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Pictures taken during March 2007

id: 18364
Fun with LEDs
id: 18365
id: 18366
id: 18367
Rosie drew (clockwise from top) Brett, me, and Bryce
id: 18368
The artist shows off her work
id: 18369
Rosie points to her work
id: 18370
id: 18371
Bryce didn't like his drawing
id: 18372
id: 18373
id: 18374
Bryce playing games
id: 18375
Brett looking around
id: 18376
Don't you give me that look
id: 18377
Brett watching TV
id: 18378
Rosie puts the whiteboard back
id: 18379
id: 18380
id: 18381
Rosie makes a weird face
id: 18382
Rosie sits around
id: 18383
Our folktale from Japanese class
id: 18384
What the hell is this!?
id: 18385
My dad had to pull up on the sidewalk to get close enough
id: 18386
Fun times
id: 18387
Going over to the other car
id: 18388
Backing out the unpowered car
id: 18389
Backing away
id: 18390
The cable is in place
id: 18391
Dad charging up the car
id: 18392
id: 18393
id: 18394
Rob at Papa Ginos
id: 18395
James is hiding
id: 18396
I love Rob's look..
id: 18397
James with his face
id: 18398
Looking through boxes..
id: 18399
The fridge
id: 18400
Looking in the fridge
id: 18401
This is where the soda from the fountain comes from
id: 18402
Concentrated Mountain Dew
id: 18403
A little leakage
id: 18404
James found his Hoodsies
id: 18405
Nice goatee James
id: 18406
"Why would a calendar making company have a month's name for their company name?"
id: 18407
Rob sitting on the counter
id: 18408
Stop smoking, Rob!
id: 18409
Rob and Joe smoking
id: 18410
Rob looking around
id: 18411
Atomic bowling!
id: 18412
id: 18413
Rob's a ghost!
id: 18414
Rob bowling
id: 18415
Pins flying around
id: 18416
Falling pins
id: 18417
Pins falling everywhere
id: 18418
I took this one by accident but I kind of like it
id: 18419
id: 18420
id: 18421
15 second exposure
id: 18422
People bowling
id: 18423
Atomic fun
id: 18424
Rob takes a moment before bowling
id: 18425
Rob bowling again
id: 18426
id: 18427
James standing around
id: 18428
I like the purple light
id: 18429
James poses.. kind of
id: 18430
Pins flying around
id: 18431
Long exposure is fun
id: 18432
Final scores for game one
id: 18433
Rob sitting around
id: 18434
Everyone got 9 on their first roll of the second game
id: 18435
The Good Try Ducks!
id: 18436
One of those "stop the light" games with some good prizes
id: 18437
A $100 bill!
id: 18438
Isabelle and Strawberry!
id: 18439
Aren't they cute?
id: 18440
Isabelle's looking around
id: 18441
What's over there?
id: 18442
Isabelle closeup
id: 18443
id: 18444
A helicopter flying over the mall
id: 18445
James plays on one of those projector games
id: 18446
You can step on books or something
id: 18447
Up close you can see the pixels
id: 18448
James steps on the game
id: 18449
No Wii's in stock, but plenty of PS3s
id: 18450
This is not a plushie!
id: 18451
The projector game again, this time in the Liberty Tree Mall!
id: 18452
It's not really that much fun
id: 18453
James plays again
id: 18454
The Jumpy Thing
id: 18455
I take a picture of James taking my picture
id: 18456
Let's take pictures of Rob!
id: 18457
Hahaha, again, no Wii's, but they've got eight PS3s
id: 18458
Stupid PS3
id: 18459
James is a Guitar Hero
id: 18460
Looks like he botched a note
id: 18461
He got pretty good at it
id: 18462
Some kid on The Jumpy Thing
id: 18463
James selects a DDR song
id: 18464
He ended up doing A, Orion, and Drop Out
id: 18465
James DDRing
id: 18466
Step step!
