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Pictures taken during May 2008

id: 24129
I finally got a 6x6x6
id: 24130
Actually it's eight normal cubes
id: 24131
Giant Rubik's Cube!
id: 24132
It fooled a few people
id: 24133
I call this the Cube Loaf
id: 24134
Want a slice?
id: 24135
We all went to Moe's for Cinco de Mayo
id: 24136
James digs into his burrito
id: 24137
Two Moe's veterans
id: 24138
Go, Brandon, go
id: 24139
Uhoh, busted
id: 24140
James caught me taking pictures too
id: 24141
Hi James
id: 24142
Rosie's having fun
id: 24143
Tony sat at the end of the table
id: 24144
id: 24145
id: 24146
James with his cup
id: 24147
What's up James
id: 24148
Bryce looks around
id: 24149
Look at all the bottles the guys at the end of the hall threw out!
id: 24150
So many empty bottles!
id: 24151
Jim Beam isn't cheap, either
id: 24152
Lots of whiskey for eight people.. not all that much beer, really
id: 24153
I got Professor Valentine a Rubik's Cube!
id: 24154
And as part of an inside joke I got her a bottle of whiskey. "I've never received a bottle of whiskey from a student before"
id: 24155
I found Bryce's family tree on the wall again
id: 24156
These cops pulled in front of us on the highway and made everyone slow down
id: 24157
It turned out to be because of construction on the road up ahead
id: 24158
Bryce chills out in a McDonalds
id: 24159
James is really loving his ice cream
id: 24160
Tony orders some late night food
id: 24161
We were in Bryce's house for about ten seconds when he opened a cabinet and sent pasta spilling everywhere
id: 24162
It's a pastastrophe
id: 24163
I finally met Pepper!
id: 24164
Bryce gives Pepper a hug
id: 24165
Bryce is determined to hold on
id: 24166
Pepper turns her attention back to Bryce
id: 24167
Oh no! Face licking!
id: 24168
What's up, Pepper?
id: 24169
Pepper was excited by all the people
id: 24170
I like her funny white ears
id: 24171
This one is actually kind of scary
id: 24172
Pepper was ready for fun when we woke up
id: 24173
James and Pepper chill on the couch
id: 24174
Pepper really liked James
id: 24175
Even Pepper thinks this picture is creepy
id: 24176
Speaking of creepy..
id: 24177
James actually know how to handle dogs, unlike me
id: 24178
Mr. Beepers!
id: 24179
What's outside?
id: 24180
What's over there?
id: 24181
What's over there!?
id: 24182
Pepper was quite a lounger
id: 24183
Dancing time
id: 24184
James is really enjoying his cheese steak
id: 24185
Bryce brought us to Jim's for authentic Phillie cheese steaks
id: 24186
Tony was more impressed than he looks here
id: 24187
Here's mine.. well, half of it anyway
id: 24188
Everyone sitting around at Jim's
id: 24189
Sitting around
id: 24190
Bryce took a wrong turn and we ended up going across the Benjamin Franklin bridge into New Jersey
id: 24191
At least I got some neat bridge pics
id: 24192
I only took a picture of this because James said "Millennium Falcon World!?"
id: 24193
What happened to the building under the billboard!?
id: 24194
Bryce made whoever was riding shotgun hold the EZ Pass up like this every time..
id: 24195
It's that bridge again
id: 24196
James is certainly having fun
id: 24197
id: 24198
A weird sculpture
id: 24199
Some skyscraper
id: 24200
Hey I know that guy
id: 24201
I love Central Phila
id: 24202
That's where we're heading
id: 24203
Ooo, Grand Theft Auto
id: 24204
Bryce was driving along
id: 24205
Squid sculpture?
id: 24206
Hey I know that place
id: 24207
This was a great shot until the truck drove in front of it. I just kept the picture to be able to say that
id: 24208
Bryce standing around in the zoo parking lot
id: 24209
James was really looking forward to the zoo
id: 24210
Alicia came too!
id: 24211
Yep, America's first zoo
id: 24212
Everyone walking into the park
id: 24213
Time to get tickets
id: 24214
Alicia and Bryce buy their tickets
id: 24215
This dude was talking for a TV camera
id: 24216
An elephant statue
id: 24217
Some neat fountain
id: 24218
Everyone looks at their park maps, figuring out where to go
id: 24219
Alicia apparently wants to go.. that-a-way
id: 24220
id: 24221
A kangaroo!
