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Pictures taken during June 2007

id: 20993
This is kind of a strange sign
id: 20994
We found this next to the highway
id: 20995
James shows off the other size
id: 20996
I think this is the new Strangest Fortune
id: 20997
I've never seen this on Massachusetts TV!
id: 20998
Creepy red moon
id: 20999
It's blurry, but you get the idea
id: 21000
Red moon!
id: 21001
Blood red moon with the street light
id: 21002
Slightly longer exposure
id: 21003
id: 21004
Non-zoomed moon
id: 21005
We drove to Boston to go to a particular 7/11. I snapped this at a red light
id: 21006
id: 21007
Becky and Strawberry hanging out
id: 21008
Laptops are fun
id: 21009
Strawberry wonders what I'm up to
id: 21010
Strawberry is Becky's copilot
id: 21011
Go Strawberry Go
id: 21012
Strawberry checks out my new chair
id: 21013
He seems to like it
id: 21014
An old bug
id: 21015
Laser Tag, Round 1
id: 21016
Laser Tag, Round 2
id: 21017
Laser Tag, Round 3
id: 21018
Strawberry helped himself to my bed
id: 21019
He crawled right under the blankets
id: 21020
The pieces for Hungry Hungry Hippos
id: 21021
Rob gets his colors ready
id: 21022
Muffie's got some monies!
id: 21023
James rips open a bag of parts
id: 21024
Hippo pieces everywhere
id: 21025
My hippo, up close
id: 21026
Rob is green!
id: 21027
James yelled at me for filming him filming
id: 21028
My dad left a slice of pizza in the toaster too long by accident
id: 21029
It was actually really good
id: 21030
The priest talks about something at the baptism
id: 21031
Jesus Christ!
id: 21032
Stained glass
id: 21033
A nice picture of a stained glass window
id: 21034
id: 21035
id: 21036
Becky and Dad watch
id: 21037
The priest continues
id: 21038
A wider shot
id: 21039
id: 21040
Jacob looks suspicous of me
id: 21041
What's over there?
id: 21042
Amy gets Grace ready to be baptised
id: 21043
Grace doesn't look thrilled
id: 21044
Grace under water?
id: 21045
She barely moved
id: 21046
Get her all dried up
id: 21047
Still hasn't moved..
id: 21048
All done!
id: 21049
Amy and Grace's godfather
id: 21050
Standing around..
id: 21051
Amy looks happy
id: 21052
The priest is talking
id: 21053
See? I told you
id: 21054
Becky and Dad sitting on a pew
id: 21055
id: 21056
id: 21057
id: 21058
The baby is poining to something
id: 21059
The godfather makes the baby an offer she can't refuse.. a candle
id: 21060
The priest giving instructions
id: 21061
Reading out of the book..
id: 21062
The baby looks bored
id: 21063
Jacob is interested though
id: 21064
"What's that dude up to?"
id: 21065
The priest is talking to us again
id: 21066
His hand is in the air!
id: 21067
Grace has a white thing on now
id: 21068
The priest holds the baby
id: 21069
Welcome to Earth, baby
id: 21070
And everybody poses!
id: 21071
id: 21072
Uncle Jimmy talks to my dad
id: 21073
Becky gives me a look while Uncle Jimmy and Dad continue talking
id: 21074
Jacob and Elaine
id: 21075
A cross
id: 21076
This situation looks like a powder keg
id: 21077
Jacob moves in for the strike!!
id: 21078
id: 21079
id: 21080
id: 21081
Uncle Jimmy wrenches the bottle away from his grandson
id: 21082
He's escaping!
id: 21083
And he's gone.
id: 21084
Only to return again!!
id: 21085
Dad and Becky find this amusing
id: 21086
Captured again
id: 21087
Now what
id: 21088
Uhoh, she found me
id: 21089
This kid was just walking by
id: 21090
Hi kid
id: 21091
This plant was after me
id: 21092
A madman with his cake
id: 21093
A bird
id: 21094
We went to Laser Quest, but it was closed
id: 21095
If you look closely you can see the scary dogs in the next car
id: 21096
A bunch of ants in our hallway!!
id: 21097
Revere Beach!
id: 21098
Long exposure, the waves turn into a blur
id: 21099
The street
id: 21100
Some cars driving by
id: 21101
Rob's girlfriend Kate sits on the wall
id: 21102
Flash and long exposure!
id: 21103
More flash and long exposure
id: 21104
Kate and Rob sit on the wall
id: 21105
James joins the picture
id: 21106
Lights in the distance. I like the texture on the wall
id: 21107
A plane taking off from Logan
id: 21108
James sits near his car
id: 21109
A lighthouse in the distance
id: 21110
Some abandoned ride parts
id: 21111
James wanders away to take some pictures
id: 21112
See? He's taking pictures
id: 21113
A helicopter thing
id: 21114
Another helicopter thing
id: 21115
I guess there used to be an arcade here. Note the tiger on the roof
id: 21116
Ticket, please
id: 21117
I like cracked parking lots with grass growing through
id: 21118
Some field
id: 21119
id: 21120
Weird arch thing..
