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Pictures taken during November 2006

id: 17147
There are three airplanes in this picture, along with a ton of older contrails
id: 17148
Seee? Airplane
id: 17149
This weird machine took a picture of the back of my eye
id: 17150
Neato eye checking equipment
id: 17151
I looked through the other end
id: 17152
Another cool eye checking machine
id: 17153
Which is clearer, 1, or 2?
id: 17154
Tony digs into the magnets
id: 17155
What's he making?
id: 17156
Ah, a space elevator
id: 17157
I knew that pipe on the ceiling would come in handy
id: 17158
It goes all the way up
id: 17159
Space elevator!
id: 17160
Tony attached this to the bottom
id: 17161
Brett has an unusually shiny head today
id: 17162
Lookee what I made, kind of like DNA
id: 17163
Tony makes more structures
id: 17164
Professor Rudolph in action
id: 17165
Look at him go.
id: 17166
Some nice trees
id: 17167
Mel gets in on the magnet action
id: 17168
Very nice, Mel!
id: 17169
Magnets = fun
id: 17170
id: 17171
I love smoke
id: 17172
Why is smoke so much fun to me?
id: 17173
It was tough to get good pictures of the smoke
id: 17174
The focus kept changing
id: 17175
Steel balls + small magnets = icosahedron!
id: 17176
id: 17177
Incense smoke ring!
id: 17178
Another smoke ring
id: 17179
Yet another smoke ring
id: 17180
A larger icosahedron
id: 17181
An anti-Mo!
id: 17182
id: 17183
They sometimes moved together which made it look like a mirror
id: 17184
Anti-Mo looks meaner than Mo
id: 17185
id: 17186
Weird little figurines in Mel's garage
id: 17187
Mel looks at trees
id: 17188
:D Hi Mel
id: 17189
Bailey seem startled
id: 17190
Walking to the movie theater for "Borat!"
id: 17191
A seagull
id: 17192
Hahaha, I can't wait for this movie
id: 17193
In the ticket line
id: 17194
Fun fun
id: 17195
Oh no!
id: 17196
Mel's dad is confused
id: 17197
Bailey pets the horsey
id: 17198
Bailey.. feed the brush to the horsey
id: 17199
Stupid horsey
id: 17200
id: 17201
You can already buy accessories!
id: 17202
W. T. F.
id: 17203
id: 17204
Blinding Brett!!!
id: 17205
A squirrel!
id: 17206
He's digging!
id: 17207
What's he digging for?
id: 17208
He noticed me
id: 17209
He's highly suspicious
id: 17210
People walking by didn't help
id: 17211
I love this zoom lens
id: 17212
id: 17213
Hallo squirrel
id: 17214
Playing with the digital zoom
id: 17215
id: 17216
He wouldn't come back down out of the tree
id: 17217
Too bad squirrels can't smile
id: 17218
Clark in the fall
id: 17219
id: 17220
Reminds me of electron orbits
id: 17221
id: 17222
Tuesday was a good day for America
id: 17223
New glasses with clip on sunglasses
id: 17224
New glasses
id: 17225
Old glasses
id: 17226
id: 17227
A low flying airplane! You can see the ID number
id: 17228
Another low flying airplane
id: 17229
What's up with all these airplanes?
id: 17230
Brandon plays the slide whistle
id: 17231
Go Brandon go
id: 17232
Playing "Me and Bobby McGee"
id: 17233
Brandon plays a mean slide whistle
id: 17234
You can't play with one hand!
id: 17235
James looks on
id: 17236
Brandon goes crazy
id: 17237
Brandon gets some beer
id: 17238
An awful flash picture
id: 17239
id: 17240
Hi Michelle!
id: 17241
A totally insane picture of Brandon
id: 17242
A toast!
id: 17243
Brandon ripped his pants
id: 17244
Workers on the new dorm
id: 17245
They're putting bricks on now
id: 17246
Nearly done!
id: 17247
The first stage of my machine
id: 17248
I would've made $100 off this machine. Too bad the opp went down
id: 17249
It worked pretty well
id: 17250
The marble ramp
id: 17251
Brushing my teeth!
id: 17252
Brett blinked!
id: 17253
Chris taught Topology for the day
id: 17254
Go Chris go
id: 17255
The RAs are making chili!
id: 17256
Hi Mel!
id: 17257
A big bucket of chili!
id: 17258
Sauce lid
id: 17259
Mel stirs the chili
id: 17260
Must stiiirrrr
id: 17261
Stiring the lame vegetarian chili
id: 17262
Hi Mel!
id: 17263
Mike, Bryce, and Brett play a round of magic before chili
id: 17264
Mike's making cofee!