id: 24222
They actually are really weird to see in person
id: 24223
We called this guy loungie
id: 24224
It's strange to see them walk instead of hop
id: 24225
An emu!
id: 24226
id: 24227
This guy looks.. poisonous
id: 24228
Creepy snake
id: 24229
Hi snake
id: 24230
A snake hiding under a branch
id: 24231
Bryce really liked these guys becuase of how they were sleeping
id: 24232
They just kind of folded themselves up
id: 24233
A boa constrictor!
id: 24234
He was pretty big
id: 24235
Another boa
id: 24236
What is this, Slytherin house?
id: 24237
A chameleon
id: 24238
I called this guy the "turd lizard"
id: 24239
This is why.. look at him from above
id: 24240
id: 24241
Pitcher plants! I've never seen them in person
id: 24242
Venus fly traps!
id: 24243
It's tough to see how big this alligator was in this picture
id: 24244
He was pretty big
id: 24245
A crocodile
id: 24246
Nile crocodiles! They sat like this the whole time
id: 24247
A peacock strutting around
id: 24248
A peacock from behind
id: 24249
There were some peahens wandering around too
id: 24250
Some zoo workers were in the tortoise pen
id: 24251
With a human next to it, you can really tell how big the tortoises are
id: 24252
Another tortoise
id: 24253
They're getting closer!
id: 24254
They don't move very fast
id: 24255
Closer still!
id: 24256
A rhino!
id: 24257
He's like body armor with legs
id: 24258
I'm not sure what this guy is but he reminded me of the GNU logo. I don't think he's actually a gnu though
id: 24259
The peacock finally turned around
id: 24260
An elephant!
id: 24261
He was reaching around with his trunk
id: 24262
Another elephant
id: 24263
A zoo worker tends to the rhino
id: 24264
Heeey rhino
id: 24265
James snaps a picture of the rhino on his cell phone
id: 24266
James was really stoked
id: 24267
Om nom nom
id: 24268
nom nom nom
id: 24269
"Hey! Eat the food in your own pen!"
id: 24270
The sneaky elephant is after the rhino's food
id: 24271
This guy walked up to the glass, looked around a bit, and walked off
id: 24272
There he goes
id: 24273
Off into the wild blue yonder
id: 24274
These guys were probably the highlight of the trip
id: 24275
It was nearly impossible to get a picture of them because they were constantly moving
id: 24276
They were really fun to watch
id: 24277
A mommy monkey with a baby on her back!
id: 24278
This guy kept trying to get through the grate
id: 24279
What are you looking at?
id: 24280
Looking around at the other monkeys
id: 24281
This guy was pretty cool
id: 24282
Some kind of monkey
id: 24283
Looking outside
id: 24284
This monkey is kind of gross, especially when you notice she's peeing
id: 24285
This guy was really funny. He was just idly pulling hay or something off of a net
id: 24286
Sometimes he'd eat a little
id: 24287
Tony, Bryce, and James watching the gibbons
id: 24288
A gibbon!
id: 24289
Sadly, he had no ribbon
id: 24290
The orangutan was chilling out in the moat-like area
id: 24291
Bryce and Alicia look at the animals
id: 24292
It was tough to get a good picture of the lion because of the fence
id: 24293
Don't you give me that crazy look
id: 24294
I think this is a panther
id: 24295
A lioness
id: 24296
id: 24297
The tigers were pretty cool
id: 24298
He kept his mouth open for a while
id: 24299
Time to relax
id: 24300
Hey Tony
id: 24301
Click on this picture, the peacock is really funny
id: 24302
A peahen up close
id: 24303
A duck!
id: 24304
The most detailed picture of a Canadian goose I ever hope to take
id: 24305
The goose was here of his own free will
id: 24306
A prairie dog
id: 24307
He was checking us out
id: 24308
The bald eagles look pretty majestic, until they whip their head around to a weird angle like this
id: 24309
That's more like it
id: 24310
The cheetah exhibit was actually a little worrisome
id: 24311
As you can tell by the quality of the picture, there was no fence or glass or anything
id: 24312
If they jumped like eight feet they would've been out
id: 24313
I guess the zoo people know what they're doing
id: 24314
The cheetah sits down for a bit
id: 24315
What's over there?
