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Pictures taken during March 2009

id: 26192
I finally beat Mega Man 2!
id: 26193
Brett just got back from work
id: 26194
Flo.. Flo did not.
id: 26195
Sweet box, Flo
id: 26196
Time for a drink
id: 26197
John loves pizza
id: 26198
Rosie gives me a look
id: 26199
Brett's giving Rosie a look back
id: 26200
Brett's looking pretty pleased with himself
id: 26201
Sweet shot glass pyramid
id: 26202
Hanging out
id: 26203
Bryce is psyched about something
id: 26204
Or maybe just.. psycho
id: 26205
John. Mellow as always
id: 26206
So is Thora
id: 26207
Bryce is leaving and Thora does not care
id: 26208
The Kaossilator!
id: 26209
From another angle!
id: 26210
You know you want one
id: 26211
One more angle
id: 26212
Brett and Flo
id: 26213
Flo is having fun... or is crazy
id: 26214
Brett and Shayna hanging out on the couch
id: 26215
Bryce playing something on the 360
id: 26216
What's up, Brett?
id: 26217
What's up, Bryce?
id: 26218
The target mug
id: 26219
It takes way more Jello than you might think
id: 26220
Dental floss to suspend the mug in the center of the bowl
id: 26221
The suspension system in place
id: 26222
Taped down on the side
id: 26223
I had it go back and forth so it couldn't be pulled out so easily
id: 26224
The mug is suspended!
id: 26225
The coffee cup I'm using to mix the Jello
id: 26226
I borrowed a giant pot from Bryce
id: 26227
A big ol' line of Jello
id: 26228
11 boxes of Jello is way more than I thought
id: 26229
Boiling the water..
id: 26230
We're getting there!
id: 26231
Empty boxes!
id: 26232
After the mixing and pouring it's finally in the fridge!
id: 26233
The suspension system failed but what are you going to do
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