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Pictures taken during August 2010

id: 28417
id: 28418
Look at the noise on this photo! It's out of control!
id: 28419
The zoom is pretty spiffy, but it wasn't worth the downsides
id: 28420
Neil walks around in the junk pile
id: 28421
What's up, Buzz?
id: 28422
Noisy Neil
id: 28423
Neil chills out
id: 28424
Be sure to view the fullsize version of this image to see why I returned the camera..
id: 28425
The S2 IS side by side with the SX20IS
id: 28426
Bagel with lox proj365!
id: 28427
Hey Buzz!
id: 28428
Butt finds the window more interesting
id: 28483
The first picture taken with my new camera!'s Creenan!
id: 28484
Oh hai, Topaz
id: 28485
Topaz ignores me and gets back to work
id: 28486 id: 28487
Uhoh, camera duel
id: 28488
id: 28489
Topaz looks at the kelp
id: 28490
It sure is kelpy
id: 28491
A soda can!
id: 28492
Red shirt man
id: 28493
id: 28494
55mm. That's the range of the lens that came with the camera
id: 28495
People in the courtyard
id: 28496
Flower closeup!
id: 28497
Topaz waiting for lunch
id: 28498
Man, I love this camera
id: 28499
Sorry Topaz, you're the only one around..
id: 28500
We're number one!
id: 28501
Mmmm, panini
id: 28502
Yummy panini
id: 28503
Little salad!
id: 28504
Topaz got some kind of.. thing
id: 28505
All done!
id: 28506
id: 28507
Time to go back to work
id: 28508
id: 28509
Oops, the flash popped up in the elevator
id: 28510
Garth is actually here this week and not just a voice in the phone!
id: 28511
Shawn and Su hard at work
id: 28512
Matt sits across from me
id: 28513
Salbito wandered in..
id: 28514
Shawn checks his phone
id: 28515
My trusty G1
id: 28516
Shawn eats the lunch of champions
id: 28517
My keyboard is.. actually pretty gross
id: 28518
Nice shirt, Garth
id: 28519
Shawn's Nexos One
id: 28520
Mmmm... giant Canon neckband
id: 28521
Rubik's cube!
id: 28522
Gotta love the Space Invaders decorations
id: 28523
My reader!
id: 28524
Joe looks on as Shawn checks a ticket
id: 28525
id: 28526
And Topaz peeks his head in
id: 28527
A typical day at Synacor
id: 28528
Steve, my boss!
id: 28529
Steve works on a build or something
id: 28530
Water bottle?
id: 28531
Garth sure finds something funny
id: 28532
Shawn's workstation
id: 28533
My gear
id: 28534
My rolling coin
id: 28535
id: 28536
Topaz heads out to the back to talk to some REs
id: 28537
Mr. Crandall!
id: 28538
How come the REs are hiding outside?
id: 28539
id: 28540
My rental car for the day..
id: 28541
id: 28542
id: 28543
id: 28544
Neil is wondering why my new camera is so noisy
id: 28545
Aww, big yawn
id: 28546
Awesome Neil closeup
id: 28547
The cats find the shutter noises fascinating
id: 28548
The tree outside my apartment
id: 28549
My neighbors drained their pool for some reason
id: 28550
The cats want to come out and play
id: 28551
Buzz is mad he can't come out too
id: 28552
My half complete media center
id: 28553
Playing with the macro setting
id: 28554
id: 28555
The tree again
id: 28556
My apartment building
id: 28557
Long shadows in the golden hour!
id: 28558
Yeah, I'll get right on that..
id: 28559
id: 28560
id: 28561
Yup, that's where I live
id: 28562
Regency Court Apartments!
id: 28563
An ominous sign of snow to come?
id: 28564
The school right near my apartment complex
id: 28565
Sheldon Road.. or whatever it is
id: 28566
No kids are around now!
id: 28567
The Ralph Wilson stadium!
id: 28568
id: 28569
I always think of it as the
id: 28570
Getting closer to the stadium..
id: 28571
I drive by this every day on the way to work
id: 28572
Go Bills?