id: 24316
A white-nosed coati looks around for bugs
id: 24317
I bet that's the last coati, white-nosed or otherwise, I'll see
id: 24318
A rhino with the full horn!
id: 24319
His "armor" wasn't quite as impressive though
id: 24320
He was smelling the ground for.. something
id: 24321
Bryce poses with the giraffe
id: 24322
A picture of Alicia trying to get a decent picture of Bryce
id: 24323
Bryce busts out the "McCoy pose"
id: 24324
A giraffe eating some leaves
id: 24325
A giraffe!
id: 24326
See? Black tongue!
id: 24327
Alicia and Bryce near the giraffe
id: 24328
Taking a self picture
id: 24329
Alicia claims Bryce was messing them up on purpose
id: 24330
Even I got in on the self-picture fun
id: 24331
Got any toys for me, giraffe?
id: 24332
The latest in the "excited James poses near animals" series
id: 24333
id: 24334
It was a little difficult to tell where one ended and another started, but I guess that's kind of the idea
id: 24335
Alicia stands near the zoo balloon
id: 24336
It's an actual balloon that will go up and down on a cable
id: 24337
Zoo-per size? That sounds familiar..
id: 24338
Oh yeah, Zoopers!
id: 24339
I figured Melrose James would get a kick out of this place's address
id: 24340
James and Bryce's dad at Kabuki
id: 24341
Bryce's parents took us out for sushi!
id: 24342
What's up Bryce?
id: 24343
We had champagne!
id: 24344
The sushi guy behind his counter
id: 24345
Proposing a toast
id: 24346
Toast time!
id: 24347
Toasting to graduation
id: 24348
Miso soup
id: 24349
Soy sauce and wasabi
id: 24350
They PREFER Discover!? This is my new favorite restaurant
id: 24351
James and Tony at the end of the table
id: 24352
My sushi platter was delicious
id: 24353
For some reason there was a Lockheed Martin building amongst the Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and movie theater..
id: 24354
A blast from the past! Tornado Rex!
id: 24355
These hikers don't know what they're in for
id: 24356
Oh no! Tornado Rex!
id: 24357
We had way too much fun with this game
id: 24358
This dude had three cats just chilling in his back seat!
id: 24359
Driving back to Massachusetts!
id: 24360
Brett's got a sweet hat
id: 24361
James called him the Space Pope
id: 24362
Uhoh, John is armed and dangerous
id: 24363
James is a slob, and a Saiyan.. a sloban
id: 24364
He was sure having a good time though
id: 24365
John examines the Maverick
id: 24366
Brett rambles about something
id: 24367
Bryce and James prepare for a confessional
id: 24368
The scouters were a must
id: 24369
Looking good, guys
id: 24370
This was taken in the middle of the video
id: 24371
Bryce prepares for the second part of the confessional
id: 24372
I forget what he was going to say, everyone crashed in spilling alcohol, so I left
id: 24373
Bryce doesn't know what tragic fate awaits him..
id: 24374
Brandon found this in a chair near the garbage and put it in Brett's bed
id: 24375
James eating pizza at the Late Night ressurection thing
id: 24376
James had fun with it
id: 24377
Clark James has, without a doubt, the coolest yearbook quote ever
id: 24378
Bryce at the awkard senior brunch thing
id: 24379
James had a little trouble getting his sweatshirt off
id: 24380
Rosie got crammed into the corner
id: 24381
Brandon and Smash got near the aisle
id: 24382
Construction has already started on the new library section
id: 24383
This used to be the 24 hour study room
id: 24384
Construction guy tearing stuff up
id: 24385
id: 24386
The stairs are gone!
id: 24387
A big chunk of the ramp too
id: 24388
Bulldozer thing
id: 24389
Pushing debris around
id: 24390
Outside of Hughes
id: 24391
id: 24392
The infamous Meatwad car. Why is it called the Meatwad car?
id: 24393
Because Meatwad is on it
id: 24394
It hasn't moved since last year....
id: 24395
That tree
id: 24396
The stupid party tent
id: 24397
I hate this tent
id: 24398
The Florence St Apartment thought it would be cool to get Moe's catering
id: 24399
The food came in giant boxes
id: 24400
James and Bryce unpacking food
id: 24401
There was way too much food
id: 24402
Lots of condiments
id: 24403
Cheese, beans, beef.. all kinds of stuff
id: 24404
Bryce and James moving stuff around
id: 24405
The food again
id: 24406
What's in the tray, Tony?