id: 17265
Bryce looks over his cards
id: 17266
Mike's got coffee
id: 17267
Looks like he needs it
id: 17268
Bryce gets a new deck
id: 17269
Mel and Jane prepare some food
id: 17270
Cornbread muffins!
id: 17271
Cornbread... bread!
id: 17272
Mel cuts out muffins
id: 17273
Chili pots
id: 17274
Empty sauce jars
id: 17275
Oops, forgot to rotate.
id: 17276
A pile of keys, swipe cards, and cell phones
id: 17277
Cutting out muffins
id: 17278
Mmm, muffins
id: 17279
Cutting muffins!
id: 17280
id: 17281
Mel gives me a look
id: 17282
id: 17283
Preparing food
id: 17284
Mel serves some chili
id: 17285
Mel and Jane get some chili
id: 17286
Brandon's got some chili
id: 17287
James and Brandon are having a good time
id: 17288
Mel gets her own chili
id: 17289
Mel liiiikes chili
id: 17290
Oops, forgot to rotate this one too
id: 17291
It would be way too much work to fix the rotation on this so.. deal with it.
id: 17292
Brett joins in the fun
id: 17293
Brett was our official southwest expert
id: 17294
What do you think, Brett?
id: 17295
Jane gets some chili, and Mike's here!
id: 17296
These creeps were standing right behind me
id: 17297
Hallo Bryce
id: 17298
A good way to start of AUSA weekend I suppose
id: 17299
Mike gets some chili
id: 17300
Mike.. turns around?
id: 17301
id: 17302
Not many people ate the donuts
id: 17303
Brett kind of leans back in a weird way..
id: 17304
Brett gets some pie
id: 17305
Bryce looks through the window thing
id: 17306
Mitch showed up too
id: 17307
Bryce gets way too close
id: 17308
Mike sneaks into the little window thing
id: 17309
Megaflash on James!
id: 17310
Brett tries to hide behind a corner
id: 17311
Bryce is getting beord
id: 17312
A damp morning in November at Clark University
id: 17313
Neat sky
id: 17314
Professor Rudolph sits in the back
id: 17315
Eric taught the class today
id: 17316
I guess Prof. Rudolph doesn't like the way this class is going
id: 17317
Prof. Rudolph gets comfy
id: 17318
He later knocked the desk over and startled everyone
id: 17319
Snazzy socks
id: 17320
The wall of macros grows at work
id: 17321
An awful picture of Brandon and Nugget
id: 17322
Nugget's standard suspicious look
id: 17323
Hay guys
id: 17324
Brandon plays with the phlat-ball while working
id: 17325
Magnetic darts!
id: 17326
Phlat ball in the air!
id: 17327
Fun with bags
id: 17328
Fun fun fun
id: 17329
Brandon looks inside
id: 17330
The new building site was wide open
id: 17331
New building!
id: 17332
It's almost done
id: 17333
I like the window setup
id: 17334
A weird scaffold
id: 17335
A pineapple!?
id: 17336
Why is there a pineapple near Dana?
id: 17337
Oh yeah, I'm wicked cool
id: 17338
Party in the suite!
id: 17339
Brandon.. does something
id: 17340
Mel walking along
id: 17341
Heeey Mel
id: 17342
There's Mel's look!
id: 17343
Mel's starting to get weird
id: 17344
Walking along
id: 17345
Crazy Mel!
id: 17346
id: 17347
id: 17348
id: 17349
Sitting on the stage
id: 17350
Looking out at the chairs
id: 17351
id: 17352
This is where Mel sits sometimes
id: 17353
The stage
id: 17354
id: 17355
Weird storage room
id: 17356
Wicked creepy prop
id: 17357
THis place is a mess
id: 17358
File cabinets
id: 17359
Get it? Get it?
id: 17360
Mel is hiding in the mess
id: 17361
Found youuuu
id: 17362
Hey! A BB gun!
id: 17363
Mel looks for costumes
id: 17364
Mel at work
id: 17365
Working working working
id: 17366
Worst graffiti ever
id: 17367
View from the stage. See Mel?
id: 17368
I look stupid
id: 17369
A hawk!
id: 17370
Hallo hawk!
id: 17371
He sat there for a while
id: 17372
Before haircut, hair in my eyes
id: 17373
Before haircut, hair normal
id: 17374
id: 17375
Mel is cold
id: 17376
Cutting my hair!!
id: 17377
id: 17378
My hair is all wet
id: 17379
The first cut
id: 17380
id: 17381
id: 17382
Mo looks outisde
id: 17383
Mel grabs Mo
id: 17384
Mo looks over there
id: 17385
Mo struggles
id: 17386
Mo makes a break for it
id: 17387
Ah, sweet freedom
id: 17388
A statue on a building in Providence
id: 17389
Cranes in Providence
id: 17390
Wow! That! Sounds! Cool!
