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Pictures taken during August 2007

id: 21784
Debris from our tree on our jerk neighbor's lawn
id: 21785
So much debris
id: 21786
This chunk was in our backyard
id: 21787
An ugly stump where a lovely branch used to be
id: 21788
Miscellaneous debris in our backyard
id: 21789
The guys left their chainsaws while they were on lunch break
id: 21790
Ropes hanging out of the tree
id: 21791
id: 21792
id: 21793
id: 21794
Another chainsaw
id: 21795
The chunk from another angle
id: 21796
A closeup on the teeth of the chainsaw
id: 21797
Looking down the blade
id: 21798
id: 21799
Leaves and stuff
id: 21800
Stumpy again
id: 21801
Stumpy in a new exposure
id: 21802
The debris on the jerk neighbor's lawn again
id: 21803
They pretty much cut off everything over their house. They crossed the property line though, we should sue the jerks.
id: 21804
They threw all our furniture in the corner, and may or may not have knocked over our barrel
id: 21805
Greg and his friend Maria check out my DS
id: 21806
Uncle Chris
id: 21807
Gra-gra looking around
id: 21808
Having fun?
id: 21809
Aunt Meredith
id: 21810
My mom thinks somehting is funny
id: 21811
Becky shows Uncle Chris something on her phone
id: 21812
Have some beer
id: 21813
Uncle Chris takes a look at Becky's phone
id: 21814
What's that button do?
id: 21815
Aunt Teresa and Maria light the candles
id: 21816
Aunt Teresa and Mario light the candles.. in the dark!
id: 21817
Greg blows out the candles
id: 21818
And continues to do so
id: 21819
Oh no! We didn't know they were trick candles!
id: 21820
Greg gets to work on pinching out the trick candles
id: 21821
Pinching... he likes to pinch
id: 21822
They keep coming back!
id: 21823
Only three left
id: 21824
Aunt Teresa takes the cake
id: 21825
Greg makes a joke that Maria thinks is funny
id: 21826
Gra-gra and Becky look on
id: 21827
They look like they're having fun
id: 21828
Uncle Chris starts pouring some champagne
id: 21829
Greg and Gra-gra
id: 21830
The traditional ear pulling
id: 21831
"Is that all you got?"
id: 21832
Gra-gra thinks it's funny
id: 21833
Laughing time is over now
id: 21834
Everyone standing around
id: 21835
Champagne fun time
id: 21836
Aunt Meredith, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Teresa prepare for a toast
id: 21837
id: 21838
id: 21839
Uncle Chris looks like he's bored of toasting
id: 21840
Gra-gra with her glass
id: 21841
Keiki! Keiki! Keiki!
id: 21842
Gra-gra thinks something is funny
id: 21843
My mom hands out plates
id: 21844
Hi mom
id: 21845
Maria looks around
id: 21846
Becky can't wait for cake
id: 21847
Greg's presents
id: 21848
Mom watches
id: 21849
Mom and Aunt Teresa
id: 21850
Aunt Meredith
id: 21851
Gra-gra sitting around
id: 21852
Uncle Chris is itchy
id: 21853
Hi Greg
id: 21854
id: 21855
Greg reads cards
id: 21856
Giving someone a look..
id: 21857
Greg got some nice pens
id: 21858
With his initials on them!
id: 21859
Very nice
id: 21860
A popped cork!
id: 21861
Some stars, taken from the common
id: 21862
The International Space Station flies by. Click on the image to see it
id: 21863
A zoomed version. That line is the ISS
id: 21864
Well since the tripod is set up, I might as well play with it
id: 21865
Guess what I used to write this
id: 21866
Yep, the earth actually moves noticably in only fiften seconds! Of course, this is zoomed in..
id: 21867
Stars blurring around the North Star
id: 21868
The ISS made a reappearance one orbit later
id: 21869
The ISS flies over my neighbor's house
id: 21870
ISS flying under the moon
id: 21871
The ISS flying by my house, look carefully, it's in the wires.
id: 21872
My mom's house at night
id: 21873
Another shot of my mom's house at night with a fifteen second exposure
id: 21874
A less than stellar picture of the ISS flying by. Look closely, you can see it
id: 21875
A shot of my mom's house with the ISS flying by. You can see it in the gaps between the trees
id: 21876
McKeed's pins finally showed up in a super sketchy envelope
id: 21877
My mom helps my grandmother up some stairs
id: 21878
Uncle Chris
id: 21879
Melissa talks to Matthew, one of my new cousins
id: 21880
Hi Matthew
id: 21881
Becky looks behind her
id: 21882
My Great Uncle Jim
id: 21883
Becky with her cool cool glasses
id: 21884
Uncle Jim looks around
id: 21885
Aunt Regina
id: 21886
Danny looks suspicious
id: 21887
Jim looking around again
id: 21888
id: 21889
Becky and Gra-gra
id: 21890
Aunt Meredith takes a drink
id: 21891
Looking around..
id: 21892
My other new cousin, Sean, stands up
id: 21893
He made it!
id: 21894
Uncle Brian grabbed him!
