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Pictures taken during May 2007

id: 20520
The new dollar coins
id: 20521
It has writing on the side that makes it look like a chocolate coin
id: 20522
The back of the coin
id: 20523
Vlad makes a call
id: 20524
Heap, our backup system
id: 20525
Oh yeah, this looks safe
id: 20526
What the hell happened to the Dana Commons lounge!?
id: 20527
This door is on the radio station thing
id: 20528
A funny moment from the Scarlet
id: 20529
My favorite part of the Scarlet.. in fact, the only part worth reading
id: 20530
Yep, that's James driving by
id: 20531
A hawk or something, and the reflection of my camera
id: 20532
Strawberry looks awfully suspicious
id: 20533
He's already lost interest
id: 20534
Practical philosophy?
id: 20535
Ah, Jupiter. We meat again
id: 20536
Me and Jupiter hang ou
id: 20537
This graph seemed pretty funny
id: 20538
Mel drew the red, I drew the blue. I made it funny
id: 20539
Farewell, Squaro
id: 20540
What's that picture above the white board?
id: 20541
Oh right, that funny picture of Vlad I printed
id: 20542
Steve is hard at work on math projects
id: 20543
Clark James is back!
id: 20544
Bryce and Tony sitting on my bed
id: 20545
We missed you James!
id: 20546
id: 20547
Random fireworks!
id: 20548
This is why I carry a camera around
id: 20549
id: 20550
You can tell it's windy
id: 20551
Stupid trees
id: 20552
Red streamers
id: 20553
id: 20554
Everyone kept calling me to get me out of the lab!
id: 20555
It's a DDoS attack!!!
id: 20556
OK guys, you win. Here I am
id: 20557
Air band?
id: 20558
Smashley looks scared!
id: 20559
Bryce looks more scared!
id: 20560
Brandon looks all crazy
id: 20561
Everybody pose!
id: 20562
Everyone on the couch
id: 20563
Clark James makes some sort of hand gesture
id: 20564
id: 20565
It's like, a fractal party!
id: 20566
Couch fun
id: 20567
Clark James' shirt is coming off!
id: 20568
Very nice, guys
id: 20569
Funny joke
id: 20570
Tony's having fun
id: 20571
Brett and Clark James talk about something..
id: 20572
Clark James and Smashley dance!!
id: 20573
id: 20574
Make way for Smashley's dancing
id: 20575
Brett tries on someone's glasses
id: 20576
Serious Clark James
id: 20577
Brett tries on my glasses
id: 20578
Tony with a jug
id: 20579
Smashley kind of dove into this shot
id: 20580
Brett tries Smashley's glasses
id: 20581
Hey Tony
id: 20582
Brandon looks angry
id: 20583
Air guitar!!
id: 20584
Bryce and Clark James make faces while watching the camera outputon the TV
id: 20585
id: 20586
An intense looking Clark James
id: 20587
Bryce looks pretty scared
id: 20588
Clark James dove into the shot!
id: 20589
Brandon like normal..
id: 20590
Brandon.. when he knows the camera's pointed at him
id: 20591
Everyone sitting around on the couch
id: 20592
id: 20593
id: 20594
Brett shows off his muscles
id: 20595
Bryce looks upset... Brett doesn't
id: 20596
Intense Clark James again
id: 20597
Smashley dances!
id: 20598
Nice face, Clark James
id: 20599
Smash and Brett pose!
id: 20600
Everybody pose #1
id: 20601
Everybody pose #2
id: 20602
Everybody pose #3
id: 20603
Ahhh Brandon is scary!
id: 20604
Clark James is psyched, Bryce attacks Brett
id: 20605
Check out Smash's guns
id: 20606
The Raptor lives up to his nickname
id: 20607
Ahh! Don't hit the fan!!
id: 20608
Nice face, Clark James
id: 20609
Bryce is panicked!!