id: 17391
Aw, so close
id: 17392
Tuns out I took a picture of this sign in January too
id: 17393
The neato ceiling
id: 17394
The train is coming
id: 17395
id: 17396
id: 17397
Playing with my zoom lens. Hi mom.
id: 17398
My mom's kind of lame jack-o-lantern
id: 17399
Matt snaps a shot of me shuffling
id: 17400
id: 17401
Matt the Mat!
id: 17402
Matt got a new camera
id: 17403
Camera fight!
id: 17404
Becky on her first day of school.
id: 17405
Don't open it!
id: 17406
You opened it!
id: 17407
Mom is depressed by the box
id: 17408
Mom getting Thankgiving dinner ready
id: 17409
Checking the stove
id: 17410
Pulling out the turkey
id: 17411
id: 17412
All done
id: 17413
Closeup of the turkey
id: 17414
Mom with the turkey
id: 17415
My grandmother talks to Greg on the phone
id: 17416
Becky and Colleen
id: 17417
Mom and Aunt Teresa
id: 17418
Becky and Colleen pose
id: 17419
id: 17420
Becky talks to Greg
id: 17421
Becky and Colleen hang out on the couch
id: 17422
Uncle Chris
id: 17423
Gra-gra and my mom
id: 17424
Talking about.. stuff
id: 17425
Becky looks around
id: 17426
Uncle Chris
id: 17427
id: 17428
Becky and Colleen
id: 17429
Becky meet's the mega-flash. "I hated it."
id: 17430
Becky's giant glass
id: 17431
Uncle Chris pours some wine
id: 17432
Gra-gra looks around
id: 17433
Becky's got wine!
id: 17434
Becky and Colleen pose again
id: 17435
Cheer up Gra-gra!
id: 17436
Becky's beverages
id: 17437
Uncle Chris and Aunt Teresa
id: 17438
Pumpkin soup?
id: 17439
Becky checks her rolls
id: 17440
Rolls and other food cooking
id: 17441
Pulling out some food
id: 17442
Marshmellows on yams!
id: 17443
It was actually really good
id: 17444
Mom at dinner
id: 17445
id: 17446
Aunt Teresa makes a weird face
id: 17447
Uncle Chris and Aunt Teresa
id: 17448
Colleen and Uncle Chris
id: 17449
Collen and a hiding Becky
id: 17450
Aunt Teresa and Gra-gra
id: 17451
Uncle Chris pours some more wine
id: 17452
Becky has some yams or something
id: 17453
Turkey salt and pepper shakers
id: 17454
My mom
id: 17455
Gra-gra at dinner!
id: 17456
My mom near the door
id: 17457
Real classy. (We wanted them to take the barrels)
id: 17458
Start with a card..
id: 17459
Align thusly
id: 17460
id: 17461
Hold three together
id: 17462
id: 17463
id: 17464
Slip the last one in place
id: 17465
The top of my creation
id: 17466
Definately has fractal potential
id: 17467
id: 17468
id: 17469
Becky hanging out
id: 17470
Strawberry's in a box
id: 17471
Strawberry likes his box
id: 17472
He seems to be reconsidering
id: 17473
Hi Strawberry
id: 17474
A crazy bird on my fridge
id: 17475
id: 17476
Strawberry moves in
id: 17477
My mom doesn't seem too happy about it
id: 17478
Strawberry smells around
id: 17479
id: 17480
A pretty good picture of her
id: 17481
Isabelle looks at my mom
id: 17482
It kind of looks like my mom is killing Isabelle.. but she's not
id: 17483
What's that!?
id: 17484
Waiting at a stop light
id: 17485
There he is again!
id: 17486
It's the mooninites!
id: 17487
Adult Swim had an awesome light up bill board
id: 17488
As seen from farther away
id: 17489
Nice billboard
id: 17490
James snaps a few shots
id: 17491
James strikes a pose in front of the mooninite billboard
id: 17492
Yep, that's me
id: 17493
Strawberry on the couch
id: 17494
Barely awake..
id: 17495
Don't look so.. morose..
id: 17496
Back to sleep
id: 17497
Becky on the couch
id: 17498
Nice laptop sticker, Becky
id: 17499
Becky hates these pictures
id: 17500
A ultrasound of my heart!
id: 17501
Beany drew this a while back
id: 17502
Mel's diagram of why I'm not allowed to wear hats. My mom hates it
id: 17503
The new building is nearly done!
id: 17504
Workers on the building
id: 17505
A nest
id: 17506
Pictures for selling my laptop on eBay
id: 17507
The back of my laptop
id: 17508
The last picture of Hyatt you'll ever see. Bye Hyatt!
id: 17509
Professor Rudolph looks extra crazy in this one
id: 23234
A tour group wanders by Carlson
id: 23235
This was written in the middle of a sequence of equations..