id: 24407
id: 24408
Tony poses with the burritos
id: 24409
Tony and Michele goofing off
id: 24410
Why does everyone look so tense?
id: 24411
A burrito is missing!
id: 24412
How did this happen??
id: 24413
Mike made this cool skeleton
id: 24414
Everyone digs in
id: 24415
Om nom nom nom
id: 24416
The quote wall
id: 24417
Hanging out on the couch
id: 24418
Mike and Nicole
id: 24419
Brett looks thoughtful
id: 24420
Patrick has been evicted
id: 24421
I'd be upset too
id: 24422
Mike drew this awesome picture for my temporary website
id: 24423
Bryce is hard at work on our Clark video
id: 24424
So tell us Bryce.. what's the most important part of video editing?
id: 24425
Ah, drinking
id: 24426
The seats for the Clark video viewing
id: 24427
Bryce hanging out in front of Highwind
id: 24428
Oh yeah, I'm a cool guy
id: 24429
Chris came for Math alumni day.. Sternberg was showing off my poster
id: 24430
Chris and Sternberg
id: 24431
Vlad came too!
id: 24432
Chris stands around
id: 24433
It's cell phone time?
id: 24434
id: 24435
What the hell is Tony doing?
id: 24436
The stupid party tent
id: 24437
It was hot, humid, loud, and social... it was the worst
id: 24438
This was projected on the wall
id: 24439
James enjoyed it
id: 24440
Bryce seems skeptical
id: 24441
What's Alicia looking at?
id: 24442
Rosie and Brett had fun too
id: 24443
Rosie, Brett, and John
id: 24444
Michele action shot!
id: 24445
See you in hell, party tent
id: 24446
Wright Hall's lounge
id: 24447
It was even lamer than I remembered
id: 24448
The pool table looks better
id: 24449
A familiar hallway
id: 24450
A longer exposure of the hallway
id: 24451
My freshman door!
id: 24452
Uncle Sam's!
id: 24453
I wish I knew about this place when I was a freshman
id: 24454
The awesome guys who work at Uncle Sam's!
id: 24455
Bryce and Alicia were the life of the party
id: 24456
Especially Bryce
id: 24457
Michele put some water in a vase for people to drink so no one would have hangovers on Graudation Day
id: 24458
id: 24459
Hi John
id: 24460
Bryce takes a hit of the vase
id: 24461
Mmm, water
id: 24462
Finishing off the water
id: 24463
James' turn
id: 24464
Uhoh, busted taking pictures
id: 24465
James mad a mess!
id: 24466
Michele seems.. surprised
id: 24467
Laura dances on the stool
id: 24468
I spotted Tony at the graduation brunch
id: 24469
Mom and Becky came out
id: 24470
Aunt Kathy came too
id: 24471
Becky had fun at brunch
id: 24472
Brandon and Smashley in their gowns
id: 24473
Mel was there too
id: 24474
Bryce is as weird as always
id: 24475
Everyone standing around trying to figure out what to do
id: 24476
Mike puts on his golden rope dealy
id: 24477
James helps Bryce with his hood
id: 24478
Brett with his stuff on
id: 24479
Mel is all ready to attend Hogwarts
id: 24480
Rosie, Mike, and Nicole
id: 24481
Tony seems confounded by the tassel
id: 24482
Horia found us!
id: 24483
Brandon helps James with his hood
id: 24484
Brett and Rosie
id: 24485
Rosie standing around
id: 24486
Mike documents the event
id: 24487
Camera showdown!
id: 24488
Bryce looking around
id: 24489
Mike looking around.. in an oddly similar manner
id: 24490
Tony and Shayna are looking good
id: 24491
Laura found us
id: 24492
Laura and Mike are rocking the caps
id: 24493
Mike takes some more pictures
id: 24494
Brett is looking good
id: 24495
Time to go inside
id: 24496
This is how they organized us
id: 24497
Brandon filling out the survey they left for us
id: 24498
Mike and Mel
id: 24499
I found Rosie!