id: 28573
id: 28574
Aaand one last shot of the stadium
id: 28575
No no no, thank you!
id: 28576
The alternative parking lot could use some work
id: 28577
Crescent moon!
id: 28578
Moon over Regency Court Apartments
id: 28579
Also Jupiter!
id: 28580
Hey Buzz! What's up?
id: 28581
Not a big fan of photo shoots, eh?
id: 28582
Neil likes them
id: 28583
Hi Neil!
id: 28584
Recreating a picture I took with the SX20IS. It's still fairly noisy, but still has much better quality
id: 28585
The extend of my zoom (55mm)
id: 28586
The late S2 IS
id: 28587
Neil loves posing for photoshoots!
id: 28588
Who has a comfy chair?
id: 28589
Neil is baffled by the flashing lights
id: 28590
Rolling around
id: 28591
D'awww, cute little kitty
id: 28592
A closeup!
id: 28593
Looking around..
id: 28594
What's over there?
id: 28595
I think Neil's tiring of this..
id: 28596
He has to be wondering about the new shutter sound
id: 28597
Hi Buzz!
id: 28598 id: 28599
My two kitties, Neil and Buzz!
id: 28600
Itchy ear!
id: 28601
The carpet has interesting smells
id: 28602
Buzz looks at what Neil's up to
id: 28603
What's going on in that little brain of yours, buddy?
id: 28604
Buzz likes to climb on the bike
id: 28605
I call this picture
id: 28606
He's a bicycle enthusiast
id: 28607
How's that brick wall treating you
id: 28608
Topaz playing with magnets
id: 28609
Shawn endorses Mountain Dew
id: 28610
I always forget about the standup until Joe comes in
id: 28611
Topaz telling some kind of story
id: 28612
Canz is hoping my new camera makes him look sexier
id: 28613 id: 28614
Mark Moziak takes the wheel
id: 28615
Buffalo city hall
id: 28616
id: 28617
The crazy
id: 28618
id: 28619
Satellite dishes!
id: 28620
Weird checkered building!
id: 28621
Giant.. tank.. thing!
id: 28622
Topaz shows something on his phone
id: 28623
Tortilla chips at El Canelo!
id: 28624
We went through the salsa pretty quick
id: 28625
id: 28626
Canz and Mark listen to.. whatever
id: 28627
Dmags and Topaz
id: 28628
The REs used to go to this place all the time. Then it moved far away and.. they still do
id: 28629
Our waitress seemed super psyched
id: 28630
id: 28631
We're all addicted to our phones
id: 28632
id: 28633
Canz waits for everyone to pay their bills
id: 28634
Canz and Dmags waiting around
id: 28635
What a crazy painting
id: 28636
Weird structures on Route 5
id: 28637
HSBC tower, the tallest building in Buffalo
id: 28638
id: 28639 id: 28640
Who the hell walks their cat in the park?
id: 28641
This place is right across the street from Synacor
id: 28642
I pass it every day on the way to work
id: 28643
Right across that skyway!
id: 28644
I asked this cool fishing guy if I could take his picture
id: 28645
He said it was no problem!
id: 28646
id: 28647
Some war ship
id: 28648
There were a few people walking around
id: 28649
Numbers on the submarine
id: 28650
Does anybody know what these markings mean?
id: 28651
Damn, torpedos are huge
id: 28652
Boat #537?
id: 28653
id: 28654
These radar things were spinning around
id: 28655
I believe this is an F-14
id: 28656
Don't quote me on that
id: 28657
I don't know what the hell this plane is
id: 28658
An APC? I don't know..
id: 28659
id: 28660
There was some kind of speed boat event going on in the marina next to Synacor
id: 28661
Topaz in front of the apartment buildings across the street from Synacor
id: 28662
Weird shelf cloud!
id: 28663
Topaz talked me into going to the Erie County Fair. These tractors at the entrance weren't a great sign
id: 28664
Clowns are creepy
id: 28665
Meats, plural
id: 28666
Food booths!