id: 23236
An airplane!
id: 23237
Nugget and Melvin
id: 23238
id: 23239
I made an icosahedron out of neodymium magnets and steel balls!
id: 23240
It looks pretty cool
id: 23241
It's really heavy
id: 23242
Inside a larger icosahedron
id: 23243
72 steel balls
id: 23244
Inside the giant icosahedron
id: 23245
Another shot inside the icosahedron
id: 23246
The icosahedron almost finished
id: 23247
You can see inside!
id: 23248
The headless icosahedron
id: 23249
All put back together
id: 23250
It was pretty stable once fully assembled
id: 23251
One more shot of the icosahedron
id: 23252
Closeup of the steel balls
id: 23253
Really old books
id: 23254
This book.. is really old
id: 23255
id: 23256
This book of Maxwell's papers was published only shortly after his death
id: 23257
It's weird to see how familiar this looks consdering how old it is
id: 23258
More really old books
id: 23259
A squirrel!
id: 23260
The athletic center
id: 23261
My sweet new topology book
id: 23262
Brett and Bryce standing around
id: 23263
Brandon seems psyched for the Smash Brothers tournament
id: 23264
Bryce just seems.. creepy
id: 23265
Pizza is here!
id: 23266
Look at all the pizza!
id: 23267
This guy's got a pizza
id: 23268
Pizza is James' best friend
id: 23269
Brandon digs in
id: 23270
Everyone's got pizza!
id: 23271
Mike attacks that pizza
id: 23272
Hey Mike
id: 23273
Bryce enjoys himself
id: 23274
The spectator zones around the playing area
id: 23275
Another playing station
id: 23276
Smash Brothers awaits
id: 23277
Josh gets some pizza
id: 23278
Brandon's having a good time
id: 23279
Mmm, pizza
id: 23280
Hey Brett
id: 23281
James and Brandon talking about something
id: 23282
Mike and James
id: 23283
Bryce has pizza
id: 23284
Brett looks suspicious of the camera
id: 23285
Standing around..
id: 23286
Mike talks to Brett
id: 23287
James savors the moment before the first bite
id: 23288
And off he goes
id: 23289
Mike takes a drink
id: 23290
A Gamecube controller
id: 23291
Bryce calls this one "Smash players ready for blood"
id: 23292
James thinks something is funny
id: 23293
Looks like Mike has grossed out Brett once again
id: 23294
Bryce checks out the ceiling while eating pizza
id: 23295
Brett and Mike
id: 23296
Laughing about something..
id: 23297
Bryce, James, and Brandon devestate more pizza
id: 23298
This makes Brandon happy
id: 23299
Bryce and James
id: 23300
What's up, Bryce?
id: 23301
Sitting around..
id: 23302
This guy looks pretty bummed
id: 23303
Hey Mike!
id: 23304
Outrageous and Bryce
id: 23305
The pizza is all gone!
id: 23306
And James looks pretty guilty
id: 23307
Drawing the tournament tree
id: 23308
Some other games..
id: 23309
Bryce checks out the PS2
id: 23310
id: 23311
Brett watches people playing
id: 23312
Bryce gets in on a game
id: 23313
PS2 controller
id: 23314
Explaining how the tournament is going to work
id: 23315
Playing a game
id: 23316
Playing Smash
id: 23317
Bryce settles in
id: 23318
Smash Brothers!
id: 23319
Listening to someone explain tournament rules
id: 23320
Brandon examines the controller
id: 23321
He looks so lost
id: 23322
James is going to hit Pikachu out to left field
id: 23323
Oh no!
id: 23324
id: 23325
Smash action!
id: 23326
Bryce is so focused
id: 23327
So is Outrageous
id: 23328
Brandon pushes some buttons
id: 23329
Mike's sideburns are out of control
id: 23330
Mike and Mitch
id: 23331
Mike plays
id: 23332
Mike playing Smash
id: 23333
Nice label
id: 23334
Brett looks excited
id: 23335
Bryce gets into the game
id: 23336
Finishing the tree
id: 23337
Outrageous is out!
id: 23338
So is Bryce!
id: 23339
Brandon and Bryce: losers
id: 23340
Bryce and James
id: 23341
James.. says something
id: 23342
Bryce and Brandon play games in the other room
id: 23343
Oh that's nice, Brandon
id: 23344
Everyone sitting around
id: 23345
James: a guitar hero
id: 23346
Look at him go
id: 23347
Go, James, go
id: 23348
Gotta give him points for style
id: 23349
Don't fall over!
id: 23350
Outrageous takes up his axe
id: 23351
The old PS2 is a monster
id: 23352
James and Brandon
id: 23353
Bryce is having a good time
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