id: 21895
Spinning him around!
id: 21896
Getting Sean on his shoulders..
id: 21897
What's in the sky, Sean?
id: 21898
Getting settled..
id: 21899
Father and son
id: 21900
Becky at the table
id: 21901
Aunt Meredith
id: 21902
Uncle Peter takes a look at the pool
id: 21903
How's the beer?
id: 21904
A new Rubik's Cube record!
id: 21905
Great Aunt Regina, Great Uncle Jim, and Gra-gra
id: 21906
Uncle Chris takes some pictures
id: 21907
"Say moneeeyy"
id: 21908
Uncle Jim
id: 21909
Aunt Regina
id: 21910
Aunt Regina thinks something is funny
id: 21911
Uncle Jim checks out my card
id: 21912
He didn't believe me that the picture was of the earth
id: 21913
Brother and sister
id: 21914
Gra-gra laughs at something
id: 21915
Uncle Chris directs another shot
id: 21916
Uncle Chris lines up another shot
id: 21917
Aunt Regina and my mom
id: 21918
Hi mom
id: 21919
Danny eats a cookie or something
id: 21920
id: 21921
Uncle Jim
id: 21922
Uncle Brian getting out of the pool
id: 21923
Sean in a towel
id: 21924
Uncle Brian looks at his kids
id: 21925
Uncle Brian and Aunt Laura
id: 21926
Sean's got a brownie and a cookie
id: 21927
But which to eat first?
id: 21928
Oh no, I've been spotted
id: 21929
Becky says "peace"
id: 21930
Gra-gra and Becky pose
id: 21931
Aunt Teresa tried to stop them
id: 21932
id: 21933
Sean continues his feeding frenzy
id: 21934
How's the watermelon, Sean?
id: 21935
Johnny places on his DS
id: 21936
Melissa checks out her finger
id: 21937
I can see why first graders find Aunt Teresa so intimidating
id: 21938
What's up Gra-gra?
id: 21939
Melissa hangs out
id: 21940
Danny and Uncle Peter
id: 21941
Uhoh, Uncle Peter spotted me
id: 21942
Why did Johnny label his DS as a Wii?
id: 21943
"Hey Johnny... gotcha"
id: 21944
Uncle Chris takes another shot
id: 21945
Gra-gra talks to Sean
id: 21946
Becky at the table
id: 21947
Uncle Brian and Matt sit around
id: 21948
Matt looks comfy
id: 21949
My mom on the phone
id: 21950
id: 21951
Matt the Mat checks out the stars
id: 21952
The stars are moving!
id: 21953
More stars
id: 21954
id: 21955
An airplane flew through this shot, neat huh?
id: 21956
Looking straight up
id: 21957
Stars over a tree
id: 21958
Stars over the same tree
id: 21959
Worcester is so bright
id: 21960
id: 21961
The window and (unopenable) door to our new room
id: 21962
The fire alarm is right next to our window, that will be fun
id: 21963
Our room from the outside
id: 21964
It's right next to where the cops park
id: 21966
Christina and Ginny try to fix the printer
id: 21967
What is that thing??
id: 21968
A tonor cartridge?
id: 21969
We usually just keep it on "magic"
id: 21970
A Chinook helicopter!
id: 21971
It was flying pretty low
id: 21972
A red spider!
id: 21973
The lecture hall where the event took place
id: 21974
A slideshow of xkcd comics was being played
id: 21975
A red spider pyramid!
id: 21976
A giant red spider!
id: 21977
Red spiders were all over the ground
id: 21978
Another shot of the giant red spider
id: 21979
One of the event coordinators took pictures of the crowd
id: 21980
xkcd Live!
id: 21981
More red spiders
id: 21982
Please note the Raptor Escapes
id: 21983
Randall Munroe!
id: 21984
The great artist himself
id: 21985
He was pretty cool
id: 21986
He made a lot of nerdy jokes
id: 21987
He claims he's never used one of those little mics before
id: 21988
The talk continues..
id: 21989
Telling stories..
id: 21990
id: 21991
Goooo Randall
id: 21992
Drawing on a projector!
id: 21993
The famous stick figure
id: 21994
A guy, and 'the girlfriend'
id: 21995
"Whoa!" Randall plays with the auto-contrast
id: 21996
Drawing a guy sitting in his chair
id: 21997
It's tough to draw him "turned around"
id: 21998
A few stick figures
id: 21999
Drawing a request..
id: 22000
"A raptor taking a shower"
id: 22001
Making a paper airplane
id: 22002
I skipped a bunch of steps..
id: 22003
The finish product. He claims that he once threw it about 300 feet
id: 22004
Drawing some snakes
id: 22005
id: 22006
id: 22007
And a pilot
id: 22008
A fake motivational poster about Pluto
id: 22009
Waiting for an autograph..
id: 22010
Randall's view of the room
id: 22011
This guy brought a Guitar Hero guitar to be signed
id: 22012
A black hat!
id: 22013
John Kawamura takes a shot at being a Guitar Hero
id: 22014
Brett before the "beard off".. more on this later
id: 22015
Brett plays some Guitar Hero
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