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Pictures taken during September 2010

id: 29222
I got a gyroscope!
id: 29223
John thought it was pretty neat
id: 29224
Funyons make pretty good croutons. Diet Mountain Dew makes a good afternoon pickup
id: 29225
Topaz keeps building these magnetic repulsion structures
id: 29226
Here he is in action
id: 29227
I finally got around to photographing that giant building
id: 29228
Unfortunately, I accidentally left the ISO on 1600
id: 29229
The building is enormous
id: 29230
The Steel Winds!
id: 29231
I drive past this every day on the way to and from work
id: 29232
The neighborhood it's in is a little sketchy
id: 29233
This is the shot I've been wanting to get. The rundown houses in front of the massive industrial brute. I'll have to come back and get it again
id: 29234
A slightly wider shot of the rundown houses
id: 29235
Look what I found on the side of the road?
id: 29236
Steel Winds
id: 29237
Looking down the road I parked on
id: 29239
Another fine parking job by me
id: 29240
Back to the Cargill Pool Elevator on a very windy day!
id: 29241
It's such an interesting building
id: 29242
The wind must have been gusting over 50 miles per hour
id: 29243
Clouds and wind!
id: 29244
This guy was trying to fly a kite. This tree was trying to stay alive
id: 29245
A gray building and a gray day
id: 29246
The wind surfing guys were having a fun time
id: 29247
Maybe not this guy..
id: 29248
It's so windy! I nearly got blown off this rock!
id: 29249
Steel Winds!
id: 29250
Water was splashing over the barrier
id: 29251
Rough seas.. or.. lakes
id: 29252
A seagull walking away from the wind gets all poofy
id: 29253
The seagulls weren't having a fun time
id: 29254
This guy was grooving on the wind
id: 29255
It's cool how they're all facing the same direction
id: 29256
A new building! Unfortunately, it's not labeled on Wikimapia
id: 29257
Another gorgeous view from the shore
id: 29258
I think these are pretty big waves for a lake..
id: 29259
The sun is out!
id: 29260
A closeup of the mysterious white building
id: 29261
This guy was doing the same thing I was
id: 29262
Sunlight sparkling on the wavy lake
id: 29263
Clouds and waves
id: 29264
The Skyway!
id: 29265
I was considering climbing up this ladder until I noticed the lock on the entrance
id: 29266
I take this every day on my commute
id: 29268
The Great Nothern Elevator peeking out behind some trees
id: 29269
I liked the way the crane was framed by the plants here
id: 29270
The General Mills Elevator
id: 29271
It's too bad the power lines had to be in this shot
id: 29272
The Great Nothern Elevator again
id: 29273
The General Mills place smells like Cheerios sometimes
id: 29274
I dunno, buildings..
id: 29275
This picture was really underexposed but I liked the way it came out
id: 29276
Standing on a precarious ledge near another marina-type place
id: 29277
Cool boat lifting thing
id: 29278
This is exactly like the thing I was standing on
id: 29279
One giant chain on the boat lifting machine
id: 29280
Agaway/GLF Elevator
id: 29281
Looking back towards General Mills
id: 29282
Agaway again. Looks like a good place to find some artifacts if this was S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
id: 29283
The wide view looks like it'd make a nice wallpaper
id: 29284
This ledge was even more precarious as it was over the water, moving, and had no railings. It let me get pictures of the buildings without boats in them, though. Looked cool too.
id: 29285
Great North
id: 29286
Old and busted
id: 29288
I wonder how many bricks are in this building..
id: 29289
Cool view looking down the dock
id: 29290
id: 29291
Agaway closeup
id: 29292
id: 29293
What's this structure?
id: 29294
Water and brick
id: 29295
I thought this could make a good wallpaper
id: 29296
This too
id: 29297
A mystery building!
id: 29298
Why are all the white buildings unlabeled?
id: 29299
Red and white!
id: 29300
Blue water tower
id: 29301
Great Nothern Elevator and Mysterious White
id: 29302
id: 29303
Dock and a boat!
id: 29304
One more of Red and White
id: 29305
Another brick background
id: 29306
Boat stands?
id: 29307
A sea of old boat stands!
id: 29308
Why are they all here?
id: 29309
There's so many!
id: 29310
The road of old boat stands
id: 29311
id: 29312
Boats and the skyway
id: 29313
Hey, I know that crane!
id: 29314
Man, this city feels more like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. every day..
