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Pictures taken during June 2008

id: 24911
id: 24912
Whoooo! Go Obama!
id: 24913
What the HELL, Ohio??
id: 24914
A truck carrying a ride for a carnival
id: 24915
I started work on a new origami ball
id: 24916
It was quite a project
id: 24917
The base is done
id: 24918
The base
id: 24919
Inside the base
id: 24920
A quarter for scale
id: 24921
Inside the ball
id: 24922
Working my way up the sides
id: 24923
It's the space station!
id: 24924
And the space shuttle!
id: 24925
This is technically the first time I've ever seen the space shuttle
id: 24926
Pretty neat
id: 24927
The completed origami ball!
id: 24928
Over 400 pieces went into it
id: 24929
It's pointy
id: 24930
Barack O'Llama approves of my noisy AC solution
id: 24931
The window used to rattle when the AC was on so I had the tripod lean against it
id: 24932
It looked like I was always spying on the neighbors
id: 24933
I was a little late in taking this picture so it was fading another one.. I thought Cindy McCain looked like a zombie
id: 24934
I showed up a little early to GameStop for the Metal Gear Solid 4 midnight release
id: 24935
The place was packed
id: 24936
Mike came and stood in line with me!
id: 24937
He's h aving the time of his life
id: 24938
They provided us with free soda!
id: 24939
My super special ticket.. this guarantees my place in line
id: 24940
This is what I left the store with.. only cost me around.. well.. an undisclosed amount
id: 24941
The MGS4/PS3 bundle
id: 24942
Another angle
id: 24943
I also picked up Grand Theft Auto IV
id: 24944
That's right, I'm using an Xbox 360 HDMI cable on my PS3
id: 24945
Barack O'Llama was intrigued
id: 24946
The box in the box
id: 24947
MGS4 on the top
id: 24948
The contents of the top of the box
id: 24949
I also got a Dual Shock 3 and some cables
id: 24950
What could that be lurking in the box?
id: 24951
All I know is that it weighs about 80 pounds
id: 24952
Oh it's a PS3! As with all shiny electronics, this is the best it's ever going to be
id: 24953
Mike got to work on smudging the back
id: 24954
The PS3 in its new home
id: 24955
Again, with no flash
id: 24956
Mike had to blow his bed up since the pump is in Massachusetts
id: 24957
Mike gave up half way
id: 24958
Installing Folding@home..
id: 24959
Look at me go!
id: 24960
You have to INSTALL games on the PS3?
id: 24961
Thanks for the advice
id: 24962
Snake follows his own advice
id: 24963
You're one to talk!
id: 24964
I eventually stood the PS3 up so it doesn't blast exhaust in my face
id: 24965
id: 24966
I found a PS3 in Metal Gear Solid 4!
id: 24967
This is my new fisheyed mirror. It lets me see when people are walking up behind me in my cubicle
id: 24968
Hallo there
id: 24969
I beat Metal Gear Solid 4!
id: 24970
You're an Eagle if you get over 150 headshots.. I had over 400
id: 24971
id: 24972
Yet, I beat it on Big Boss Extreme mode
id: 24973
The emblems I have so far
id: 24974
It was raining really hard..
id: 24975
id: 24976
What the hell?? It was like $3.80 a day or two ago!
id: 24977
Driving across a field for the WPAFB Tattoo event..
id: 24978
An A-10!
id: 24979
Is that what I think it is??
id: 24980
It's getting closer
id: 24981
That's right, it's the B-2
id: 24982
Better known as the Stealth Bomber!!
id: 24983
id: 24984
Bye B-2
id: 24985
Lots of cars in a field
id: 24986
Some big airplane
id: 24987
The lighting conditions weren't really good for picture taking
id: 24988
Three fighter jets
id: 24989
They were very loud
id: 24990
People standing around
id: 24991
id: 24992
Getting dark..
id: 24993
The back of my desk, with the PS3 in place
id: 24994
The cold, my Dual Shock 3 controller, and Metal Gear RAY
id: 24995
The Wii...
id: 24996
My screens
id: 24997
Nice desktops
id: 24998
Metal Gear RAY!
id: 24999
My sweet new Wall-E poster
id: 25000
My electromagnetic spectrum poster
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