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Pictures taken during September 2009

id: 26673
This is the only picture I took when I went to visit Brett and Rosie's new apartment
id: 26674
Dad drinks some coffee before we hit the road to get to Mount Lafayette
id: 26675
Dad getting ready in the parking lot at the base of the mountain
id: 26676
Would you want to hike up three mountains along 9 miles of trail in 11 hours with this madman?
id: 26677
I got roped into it. I didn't look this chipper the next time I walked by this spot... At this point the batteries died and I realized my backups were at home! Ah well, videos will be on Youtube
id: 26678
Isabelle and Macaroni watch me get in the car as I head off for Philadelphia
id: 26679
Buzz walking around
id: 26680
Water is Wet Part 1
id: 26681
Water is Wet Part 2
id: 26682
Buzz takes a drink
id: 26683
They like to stand on the scratching thing while they drink
id: 26684
Neil is also thirsty
id: 26685
How was the water, Neil?
id: 26686
Dave talking to a teacher
id: 26687
Uhoh, I'm busted
id: 26688
Shut down
id: 26689
Neil explores the couch
id: 26690
He likes smelling this blanket
id: 26691
Walking along..
id: 26692
Fighting on the floor!
id: 26693
They love tubes
id: 26694
Tubes are endless fun
id: 26695
They also love this towel
id: 26696
Get that tube, Neil!
id: 26697
Buzz watches warily
id: 26698
Sniffing the tube
id: 26699
Neil is actually sleeping in the cat bed for once!
id: 26700
Closeup on Neil's face
id: 26701
Sweet bed
id: 26702
Buzz hangs with the PS3
id: 26703
Here it is again with a nicer white balance
id: 26704
Normally Buzz sleeps on the Air Force hat (which they have adopted as a bed) but this time it's Neil!
id: 26705
Hi Neil!
id: 26706
id: 26707
Jupiter and the Galilean moons
id: 26708
A digital zoom with all four moons
id: 26709
Neil goes for the thing on a string
id: 26710
id: 26711
Go get it!
id: 26712
Dave keeps swinging the thing
id: 26713
id: 26714
Getting up into shirt territory!
id: 26715
Buzz climbing up Dave's leg
id: 26716
Climbing higher..
id: 26717
Higher still!
id: 26718
How'd he get back down there?
id: 26719
Neil watches the swinging toy
id: 26720
Now it's over there
id: 26721
Now it's back!
id: 26722
He really wants it
id: 26723
Buzz watches Neil's antics
id: 26724
Neil has a close one, nearly falling off
id: 26725
Neil caught it!
id: 26726
Oh nooo he's going to fall!
id: 26727
Neil's too smart for that trick
id: 26728
Buzz starts climbing again
id: 26729
Hold on tight!
id: 26730
Neil waits for the toy to swing closer
id: 26731
It's Neil's turn to climb
id: 26732
Higher than ever!
id: 26733
Well into shirt territory!
id: 26734
Neil watches the toy again from the window
id: 26735
They like to hang out here
id: 26736
Dave rolls Buzz around on the floor
id: 26737
id: 26738
Neil tries to turn the Dreamcast off
id: 26739
This is a common view in my life now.. the kitties like to sit on my lap while I'm on the computer
id: 26740
Sleeping on my thigh
id: 26741
These two shots are really out of focus but I liked them
id: 26742
Neil tries to smell the camera
id: 26743
Neil pokes his head up from over a shirt
id: 26744
What's he looking at?
id: 26745
Buzz tries to escape the cat carrier
id: 26746
To no avail
id: 26747
The cat carrier in the vet waiting room
id: 26748
The examination room
id: 26749
Menacing machinery
id: 26750
Buzz doesn't look too excited
id: 26751
Buzz says "do not want"
id: 26752
Weighing Buzz
id: 26753
There is no escape
id: 26754
Time to take his temperature.. you know where
id: 26755
The technician looks at Neil
id: 26756
Neil smells the scale while being weighed
id: 26757
Neil put up more of a fight when it was time for his temperature to be taken
id: 26758
The vet grabs Buzz
id: 26759
Looking at his eyes and ears..
