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Pictures taken during February 2007

id: 18162
James' tennis team
id: 18163
James places some games on the Wii
id: 18164
Wii equals much fun
id: 18165
James lines up a shot
id: 18166
Flash pictures to show the action better..
id: 18167
Wii Tennis is a lot of fun
id: 18168
Don't fall over!
id: 18169
Brett swings a cow over his head.. kind of
id: 18170
Brett sometimes gets a little too into the game
id: 18171
You can see the movement by looking at the blue LED on the Wiimote
id: 18172
Smashley's turn on the Wii
id: 18173
Run, Smashley, Run!
id: 18174
Smashley had a ton of fun
id: 18175
Bryce seems disgusted by something
id: 18176
Having fun with the Wii
id: 18177
Smashley thinks it's funny
id: 18178
They're supposed to trace out the green outline
id: 18179
They're drunk so they're not doing so well
id: 18180
Smashley's turn to trace
id: 18181
Bryce in the bowl chair
id: 18182
Smashley was all dressed up for an 80s party
id: 18183
Good thing she's got the strap on
id: 18184
Don't get out of control Smashley!
id: 18185
They're really bad at tracing
id: 18186
The Wii
id: 18187
A closeup of the power button
id: 18188
We made a Hitler Mii
id: 18189
Worst incense holder ever
id: 18190
Window + crowbar + incense
id: 18191
It got the job done
id: 18192
Brett did part of his Japanese homework on my whiteboard, so I made a monster eating it
id: 18193
An oscillator
id: 18194
It does not oscillate on its own
id: 18195
John, one of my classmates
id: 18196
What's he got?
id: 18197
A doodad
id: 18198
id: 18199
This integrated circuit has for NAND gates inside
id: 18200
We need three
id: 18201
Now that the IC's are in place, we have to carefully put the wires in
id: 18202
Very delicate procedures
id: 18203
It's coming together
id: 18204
Now this wire goes over here...
id: 18205
It looks like a face!
id: 18206
Attaching power for the other NAND IC
id: 18207
The orange is going to be the output
id: 18208
Blue wires everywhere
id: 18209
More wires are in place now
id: 18210
The red wire is the antenna
id: 18211
Capacitor in place
id: 18212
It's coming together!
id: 18213
Jon was taking my picture..
id: 18214
There I am hard at work
id: 18215
Too bad I had the schematic backwards
id: 18216
John, Breecher, and Jon working
id: 18217
Getting it to work..
id: 18218
Reversing my damage
id: 18219
Pointing to an IC
id: 18220
More wires...
id: 18221
A bunch of wires ready to go
id: 18222
Jon looks at something
id: 18223
Breecher strips a wire
id: 18224
Jon takes the wire..
id: 18225
.. and places it on the circuit
id: 18226
You can see the schematics on the right
id: 18227
id: 18228
Breecher watches
id: 18229
Monty helped too
id: 18230
NiThis guy is on a bulletin board in the Sackler Center
id: 18231
I think he's cool
id: 18232
Monster man!
id: 18233
Nice license plate!
id: 18234
Little Miss Sunshine
id: 18235
"Sunny" for short
id: 18236
It's hard to get a picture of her
id: 18237
She's always moving
id: 18238
Don't look so morose
id: 18239
id: 18240
She's got a towel
id: 18241
And a toy thing
id: 18242
Looking at the toy thing..
id: 18243
What's over there??
id: 18244
Mo and Sunny
id: 18245
Sunny's on the move
id: 18246
Mel's mom has Sunny
id: 18247
Sunny is very light
id: 18248
Mel brings giant Mo over
id: 18249
Placing Mo down..
id: 18250
Mo's all ruffled up
id: 18251
Mo and Sunny smell each other
id: 18252
Mo doesn't really like Sunny
id: 18253
Sunny is indifferent towards Mo
id: 18254
Mo tries to back off
id: 18255
Mo tries to run away!
id: 18256
Mel has to hold on to Mo
id: 18257
We put Sunny on top of Mo
id: 18258
Mo's not sure what to think about this situation
id: 18259
id: 18260
Mo does not look happy
id: 18261
Time to leave
id: 18262
Mo is not pleased
id: 18263
Humping frogs!