id: 20610 he isn't
id: 20611
Sneaky Bryce
id: 20612
Posing Brandon
id: 20613
Bryce looks creepier than normal
id: 20614
Bryce looks at the camera output
id: 20615
Clark James sits in the corner
id: 20616
"One minute!"
id: 20617
Clark James likes TV?
id: 20618
Pictures of me??
id: 20619
Brandon snuck up behind me
id: 20620
I'm a ninja
id: 20621
I took another picture of a flash going off!
id: 20622
Smashley ruined the pose!
id: 20623
Showing off gunnnnns!
id: 20624
Very nice, guys
id: 20625
Everyone on the couch!
id: 20626
Moar partyyyy!!
id: 20627
Lots of drinks
id: 20628
Brett's got the headband on
id: 20629
Brett's a ninja!
id: 20630
Tony ninja's up
id: 20631
He's got this ninja thing down
id: 20632
Nice hat, Bryce
id: 20633
"Touch her elbow!"
id: 20634
Two priceless expressions
id: 20635
Heyyy Brett
id: 20636
Smashley dances!
id: 20637
Go Smashley go!
id: 20638
Can you feel the energy?
id: 20639
Oh Brett, you've sunk so low
id: 20640
Smash and Brett show off their guns
id: 20641
Two semesters of weight lifthing is paying off, Brett
id: 20642
Clark James tells a story
id: 20643
Nice hat, Tony
id: 20644
Fun on the couch
id: 20645
Brett looks... goofy
id: 20646
Bryce and Brandon
id: 20647
What's up, Brett?
id: 20648
Brandon's tipping over?
id: 20649
Another classic pose brought to you by Brandon
id: 20650
id: 20651
Clark James busts a Rock look
id: 20652
Bryce is crazy
id: 20653
Smashley found the dress
id: 20654
Rosie, Tony, Alicia, and Clark James on the couch
id: 20655
Bryce makes another weird face
id: 20656
Funny joke?
id: 20657
id: 20658
A somewhat frightening Brandon
id: 20659
Clark James makes all kinds of weird faces
id: 20660
Very nice, Clark James
id: 20661
id: 20662
Funny joke!
id: 20663
Toast of some sort?
id: 20664
Clark James dancing
id: 20665
id: 20666
Dance dance dance!
id: 20667
Go Smashley go!
id: 20668
Brett's drumming!
id: 20669
But not really
id: 20670
Clark James joins as a guitarist
id: 20671
Go air band go
id: 20672
Brett's getting into it
id: 20673
What is this band missing?
id: 20674
Ah yes, a sax player. Thanks Tony!
id: 20675
If only they had instruments...
id: 20676
...and some fans...
id: 20677
...and some skill...
id: 20678
Time to pose!!!
id: 20679
Pose pose pose!
id: 20680
id: 20681
Time mto get the guitar out of the way
id: 20682
Group shot!
id: 20683
Posing and dancing!
id: 20684
Go Smashley go
id: 20685
And the dancing continues
id: 20686
It's me!
id: 20687
Clark James and Bryce sing me a song
id: 20688
They're not very good
id: 20689
Steve thinks over his next move
id: 20690
What now, Steve?
id: 20691
It's the moon
id: 20692
Look at that moon
id: 20693
It's a big moon
id: 20694
Moon moon moon
id: 20695
The moon over the intersection
id: 20696
A car at the intersection
id: 20697
This is where I was... all night
id: 20698
At least I had my chair
id: 20699
I spent 17 hours straight in the lab
id: 20700
An analysis of Risk?
id: 20701
The moon again
id: 20702
It's lighter out
id: 20703
id: 20704
id: 20705
The moon over the Lasry building.. it moved quite a ways
id: 20706
Bluer sky..
id: 20707
Lasry Building at sunrise
id: 20708
While Clark James was drunk he left this.. cryptic.. message on Brett's laptop
id: 20709
Apparently the new dorm comes with Graboid defenses!