id: 28667
Fried dough! And with a bonus reflection of Topaz
id: 28668
Let's get tattoos!
id: 28669
Weird chairs
id: 28670
Let's go to the event center!
id: 28671
It's like a really lame dealers room!
id: 28672
Power steps? Or power scams?
id: 28673
Candy looks really good on this camera
id: 28674
Ooo, sign me up
id: 28675
Hey, I'm on TV!
id: 28676
Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine
id: 28677
Want a hot tub, Topaz?
id: 28678
I really wanted to take this guy's questionaire but Topaz didn't let me
id: 28679
I didn't notice until later that Clock Man was looking right at me
id: 28680
Oh man, I want one
id: 28681
I really wanted one of these.. but I also didn't want to die
id: 28682
id: 28683
Topaz shows off the bizarre air bath system
id: 28684
About a tenth of a second after this picture was taken, the salesman chased us away from his stupid showers
id: 28685
More religious propaganda!
id: 28686
When I saw this guy, I knew the future was now
id: 28687
I was hoping to get a depth of field effect here, and I was not disappointed
id: 28688
Weird mist machine?
id: 28689
Topaz must investigate
id: 28690
Police fast roping down a tower!
id: 28691
Chainsaw man!
id: 28692
He makes little animals
id: 28693
Long way down?
id: 28694
The cops get ready to go down the ropes
id: 28695
Narrator cop man
id: 28696
And away they go!
id: 28697
Getting ready for the next stage
id: 28698
Upside down!
id: 28699
The guy threw a flashbang in the window!
id: 28700 id: 28701
And then they threw a dummy out the window!
id: 28702
They assured us they don't normally do this with suspects
id: 28703
The kids were very impressed
id: 28704
id: 28705
Food booth in the golden hour
id: 28706
I can't even read this sign. Something Ball
id: 28707
Pirate ship!
id: 28708
I was intrigued.. but not enough to pay 50 cents
id: 28709
Enterprise! James told me this is fairly rare
id: 28710
Here it goes..
id: 28711
Spinning up..
id: 28712
Wow, it tilts up really high!
id: 28713
Ride's over!
id: 28714
Hold on tight!
id: 28715
It just hangs there at the top forever!
id: 28716
I wonder if it ever gets stuck up there..
id: 28717
Not this time!
id: 28718
This picture came out a little dark but I really liked it
id: 28719
Flying chairs!
id: 28720
That shelf cloud is still lurking!
id: 28721
Ride silhouettes
id: 28722
Ah, Zipper.. we meet again
id: 28723
Riding along..
id: 28724
Weee, roller coasters!
id: 28725
The flags mean it's fun
id: 28726
Round and round they go
id: 28727
The machine that shakes change out of peoples' pockets
id: 28728
Gondola in the sun
id: 28729
It's like that Pripyat ferris wheel.. but a lot more cheerful
id: 28730
Bright colors!
id: 28731
id: 28732
Ferris wheel and clouds!
id: 28733
Camera duel!
id: 28734
Starship 2000 seemed pretty crazy
id: 28735
The Zipper in action
id: 28736
Chaos theory at work
id: 28737
I hate this ride
id: 28738
Starship 2000 spun up and I got to play with high F-stops
id: 28739
The food area!
id: 28740
We opted for grilled paninis
id: 28741
I went with the Chicken in the Grass
id: 28742
Sunset is near!
id: 28743
Rides near sunset
id: 28744
Rides always make good photos
id: 28745
Neat clouds
id: 28746
Project 365 picture!
id: 28747
Giant inflatable gorilla?
id: 28748
I'm sure this is a Nintendo sanctioned ride
id: 28749
Ferris wheel all lit up!
id: 28750
The moon!
id: 28751
A camel!
id: 28752
This would've been a cooler picture if I got there in time to see them still making the popcorn
id: 28753
The fair as night falls
id: 28754
The lights are starting to stand out more
id: 28755
The moon and probably Jupiter
id: 28756
Lit up food stands
id: 28757
Tickets tickets tickets!
id: 28758
Giant plastic balls!