id: 24500
The view from the grid
id: 24501
Looking around the gym
id: 24502
id: 24503
Lots of people
id: 24504
This guy had the coolest hat
id: 24505
Joe has been spotted!
id: 24506
James had one of the dreaded "start row" cards.. lots of responsibility
id: 24507
Alex Abels!
id: 24508
Professor Joyce in his robes
id: 24509
Nice tie
id: 24510
Oh jeez.. everyone is leaving!
id: 24511
Walking out of the Kneller!
id: 24512
Walking past Wright
id: 24513
This girl brought her dog for the event.. the dog walked with her!
id: 24514
Oh man, lots of people
id: 24515
There were a ton of people taking pictures
id: 24516
So many people!
id: 24517
The line continues behind me
id: 24518
People were willing to do anything for a good view
id: 24519
It was a really strange people
id: 24520
Alina is psyched!
id: 24521
Everyone.. is staring.. at me.
id: 24522
Time to get under the tent
id: 24523
Brett standing around
id: 24524
The view from my seat while standing up
id: 24525
Someone talks about something..
id: 24526
Looking down my row
id: 24527
The view from my seat...
id: 24528
The stage!
id: 24529
This guy was clearly psyched
id: 24530
Well, this is it
id: 24531
My $130,000 piece of paper!
id: 24532
Mike walking.. this is why I didn't bother taking any other pictures of people getting their degree
id: 24533
Everyone standing around afterwards
id: 24534
Graduation tent
id: 24535
I are a college graduate
id: 24536
Graduation party at my Mom's house!
id: 24537
Dad and Uncle Chris chatting it up
id: 24538
Matt the Mat spotted my camera and made a face
id: 24539
Aunt Regina standing around
id: 24540
Looks like she's having fun
id: 24541
Uncle Jim was there too
id: 24542
Uncle Jim takes a sip from his drink
id: 24543
Dad brought his spiffy disposable camera
id: 24544
Camera showdown!
id: 24545
Mom got a Clark cake!
id: 24546
Matt hanging out
id: 24547
Gragra and Dad on the couch
id: 24548
Aunt Teresa and Aunt Regina
id: 24549
Looking through the graduation program
id: 24550
Aunt Regina and Aunt Kathy
id: 24551
Mom and Gragra
id: 24552
Maureen brought and iPhone and speakers
id: 24553
Betty came too! And yes, I did graduation in my NERV shirt
id: 24554
id: 24555
Kate pours some champagne
id: 24556
Everyone standing around
id: 24557
A toast!
id: 24558
id: 24559
My cake is being eaten!
id: 24560
Uncle Jim plays the piano
id: 24561
Mom and Gragra hug
id: 24562
Singing to piano music
id: 24563
The excitement never ends
id: 24564
The couch is party central
id: 24565
Uncle Jim played for a while
id: 24566
Becky and Meghan
id: 24567
Matt is apparently meditating
id: 24568
Uncle Chris takes a picture
id: 24569
O'Connells in the O'Corner
id: 24570
Betty finally gave in and played some piano
id: 24571
Becky, me, and Mom
id: 24572
Whoa.. somehow someone convinced all of us to pose together
id: 24573
After the main party, some Clark friends came out
id: 24574
Smash and Michele on the couch
id: 24575
Becky hung out too
id: 24576
Brett and Rosie
id: 24577
Space bags are neat. Here's the before shot
id: 24578
Here's the after shot
id: 24579
Mike looks something up on Navi
id: 24580
Hi Mike
id: 24581
Who's that guy in the chair?
id: 24582
Hmm.. he seems familiar
id: 24583
Well there's Carl..
id: 24584
Oh it's Wacko! Jon and his friend Carl crashed at my Mom's house for a couple of nights
id: 24585
Becky made me a mix CD for our drive
id: 24586
Mom checks out the car
id: 24587
Bye Becky! See you in a few months!
id: 24588
Bye Gragra!
id: 24589
This is my new GPS unit. I named it Cortana and can never drive without it again
id: 24590
A huge cargo jet flew by on our way out of Massachusetts
id: 24591
There it goes!
id: 24592
Neat hills
id: 24593
On the open road..
id: 24594
New York!
id: 24595
Old bridge, new bridge
id: 24596
Blue bridge
id: 24597
..old bridge
id: 24598
id: 24599
Pretty far from Buffalo
id: 24600
$3.99 gas!
