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Pictures taken during September 2007

id: 22016
Brett checks out his shirt?
id: 22017
The case my Antec P182 case came in
id: 22018
Other boxes, what could be in here?
id: 22019
Well this one has speakers in it
id: 22020
Case box
id: 22021
Or is it.. a box case?
id: 22022
Another side
id: 22023
Aaand the back
id: 22024
This was taken right after opening the box
id: 22025
id: 22026
After getting the box away
id: 22027
Silicone feet!
id: 22028
No more styrofoam
id: 22029
Covered in plastic
id: 22030
The mug is there for scale
id: 22031
A closeup of the front ports
id: 22032
When the door is opened there's also a power and reset button
id: 22033
I found this box inside the case. It has screws and such
id: 22034
Now for the mystery box
id: 22035
Plenty of syrofoam peanuts
id: 22036
My motherboard! As you can see it's an Asus M2N32-SLI Delux
id: 22037
Rock solid... heart touching
id: 22038
Inside the motherboard box
id: 22039
I'll deal with this later
id: 22040
Another mystery box
id: 22041
More peanuts!
id: 22042
Ah, my neato wrist thing, and some SATA cables
id: 22043
I decided the $2 for the wrist strap was worth the peace of mind of knowing I wouldn't zap anything
id: 22044
My gorgeous Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 2.0 gigabytes of RAM
id: 22045
So nice
id: 22046
Some bubble wrap!
id: 22047
Ah, my 320gb hard drive and DVD-RW
id: 22048
My CPU heatsink and fan
id: 22049
Speaking of my CPU... can it really be safe putting it in a window like that?
id: 22050
The heatsink that AMD sent... compared with the one I'm using
id: 22051
AMD's heatsink still looks pretty nice
id: 22052
It's got a huge fan
id: 22053
And dozens of copper blades
id: 22054
Very neato looking
id: 22055
The motherboard awaits in its plastic case
id: 22056
The almighty CPU
id: 22057
The pins underneath
id: 22058
One must be very.. very... gentle
id: 22059
The pins from the side
id: 22060
These pins are what make the whole thing work
id: 22061
The top of the CPU
id: 22062
The CPU rests upon its throne
id: 22063
Looking good
id: 22064
The motherboard comes with some built in heat pipes and copper blades
id: 22065
Northbridge and southbridge (I think)
id: 22066
Time to install the RAM
id: 22067
It's a lot lighter than it looks
id: 22068
Two days later the rest of the stuff came, including the surge protector
id: 22069
Yet another mystery box
id: 22070
Bubble wrap!
id: 22071
This is the video card I'll be using until the new NVIDIA ones come out
id: 22072
What happened to this box!?
id: 22073
My 25 foot S-Video cable
id: 22074
The box with the power supply
id: 22075
Did someone dropkick this!?
id: 22076
It's really beat up
id: 22077
The power supply box
id: 22078
It was so heavy!
id: 22079
What could this be?
id: 22080
Neat! Since the power supply is modular it comes with all the cables you need in a case
id: 22081
All sorts of nice cables
id: 22082
A closeup of the connectors
id: 22083
The power supply itself
id: 22084
Nice fan
id: 22085
This bundle goes to the motherboard, so it doesn't come off
id: 22086
This was kind of bogus, but it was nice having the drivers install themselves
id: 22087
The final product!
id: 22088
Highwind, sporting a sylish communist desktop!
id: 22089
Brett moves one step closer to being a true Guitar Hero
id: 22090
Look at those fingers fly
id: 22091
Mike on Highwind
id: 22092
Don't look at me, look at the game!
id: 22093
My awesome new mousepad
id: 22094
Mike talks to the Trader
id: 22095
How's it going Mike?
id: 22096
This squirrel jumped out of the way just in time
id: 22097
I'm sneakin' up on you
id: 22098
Stay still!
id: 22099
That tailless squirrel!
id: 22100
People smoking a hookah on the green
id: 22101
It's a "smoke-out"
id: 22102
I guess that's cool
id: 22103
Here comes the guy with the hot coal
id: 22104
Place it carefully
id: 22105
I wonder if these people know how terrible hookah smoke is for you
id: 22106
Hookah equipment
id: 22107
There was music
id: 22108
Another hookah group
id: 22109
id: 22110
Carefully taking it apart..
id: 22111
Taking off the dish..
id: 22112
And there it goes
id: 22113
Another group of people
id: 22114
Placing a coal
id: 22115
See? I told you
id: 22116
This guy's getting ready to take a hit
id: 22117
There he goes!
id: 22118
Neato smoke ring
id: 22119
The view from above
id: 22120
There's that group again.. they were just easy to photograph
id: 22121
This girl looks perplexed
id: 22122
Hookah group
id: 22123
Sit up, you hippie
id: 22124
"You want a hit?"
id: 22125
"Yeah OK"
id: 22126
id: 22127
id: 22128
True story, Sodexho better smarten up because they suck right now
id: 22129
Haha, I asked Brett to leave me a post it reminding me to pre-order The Orange Box.. I found this on my desk
id: 22130
Dell Guy starts to disassembly my laptop
id: 22131
The hard drive is already out
id: 22132
There goes the RAM..