id: 29315
Don't go near it! All the machinery is really radioactive!
id: 29316
Crane in the sky
id: 29317
id: 29318
Boat and buildings
id: 29319
Boats and buildings!
id: 29320
The Lake & Rail Elevator, yet another elevator!
id: 29321
The Standard Elevator again! I saw this the other day from just around that bend in the river
id: 29322
A closeup of the Standard Elevator
id: 29323
Lake & Rail again
id: 29324
The little area where I stood to get these pictures
id: 29325
I thought about going down here to get better pictures of the Concrete Central Elevator, but the trees looked like they'd be in the way anyway
id: 29326
Cargill Superior Elevator
id: 29327
Another totally not-sketchy parking area
id: 29328
There are so many elevators in this city.. gotta catch 'em all!
id: 29329
I totally didn't lazily take this series of photos from my car..
id: 29330
Rails and elevator
id: 29331
I like the railroad sign here
id: 29332
Another Cargill elevator
id: 29333
A slightly wider shot of the elevator and railroad sign
id: 29334
Cargill makes some really interesting buildings
id: 29335
Cargill Elevator and trees
id: 29336
Looking back down the road
id: 29337
Ominous road
id: 29338
The view from the driver's seat
id: 29339
Concrete Central
id: 29340
I saw this while driivng out of here
id: 29341
It looks like a bandits hangout in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
id: 29342
Cool place to hang out
id: 29343
Lake & Rail again
id: 29344
Lake & Rail and a crane
id: 29345
How to tell you're in a good neighborhood...
id: 29346
There were some weird clouds outside my apartment
id: 29347
It's so sunny here, but so dark and ominous there!
id: 29348
Sunny tree!
id: 29349
There's a hole in the sky, through which things can fly?
id: 29350
Shifting clouds...
id: 29351
The hole is getting closer!
id: 29352
My picture of the day weirded out this lady in Starbucks
id: 29353
Crazy sunburst
id: 29354
This is an approaching severe thunderstorm
id: 29355
The sun is still trying to get through!
id: 29356
My proj365 picture didn't really capture the effect
id: 29357
The storm gets closer..
id: 29358
It's like a giant flashlight in the sky!
id: 29359
The sun is getting cut off!
id: 29360
Neil is unimpressed by flashes
id: 29361
Buzz works on his biking career
id: 29362
Why must you sit up there, Buzz?
id: 29363
"Gimme that camera"
id: 29364
This closeup of Buzz makes him look even more menacing then usual
id: 29365
Neil sniffs the air
id: 29366
What's up, Neil?
id: 29367
"What's this lens smell like?"
id: 29368
Topaz made a crazy face during my proj365 picture
id: 29369
John Kav and I have been working on Macanudo's empty can collection
id: 29370
Salmon fillet! The experiment was a partial success. It was edible, but not great. More practice is required
id: 29371
Bryce seems super excited to be here
id: 29372
Topaz snapped this picture of me from the back seat
id: 29373
Bryce checks out the menu at Fuji Grill
id: 29374
Topaz wants all of the above
id: 29375
What to order?
id: 29376
Our meals being prepared!
id: 29377
Bryce and Topaz got some sake. I was the driver :(
id: 29378
Checking stuff on the G1
id: 29379
My awesome sushi platter!
id: 29380
Closeup on the goodness
id: 29381
Grab a roll!
id: 29382
Topaz does not approve of dipping it in soy sauce
id: 29383
Topaz's favorite part of the day
id: 29384
Bryce got some cool new glasses
id: 29385
id: 29386
Bryce had a good time
id: 29387
Neil and Buzz get reaquainted with Bryce
id: 29388
What the hell is up with this ATM?
id: 29389
Texting in the convenience store
id: 29390
Weird lens on the security camera
id: 29391
The measures I have to take to make sure Bryce doesn't drink my drink
id: 29392
What kind of a crazy face is that?
id: 29393
Neil was a fan of Bryce's bag
id: 29394
Let's make Neil uncomfortable
id: 29395
We stopped by the naval museum on the way to Niagara Falls
id: 29396
id: 29397
It's that statue of Tesla! That must mean we're at Niagara Falls!
id: 29398
There it is!