id: 24601
id: 24602
More cows
id: 24603
Mom on the phone at a rest stop
id: 24604
Leaving the rest stop
id: 24605
id: 24606
Houses in the distance
id: 24607
Cloud shelf
id: 24608
Blasted rock
id: 24609
Sloping street
id: 24610
The hotel at the Day's Inn
id: 24611
Mom stuffs her bag into the car
id: 24612
What's that in the distance?
id: 24613
It's Lake Erie!
id: 24614
Haha, adult superstore
id: 24615
And there it is!
id: 24616
Street signs!
id: 24617
We were in Pennsylvania for a little while
id: 24618
Lake Erie again
id: 24619
A neat shot of the road with a bridge
id: 24620
I'm not even going to touch this one
id: 24621
The highest I saw was $4.01 but I couldn't manage to get a picture of it
id: 24622
A fireworks and karate store!?
id: 24623
id: 24624
Same plane
id: 24625
Welcome to Ohio!
id: 24626
Well I guess I'm really going!
id: 24627
Muffie is in Ohio?? Who knew
id: 24628
Near Cleveland..
id: 24629
Now that's an odd glitch..
id: 24630
Funny, I always thought it was in Maine
id: 24631
We had perfect weather
id: 24632
Cortana guided us well
id: 24633
Driving along..
id: 24634
Mom driving
id: 24635
You can't really tell here but this guy was perpendicular to the road on an overpass.. probably from an accident
id: 24636
What the hell??
id: 24637
Oh jeez. Time to get gas!
id: 24638
Mom wanted to go to this place
id: 24639
Highway shimmer!
id: 24640
What's with all the A's?
id: 24641
Mom got a kick out of the giant fries
id: 24642
Ohio barrn!
id: 24643
A sight I quickly became used to
id: 24644
Our first Dayton sign!
id: 24645
id: 24646
Another Dayton sign
id: 24647
id: 24648
Is this their headquarters?
id: 24649
id: 24650
id: 24651
Now.. is that "JESUS IS REAL" or "JESUS ISREAL"
id: 24652
A follow-up sign!
id: 24653
A military plane coming in for a landing! We must be near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base!
id: 24654
The plane over the highway
id: 24655
And away it goes
id: 24656
The first WPAFB sign!
id: 24657
Oh my god!
id: 24658
It's the Air Force museum! We're almost there!
id: 24659
The base is huge!!
id: 24660
Oh my god!! That's my street!
id: 24661
Ahhh! It's my apartment commplex!
id: 24662
My street!
id: 24663
My building!
id: 24664
Mom in my apartment
id: 24665
It comes with an AC!
id: 24666
Mom texts people letting them know we're there
id: 24667
My kitchen!
id: 24668
I took a picture of this damage in case I got blamed for it
id: 24669
My mom stands in the empty room
id: 24670
A ceiling fan!
id: 24671
My bedroom!
id: 24672
I have a giant closet
id: 24673
The bedroom door
id: 24674
Highwind was the first thing in the door
id: 24675
Mom moves stuff into the kitchen
id: 24676
That's my apartment complex!
id: 24677
My inflatable bed is ENORMOUS
id: 24678
My mom put some sheets on my bed
id: 24679
Making the bed
id: 24680
This kid was right outside my apartment
id: 24681
We forgot shower curtain hooks so Mom resorted to duct tape
id: 24682
Yep.. Duct tape.
id: 24683
I got an enormous table for my computer. I love it
id: 24684
The pile of stuff that needs to be unpacked
id: 24685
My bed is all made up nice
id: 24686
My car!
id: 24688
The Dayton skyline
id: 24689
There are a lot of "turn only" lanes here
id: 24690
I just thought this sign was neat
id: 24691
A giant train
id: 24692
A satellite dish
id: 24693
The building in the back is City Hall
id: 24694
A creepy statue!
id: 24695
What the hell??
id: 24696
A fancy church
id: 24697
A tandem bike
id: 24698
A weird antenna tower
id: 24699
I thought this building was interesting..
id: 24700
Oh boy
id: 24701
The Dayton cops are everywhere and really love that radar gun
id: 24702
I cut him off a little, but you can see the cop with the radar gun out
id: 24703
This guy was walking down the highway
id: 24704
Probably related to this car
id: 24705
This one's for you, Mike
id: 24706
My temporary chair
id: 24707
I love my giant table
id: 24708
I needed a new TV, so I got a small HDTV
id: 24709
The room is much nicer with my posters up
id: 24710
I also got a tree lamp
id: 24711
Flight of the Conchords on my sweet new TV!