id: 20710
Alina and Steve signed my laptop.. much to Alina's distress, Steve added something
id: 20711
Aliva's revenge!
id: 20712
"How can you write that on someone else's laptop!?"
id: 20713
Tony came to work on his paper
id: 20714
Work work work
id: 20715
Hi Tony
id: 20716
Tony's sleepy
id: 20717
...and covered in Post-Its
id: 20718
Haallooo Tony
id: 20719
I wrote this on the board before our Numerical final
id: 20720
I found a place for all my pictures
id: 20721
Brett packs up
id: 20722
It didn't take long
id: 20723
Bye Brett! See you in the Fall
id: 20724
A McDonalds with the golden arches!
id: 20725
We went minigolfing
id: 20726
Session 9?
id: 20727
James has a club
id: 20728
You can't hide from me, James
id: 20729
I had the blue ball
id: 20730
Rob came too
id: 20731
James takes pictures
id: 20732
Balls on the green
id: 20733
Some kind of crazy crap
id: 20734
id: 20735
id: 20736
Rob takes his turn
id: 20737
James watches on
id: 20738
A big hole in the middle of the course
id: 20739
Fountain and river
id: 20740
This is how people in the 1800's combed their hair
id: 20741
We all ended up right next to each other
id: 20742
James takes a break on the bridge
id: 20743
James hit the ball waaay off course. See it by his foot?
id: 20744
A little tai chi?
id: 20745
Oops, took this picture a little bit too early
id: 20746
James found this messed up golf ball
id: 20747
Someone really wailed on this
id: 20748
A duck!
id: 20749
The duck's walking away
id: 20750
James follows the duck
id: 20751
The duck doesn't like James
id: 20752
The duck was more afraid of James than me since he went running past me
id: 20753
The duck retreats to the water
id: 20754
I can still take your picture
id: 20755
He's coming towards me!
id: 20756
Bye, duck
id: 20757
James is making waves
id: 20758
Get out of the river, James
id: 20759
Fountains are cool
id: 20760
A helicopter!
id: 20761
Lots of golf balls on the driving range
id: 20762
Signs in the distance
id: 20763
James and Rob standing around
id: 20764
This can not end well
id: 20765
Oh James, you've sunk so far
id: 20766
A crazy car crash on the highway
id: 20767
I hope everyone was OK
id: 20768
Strawberry smells Rob
id: 20769
Rob seems indifferent
id: 20770
Strawberry checks out this box
id: 20771
Rob looks kind of like Zabusa
id: 20772
Whoa! Relax!
id: 20773
Strawberry checks out my backpack
id: 20774
Another strange face
id: 20775
This strange face brought to you by Rob
id: 20776
Strawberry is helpless
id: 20777
Poor kitty
id: 20778
Now he looks comfy
id: 20779
Rob busts the Rock look
id: 20780
Rob's just walking along
id: 20781
Strawberry found a lap
id: 20782
Hi Strawberry
id: 20783
Strawberry looks at James
id: 20784
Old and busted..
id: 20785
New hotness
id: 20786
Guess what I watched first...
id: 20787
My old boom box.. too broken to use, off it goes
id: 20788
Best buy has a huge pile of PS3s
id: 20789
Strawberry sits on James
id: 20790
My birthday / mother's day card to my mom
id: 20791
It's meee
id: 20792
A bird on a power line
id: 20793
Hello bird
id: 20794
He's about to fly away
id: 20795
Gotta love the focus blur
id: 20796
Strawberry sat on my feet
id: 20797
He's sleepy
id: 20798
One of these things is not like the other.
id: 20799
My poor boom box. It was my first one
id: 20800
id: 20801
It's too bright for Strawberry
id: 20802
He apparently likes sitting here since he came back
id: 20803
Rob found a hat
id: 20804
Some kind of trippy LED fan
id: 20805
It makes awesome pictures
id: 20806
James raves it up
id: 20807
It makes cycloids!
