
This is pretty crazy actually...
id: 16932
Superflash plus lasers!!!
id: 16933
A huge line for the caf
id: 16934
The Hiroshima bomb was actually 15 KILOtons, so I called the Globe to correct them
id: 16935
id: 16936
Brett enlisted Rosie's help to put his new keyboard on
id: 16937
Rosie had to do this last year so she was experienced
id: 16938
Brett watches over the proceedings
id: 16939
Topology class!
id: 16940
Professor Rudolph ripped the earth in two!!
id: 16941
What has science done!!?
id: 16942
Professor Rudolph makes some notes
id: 16943
He had this neat prop for explaining what was going on
id: 16944
Putting the prop together
id: 16945
Professor Rudolph explains some abstract spaces
id: 16946
Topology is fun!
id: 16947
id: 16948
id: 16949
id: 16950
Lots of leaves
id: 16951
A pretty tree
id: 16952
Some leaves on the ground
id: 16953
October is clearly the superior month
id: 16954
Only November comes close
id: 16955
A leaf
id: 16956
This leaf has leprosy
id: 16957
More leaves
id: 16958
Pine needles
id: 16959
A brick wall (used as a desktop)
id: 16960
More leaves
id: 16961
A sneaky squirrel
id: 16962
The Flying Linked List!
id: 16963
The Flying Linked List in action
id: 16964
A flash image to show the angle of attack of the blades while the TFL is in action
id: 16965
Brendan's hiding
id: 16966
Look at him go
id: 16967
Lights are fun
id: 16968
id: 16969
What's that for?
id: 16970
Nugget came too
id: 16971
Moving furniture
id: 16972
Derks and Andrew move benches for more people
id: 16973
Dan showed up too
id: 16974
Walking around before the show
id: 16975
They were being all creepy with flashlight faces.. this is a 15 second exposure
id: 16976
Something about zombies..
id: 16977
Brendan starts off the show
id: 16978
Danny is not interested
id: 16979
Mel sits
id: 16980
Danny's not playing
id: 16981
Freeze and live!
id: 16982
Why is it always Mel and Danny?
id: 16983
They so craaazy
id: 16984
Derks seems distraught
id: 16985
Why does this always happen!?
id: 16986
id: 16987
Danny's gonna kill Kaylie!
id: 16988
id: 16989
"Well you see.."
id: 16990
id: 16991
Everyone! STFU
id: 16992
What is going on?
id: 16993
Mel is a robot!
id: 16994
Mel's getting loose!
id: 16995
id: 16996
Hey, that teapot moved
id: 16997
Emily is Godzilla!! NOOOO
id: 16998
id: 16999
Squad members on the side
id: 17000
Well how 'bout that
id: 17001
id: 17002
Derks looks so glum
id: 17003
id: 17004
id: 17005
Derks and Kaylie
id: 17006
Ahh! No pooping on the stage!
id: 17007
They often look... horrified
id: 17008
Andrew and Emily
id: 17009
Brendan in a chair
id: 17010
id: 17011
Emily is a little kid
id: 17012
Mel is on a bench
id: 17013
Action shot!
id: 17014
Emily looks concerned
id: 17015
id: 17016
Andrew looks so upset
id: 17017
id: 17018
Danny fixes his tie
id: 17019
Carrying something?
id: 17020
What is he holding?
id: 17021
It's over there
id: 17022
Emily seems upset
id: 17023
Kaylie on a rampage?
id: 17024
id: 17025
Let's go that way
id: 17026
Mel watches the proceedings
id: 17027
id: 17028
id: 17029 id: 17030 id: 17031
id: 17032 id: 17033 id: 17034
id: 17035 id: 17036 id: 17037
id: 17038 id: 17039 id: 17040
id: 17041 id: 17042 id: 17043
id: 17044 id: 17045 id: 17046
id: 17047 id: 17048 id: 17049
id: 17050 id: 17051 id: 17052
id: 17053 id: 17054 id: 17055
id: 17056 id: 17057 id: 17058
id: 17059 id: 17060 id: 17061
id: 17062 id: 17063 id: 17064
id: 17065 id: 17066 id: 17067
id: 17068 id: 17069 id: 17070
id: 17071 id: 17072 id: 17073
id: 17074 id: 17075 id: 17076
id: 17077 id: 17078 id: 17079
id: 17080 id: 17081 id: 17082
id: 17083 id: 17084 id: 17085
id: 17086 id: 17087 id: 17088
id: 17089 id: 17090 id: 17091
id: 17092 id: 17093 id: 17094
id: 17095 id: 17096 id: 17097
id: 17098 id: 17099 id: 17100
id: 17101 id: 17102 id: 17103
Bryce has a box on his head
id: 17104
He's also a zombie
id: 17105
id: 17106
My window seat
id: 17107
I sit in it thusly.
id: 17108
The view out my window
id: 17109
A car accident in progress! This dude bumped the car behind him and drove off
id: 17110
An old ad from when Abels was running for some sort of office
id: 17111
Mike sitting in my broken chair
id: 17112
Hi Mike
id: 17113
What a weird image
id: 17114
Chairs are sad?
id: 17115
Mike's got a jetpack!
id: 17116
Mel's not looking at the camera
id: 17117
Some topology?
id: 17118
New hard drives!
id: 17119
James playing with magnets on my fridge
id: 17120
Hi Rob
id: 17121
James kept dropping magnets or something
id: 17122
What is the matter with you guys?
id: 17123
Ninja Rob
id: 17124
Now that is a molecule model
id: 17125
It's HUGE!
id: 17126
The History of Math class met in the library on Friday
id: 17127
We learned how to look stuff up in the library
id: 17128
Should come in handy for our research paper
id: 17129
It was really windy this weekend
id: 17130
A nice sky
id: 17131
id: 17132
I bought a bunch of magnets
id: 17133
They're a lot of fun
id: 17134
The LEM?
id: 17135
An icosahedron
id: 17136
Aka, a D20
id: 17137
Mel in her room, which was being rearranged
id: 17138
Mel makes a crazy face!
id: 17139
This was my Halloween costume. Oh yeah, I'm cool.
id: 17140
Clark seems to be implying that alcohol is an essential nutrient
id: 17141
Anthony was a ninja-pirate!
id: 17142
The playgrounnd looks creepy now
id: 17143
Kind of Half-Life 2-sh
id: 17144
The broken swing adds to the atmosphere
id: 17145
On my way to Traina
id: 17146
Nice sky
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