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Pictures taken during November 2007

id: 22742
A hawk killed a squirrel outside Hughes and Dana
id: 22743
It was pretty sweet
id: 22744
These captions are going to be pretty painful
id: 22745
There's not much I can say about this hawk
id: 22746
The hawk let people get pretty close
id: 22747
As long as they didn't mess with his squirrel
id: 22748
Nom nom nom
id: 22749
Pulling off a bit..
id: 22750
How is it?
id: 22751
id: 22752
What's over there?
id: 22753
Don't mess with this bird
id: 22754
His beak is so sharp
id: 22755
Checking people out..
id: 22756
He's ready to defend his kill
id: 22757
Look to your right
id: 22758
Then look to your left
id: 22759
A little less zoom..
id: 22760
Taking a break?
id: 22761
What's up, hawk?
id: 22762
Not much left of that squirrel's face
id: 22763
He's got a pice of the squirrel in his beak
id: 22764
All gone!
id: 22765
Lots of other people were taking pictures of the hawk
id: 22766
Leaning over
id: 22767
Bystanders behind the hawk
id: 22768
Now that is a cool looking bird
id: 22769
Looking around..
id: 22770
What's over there?
id: 22771
OK, I'm really running out of captions
id: 22772
id: 22773
id: 22774
id: 22775
Flash picture of the hawk!
id: 22776
Uhoh, I'm busted. Time to back off
id: 22777
He's been distracted
id: 22778
Sweet sunset
id: 22779
Weird ripply clouds
id: 22780
Nice colors
id: 22781
Awesome transition!
id: 22782
Orange to blue
id: 22783
I caved and bought Guitar Hero III
id: 22784
Opening the box
id: 22785
Bryce takes a turn
id: 22786
See how the Wiimote goes right in the guitar?
id: 22787
Clark James waits for his turn on my bed
id: 22788
Michele getting her yearbook pictures taken
id: 22789
Little did she know that there would be more than one camera taking her picture today!
id: 22790
"Look over here"
id: 22791
The photography setup
id: 22792
Me and Clark James like to make fun of this woman.. "Look over here.. turn your head.."
id: 22793
"Just a smidge.."
id: 22794
"No one but your parents will ever see these pictures" haha, whoops!
id: 22795
A light reflector
id: 22796
"No photographing the photographer"
id: 22797
Clark James was having a little trouble tying a tie
id: 22798
It doesn't look like it's getting much better
id: 22799
Trying again..
id: 22800
Don't give up!
id: 22801
In good spirits, as always
id: 22802
Brett tries to help
id: 22803
Do it like this..
id: 22804
And then like this..
id: 22805
Over, under..
id: 22806
James doesn't seem to be making much progress
id: 22807
James watches
id: 22808
Brett looks like he's almost done
id: 22809
id: 22810
Brett's a blur of tie tying motion
id: 22811
Come on, James. You can do it
id: 22812
Brett patiently explains
id: 22813
id: 22814
Brett goes solo
id: 22815
id: 22816
id: 22817
Aaaand, done!
id: 22818
id: 22819
Not quite perfect
id: 22820
Uhoh, busted
id: 22821
"Don't take pictures of this!"
id: 22822
id: 22823
Brett finishes this off
id: 22824
Finishing the knot
id: 22825
James gets his backpack on
id: 22826
Hi James
id: 22827
Business Brett plays Guitar Hero
id: 22828
Go Brett, go
id: 22829
id: 22830
What's up Bryce?
id: 22831
James keeps rocking in the background
id: 22832
Looking good, Bryce
id: 22833
James looks at what Bryce is doing
id: 22834
The cake is a lie!
id: 22835
id: 22836
id: 22837
Brett thinks his veins are so cool
id: 22838
He demanded more pictures
id: 22839
Guitar Hero! Whooosh
id: 22840
Long note!
id: 22841
"This is what nature looks like"
id: 22842
Mike looks for a new coat
id: 22843
How about this one?
id: 22844
Uhoh, busted
id: 22845
Found a winner?
id: 22846
Looking good, Mike
id: 22847
He didn't get it
id: 22848
Hey, I can do that too, fish.
id: 22849
Crazy Face swims away
id: 22850
What is this dude's problem?
id: 22851
Hay guys, what's going on?
id: 22852
Crazy Face again
id: 22853
I call this guy The Brain
id: 22854
A goldfish!
id: 22855
id: 22856
id: 22857
Speckles again
id: 22858
Hi there
id: 22859
That fish again
id: 22860
Little fat dudes
id: 22861
They just float around all day
id: 22862
I think I've been spotted
id: 22863
They're after me
id: 22864
You need to relax, little dude
id: 22865
This dude's just boring
id: 22866
Swimming: you're doing it wrong
id: 22867
This guy again
id: 22868
Who does he think he is
id: 22869
Steve Buscemi?
id: 22870
I love your work
id: 22871
What movie will you be in next?
id: 22872
Neato blue fish
id: 22873
Zebra fish?
id: 22874
That blue fish again
id: 22875
White fishies!
id: 22876
It's a party
id: 22877
Swimming around
id: 22878
Neat yellow fish too
id: 22879
I think I found Nemo
id: 22880
Little dudes
id: 22881
Mike plays with some fish
id: 22882
Mike in his element
id: 22883
Clown fish!
id: 22884
id: 22885
These dudes were pretty cool
id: 22886
An anxious puffer fish
id: 22887
Spiky guys
id: 22888
This guy is giving me a seizure
id: 22889
Crazy fish is getting away!
id: 22890
id: 22891
Lionfish has spotted me!
id: 22892
Mike has chosen a fish
id: 22893
Fish Guy gets him out
id: 22894
There he is!
id: 22895
Mike checks him out
id: 22896
Mike does his puffer fish impression
id: 22897
I finally managed to get some 99% pure chocolate
id: 22898
The outside of the box
id: 22899
It comes wrapped in foil
id: 22900
Spiffy case
id: 22901
That's right, it comes with a warning
id: 22902
It's pretty intense stuff
id: 22903
Look at how dark it is!
id: 22904
Brittle too. It wasn't very tasty, but was still neato
id: 22905
Mike's puffer fish!
id: 22906
He named him Holmes after the comet that was rapidly expanding at the time
id: 22907
'Sup Holmes?
id: 22908
Brett's glasses situation has gotten worse
id: 22909
Looking good..
id: 22910
This is how Brett has to use the computer now
id: 22911
Mail to Levi in Iraq!
id: 22912
Doesn't look sketchy at all
id: 22913
The letter and discs I sent
id: 22914
Cool dude
id: 22915
Rob, Joe, and James
id: 22916
What's up Rob
id: 22917
Nice face, James
id: 22918
James is such a creep
id: 22919
On the Republican debate you could see approval ratings change in realtime
id: 22920
Brandon found a stray cat and brought her home
id: 22921
They tentatively named her Jewish Rye
id: 22922
Just Rye for short
id: 22923
Pretty kitty!
id: 22924
Helloooo Rye
id: 22925
Rye settles in for a nap
id: 22926
Sleeping kitty
id: 22927
Bryce sits in such a strange way
id: 22928
Sneaking up on kitty
id: 22929
Bryce is going to eat Rye!
id: 22930
Bryce and Rye
id: 22931
What's over there?
id: 22932
Helloooo kitty!
id: 22933
Rye stretches out on Bryce
id: 22934
Posing with some DSes. Maybe for
id: 22935
Brett with a bag on his head
id: 22936
"Curse you!"
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