id: 21121
Weird faces too!
id: 21122
A boat thing
id: 21123
A rusty handle
id: 21124
Up close to the rotting wood
id: 21125
id: 21126
Lots of tires from the Go-Kart track
id: 21127
Gun thing
id: 21128
James mans the battle stations
id: 21129
A really messed up trailer
id: 21130
id: 21131
id: 21132
Flying awaaay
id: 21133
James checks out the ocean
id: 21134
James with an ocean background
id: 21135
James fixes his hat
id: 21136
The ocean was pretty rough
id: 21137
Bird and ocean
id: 21138
Not a good day for the beach.. for normal people
id: 21139
id: 21140
id: 21141
White water!
id: 21142
A wave breaks
id: 21143
A wave as it breaks
id: 21144
The pier with a bird
id: 21145
There were two guys surfing!
id: 21146
The beachfront stores
id: 21147
Joe's Playland was a discontinuous store.. there were several of them right near each other
id: 21148
Support thing at the amusement park
id: 21149
James takes a picture
id: 21150
At least some skaters are getting some use of of this place
id: 21151
Discarded astroturf
id: 21152
Not anymore
id: 21153
James checks out a shed
id: 21154
A cat!
id: 21155
A bumper car
id: 21156
James gets in
id: 21157
Vroom vroom!
id: 21158
The empty lot
id: 21159
James takes a picture of a bumper car
id: 21160
White bumper car!
id: 21161
James takes some more pictures
id: 21162
Probably not
id: 21163
Lots of paint!
id: 21164
Looks like the bumper car area is being used as a construction staging area
id: 21165
Ferris wheel lights
id: 21166
A light
id: 21167
A rusty old table
id: 21168
The sign!
id: 21169
James sits next to the sign
id: 21170
A discarded sink
id: 21171
Nice car, crappy wheel!
id: 21172
More waves
id: 21173
The beach!
id: 21174
Some kind of tower thing in the distance
id: 21175
This is madness!!
id: 21176
DDR + Pump It Up = Technomotion
id: 21177
All 9 spaces!
id: 21178
A seagull
id: 21179
Could it be Jonathon Livingston?
id: 21180
A giant cow?
id: 21181
We found the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant
id: 21182
I snapped this from the car, across the marsh
id: 21183
James runs to the water
id: 21184
James chilling out near the ocean
id: 21185
id: 21186
James coming back
id: 21187
He's almost twice as tall as that line!
id: 21188
Bummer!! We were about 50 seconds too late on the parking meter
id: 21189
The nuclear power plant!
id: 21190
We waited for about ten minutes... just in case
id: 21191
The sketchy checkpoint
id: 21192
This sign was on the actual main road to the powerplant
id: 21193
There was a paper tube full of those little ash snakes..
id: 21194
I didn't realize there were 7 in there so I lit them all at once. Good times. Gross smoke
id: 21195
A typical algorithm for solving the Rubik's cube in less than 30 seconds. The green boxes represent how I "chunk" the algorithm
id: 21196
Red is first two layers, purple is orient last layer, and green is permute last layer. I've got a lot of work ahead of me...
id: 21197
This is actually my lighter. Looks pretty cool though
id: 21198
A spinner going off in the street. The sparks made a spectacular image!
id: 21199
I botched this picture so I just played with the lighter again
id: 21200
A blue sparklers on the lawn
id: 21201
A spinner in front of my house. My mom is standing on the porch
id: 21202
One of those dumb ash snakes
id: 21203
This ash snake tipped over while I was taking the picture
id: 21204
Three at once!
id: 21205
"Dick's" hung wooden beams from their steel beams.. it doesn't really accomplish what they're trying to
id: 21206
A bird bath in a pothole!
id: 21207
Bird brain
id: 21208
I was going to delete this one, but check out the bird flying away in the top-left
id: 21209
Hallo bird
id: 21210
A sprinkler doing its thing
id: 21211
Whirr whirr whirr
id: 21212
You can see the streams really well
id: 21213
Droplets in the air!
id: 21214
Birds on a cable
id: 21215
id: 21216
Bird in the street
id: 21217
id: 21218
I booby trapped my dad's car with firecracker-like things as revenge for a similar prank he did on me when I was 8. Served cold indeed!
id: 21219
A purple flower!
id: 21220
id: 21221
Twoooo flowers
id: 21222
James and Muffie hanging out in Brooks
id: 21223
James is staging this picture
id: 21224
James got this text from an unknown number
id: 21225
A "snowflake" going off. The sparks are neat
id: 21226
Another "snowflake" in the grass, shorter exposure
id: 21227
The "chicken"
id: 21228
The chicken goes crazy!!