id: 18467
Rob says "I think I can win at Skiball"
id: 18468
Rob watches as James melts to death
id: 18469
It's like a first person shooter!
id: 18470
This photo wasn't even staged
id: 18471
James takes a break after Drop Out
id: 18472
Time to get up!
id: 18473
Someone had already put money in this machine!
id: 18474
James is going to be all that he can be
id: 18475
We found a broken gumball machine
id: 18476
James is making faces
id: 18477
James makes a creepy face
id: 18478
id: 18479
This "Zoltar" obviously used to be a woman
id: 18480
Look at the painted fingernails and rings!
id: 18481
It even has lipstick on! The beard is just curly hair put on the face!
id: 18482
How weird is it to buy Magic like this?
id: 18483
Rob has Zabusa's sword!
id: 18484
James is a Guitar Hero again!
id: 18485
Go man go!
id: 18486
id: 18487
Good horsey
id: 18488
A ray gun!
id: 18489
Awww, isn't that cute
id: 18490
James is ashamed of the previous picture
id: 18491
Jack McCoy?
id: 18492
id: 18493
Gimli's actually a big fan of Brigham's
id: 18494
id: 18495
You could go to the Liberty Tree Mall and turn left at the Jumpy Thing. Past the Shrine of the Silver Monkey....
id: 18496
Bilbo stopped by too
id: 18497
James has a hat
id: 18498
These shamrocks just get weirder and weirder
id: 18499
Time to poke Rob!
id: 18500
Cover your ears!
id: 18501
id: 18502
This was the best name they could come up with
id: 18503
James gets ready to suit up
id: 18504
James is psyched
id: 18505
Getting suited up!
id: 18506
James is flying!
id: 18507
The guy jumped on to help James get some momentum
id: 18508
Look at him fly
id: 18509
Having fun!
id: 18510
Jumping through the mall
id: 18511
James does a backflip
id: 18512
Jumpin' James
id: 18513
In the midst of a double backflip
id: 18514
Coming out of a flip
id: 18515
id: 18516
Jump for joy!
id: 18517
James is having a lot of fun
id: 18518
Now he wants one in his house
id: 18519
Rob didn't want to do it
id: 18520
Getting lowered
id: 18521
The power socket for my project.
id: 18522
Learning how to use lights.. The white LEDs are really bright
id: 18523
The board without the white LEDs
id: 18524
With all elements turned off
id: 18525
The 7 segment LED display
id: 18526
The nice folks at EB gave me a chair to sit in while waiting for a Wii
id: 18527
The EB
id: 18528
#3 in line. She's getting it for her kids. Nice lady
id: 18529
#2 in line. Getting it for himself and his whole household. He was cool too
id: 18530
The UPS truck is here!!
id: 18531
The packages are coming!
id: 18532
The guy's bringing them over here
id: 18533
In the store!
id: 18534
Headed to the back of the store
id: 18535
Box full of Wiis!
id: 18536
You can practically feel the anticipation
id: 18537
The EB guy with his box!
id: 18538
Cutting open the box
id: 18539
id: 18540
There's my Wii
id: 18541
#3 in line took this picture for me. Nerdy, but awesome
id: 18542
There it is
id: 18543
Opening the box..
id: 18544
Contents of box #1
id: 18545
Contents of box #2
id: 18546
I made my dad a Mii
id: 18547
For comparison..
id: 18548
Me vs my dad
id: 18549
My 81 year old grandmother took a round at Wii Bowling
id: 18550
She was pretty good!
id: 18551
Say it loud, say it proud
id: 18552
My Wii in its new home.. kind of a shrine
id: 18553
Closeup of the Wii logo
id: 18554
The Wiimote
id: 18555
The top of the Wiimote
id: 18556
The power button on the Wii
id: 18557
The sensor bar
id: 18558
The plastic stand sticks to the TV
id: 18559
The back of my Japanese story. I forgot there was a back..
