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Pictures taken during August 2009

id: 26631
I really like this picture and the next one
id: 26632
It really captures the atmosphere at work when things aren't going wrong
id: 26633
Dave fixes something while Jerry looks on
id: 26634
Who are you calling, Dave?
id: 26635
Dave stands on one of the huge bumps caused by flooding in the old basketball court
id: 26636
You can almost hide!
id: 26637
The lines really make it easy to see
id: 26638
The chair is there for scale
id: 26639
I really wanted to try dribbling a ball on this.. and hopefully not be hit in the face
id: 26640
Another shot of a large bump
id: 26641
From the other side of the room
id: 26642
Up close you can see how the spaces between the wooden tiles was really expanded
id: 26643
I accidentally said I had rum when I really had whiskey. Not to be deterred, Bryce just made mojitos with whiskey
id: 26644
Bryce thought it was alright
id: 26645
Brett was skeptical
id: 26646
And rightfully so. Just look at his face!
id: 26647
Cruising the internet on the couch
id: 26648
Note the clip holding Brett's monitor in place
id: 26649
Brett in the middle of recording Backseat Gaming
id: 26650
Bryce's turn at the controls
id: 26651
Brett settles in for his first run at Backseat Gaming
id: 26652
Bryce drinking at the piano. Classy.
id: 26653
Brett playing a game or something
id: 26654
id: 26655
Cool candle
id: 26656
Brett on the intertubes
id: 26657
This is World of Warcraft Mountain Dew with Ice 101. Madness.
id: 26658
id: 26659
They are so tiny! this is Buzz before he was Buzz!
id: 26660
What's over there?
id: 26661
id: 26662
I had to resort to using the flash a few times because they move around so much!
id: 26663
The light one was cool but reserved
id: 26664
Hello light kitty
id: 26665
Sitting under the table
id: 26666
Everybody look away on 3.. 2.. 1..
id: 26667
I hold a kitty!
id: 26668
I hold the two I've chosen!
id: 26669
May I introduce Neil and Buzz! And also I need to shave
id: 26670
Neil sits on my legs
id: 26671
Hi Neil!
id: 26672
Kitten pile!
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