id: 21229
Boston at night!
id: 21230
Lit up skyline
id: 21231
John Hancock tower
id: 21232
With such a long exposure you can really see the airplane lights
id: 21233
The quarry is bright!
id: 21234
id: 21235
Lots of lights
id: 21236
An airplane coming in for a landing
id: 21237
I think this is the same airplane
id: 21238
There are two airplanes coming in for a landing here!
id: 21239
Mount Hood Tower with a long exposure
id: 21240
Some darned kids set off a strobe pot on the second floor and ran. You can see their cell phone lights running out the front door. This was so bright, you could definitely see it from Boston
id: 21241
Strawberry checks out the outside world
id: 21242
My new Rubik's Cube case from the outside
id: 21243
Tadaaa. You know you love it
id: 21244
My eastsheen 5x5x5 is all snug
id: 21245
This is our tree
id: 21246
The neighbors want to cut a big piece off and we can't stop them
id: 21247
They are jerks
id: 21248
Bryce made these humongo burgers
id: 21249
He eventually broke them into smaller, triangular burgers
id: 21250
The master chef himself
id: 21251
James and Bryce watch clips from the CD-I version of Legend of Zelda
id: 21252
Bryce and Brandon are all decked out for the beach themed party
id: 21253
Bryce seems less excited
id: 21254
The table full of alcohol and gross snacks
id: 21255
I brought eight 40's for the party. They went over well
id: 21256
Bryce and Mike eating some food
id: 21257
Bryce looks a little suspicious
id: 21258
Brandon's enjoying his 40
id: 21259
James, Bryce, and Mike standing around
id: 21260
Rosie was very surprised by the camera
id: 21261
Brandon changes the music
id: 21262
This guy blew a weird bubble
id: 21263
Here's a more normal bubble
id: 21264
James and Michelle sitting on the couch
id: 21265
James resorts to literally shoveling food down his throat
id: 21266
Go James go
id: 21267
Bucket O Popcorn
id: 21268
Michelle gets a drink
id: 21269
We all love this picture.. Bryce in his "wifebeater" with a 40, looking surly.. classic.
id: 21270
Brandon saw me taking a picture and feigned surprise
id: 21271
Mike takes a swig of his Colt 45
id: 21272
James tries the "Bubble Bong"
id: 21273
Bryce explaining something
id: 21274
Whoa! Relax there chief
id: 21275
James tries blowing some bubbles
id: 21276
Something about the bubble blower grossed James out
id: 21277
This is kind of gross
id: 21278
Bryce on the phone
id: 21279
Smashley, Brandon, and James standing around
id: 21280
And take a drink
id: 21281
What's over there?
id: 21282
Smashley and Brandon pose
id: 21283
Smashley takes a sip of some kind of awful drink
id: 21284
Mike shows his weird European and Egyptian money to some girl
id: 21285
Rosie's excited
id: 21286
Lonely Brandon with a bottle
id: 21287
Mike chillin' with his 40
id: 21288
Brandon gets a snack as Michelle looks on
id: 21289
This guy seems happy
id: 21290
Guy spotted me and posed with Rosie!
id: 21291
James and Mike
id: 21292
Sitting around..
id: 21293
Smashley and Mike!
id: 21294
For some reason Brandon was on the ground, so Smashley posed with him
id: 21295
Aaand took a swig
id: 21296
Mike, Smash, and Brandon
id: 21297
Brandon and Smash!
id: 21298
Smashley's wicked excited about something
id: 21299
The guys dance to "The Spirit Never Dies"
id: 21300
Bryce is still working on his 40
id: 21301
Tony grew a third arm..
id: 21302
James dances out of the room
id: 21303
Bryce's "Model Shot"
id: 21304
Dancing with the noodle!
id: 21305
id: 21306
Smashley and James were singing to each other through the noodle
id: 21307
Rosie dances with.. someone
id: 21308
Noodle and drinking!
id: 21309
Brandon and Smash on the porch
id: 21310
Hi Smashley!
id: 21311
Brandon looks down only to find..
id: 21312
Hero James! Who apparently just rescued this cat from an earthquake
id: 21313
Playing with the unknown cat
id: 21314
Kitties are fun
id: 21315
This picture was too awesome to delete, sorry Smash
id: 21316
Rosie and some people pose on the roof
id: 21317
Fun fun
id: 21318
I found the cat
id: 21319
The cat walks away from Brandon and Smash
id: 21320
He came back!
id: 21321
He looks uncertain
id: 21322
What to do...
id: 21323
That blur is the cat walking away
id: 21324
More partying on the roof!
id: 21325
The commuter train is almost here
id: 21326
Under the bridge.. note the heat from the top
id: 21327
Crushed cars!
id: 21328
Kind of a car
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