id: 29399
A rainbow was over the American falls
id: 29400
id: 29401
Bryce poses for the obligatory picture. Unfortunately, I was on ISO 1600, so I made him do it again later
id: 29402
Waiting in line for coffee
id: 29403
The rainbow again
id: 29404
Bryce poses for another picture
id: 29405
Sightseeing helicopter
id: 29406
Looking upstream of the American falls
id: 29407
Looking, er, downstream
id: 29408
The crazy people going to the Cave of Winds
id: 29409
You're gonna get wet!
id: 29410
The Rainbow Bridge
id: 29411
Bryce contemplates the falls while sipping his coffee
id: 29412
So much water!
id: 29413
Water in the foreground, trees in the background
id: 29414
The Horseshoe falls!
id: 29415
Way more water!
id: 29416
This guy was just chilling out and playing the bagpipes. If I recall correctly, he was playing the American national anthem since it was September 11th
id: 29417
Ahhh, falls and coffee
id: 29418
Standing waves!
id: 29419
id: 29420
What's down there?
id: 29421
Another obligatory posed picture
id: 29422
Bryce is having a good time
id: 29423
The Maid of the Mist
id: 29424
id: 29425
A nice view
id: 29426
People enjoying the falls
id: 29427
Butt depot!!
id: 29428
id: 29429
id: 29430
Pretty hard to miss
id: 29431
You can tell you're in Canada when..
id: 29432
Various attractions
id: 29433
Bryce is At This Machine
id: 29434
This sign was crazy
id: 29435
Strange attarctions
id: 29436
This thing was moving around
id: 29437
Frankenstein what?
id: 29438
Black light mini-golf!
id: 29439
Bryce's shirt really stood out
id: 29440
Bryce carefully lines up his shot..
id: 29441
There was all kinds of madness down here
id: 29442
For some reason, the bright colors resulting from the black light came out really well on my camera
id: 29443
An astronaut!
id: 29444
id: 29445
I'm scared to go through the stargate
id: 29446
Creepy xenomorph!
id: 29447
No wonder I was scared of the stargate.. the xenomorph was waiting for me!
id: 29448
Crazy colors!
id: 29449
We're in Egypt now?
id: 29450
Strange things
id: 29451
Bryce missed this shot
id: 29452
id: 29453
Oh no, we've enetered the 70s!
id: 29454
I'm scared!
id: 29455
Crazy lava lamp room
id: 29456
Bryce's ball is the yellow streak in this picture
id: 29457
The wall is very happy
id: 29458
Weird Simpsons art
id: 29459
Bryce takes his next shot
id: 29460
Mike would enjoy this
id: 29461
White Shirt bryce
id: 29462
I thought this obstacle looked cool
id: 29463
Underwater world!
id: 29464
Sunlight? But that much mean we've come to the end!
id: 29465
A dragon guarded the last hole
id: 29466
We added it up later and Bryce won by 3 or 4 points. Curses!
id: 29467
Bryce tried to get money out of the ATM and wound up with Canadian money!!
id: 29468
"What's it called, the Pile Driver?" "Actually yes.."
id: 29469
Shooting things in an arcade
id: 29470
Wow, what a prize
id: 29471
I love air hockey!
id: 29472
Another arcade gun
id: 29473
How are they winning so much?
id: 29474
Bryce exchanges his $20 Canadian for $20 US
id: 29475
Cool picture of the water fountain
id: 29476
The falls from the Canadian side
id: 29477
Bryce checks them out
id: 29478
Scratch another tourist destination off the list
id: 29479
A nice wide shot of the falls
id: 29480
Looking around
id: 29481
People climbing back up the hill
id: 29482
The Rainbow Bridge
id: 29483
Shiny building
id: 29484
id: 29485
The WWE building
id: 29486
Funny little car
id: 29487
Bryce wasn't super thrilled to pose for this picture
id: 29488
Ferris wheel!
id: 29489
That crazy Burger King again
id: 29490
Another creepy rope climbing robot
id: 29491
Sideways buildings!
id: 29492
Botched Photoshop! (Look at her finger!)
id: 29493
Based on Steve's recommendation
id: 29494
Bryce checks his phone while waiting for wings
id: 29495
I got chicken fingers
id: 29496
Bryce got a big pile of wings
id: 29497
Bryce got a 40 at the convenience store. Welcome to not Pennsylvania!
id: 29498
What's he doing?
id: 29499
Probably playing the latest, greatest new video game..
id: 29500
Ack! No! It's Playstation Home!
id: 29501
It was awful.