id: 28759
Awww, a dead plastic ball
id: 28760
id: 28761
Neil is sleepy
id: 28762
I took this picture by accident but I liked it, so I kept it
id: 28763
Mmm, dinner
id: 28764
Buzz looks disgruntled
id: 28765
What's up, Neil?
id: 28766
My Canon Digital Rebel XSi!
id: 28767
Messing around..
id: 28768
Playing with the zoom on my books
id: 28769
Neil, you're not supposed to be on the couch
id: 28770
Aww, I guess you can stay
id: 28771
Uhh.. hi?
id: 28772
A typical Saturday night.. Netflix and programming!
id: 28773
What's up, Topaz?
id: 28774
Synacorians enjoying lunch!
id: 28775
Matt and his funny little kid
id: 28776
Garth's wife and kid!
id: 28777
Steve brought his girlfriend to the picnic.. never got her name
id: 28778
Hanging out and taking advantage of the open bar
id: 28779
Matt catches me taking his picture
id: 28780
Shawn doesn't care
id: 28781
Steve was having a good time
id: 28782
Garth busts out his camera
id: 28783
A picture of Matt where he's not making a crazy face!
id: 28784
Garth's D90
id: 28785
Oh Matt, I can't sneak a picture past you
id: 28786
Steve and his girlfriend
id: 28787
Garth checks his phone
id: 28788
Kate was there briefly
id: 28789
Hi Steve
id: 28790
Su came by too!
id: 28791
Hey Topaz
id: 28792
I'm gonna kick Topaz's ass!
id: 28793
id: 28794
I am the champion!
id: 28795
Gah, it didn't last for long..
id: 28796
Shawn and Matt enter the ring
id: 28797
The tension crackled in the air
id: 28798
And there they go!
id: 28799
Shawn was tough to knock down!
id: 28800
Cue dramatic music
id: 28801
Shawn gains the upper hand
id: 28802
Come on, Matt!
id: 28803
Shawn's not going down!
id: 28804
Matt flies headfirst into the wall
id: 28805
Matt gets ready for some Kanjam
id: 28806
Steve and Shawn were on the other side
id: 28807
Will Shawn's foam fighting skills transfer to Kanjam?
id: 28808
id: 28809
Throwing the frisbee
id: 28810
The goal is to try to throw the frisbee into the can
id: 28811
Matt takes his turn
id: 28812
If the frisbee isn't going to go in the can, you have to try to knock it in yourself
id: 28813
Kanjam is fun!
id: 28814
Matt lines up a shot
id: 28815
Topaz's turn
id: 28816
Garth and his family head over
id: 28817
Steve was having fun
id: 28818
This looks like a wild shot if I've ever seen one
id: 28819
Topaz lines up a shot
id: 28820
Frisbee in the foreground!
id: 28821
Garth's wife takes a shot at the crazy ball on a rope game
id: 28822
Topaz incorporates fancy footwork into his throw
id: 28823
Shawn goes for a high frisbee
id: 28824
He's like a dog!
id: 28825
Topaz looks like he's determined to not let the frisbee past
id: 28826
Look at the reach on that guy!
id: 28827
The frisbee kept landing short on this side
id: 28828
Gotta love the look of concentration on Matt's face
id: 28829
Shawn has declared this the worst picture ever taken of him
id: 28830
He manages to knock it into the can!
id: 28831
Matt slams the frisbee down into the can
id: 28832
Garth gets in on the next game
id: 28833
I was on Garth's team (teammates are on opposite sides)
id: 28834
I attempt to smack the frisbee into the can
id: 28835
The CMS team hanging out
id: 28836
Sitting around on the grass
id: 28837
Garth put his D90 to use
id: 28838
Shawn telling a story
id: 28839
Talking about calling John
id: 28840
Is this the proper way to move a baby, Garth?
id: 28841
Sitting around on the grass, killing time
id: 28842
Is it time for prizes yet?