id: 20808
James can see forever
id: 20809
Fun fun
id: 20810
The first wooden airplane. It worked pretty well
id: 20811
Some cool clouds
id: 20812
Geocaching! GPS says to go that-a-way
id: 20813
This path led off a main road.. seems about right
id: 20814
Getting closer
id: 20815
Mosquito breeding city..
id: 20816
Uhhhh, getting pretty lost
id: 20817
Is this a path or a river?
id: 20818
I'm in the middle of the freaking woods with no path. This did not go as I expected.
id: 20819
I got so close!
id: 20820
Parachute dude
id: 20821
He lives on the window
id: 20822
Rob's got mail
id: 20823
It's his tax return! Whoooo
id: 20824
Get in the car Rob!
id: 20825
A helicopter
id: 20826
The pieces of the wooden airplanes
id: 20827
The assembled plane
id: 20828
Rob preps the parachute ball
id: 20829
Oops, it opened while spinning it
id: 20830
They think their cool with their bigger airplane?
id: 20831
The parachute ball opening in the air
id: 20832
Trying to throw it to James..
id: 20833
James swinging
id: 20834
James twists in the air
id: 20835
Nice dismount?
id: 20836
Rob preps the ball again
id: 20837
James tried throwing the plane from the swing
id: 20838
Hi Rob
id: 20839
The helix ladder
id: 20840
James attempts to hide behind the airplane
id: 20841
Gravity is backwards!!
id: 20842
The plane was so biased towards flying left we eventually pulled the wing out to the "C" to make it fly straightish
id: 20843
This is what it looks like after a crash
id: 20844
It actually flew for 8 or 9 seconds like this
id: 20845
We call this the Birth Ball. You throw it.. it lands.. and it throws another ball back at you!!
id: 20846
A bird!
id: 20847
James is a king
id: 20848
... a very confused king
id: 20849
3.89 feet?? This must be it!
id: 20850
It's Boston!
id: 20851
It's the ocean!
id: 20852
It's that stupid lake I found last time
id: 20853
It's the sun!
id: 20854
Boston without the zoom
id: 20855
Boston with a little zoom
id: 20856
Lots of buildings
id: 20857
More buildings in Boston
id: 20858
The John Hancock Tower thanks so digital zoom
id: 20859
You can see heat waves in front of the Prudential Tower
id: 20860
The elevation marker!
id: 20861
Me standing in front of Boston
id: 20862
Hey look, it's Boston!
id: 20863
Some reeeeaaly old VCRs?
id: 20864
This guy looks like he's maliciously chasing this kid
id: 20865
James didn't think I'd get the shot off.. I did
id: 20866
id: 20867
Green plane
id: 20868
It flies pretty well, but there's no control
id: 20869
15 second exposure
id: 20870
What's James doing over there?
id: 20871
James is ravin'
id: 20872
This tree is hilarious
id: 20873
Green plane up close
id: 20874
From the front
id: 20875
From the top
id: 20876
No surprise here
id: 20877
I went a little crazy and bought this
id: 20878
Rob's totally insane rockets. They fly like 200 feet up
id: 20879
Oooo, Storm Launcher
id: 20880
It takes EIGHT AA batteries!
id: 20881
Out of the packaging
id: 20882
Ninja, one of Rob's kittens
id: 20883
He's sitting on me
id: 20884
id: 20885
Mischief hangs out with James
id: 20886
Walking around
id: 20887
What's over here?
id: 20888
It's tough to get down
id: 20889
Bothering kittens
id: 20890
Light up kitty!
id: 20891
Hello Ninja
id: 20892
Mischief takes a walk
id: 20893
Time for a nap
id: 20894
id: 20895
Friday is sleeping
id: 20896
Mischief sits on Rob
id: 20897
Look out, Rob!
id: 20898
He decided to just chill out here
id: 20899
Rob's door... hmmm
id: 20900
This was really underexposed but it was the best we got.. I'm covered in kittens!!