id: 18264
These are on Mel's dashboard
id: 18265
Well I thought they were funny
id: 18266
Mel's mom brings Sunny out for a walk
id: 18267
Walking around outside
id: 18268
id: 18269
Sunny looks around
id: 18270
She has a tiny leash
id: 18271
Walking over here
id: 18272
She didn't seem bothered by the cold
id: 18273
Mel's mom with Sunny
id: 18274
Backing out of the driveway..
id: 18275
Bye guys!
id: 18276
Ahhh a barrel in the street!
id: 18277
Chocobo road?
id: 18278
id: 18279
A laser bouncing?
id: 18280
Ah! It's me!
id: 18281
Bryce, Brett, and Tony playing a game
id: 18282
This is right before we moved the room around
id: 18283
They're playing Ultimate Marvel Alliance
id: 18284
Tony's into it
id: 18285
Bryce in the hall
id: 18286
Brett locks the door
id: 18287
Brett walking along
id: 18288
Waiting for Tony in Johnson
id: 18289
Flash picture!
id: 18290
"Come on!"
id: 18291
id: 18292
Some people at the party! Note that the girl on the left has my card!
id: 18293
id: 18294
I don't know these people
id: 18295
Pose everyone!
id: 18296
Brett seems alarmed
id: 18297
Some people at the party
id: 18298
It's Dan! Great party!
id: 18299
Bryce and Tony are in the corner
id: 18300
Another alarmed looking Brett
id: 18301
People around the table
id: 18302
A flash picture of some guy I don't know
id: 18303
Bryce is very sophisticated
id: 18304
This picture was immediately proceeded by "Hey Laura! Metal Gear Solid movie!"
id: 18305
Bryce on some bench
id: 18306
Wicked creepy, Bryce
id: 18307
Bryce tries to open a door
id: 18308
"Maybe my key will work"
id: 18309
Needless to say... it didn't
id: 18310
Bryce runs up to Freud
id: 18311
Oh Bryce, you've sunk so low.
id: 18312
Someone left Netflix on the floor!
id: 18313
id: 18314
I drew this while drunk
id: 18315
Bryce drew this. I signed off on it
id: 18316
A vaguely neat picture of a box
id: 18317
Brett looking around
id: 18318
Mel's bowl. Hey Mel, come pick up your bowl
id: 18319
Our new Goku poster. It looks pretty good doesn't it?
id: 18320
It's all dots up close
id: 18321
My sweet new Professor's Cube (on the left)
id: 18322
It's snowing!
id: 18323
You can kind of see the snow falling..
id: 18324
Brett eats a LOT at dinner. This is two hamburgers and a hot dog. He went on to eat three chicken patties...
id: 18325
Some awesome new microchips
id: 18326
They're very powerful
id: 18327
Too bad I ordered the wrong kind..
id: 18328
The leads are so small I can't use them
id: 18329
They still look neat
id: 18330
Look how small these are!
id: 18331
This baby can create and receive ethernet packets
id: 18332
It's thin too!
id: 18333
My PIC16F877As
id: 18334
Normal sized but.. square.
id: 18335
I also got a few PIC16F84As, but they were too small as well
id: 18336
Again, they still look neat
id: 18337
id: 18338
The Port of Worcester?? Last I checked Worcester is like 50 miles inland
id: 18339
Sunny in our room!
id: 18340
Get the tennis ball!
id: 18341
What's over here
id: 18342
Sunny checks around my desk
id: 18343
Bryce playing Manhunt.. I threw tennis balls at him
id: 18344
Bryce is concentrating
id: 18345
The Dual Shock 2 controller
id: 18346
Part of my growing cube collection
id: 18347
Brett's covered in rubber monster men
id: 18348
Metal Gear Ray has been overwhelmed!!
id: 18349
Nooo!! Metal Gear Ray run!!!
id: 18350
My monitor went crazy one day
id: 18351
The image went all wonky
id: 18352
Brett and Bryce playing God of War
id: 18353
Nick is an asshole
id: 18354
I took this image just to use the flash to look for my yellow guy.. I found him and the image was hilarious so I saved it
id: 18355
I planted a microchip on Bryce
id: 18356
He didn't notice
id: 18357
Bryce combined the two video games we had been playing all week
id: 18358
This is how my "do it yourself" Rubiks' Cube kit came
id: 18359
The blank cube (with no center panels added)
id: 18360
Cutting stickers...
id: 18361
The rubber men worship Brett's glasses
id: 18362
They await its wisdom
id: 18363
All hail Brett's glasses!
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