id: 28843 id: 28844
Matt sitting around
id: 28845
Preparing the raffle bag
id: 28846
Steve believed I was going to win the TV
id: 28847
Nothing sadder than a deflated bounce house
id: 28848
The excitement was palpable as prize time approached
id: 28849
Announcing various gag awards
id: 28850
There were a bunch of awards
id: 28851
I forget which one John won
id: 28852
Ron Frankel himself won an award!
id: 28853
Ron, our fearless leader, gives a pep talk to the Synacorians
id: 28854
Topaz in his natural habitat
id: 28855
I spotted myself in the security camera!
id: 28856
My gym, Anytime Fitness
id: 28857
See? It's open 24/7/365, so I'm a big fan
id: 28858
My new food log book
id: 28859
Homework from Emily, my trainer!
id: 28860
Mission control!
id: 28861
id: 28862
What's the cabinet smell like?
id: 28863
How did he get up there??
id: 28864
Buzz is content with his position in life
id: 28865
Inside Anytime Fitness!
id: 28866
The weightlifting area
id: 28867
I love the TVs on the cardio equipment
id: 28868
Various implements of tort-- er, exercise
id: 28869
In my gym clothes
id: 28870
The view from the end of the building
id: 28871
The Waterline breakfast sandwich. Healthy? Not quite
id: 28872
Topaz has some magnets
id: 28873
The Waterline Skinny Souvlaki. Healthy? Looks like it! Under 400 calories, at least
id: 28874
Wegmans, my new supermarket! It sure is a hell of a lot better than Acme!
id: 28875
The cat aisle, an aisle I know well
id: 28876
We've escaped the warroom, er, I mean, collaborative environment
id: 28877
John and Dipak
id: 28878
This time, Shawn's behind the wheel
id: 28879
Matt holds on tight
id: 28880
Keep your eyes on the road, Shawn
id: 28881
Run those guys down!
id: 28882
The infamous Chef's!
id: 28883
Allan and I have a camera showdown! I think he wins this battle...
id: 28884
Dipak checks out the menu
id: 28885
Allan, John, Jeff, and Steve decide what to have for lunch
id: 28886
Everything looks good!
id: 28887
id: 28888
Dipak and Shawn
id: 28889
Oil for bread dipping!
id: 28890
Jeff places his order
id: 28891
Topaz dips some bread
id: 28892
Topaz's meal is ridiculous!
id: 28893
This is Topaz and Steve's food after they were completely full. It's like they didn't eat anything!
id: 28894
Look how much Steve has left!
id: 28895
Steve is content
id: 28896
Canz has a bogus NASA logo ripoff shirt!
id: 28897
Project 365!
id: 28898
Canz's crazy mainframe memory platter thing
id: 28899
Jupiter from Topaz's solar system model!
id: 28900
Saturn and Jupiter!
id: 28901
Saturn and Jupiter again.. with Jupiter in focus!
id: 28902
The cube maze at Synacor
id: 28903
Jupiter again
id: 28904
Crazy giant stuffed animals!
id: 28905
Moziak's got some cool Android figures
id: 28906
Look at all of them!
id: 28907
Who are these guys!?
id: 28908
Salbito helped Canz and Topaz work on a live issue
id: 28909
The paper airplane collection in the hallway
id: 28910
Neat airplane
id: 28911
Cool clouds over the gym
id: 28912
I made a real meal! Spinach salad and grilled chicken!
id: 28913
Who could it be in that car?
id: 28914
It's Mel!
id: 28915
And Jamie!
id: 28916
The kitties always love new people
id: 28917
Buzz is so curious
id: 28918
Jamie says hello to Neil
id: 28919
Neil does a sweet stretch walk
id: 28920
id: 28921
Buzz is having an exciting day
id: 28922
Project 365!
id: 28923
The moon!
id: 28924
We had to get some Zyrtec for Casey since he's allergic to the cats
id: 28925
id: 28926
Next up on the shopping list.. dubious booze!
id: 28927
Mel tries to make her decision
id: 28928
Jamie examines the Sour Apple schnapps
id: 28929
Sour Apple schnapps!
id: 28930
Mel wants nothing to do with it
id: 28931
This looks.. tasty..