id: 26760
The vet looks at me taking pictures
id: 26761
Listening to Buzz's heart
id: 26762
The kitties were good about the exam
id: 26763
The cat carrier on top of my car. All done!
id: 26764
We needed a picture of the Baldwin gates closed, so Dave and Jerry closed the gates and reopened them
id: 26765
id: 26766
They're heavy!
id: 26767
School's closed!
id: 26768
My spiffy new GPS mount
id: 26769
Getting close
id: 26770
It's the Quick Stop!
id: 26771
The infamous Quick Stop that Clerks was filmed at
id: 26772
You may recognize it easier if it's in black and white
id: 26773
Another shot of the Quick Stop
id: 26774
The back of the Quick Stop where Kevin Smith's mom played the milk maid
id: 26775
Looking at the counter from the back
id: 26776
I'm in the Quick Stop!
id: 26777
The counter
id: 26778
The door
id: 26779
The register
id: 26780
The guy obviously knew what I was up to
id: 26781
The RST video next door isn't actually used anymore but they keep it for posterity
id: 26782
I tried to take a picture of the videos inside but the reflection was too strong. I liked the picture though
id: 26783
The Quick Stop sign
id: 26785
My ATM receipt with "Quick Stop" at the top
id: 26786
id: 26787
Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, Kevin Smith's comic book store. I forgot they close at 5 on sunday so I didn't get to go in
id: 26788
There was already a line to get in 90 minutes before the live SModcast!
id: 26789
Waiting around
id: 26790
Walt Flanagan posed with me
id: 26791
It was a small theater
id: 26792
The table
id: 26793
Another shot showing how small the theater is
id: 26794
Higher exposure
id: 26795
Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
id: 26796
Kevin Smith looks at the audience
id: 26797
Scott Mosier was having a good time. And was also drunk
id: 26798
The show gets going
id: 26799
Jokes are funny
id: 26800
Kevin explains something
id: 26801
Flapping his wings?
id: 26802
A non-zoomed shot to show how close my seat was
id: 26803
I try a flash photo
id: 26804
Scott explains something..
id: 26805
A list?
id: 26806
The show continues
id: 26807
A more reasonable flash photo
id: 26808
Kevin and Scott suddenly switched seats so people on each side could see the other person better
id: 26809
Scott tells a story
id: 26810
What is Kevin doing?
id: 26811
He's got some crazy eye expressions
id: 26812
The show keeps going
id: 26813
Telling a story
id: 26814
Suddenly serious
id: 26815
Scott held up the show notes
id: 26816
Kevin seems concerned
id: 26817
Hand waving
id: 26818
More of the show notes
id: 26819
id: 26820
Another shot
id: 26821
The making of the SModcast audio book
id: 26822
Kevin read Scott's parts
id: 26823
Scott read Kevin's parts
id: 26824
Watch as Kevin's face gets redder and redder
id: 26825
id: 26826
Redder still!
id: 26827
They had trouble holding it together
id: 26828
Kevin totally lost it
id: 26829
Neither of them could speak because they were laughing too hard
id: 26830
It took a while to get through the scene because of all the laughing
id: 26831
Kevin with his glasses back on
id: 26832
Kevin and his bathrobe leave the stage
id: 26833
Scott returns one of the books
id: 26834
A pile of books
id: 26835
I might have to come back for this event
id: 26836
A nice shot of Scott on the stage. Kevin is down below
id: 26837
Scott and Kevin sign books
id: 26838
Scott signing a book
id: 26839
Scott and Kevin talk to fans
id: 26840
My signed book! Kevin wrote this when I said I've lost 35 pounds listening to SModcast
id: 26841
They also signed my Quick Stop receipt
id: 26842
Posing for photos!
id: 26843
I pose with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
id: 26844
One more!
id: 26845
A t-shirt I bought while waiting in line
id: 26846
The kitties missed me
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