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Pictures taken during January 2008

id: 23075
My autographed copy of Lost Moon
id: 23076
Signed by Jim Lovell, commander of Apollo 13
id: 23077
Good book!
id: 23078
My Dad painted one of his apartments yellow!
id: 23079
Hi Aunt Teresa!
id: 23080
Gragra seems.. distraught
id: 23081
My Mom brings in our combo cake
id: 23082
22 for me and 20 for Becky!
id: 23083
id: 23084
Creepy creepy salt shaker
id: 23085
id: 23086
Hi Becky!
id: 23087
Mom and Aunt Teresa
id: 23088
Becky loves Scene It
id: 23089
Kitties sleeping
id: 23090
When the new bio building was finished, they had all the bio students pose for a picture.. Brandon snuck in with Bryce and Rosie
id: 23093
Students in CS99
id: 23094
There are a lot of people in the class
id: 23095
Professor Chou helps out a student
id: 23096
Students wait for help from me, Liz, and Professor Chou
id: 23097
Liz in the back row
id: 23098
Professor Chou looking at someone's screen
id: 23099
Professor Chou helping a student
id: 23100
The first row of students
id: 23101
The second row of students
id: 23102
id: 23103
Liz helps someone else with the "cd" command
id: 23104
Professor Chou poses for a shot
id: 23105
"He's taking pictures"
id: 23106
Professor Chou explains a concept
id: 23107
Students with glowing screens
id: 23108
Professor Chou in front of the projector
id: 23109
id: 23110
id: 23111
Personal Values! A... circle class
id: 23112
A lot of people sit outside the circle, myself included
id: 23113
Hi Ian!
id: 23114
We have to wear name tags, just like Mari here
id: 23115
This guy looks confused
id: 23116
And sleepy
id: 23117
Professor Marton arrives
id: 23118
Making a list of stuff to talk about
id: 23119
Talking about Socrates and the Oracle at Delphi
id: 23120
Hi Professor Marton
id: 23121
Michele and Rosie about to do a confessional
id: 23122
id: 23123
What's up, guys?
id: 23124
James and Bryce working on their set list
id: 23125
Don't you give me that crazy look, Bryce
id: 23126
James is having fun
id: 23127
Bryce looks distraught
id: 23128
Hi Brandon
id: 23129
That's gross
id: 23130
Brandon tries on Mike's orange belt
id: 23131
Now there's a good picture
id: 23132
Bryce's introduction to their set list
id: 23133
Set list, part one
id: 23134
Set list, part two
id: 23135
Me looking in the window
id: 23136
Bryce hanging out
id: 23137
Shayna and Tony sit on the big chair
id: 23138
Sleepy time
id: 23139
What is this mysterious ball I've found?
id: 23140
Hmm, this could be a clue
id: 23141
This guy says it's full of beer
id: 23142
Looks like he might be right!
id: 23143
They lived in the suite down the hall, so I followed them to take pictures
id: 23144
Carefullly pouring beer out of the ball..
id: 23145
Taking a sip! Ok.. that's a little gross
id: 23146
This is how they got at the beer, they just smashed a hole in the top
id: 23147
Professor Morris marks off some exercises for me to do
id: 23148
Chapter 9?? Gah!
id: 23149
Professor Chou with CS99 again, this time in a classroom
id: 23150
The CS99 people
id: 23151
Row 1
id: 23152
Row 2
id: 23153
Row 3
id: 23154
Row 4
id: 23155
Row 5
id: 23156
Row 6
id: 23157
Row 7
id: 23158
Row 8
id: 23159
And this guy, who was late
id: 23160
There were a lot of fire engines outside of Uncle Sam's, which give Clark James and I a real scare
id: 23161
One of the guys who works at Uncle Sam's has a pretty messed up phone
id: 23162
Apparently it still works well!
id: 23163
Despite the.. pencap.. antenna
id: 23164
DS and cola, doesn't get much better than this, folks
id: 23165
Bryce's consciousness briefly slips completely in to the DS
id: 23166
James and I were watching the State of the Union address
id: 23167
This building is shooting out steam and water!
id: 23168
Professor Morris in action
id: 23169
Talking about dihedral groups, pretty interesting stuff
id: 23170
Mike looks suspicious as he eats his sandwich
id: 23171
Tony washes a few dishes
id: 23172
What's up, Mike?
id: 23173
I finally broke down and bought a cheapo espresso machine
id: 23174
It's pretty nice
id: 23175
The espresso box actually came with garbage in it..
id: 23176
Yes. Real garbage. We figure that someone stole a razor and threw the packaging in here to.. hide it?
id: 23177
FedEx is here!!
id: 23178
See? FedEx. With proper white balance, even
id: 23179
Mike signs for a package from the FedEx dude
id: 23180
What could be inside, Mike?
id: 23181
Looks to be a pretty sizable package
id: 23182
Live fish?
id: 23183
Mike seems pretty psyched about something
id: 23184
Cutting open the box
id: 23185
Another box! Styrofoam this time
id: 23186
Let's take off the lid..
id: 23187
No! Mike wants to take his own pictures first
id: 23188
Now let's take off the lid
id: 23189
Mike takes a picture of his mysterious styrofoam box
id: 23190
Time to cut open this box
id: 23191
What's inside?
id: 23192
id: 23193
So many peanuts
id: 23194
And a bag!
id: 23195
A bag with black plastic around it
id: 23196
Well there's only one thing to do..
id: 23197
Rip open the bag!
id: 23198
It's a live octopus!
id: 23199
Mike and I knew it all along, I just wanted to build up the suspense
id: 23200
It's Mike's first pet octopus
id: 23201
Clark James suggested the winning name: "Octopus Prime"
id: 23202
"Prime" for short!
id: 23203
Before letting him loose in the tank, Mike allows the temperature of the water to equalize
id: 23204
The bag is kind of funny just floating there
id: 23205
Octopus Prime up close
id: 23206
Those are his eyes in the middle, sticking out of his head
id: 23207
Lots of stickers
id: 23208
Mike takes a few pitures of his own
id: 23209
Mike seems enthralled
id: 23210
Prime was much bigger than we expected
id: 23211
His head is about the size of your thumb
id: 23212
Prime stares me down
id: 23213
that's his eye, that little rectangular opening
id: 23214
Eye horns! He does this sometimes.. we think he does it to scare us
id: 23215
Prime in the drip bucket, getting used to the pH of the tank
id: 23216
He doesn't really look this gross, it was just hard to get a picture of him in the bucket. He kept trying to explore.. outside the bucket!
id: 23217
In other news, I got 143 lines in Tetris and got the Buran!!
id: 23218
The Buran was Russia's answer to the space shuttle, but it only flew once and wasn't even manned. Still pretty cool though
id: 23219
Bryce cruises the internet looking for Smash Brothers updates
id: 23220
Rosie checks out the octopus situation
id: 23221
What's up, Bryce?
id: 23222
Time to transfer Prime! Mike was hoping he'd hold onto his rock
id: 23223
No such luck though
id: 23224
Mike decides to transfer him in a large cup
id: 23225
Bryce suggested drinking him and coughing him back up like a gold fish... that's gross, Bryce
id: 23226
Mike tries to pour Prime into the smaller tank
id: 23227
Prime decides he likes the cup
id: 23228
So he won't come out
id: 23229
We eventually got him out of the cup by submerging it
id: 23230
Prime kind of sits on the floor. He looks so neat!
id: 23231
Mike lowers the small tank into the big tank
id: 23232
Prime will stay in the smaller tank for a few days to get used to the surroundings and learn that Mike gives him food
id: 23233
A pretty awesome pet, all in all
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