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Pictures taken during April 2008

id: 24050
Brett is ready to party
id: 24051
That's his vest from Ripp-o-ween, his bathrobe from St. Patrick's Day, and my WWII helmet
id: 24052
id: 24053
Dance to the left!
id: 24054
Dance to the right!
id: 24055
OK, this is just totally insane
id: 24056
Mike in a diner!
id: 24057
Mike and Nicole
id: 24058
Joe, Mike's little brother
id: 24059
Was the second arrow really necessary? I think it's probably covering the other side of a two-way arrow
id: 24060
James and Bryce following our car
id: 24061
This thing looks just like a GLaDOS sphere!
id: 24062
Tony prepares for combat!
id: 24063
Mortal Kombat!
id: 24064
Oh, I mean normal combat
id: 24065
A karate competition to be exact
id: 24066
Doing pushups
id: 24067
id: 24068
This guy thinks he's cool just cause his camera is bigger than mine
id: 24069
We all came to watch Tony and Shayna's match
id: 24070
Where does Bryce's lip end and James' earlobe begin? ...creepy.
id: 24071
Shayna waits to kick some ass
id: 24072
Shayna out on the mat
id: 24073
Ready for action
id: 24074
The match is about to begin
id: 24075
id: 24076
This guy was a total jerk. He made Shayna put on a helmet even though the rules didn't say she needed to
id: 24077
Starting a new round
id: 24078
id: 24079
So fierce
id: 24080
Tony is ready for action
id: 24081
id: 24082
Tony puts on his helmet
id: 24083
Tony is ready to rock
id: 24084
Tony fights!
id: 24085
Karate fighting!
id: 24086
I saw this sage advice on the wall in the bathroom
id: 24087
Mike with his new pipe
id: 24088
My sweet pipe
id: 24089
The top hat really completes the look
id: 24090
Don't worry, I don't smoke it often
id: 24091
Brett's parents bought him what might be the worst birthday present ever. But they did get him a car for Christmas
id: 24092
For some reason, everyone got together to do shots on James' bed on Spree Day morning
id: 24093
I sat down just to say I did it, but I didn't feel up to a shot at 10:30am
id: 24094
Brandon went back in time and took this photograph of Freud
id: 24095
Apparently, in 1997 Becky was a total goober
id: 24096
I wrote this on the board before Algebra class
id: 24097
Professor Morris finally got to what he had been waiting for: Galois Theory
id: 24098
He went at light speed the entire time and still went ten minutes over. Oh well
id: 24099
My poster from Academic Spree Day! Everyone has to look at it as they walk down the hallway
id: 24100
Professor Sternberg taught my first and last class and kept me on track throughout Clark and even got me a job! Thanks Professor Sternberg!
id: 24101
You can't hide forever, Tony
id: 24102
This band showed up at Noise Day
id: 24103
They were pretty weird
id: 24104
As you can see, Brandon loved it
id: 24105
Actually we hated it
id: 24106
It might have been alright with the right atmosphere..
id: 24107
..but not on the green in the sun
id: 24108
Neat stilts though
id: 24109
Bryce has some laundry
id: 24110
Neat clouds
id: 24111
James and Bryce walk to the UC
id: 24112
Nice cafeteria comment
id: 24113
I bought a lot of Rubik's Cubes for professors
id: 24114
They took a while to assemble
id: 24115
I got myself a neat clear one
id: 24116
It looks especially good on a light
id: 24117
Too bad there's not a light built in
id: 24118
The title of Bryce's project
id: 24119
Bryce with his professor
id: 24120
Bryce launches into his defense
id: 24121
He talked for around a half an hour about his work
id: 24122
Three professors watched and asked questions
id: 24123
Bryce answering a question
id: 24124
I brought Highwind into the math department to show some professors Garry's Mod
id: 24125
Portal in the classroom!
id: 24126
James beat the second Zelda quest
id: 24127
Nice shirt, lumberjack man
id: 24128
He was working on this one for a while!
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