id: 29502
The view down my street
id: 29503
All the people living here sell parking on their lawns
id: 29504
And they make a killing!
id: 29505
id: 29506
Lots of people standing around outside Sunoco
id: 29507
So many people!
id: 29508
Getting ready to cross the street..
id: 29509
This guy had a tough day
id: 29510
Waiting to cross
id: 29511
Lots of traffic
id: 29512
Traffic's stopped, run!
id: 29513
The visiting team fans have to go all out!
id: 29514
Fancy limo
id: 29515
Selling shirts
id: 29516
That's not where beer cans go!
id: 29517
id: 29518
An abandoned Dolphins fan
id: 29519
Crazy bus!
id: 29520
Lots of cans to be had
id: 29521
Another cop holds back a wave of people
id: 29522
They changed the traffic patterns. Three lanes going one way, one going the other
id: 29523
A group of tailgaters
id: 29524
Tailgating in style
id: 29525
The inflatable guy was pretty excited
id: 29526
id: 29527
Bills cheerleaders
id: 29528
A crowd was always gathered outside the bathrooms
id: 29529
id: 29530
Remind me not to hang out in the stampede zone
id: 29531
id: 29532
This guy turned the pedestrian walkway into the pedestrian danceway!
id: 29533
The side of the stadium
id: 29534
Hey, Kanjam!
id: 29535
The field house
id: 29536
Getting further and furhter away, looking for Steve
id: 29537
Getting a beer funnel ready
id: 29538
"Can I get a picture?" "Sure.. oh wait! Not with this guy!!"
id: 29539
These guys demanded I take a picture of their setup
id: 29540
"Take my picture!!"
id: 29541
Does this even count as a hamburger anymore?
id: 29542
Walking back to the stadium
id: 29543
Inside the field house
id: 29544
Various exhibits..
id: 29545
Picture of the day!
id: 29546
Is that the proper way to transport beer?
id: 29547
Security stands ready
id: 29548
id: 29549
Lots of people still milling around
id: 29550
id: 29551
That poor Dolphins bear!
id: 29552
The Dolphins fans thought it was funny too
id: 29553
Free t-shirts! You can see one flying through the air
id: 29554
The stampede zone living up to its name
id: 29555
Unfortunately, I was zoomed in, but this was a guy who hugged his security guy after his patdown
id: 29556
Trying the Droid at the Verizon booth. Yuuuck
id: 29557
So many people!
id: 29558
Four wheelers are serious business
id: 29559
Cops waiting for the people to pass
id: 29560
Letting a few cars through
id: 29561
Beer cans were everywhere
id: 29562
id: 29563
What's up, 7 news guy?
id: 29564
This is actually tumbleweed blowing past
id: 29565
A guy collects cans while everyone piles into the stadium
id: 29566
Feather boas!
id: 29567
"Take our picture!"
id: 29568
"Take my picture!"
id: 29569
Dragging a tiny dolphin
id: 29570
Everyone was piling into the stadium
id: 29571
Lots of garbage near the entrance
id: 29572
I jumped in on their picture!
id: 29573
What's this dog sniffing for?
id: 29574
Hey doggy
id: 29575
The game already started!
id: 29576
So much garbage. Disgusting.
id: 29577
Happy fans in the stands
id: 29578
My spiffy new NASA hat!
id: 29579
A butterfly in the walkway to the Waterline
id: 29580
The insane Coco-pop machine at work
id: 29581
After a couple dozen practice shots, I finally had the timing down and snagged this picture of a Coco-pop being ejected
id: 29582
Another one!
id: 29583
Steamy explosion!
id: 29584
One more Coco-pop ejection
id: 29585
I just had to get my picture with it
id: 29586
The view out the west side of the Synacor building
id: 29587
A neat butterfly near the Waterline
id: 29588
Getting closer..
id: 29589
Another angle..
id: 29590
Look how furry he is!
id: 29591
Walking my bike..
id: 29592
Bryce's passport
id: 29593
Neil says hi
id: 29594
Dipak sent a great typo email where he said he was taking care of his "sock family"
id: 29595
Typical day at work
id: 29596
Another weird bug! Some kind of moth
id: 29597
id: 29598
Right after taking this picture, I printed it using the machine behind me
id: 29599
Looking back the path at some nature preserve
id: 29600
Neat building
id: 29601
The road ahead
id: 29602
Nice fence
id: 29603
Weird viewing area
id: 29604
id: 29605
Unusual bird?