id: 22133
A closeup of the hard drive
id: 22134
Battery's gone
id: 22135
Unscrewing the back
id: 22136
The new motherboard
id: 22137
The new motherboard up close. It's so oddly shaped!
id: 22138
The top panel goes..
id: 22139
Unscrewing more
id: 22140
The keyboard is gone!
id: 22141
Unhooking the touchpad
id: 22142
Dell Guy removes more parts
id: 22143
Here's the wireless module. For some reason it's placed in the center of the laptop
id: 22144
Heatsink and fan
id: 22145
A closeup of the heatsink and fan
id: 22146
The all important CPu
id: 22147
Dell Guy places the new motherboard in place
id: 22148
Screwing parts back in
id: 22149
The pins on the CPU... must be careful!
id: 22150
There are parts everywhere!
id: 22151
Poor Gamakichi looks like a bomb went off inside it
id: 22152
Reassembling more parts
id: 22153
Dell Guy in action
id: 22154
Screwing parts in
id: 22155
Heat sink looks secure
id: 22156
What goes next?
id: 22157
Reattaching the screen
id: 22158
Still missing a few parts
id: 22159
Connecting some wires
id: 22160
And just as quickly as it started, it's over! The whole process only took about 25 minutes
id: 22161
A cool cat I found on the way to Mike's house
id: 22162
Heeeyyy cat
id: 22163
Adenine, Rosie's mouse
id: 22164
What's up, mousey
id: 22165
There is no escape for you
id: 22166
Brett stands in front of my new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. map for scale
id: 22167
I printed out a map of the entire Zone
id: 22168
A closeup of Pripyat
id: 22169
A closeup of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
id: 22170
James watches Rosie play Guitar Hero
id: 22171
Brett in the bowl chair
id: 22172
Rosie plays some sweet tunes
id: 22173
James and Rosie
id: 22174
Brett, James, and Rosie all hanging out
id: 22175
I got some super dark chocolate
id: 22176
The store didn't have any 99% though
id: 22177
It comes in a really nice foil sealed case
id: 22178
id: 22179
Here's the bottom
id: 22180
Some 65% cocoa chocolate
id: 22181
id: 22182
The 65% compared to the 85%
id: 22183
This is Sean, a guy we keep meeting in the Bistro
id: 22184
The tailless squirrel has been spotted again!
id: 22185
He's making a run for it!
id: 22186
id: 22187
People on Facebook are calling him Benny
id: 22188
I guess Benny is good
id: 22189
Benny's got a nut
id: 22190
The LAN Lounge
id: 22191
People pay money to play video games
id: 22192
Well, that's the idea. Usually this place is empty
id: 22193
It still looks neat though
id: 22194
Bryce brought his N64 over to our room
id: 22195
It took a few minutes to set up
id: 22196
Is it working?
id: 22197
A package from Dell, what could this be?
id: 22198
It's my new power cord and adapter! Hooray!
id: 22199
A squirrel!
id: 22200
What's he got?
id: 22201
He's got an apple!
id: 22202
I can't believe I got this close
id: 22203
He was so full that when he walked, he waddled
id: 22204
Professor Breecher and Professor Han in the CS lab
id: 22205
Bryce has so many icons on his desktop!
id: 22206
I put a label on Bryce's back
id: 22207
It says "Bryce". I left him a voicemail telling him about it and saying "don't say I never told you". And told him to check his messages.. he never did
id: 22208
Bryce working on Kanji in the server room
id: 22209
Bryce lectures me on... who knows
id: 22210
Get back to work
id: 22211
Brett with my DS
id: 22212
"Whose crazy signature is this?"
id: 22213
Brett decides to try Crazy Signature's account
id: 22214
Oh no! It's Greg's! Now it's in left-handed mode! Aka, upside down
id: 22215
The "Server Room" aka Nerd Tower
id: 22216
Monitors and my scanner
id: 22217
Younger in the foreground, Spears and Babbage in the background
id: 22218
Some more of my crap
id: 22219
Babbge, the web server, and Spears, the file server
id: 22220
My sweet setup
id: 22221
Bryce uses this table sometimes for studying
id: 22222
A closer shot of my desk
id: 22223
My favorite part of the room.. the AC!
id: 22224
My shelves
id: 22225
The bottom shelves are full of crap
id: 22226
My desk has drawers!
id: 22227
What's this in the bottom drawer?
id: 22228
Ooo, lots of Gameboy Advance games
id: 22229
And the other compartment has a mysterious thing in some netting
id: 22230
It's my DS! Very handy during study breaks
id: 22231
Professor Sternberg demonstrates to a student how plasmas form on rockets
id: 22232
"You see?"
id: 22233
The drawing up close
id: 22234
Here's the student in question
id: 22235
Prof. Sternberg looks over someone's equations
id: 22236
It's just a change of variables.. but it's tricky
id: 22237
Prof. Sternberg explains how to shift all the variables around
id: 22238
Use these equations
id: 22239
A cat!
id: 22240
Where's he going?
id: 22241
What's he looking at?
id: 22242
The Big Bad Sandwich Machine
id: 22243
Good life advice
id: 22244
Bryce had four pimples form at the same time in a square. He thinks it's a sign
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