id: 28932
How about this stuff?
id: 28933
Jamie has so many choices!
id: 28934
How about this one?
id: 28935
It has a weird bottle!
id: 28936
And a little buddha on it!
id: 28937
I thought the dude on this box was funny
id: 28938
Imported Topaz??
id: 28939
The $0.99 nips bucket!
id: 28940
Jeremiah Weed??
id: 28941
An armful of booze?
id: 28942
Captain Morgan!
id: 28943
Hula girl?
id: 28944
Mel recreates the picture of my grandmother with the Freud statue
id: 28945
It's Casey!
id: 28946
Mel loves takeout
id: 28947
Mmm, sandwiches
id: 28948
Everyone grabs their food
id: 28949
Dancing for some reason?
id: 28950
Cat time!
id: 28951
Kitties are fun
id: 28952
id: 28953
Leftover food in the morning
id: 28954
Mel finally admitted the DS exists
id: 28955
Buzz has some strange nap places
id: 28956
He's planning his worldwide domination
id: 28957
Magic the Gathering!? We haven't played that in a while!
id: 28958
Casey takes a look at his hand
id: 28959
Mel and Jamie had some pretty sweet decks
id: 28960
Mel loves tortilla chips
id: 28961
Casey goes over his choies
id: 28962
Waiting for food at El Canelo
id: 28963
Mmmm, Pollo Fundito!
id: 28964
The Sunoco has a walk in freezer!
id: 28965
Ice cream?
id: 28966
Casey thinks ice cream sounds like a good idea
id: 28967
Mel makes a dubious choice..
id: 28968
Good recommendation, Casey. And by good I mean terrible
id: 28969
Jamie makes some creepy poses
id: 28970
Dancing again?
id: 28971
Another project 365 picture!
id: 28972
Mmm, underexposed Subway
id: 28973
Making accusations?
id: 28974
Saying goodbye to Buzz
id: 28975
Neil was really sad to see them go
id: 28976
Azumanga gets a thumbs up?
id: 28977
id: 28978
id: 28979
The challenge: to eat one of every item in 8 hours. Impossible? Some say nay!
id: 28980
Dave Pace ate the popcorn... UNpopped!
id: 28981
The last few items are going to be really rough
id: 28982
The challenger at work
id: 28983
This was what was left AFTER breaking the record
id: 28984
The vanquished
id: 28985
Coming in to work around 11:30!
id: 28986
I dropped my lens so it's all screwed up :(
id: 28987
I guess it's time to buy a new lens..
id: 28989
A picture of the ridiculous pool destruction going on next door. Taken with my broken-ass lens
id: 28990
Cars in the courtyard at lunch!
id: 28991
I'm not sure why these cars are here, but they look cool
id: 28992
Some kind of company thing for one of the other companies in the building
id: 28993
Spiffy red cars
id: 28994
Aesop's cart?
id: 28995
HSBC tower with some neat clouds
id: 28996
The top of the tower
id: 28997
There are a lot of cool clouds in Buffalo
id: 28998
This reminded me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
id: 28999
This REALLY reminded me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
id: 29000
Project 365!
id: 29001
OK, you convinced me. But I can't promise Wacko will listen..
id: 29002
id: 29003
Seagull on the shore
id: 29004
Buffalo in the distance!
id: 29005
The buildings of downtown Buffalo
id: 29006
A glorious cloudscape
id: 29007
The cool mill building
id: 29008
A closeup of the detail
id: 29009
The top of the building
id: 29010
There are a lot of really interesting abandoned industrial buildings in Buffalo
id: 29011
Boat on the water
id: 29012
A few boats way out in the lake
id: 29013
Some gross bug on a cool flower!
id: 29014
id: 29015
The new and the old
id: 29016
Slightly different New and Old
id: 29017
I liked how dark and ominous this one came out
id: 29018
Flower and the mill building
id: 29019
One more
id: 29020
id: 29021
This guy was getting ready for some windsurfing
id: 29022
Little waves
id: 29023
I'll have to see if I can get closer to this building some time
id: 29024
A neat seagull silhouette
id: 29025
The Lake Erie shore
id: 29026
Some geese!