id: 24712
My sweet desk setup with the TV and monitor
id: 24713
Same setup with flash
id: 24714
Mom in the parking lot outside the museum
id: 24715
A neat monument thing
id: 24716
We decided to check out the monument outside
id: 24717
A big medal
id: 24718
A propellor
id: 24719
An airplane.. on a stick
id: 24720
id: 24721
A model of the Wright Flyer
id: 24722
World War I planes
id: 24723
Mom actually read the stuff, I was mostly here to take pictures
id: 24724
Wright Flyer and flag
id: 24725
A propeller from a Wright Brothers plane
id: 24726
A longer exposure of the Wright Flyer
id: 24727
An old plane
id: 24728
An early wind tunnel
id: 24729
Another early plane
id: 24730
Some engine
id: 24731
id: 24732
Planes still had propellers at this point
id: 24733
A rotary engine
id: 24734
Nice stripes
id: 24735
Mom stands in front of Stripes
id: 24736
id: 24737
I'm glad I brought my tripod
id: 24738
A later wind tunnel
id: 24739
This guy was at a crazy angle
id: 24740
Mom stands in front of the big wind tunnel
id: 24741
Funnt dudes in a basket
id: 24742
Another old plane
id: 24743
id: 24744
Good advice
id: 24745
A flying torpedo
id: 24746
Just for comparison, here's a picture with the tripod and long exposure..
id: 24747
.. and one with flash. This is what all the chump tourists see when they get home
id: 24748
Crazy Angle Man again
id: 24749
Planes with no skins
id: 24750
A war plane?
id: 24751
Looks like it
id: 24752
A neat metal plane
id: 24753
There were lots of funny statues
id: 24754
The engines started getting bigger
id: 24755
Looks like the blue angels
id: 24756
Mom tries to get reception
id: 24757
Wing frame
id: 24758
The planes are getting pretty big
id: 24759
Neat lighting
id: 24760
Army plane!
id: 24761
A big blimp!
id: 24762
Mom standing in front of the weird helicopter plane
id: 24763
Great grandfather of the Osprey?
id: 24764
Yellow plane
id: 24765
Me and Mom in front of a bomb
id: 24766
A long exposure of the blimp
id: 24767
Mom next to the funny little plane
id: 24768
Tiny plane
id: 24769
id: 24770
Tiny plane again
id: 24771
Lots of planes
id: 24772
Some weird foreign plane
id: 24773
Another silver
id: 24774
Looking snazzy
id: 24775
I love the light flares
id: 24776
id: 24777
Oh noes, a crash!
id: 24778
Mom stands next to the giant wheel
id: 24779
Uhoh, someone's in trouble
id: 24780
Another weird statue
id: 24781
86? Good number
id: 24782
Lots of silvers
id: 24783
A funny little early simulator
id: 24784
WWII planes
id: 24785
A shark plane
id: 24786
Starting to get bigger
id: 24787
I think that's a fuel pod on the bottom
id: 24788
Lots of planes hanging around
id: 24789
A neat engine
id: 24790
A bomber?
id: 24791
A medic plane..
id: 24792
id: 24793
Mom's not really a pilot
id: 24794
Another bomber
id: 24795
Orange again
id: 24796
Silver and yellow
id: 24797
A plane shadow
id: 24798
Target practice planes
id: 24799
Machine guns in the front
id: 24800
This is the plane my great uncle Will flew
id: 24801
What a coincidence, it's got Strawberry's name in it
id: 24802
Even more of a coincidence, part of the communication system is called
id: 24803
Mom in front of the Strawberry Bitch
id: 24804
Snazzy artwork
id: 24805
The back of the Liberator
id: 24806
The long exposures really make the difference
id: 24807
id: 24809
Another fighter
id: 24810
id: 24811
A big engine
id: 24812
That's a lot of bombs on the side
id: 24813
id: 24814
At this point I went back to auto-white balance
id: 24815
Me in front of a V2
id: 24816
A V1 buzz bomb
id: 24817
id: 24818
Another bomber with some snazzy WWII artwork
id: 24819
Too bad modern warplanes don't do this
id: 24820
A ball gunner's ball
id: 24821
I tried to give it some scale by standing in front of it but I couldn't really get close enough
id: 24822
A Messerschmitt, the first fighter jet
id: 24823
The jet engine
id: 24824
One of those weird tiny German rocket planes
id: 24825
The V2 again
id: 24826
My mom thought my grandmother might want to see this
id: 24827
Clark Gable part 2
id: 24828
Clark Gable part 3
id: 24829
Big plane
id: 24830
Lots of Japanese kills..