id: 18560
Brandon gets read to box
id: 18561
A hook with the left!
id: 18562
Get him with the right!
id: 18563
Don't forget to block your face!
id: 18564
Get him, Brandon!
id: 18565
Just don't punch the TV!
id: 18566
A longer exposure of some Wii action
id: 18567
He's blurry with the movement
id: 18568
Our checks from PayPerPost finally arrived. Watch for us on a commercial on national TV!
id: 18569
Some cops on horses rode by since there was a parade on Park Ave
id: 18570
I just barely got these shots out
id: 18571
Bryce is psyched
id: 18572
Bryce drew this picture of Kratos killing other video game characters. Although later he said Kratos didn't do it..
id: 18573
Mel drew this crazy picture of Bill Cosby. Be sure to click on it..
id: 18574
One of my awesome new LCD screens
id: 18575
It is enormous
id: 18576
And it is gorgeous. These are the wires for the backlight
id: 18577
Very fine wires on the back
id: 18578
Lots of integrated circuits
id: 18579
And some capacitors?
id: 18580
More ICs
id: 18581
id: 18582
This is where the data goes. 20 pin interface
id: 18583
Quarter for scale. This thing is going to be beautiful if I can figure out how to use it
id: 18584
Messing around with a keypad..
id: 18585
See? It works.. kind of
id: 18586
Closeup of the keypad
id: 18587
My reading light
id: 18588
The white LEDs are very bright
id: 18589
And it runs off a 9 volt battery!
id: 18590
I threw a perfect game in darts
id: 18591
My desk is kind of messy
id: 18592
Brett watching a movie
id: 18593
Hi Tony
id: 18594
Brandon takes aim
id: 18595
Careful Brandon!
id: 18596
Smashley and Scott, who was here visiting
id: 18597
Smash yells about something
id: 18598
Brandon and Scott
id: 18599
Brandon drank a lot of wine
id: 18600
Hey look, it's Nick...... great....
id: 18601
Hanging out!
id: 18602
Everyone's looking everywhere!
id: 18603
Lookin' around
id: 18604
Brandon puts the squishy pillow on Smashley's head
id: 18605
Poor Smash
id: 18606
And that's how you do that
id: 18607
This really seems to ask "Why not kill yourself?"
id: 18608
A part of my microchip arsenal
id: 18609
I got a silicone cover for my Wiimote
id: 18610
It's neato
id: 18611
Helps you hold on to it
id: 18612
There's one for the nunchuk too
id: 18613
This area is kind of a mess
id: 18614
Chips and crap everywhere
id: 18615
This is supposed to make an LCD say.. .anything. It doesn't.
id: 18616
Bryce poses with one of his latest creations
id: 18617
Making a face..
id: 18618
You can practically feel the emotion
id: 18619
Bryce seems displeased with his nose
id: 18620
Hahaha, I really like this one. "You played Haruka Kanata"
id: 18621
I put some white lights on my bed
id: 18622
They are very very bright
id: 18623
These lights work their way through the spectrum
id: 18624
It takes 30 minutes to do one cycle
id: 18625
id: 18626
id: 18627
id: 18628
I ordered something from and it came in this weird box
id: 18629
id: 18630
Note the "All Electronics" label, and the "Hot Sauce" label
id: 18631
Swipe card reader, capacitors, LCD screens
id: 18632
LCD screens and.. lots of other electronics
id: 18633
Cases, solder, soldering iron, multimeter..
id: 18634
7-segment displays, LEDs, resistors, buttons, a motor
id: 18635
Jumper cables, resistors, speakers, etc
id: 18636
My huge LCDs
id: 18637
A few circles and chips
id: 18638
Some new tools
id: 18639
Lots of chips and my new LCD
id: 18640
Swipe card reader
id: 18641
JDM Programmer
id: 18642
Now obsolete since I have the Microchip programmer
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