id: 29027
Geese in the water
id: 29028
Go geese go
id: 29029
Not really a dock or a pier since it doesn't connect to anything..
id: 29030
The geese continue to make their way through the lake
id: 29031
Bottom's up
id: 29032
id: 29033
The walkway along the shore
id: 29034
Some neat clouds across the highway
id: 29035
A tree by the shore
id: 29036
That building again
id: 29037
The dock thing
id: 29038
Wood and clouds
id: 29039
Clouds over the building
id: 29040
Getting further away..
id: 29041
Clouds and the windfarm
id: 29042
A seagull flies around
id: 29043
A wider view of the building
id: 29044
Some dudes on jetskis!
id: 29045
id: 29046
id: 29047
Another seagull making its way through the sky
id: 29048
The geese take flight!
id: 29049
The view of the building from the park nearby
id: 29050
So cool
id: 29051
A little more exposed
id: 29052
An airplane!
id: 29053
Boats in the water
id: 29054
Sailing awaaay
id: 29055
Heading out to the lake
id: 29056
It's a very visually interesting area
id: 29057
The wind turbines
id: 29058
Boat and birds
id: 29059
Boat, birds, building, and ..'bines?
id: 29060
Geese in the air!
id: 29061
The turbines again
id: 29062
That boat's getting away!
id: 29063
The building with the turbines
id: 29064
A little more exposed
id: 29065
My shadow!
id: 29066
Looking north
id: 29067
A cool pile of rocks
id: 29068
More neat clouds
id: 29069
Heading back towards the building
id: 29070
The turbiens again
id: 29071
The Golden Hour is upon us
id: 29072
A very cool picture of that building with a dock
id: 29073
Building and pier
id: 29074
A little wider..
id: 29075
Wider still....
id: 29076
The jetskiers are back!
id: 29077
Back so soon?
id: 29078
One last picture before the battery died
id: 29079
Shawn printed the picture of Wilford Brimley in a no smoking sign for
id: 29080
What could this box be?
id: 29081
Could it be my new lens??
id: 29082
There certainly is a lot of packaging..
id: 29083
Gotta give the guy bonus points for using what appears to be an entire roll of scotch tape!
id: 29084
Neil wonders what's in the box
id: 29085
the packaging continues
id: 29086
Neil decides to investigate
id: 29087
Still more packaging!
id: 29088
Buzz knew it was a lens all along
id: 29089
The movie theater?
id: 29090
That's right, Avatar round 10!
id: 29091
What's all this commotion in the distance?
id: 29092
It's Ralph Wilson Stadium!
id: 29093
And it is all lit up tonight!
id: 29094
The Buffalo Bills are playing the Cincinnati Bengals
id: 29095
This guy was selling all sorts of lights
id: 29096
Getting closer..
id: 29097
A news van!
id: 29098
id: 29099
Project 365!
id: 29100
Bright lights
id: 29101
The back of the giant screen
id: 29102
I always think it's Ralph Wiggum Stadium
id: 29103
Hey, I know that logo!
id: 29104
id: 29105
A memorial rock in the parking lot
id: 29106
The giant screen!
id: 29107
Fans in the stands
id: 29108
This guy had those light cones and was guiding traffic
id: 29109
Another light guy
id: 29110
Buffalo seems like an odd place for an outdoor stadium
id: 29111
Well that was fun
id: 29112
Poor Mickey!
id: 29113
I was lead to believe that this was a road..
id: 29114
The Temptation Chamber!
id: 29115
id: 29116
I think it's a good sign that this kind of crap isn't really all that tempting anymore
id: 29117
I'm often accused of making the same face every day in Project 365. So I figured I'd practice with something new
id: 29118
Is this any better?
id: 29119
My first Tim Horton's coffee!
id: 29120
A weird chicken
id: 29121
A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon
id: 29122
PHP books!
id: 29123
Ack! A spiderweb!