id: 20901
Now Rob's covered in kittens!
id: 20902
So many kittens!
id: 20903
Four at once! It's too much to handle
id: 20904
James' turn
id: 20905
Covered in kittens
id: 20906
What's in this thing?
id: 20907
James flies the Storm Launcher
id: 20908
You can see it in the distance
id: 20909
Look at it go
id: 20910
Flying back towards me
id: 20911
Flying away!
id: 20912
It came back!
id: 20913
Charging takes about 30 minutes
id: 20914
James' new piercing, an "Industrial"
id: 20915
An actual airplane
id: 20916
An old school airplane, aka a bird
id: 20917
Bye bird
id: 20918
Rob tries to get his rocket from James
id: 20919
And James retaliates!!
id: 20920
Stuck in a treeee.. for the first time
id: 20921
Rob hanging out on the slide
id: 20922
James joins him
id: 20923
Becky hanging out
id: 20924
Hi Becky
id: 20925
I threw this paper airplane off the Empire State Building
id: 20926
See? I told you
id: 20927
My old box! I've had this forever
id: 20928
But it's all gross and has goo on it somehow, so I threw it out
id: 20929
A bunny!
id: 20930
Another bunny!!
id: 20931
Some Beany art
id: 20932
My autograph from B of B&M
id: 20933
Ultrasound is fun
id: 20934
Lots of controls
id: 20935
My kidney (left) and (very full) bladder (right)
id: 20936
They're after my blood!
id: 20937
Taking lots of blood
id: 20938
Four tubes!
id: 20939
He did a good job
id: 20940
Gross, it's like, splattering on the side of the tube
id: 20941
id: 20942
Is this good?
id: 20943
Strawberry and Isabelle hanging out
id: 20944
Isabelle pretty much always looks this panicked
id: 20945
What's up guys
id: 20946
Helloooo Isabelle
id: 20947
Check out what my dad got at the laundromatte
id: 20948
A double headed quarter!
id: 20949
If you look closely (you can't tell in this picture) you can tell someone made this, not the mint
id: 20950
This router looked like it was about to pounce on me
id: 20951
My new LCD monitor!
id: 20952
Opened box
id: 20953
id: 20954
The support for the screen
id: 20955
The base
id: 20956
I put a quarter in the bottom left for scale
id: 20957
Oh goody
id: 20958
Nice specs!
id: 20959
I love my new setup.. I have a desk again!
id: 20960
Aoi looks happy
id: 20961
I can't believe this is a toy. It has realistic sounds, pump action... it even ejects "spent" cartridges
id: 20962
What the hell is this!? A creepy stuffed homeless person?
id: 20963
15 second exposure of airplanes
id: 20964
The newest addition to my air force
id: 20965
The tiny power switch and charging port
id: 20966
The Havoc Heli
id: 20967
From the front
id: 20968
The tail rotor
id: 20969
Some kind of protected gear
id: 20970
The gear, more from the top
id: 20971
The helicopter in action!
id: 20972
On the ground
id: 20973
It's hard to fly and take pictures at the same time
id: 20974
Coming towards me
id: 20975
Flying awaaaay
id: 20976
Isabelle doesn't like it
id: 20977
Isabelle with her nemesis
id: 20978
Isabelle lurks in the distance
id: 20979
This cat is on the defensive..
id: 20980
..and this is why.
id: 20981
Two cats in a basket
id: 20982
James talks to the cat
id: 20983
Old dishwasher. Crappy and broken
id: 20984
I like the company name
id: 20985
During... no dishwasher at all!
id: 20986
Becky does The Elephant on Smooth Moves
id: 20987
The Waiter
id: 20988
Becky and Carolyn playing Wii
id: 20989
New dishwasher!
id: 20990
Up close
id: 20991
I love this book cover
id: 20992
All the books we got rid of. Mostly from my room
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