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Pictures taken during December 2008

id: 25971
I bought a pound of silly putty on the internet!
id: 25972
Well.. not brand name silly putty, but the same chemical
id: 25973
Unfortunately, there's no way to make anything that DOESN'T look phallic..
id: 25974
My sweet new No Mercy sign
id: 25975
A model of Baldwin
id: 25976
The back of Baldwin. My apartment is just above the bottom roof on the right.
id: 25977
My Pokemon Ranch people missed me
id: 25978
Brett hanging out
id: 25979
John and his cat Thora
id: 25980
A weird closeup of Brett
id: 25982
This dude helped me dig out my car! Thanks dude!
id: 25983
Snow pictures!
id: 25984
I took a lot for Clark James in Thailand
id: 25985
My car has been freed!
id: 25986
Flo got to just wander around loose in Rosie's car
id: 25987
He didn't jump out the window
id: 25988
He enjoyed looking around though
id: 25989
Rosie and Flo hanging out
id: 25990
What's over there, Flo?
id: 25991
Worcester streets
id: 25992
38 Florence!
id: 25993
Flo looking out the back of the car
id: 25994
Brett had to run the rent check over to his landlord
id: 25995
Desert boy in the snow
id: 25996
Rosie's car broke down so I went and rescued Brett and Flo while Rosie waited for AAA
id: 25997
We had to bring Flo in case they towed the car
id: 25998
Brett with Flo
id: 25999
Say hi Flo!
id: 26000
It was awesome to have a cat in the car
id: 26001
I got to pat him at red lights
id: 26002
I love this picture.. Brett running Flo from the apartment to his car
id: 26003
Rosie survived her car dying.. several times
id: 26004
It's all good, Rosie
id: 26005
If you look carefully in this picture you can see Flo peeking his head over the window
id: 26006
I tried to get a picture of that guy in the brown jacket pushing a car and ended up with this.. not what I had in mind but I still thought it was neat and kept it
id: 26007
Waiting at an intersection
id: 26008
Snow driving!
id: 26009
The street outside my mom's house after the second snow storm
id: 26010
Looking up the hill
id: 26011
My mom's house!
id: 26012
Deep snow
id: 26013
Looking across the street
id: 26014
A car driving by
id: 26015
My mom's car all covered in snow
id: 26016
Self picture in the snow
id: 26017
Closeup of some lights
id: 26018
Snowy railing
id: 26019
My mom on the phone
id: 26020
id: 26021
Cookie mix!
id: 26022
id: 26023
A much cleaner shot thanks to James' tripod
id: 26024
James waited while I took a couple of pictures
id: 26025
Great driving conditions
id: 26026
Muffie at Chili's
id: 26027
Looks like I caught Rob off guard
id: 26028
Muffie hanging out in the corner
id: 26029
James hides behind some coasters
id: 26030
Muffie and her friend from school
id: 26031
Rob again
id: 26032
James in Chili's
id: 26033
Rob is flipping me off because I didn't realize he was locked out so instead of letting him in I took his picture.
id: 26034
Becky with her new kitten!
id: 26035
The name hasn't been finalized yet
id: 26036
id: 26037
Hi Becky!
id: 26038
Becky hanging out
id: 26039
Greg was there too
id: 26040
Uncle Peter
id: 26041
Mom and Uncle Chris
id: 26042
Hooray beer
id: 26043
Uncle Michael's Christmas tree
id: 26044
Johnny does the dew
id: 26045
Greg sitting around
id: 26046
What's over there Greg?
id: 26047
Uncle Michael
id: 26048
Caroling time
id: 26049
Couch time
id: 26050
id: 26051
Becky singing
id: 26052
Gragra singing
id: 26053
Melissa got a guitar for Christmas!
id: 26054
Mom and Uncle Michael talking
id: 26055
Melissa by the tree
id: 26056
Becky with the creepy robot Santa
id: 26057
Becky opens a card from dad
id: 26058
Christmas morning!
id: 26059
Dad makes a crazy face
id: 26060
What is it?
id: 26061
id: 26062
id: 26063
Nice hat
id: 26064
Dad opened the present
id: 26065
id: 26066
It matches his t-shirt
id: 26067
I got Bad Company !
id: 26068
Dad's sweet new sweater
id: 26069
Haha, a much nicer tire gauge
id: 26070
Decoy box!
id: 26071
A Victoria's Secret gift card
id: 26072
Time to open another box
id: 26073
I got Dad a digital photo frame
id: 26074
Becky gave Dad another Guinness shirt!
id: 26075
The photo frame in action
id: 26076
Dad couldn't find LittleBigPlanet so he gave me a picture of it and $60
id: 26077
Nice tie
id: 26079
Sweet tops!
id: 26080
Kitties and presents!
id: 26081
Kitty wanders over the presents
id: 26082
Good hiding spot
id: 26083
A brain cell!
id: 26084
Becky's sweet hat
id: 26085
Posing with the hat
id: 26086
Isabelle sitting around
id: 26087
The kitty inspects Becky's new clothes
id: 26088
"This one looks OK"
id: 26089
The 7x7x7 scrambled
id: 26091
The solved 7x7x7!
id: 26092
A standard Rubik's Cube next to the 7x7x7
id: 26093
The view from the top
id: 26094
3x3x3, 5x5x5, 7x7x7
id: 26095
Welcome to planet Giant Rubik's Cube
id: 26096
With all the layers twisted a little
id: 26097
Twisted layers seen from the side
id: 26098
Twisted layers closeup
id: 26099
id: 26100
id: 26101
Spots in spots!
id: 26102
Spots in spots in spots!
id: 26103
My mom got me a camcorder! A Canon FS100
id: 26104
A closeup showing the neat grooves in the metal bit in the front
id: 26105
The back of the camera
id: 26106
The hand grip
id: 26107
The back again
id: 26108
the top, power, photo, zoom
id: 26109
The camera when it's open
id: 26110
The buttons
id: 26111
It's so small and light
id: 26112
All of the advanced controls are on the screen
id: 26113
The front with the shutter open
id: 26114
Nice lens
id: 26115
It even has a spiffy light on it!
id: 26116
Becky's new kitty: Macaroni!
id: 26117
Isabelle hanging out on the couch
id: 26118
Both kitties on the couch!
id: 26119
Mac is sleepy
id: 26120
My Blackjack next to my new G1
id: 26121
id: 26122
The G1 with the keyboard open
id: 26123
Screen on!
id: 26124
The Android logo!
id: 26125
Touch the Android!
id: 26126
The box my 7x7x7 came in
id: 26127
Lots of patents
id: 26128
From the corner!
id: 26129
Mac was thirsty
id: 26130
Drinking out of a cup is tricky business.
id: 26131
What could this be?
id: 26132
Ooo, it's my Tachikoma figurine!
id: 26133
I suppose I better get it out of the box
id: 26134
There he is!
id: 26135
Pretty spiffy, eh?
id: 26136
Tachikoma from the left
id: 26137
Tachikom from the right (his butt tends to hit the ground from the weight of standing up)
id: 26138
Standing up properly
id: 26139
Tachikoma from the back
id: 26140
Up close!
id: 26141
I put him on top of CD for scale
id: 26142
Close up
id: 26143
Connecting to Ganymede via ConnectBot, an SSH client for Android
id: 26144
A closeup of the terminal
id: 26145
My G1 charging
id: 26146
Rock Band with a smoke machine!
id: 26147
The projector looked pretty cool with the smoke
id: 26148
Vic takes lead guitar
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