id: 24831
Lots of bombs
id: 24832
Now this looks familiar..
id: 24833
It's a B-29
id: 24834
A Fatman bomb!
id: 24835
I stand in front of the Plutonium implosion device
id: 24836
A Uranium Gun device
id: 24837
Little Boy
id: 24838
This plane's pretty dark..
id: 24839
The back of the B-29
id: 24840
Skipping forward a bit.. The F-22 Raptor!
id: 24841
The engines on the Raptor are incredible
id: 24842
I didn't have time to go explore that area.. next time
id: 24843
Some UAV. Looks familiar but I can't remember the name
id: 24844
A Predator!
id: 24845
The cafeteria tray
id: 24846
This reminded me of
id: 24847
A hydrogen bomb
id: 24848
Somehow I got Mom to hug it
id: 24849
It's pretty sobering to see it right there next to what it's capable of
id: 24850
Some bomber
id: 24851
Some weird plane
id: 24852
id: 24853
A B-2.. the stealth bomber
id: 24854
That Boeing UAV they're always showing off
id: 24855
The B-2 is pretty incredible up close
id: 24856
The probe on the front of some fighter
id: 24857
The same fighter from a little farther off
id: 24858
The back of the SR-71 Blackbird
id: 24859
One of the most incredible aircraft ever built
id: 24860
The engine of the Blackbird
id: 24861
The front of the engines of the Blackbird
id: 24862
The front of the Blackbird
id: 24863
Looking down the front of the Blackbird
id: 24864
Atomic weapons
id: 24865
I bumped the tripod by accident so I walked away with it in the middle of the shot.. kind of a neat effect
id: 24866
Looks like a fission bomb
id: 24867
The fusion bombs were really spooky
id: 24868
The fission bomb again
id: 24869
The real Apollo 15 Command Module
id: 24870
The side of the Command Module
id: 24871
The Dyna-soar
id: 24872
Mom standing in front of a Mercury capsule
id: 24873
They were really small
id: 24874
A Gemini capsule
id: 24875
They're so small! Jim Lovell and Frank Borman spent two weeks in one of these!
id: 24876
The bottom of a Mercury capsule
id: 24877
The payload of a Peacekeeper missile.. it kind of exudes evil
id: 24878
ICBMs.. the dark side of the space program
id: 24879
The engines on an ICBM
id: 24880
An inertial guidance system. It's essentially a giant Wiimote
id: 24881
The engine on a V2
id: 24882
The capsule used in the highest parachute jump
id: 24883
The B-2, U-2, and SR-71
id: 24884
The Stealth Bomber and the Blackbird
id: 24885
Mom in a fighter cockpit
id: 24886
It was fun being in the cockpit
id: 24887
My spiffy new Air Force hat
id: 24888
A closeup of the logo
id: 24889
My sweet surround sound setup
id: 24890
It gets the job done
id: 24891
Portal on one screen, AMVs on the other!
id: 24892
OK, not practical but it's still neat
id: 24893
My new pet Barack O'Llama. Clark James named him
id: 24894
My awesome desk
id: 24895
The desk with the speakers behind it
id: 24896
My poster collection, along with the mess behind my TV
id: 24897
Posters and Barrack O'Llama
id: 24898
My little corner of the world
id: 24899
Neat sky
id: 24900
Damage from the storm the night before
id: 24901
The museum in the distance
id: 24902
Around the base you see stuff like this pretty often
id: 24903
It's an F-16!
id: 24904
Flying away
id: 24905
id: 24906
Getting lower..
id: 24907
Flying behind the houses
id: 24908
Busting out the digital zoom
id: 24909
I've got to practice so I can actually recognize these on sight
id: 24910
I guess this plate was interesting enough to take a picture of
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