id: 29124
id: 29125
The Electric Elevator Site & Gelinmac Silos
id: 29126
That's a lot to type, so let's call it the Gelinmac Silos
id: 29127
Weird electric equipment
id: 29128
A lone bolt!
id: 29129
Has The Marked One been around here?
id: 29130
id: 29131
Lots of grain could fit in here
id: 29132
I think I'll stop right here
id: 29133
Though it is tempting..
id: 29134
I doubt this would stop Wacko
id: 29135
The Marine A Elevator
id: 29136
My lonely car, parking in a sketchy
id: 29137
A neat bridge
id: 29138
Bridge and silos
id: 29139
Looking across the bridge
id: 29140
It's one of those bridges that moves up to let boats under it.. but I don't think it's called a draw bridge
id: 29141
A wider view of the bridge
id: 29142
What an inviting driveway..
id: 29143
Standard Elevator and American Elevator
id: 29144
There are a lot of abandoned grain elevators around here..
id: 29145
The American Elevator building
id: 29146
Wacko's going to kill me for not climbing into this hole
id: 29147
It was in the bottom of one of the silos
id: 29148
Another shot of the Standard Elevator
id: 29149
id: 29150
Up close to the Gelinmac Silos
id: 29151
The view of the elevators from the bridge
id: 29152
The elevators on the southern side of the river
id: 29153
Looking across the bridge
id: 29154
Neat bridge
id: 29155
Big boat!
id: 29156
The English River
id: 29157
And it's lumbering away!
id: 29158
Since I was in town, I stopped by the marina near Synacor
id: 29159
The Naval & Military Park.. it turns out that's the USS Little Rock!
id: 29160
The sky bridge and yet another elevator!
id: 29161
id: 29162
Boats going down the river
id: 29163
A sailbot!
id: 29164
Sailing along
id: 29165
Stupid seagull, this isn't the sea!
id: 29166
Boats heading out to the lake
id: 29167
Is that a bunny?
id: 29168
A bunny!
id: 29169
Bunny in the flowers!
id: 29170
What's that poking around the corner?
id: 29171
Why it's the English River again!
id: 29172
It looks like I beat it to the lake
id: 29173
It's horn was loouuudd
id: 29174
The English River in an American river?
id: 29175
This guy was just chilling out
id: 29176
And there it goes!
id: 29177
Around the lighthouse..
id: 29178
Wide turns..
id: 29179
Big boat, little boat
id: 29180
Neat art
id: 29181
It's abstract!
id: 29182
Rocks on the shore
id: 29183
Lots of people were out today
id: 29184
I asked this guy if I could take his photo. He was cool with it.
id: 29185
id: 29186
Jet skis!
id: 29187
Street light / seagull chair
id: 29188
Looking out at the lake
id: 29189
Seagull flying around
id: 29190
A good place to watch a sunset
id: 29191
Walking along the lake shore
id: 29192
The top of the obvservation tower
id: 29193
The observation tower at the end of the marina
id: 29194
A big anchor thing
id: 29195
A speed boat
id: 29196
The observation tower again
id: 29197
I know what the sign's for, but that doesn't make it less funny
id: 29198
The view from the top of the tower!
id: 29199
Looking back down the marina
id: 29200
id: 29201
Buffalo Town Hall
id: 29202
That's a lot of boats
id: 29203
The Skyway
id: 29204
id: 29205
People enjoying the view
id: 29206
Marina and tower
id: 29207
It's a nice view
id: 29208
id: 29209
The jetskis look like fun
id: 29210
Another view looking back down the marina
id: 29211
Lots of boats coming back in
id: 29212
I figured this was a better picture for Project 365 than the weird faces one
id: 29213
American flag!
id: 29214
Creepy spider
id: 29215
It's electfic! Boodoo doo doo doo doo doo
id: 29216
Buffalo buildings
id: 29217
id: 29218
Ducks in the lake!
id: 29219
The USS Little Rock again, closer to sunset
id: 29220
The USS Little Rock with the Skyway
id: 29221
Synacor at Sunset
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