id: 29606
The bird's flying away!
id: 29607
What's this column piece doing here?
id: 29608
Mysterious column on the shore
id: 29609
Lighthouse and that bird again
id: 29610
Looking at the rocks that lead out into the lake
id: 29611
The path got more and more rocky
id: 29612
Buffalo skyline
id: 29613
Looking back on the path
id: 29614
The skyway
id: 29615
A closeup of the cool rocks
id: 29616
I love depth of field pictures
id: 29617
id: 29618
Rocks and some water obstacle
id: 29619
For stopping boats?
id: 29620
Ominous sky
id: 29621
The HSBC tower
id: 29622
Looking back from the end of the path
id: 29623
The column piece again
id: 29624
This animal on the path wound up being a cat
id: 29625
Skyline and barbed wire fence
id: 29626
What's this animal track? The cat?
id: 29627
A few tracks
id: 29628
Another observation area
id: 29629
Information on a panel
id: 29630
What is this, a marsh?
id: 29631
id: 29632
There are supposed to be birds in there..
id: 29633
This is where I was, apparently
id: 29634
id: 29635
Topaz has beer in Macanudo?? What's going on?
id: 29636
Everyone's got beer!
id: 29637
"No pictures!"
id: 29638
Is that a beer cart??
id: 29639
Our CEO, Ron Frankel, handed out beer to everyone at work!
id: 29640
It was to thank everyone for all their hard work lately
id: 29641
The plan was to bring beer to the people, but word spread fast
id: 29642
It wasn't just crap like Bud Light, either. Good stuff!
id: 29643
Looking through the selection
id: 29644
"I want that one"
id: 29645
Protect the beer!
id: 29646
The line increases
id: 29647
Joe hides from the camera
id: 29648
Macanduo has beer!
id: 29649
Everyone has beer!
id: 29650
Word got out quickly via the general chat
id: 29651
John got wasted. No, not really.
id: 29652
I still haven't learned how to photograph the moon
id: 29653
The moon over a creepy dark street
id: 29654
Steve finally got a new laptop!
id: 29655
He loves his new mac!
id: 29656
Andrew Cuomo came to Synacor to give a speech about jobs for his gubernatorial campaign
id: 29657
Bright lights!
id: 29658
Lots of reporters!
id: 29659
Where did that backdrop come from?
id: 29660
Reporters getting ready
id: 29661
Various protesters outside.. and a guy in a chicken
id: 29662
There weren't that many
id: 29663
Lots of people gathered around to watch Cuomo
id: 29664
There he is!
id: 29665
Lots of people were taking pictures. Zarko wasn't
id: 29666
Neat soundboard
id: 29667
People gathering around
id: 29668
Mike Canz talks about his Perl platform
id: 29669
Joe talks about his disco platform
id: 29670
Tom was the campaign manager for.. some big stuffed bear
id: 29671
John Kav loves Diet Mountain Dew
id: 29672
Matt brought his baby in!
id: 29673
id: 29674
The sky is in fire!
id: 29675
Holy crap! What a crazy sunset!
id: 29676
It was really amazing
id: 29677
Firey clouds!
id: 29678
Potential wallpaper material?
id: 29679
This would've been a really cool picture if it weren't for the crap on the edges. I might have to photoshop it
id: 29680
Tree on sunset
id: 29681
Check out this sweet tree!
id: 29682
Optimus Prime?
id: 29683
This truck looked neat with the sunset behind it
id: 29684
id: 29685
Fire in the sky!
id: 29686
Neat clouds in the difference
id: 29687
Well, that was a fun sunset
id: 29688
What could b in this package?
id: 29689
Ohmygodohmygod! It's my new phone!
id: 29690
It's a G2! A variant of the HTC Desire Z
id: 29691
The side of the box
id: 29692
Back of the box
id: 29693
There it is!
id: 29694
The aluminum back feels nice and cool on my phone
id: 29695
The side of the phone
id: 29696
The keyboard revealed! The hinge mechanism is buttery smooth
id: 29697
Topaz seems dubious
id: 29698
Unpacking the box more
id: 29699
All the contents of the box
id: 29700
It was nice of them to include the microusb cable
id: 29701
Evo, iPhone, Nexus One, G2, G1! The future is now!
id: 29702
A family portrait of the G2 and G1
id: 29703
id: 29704
Look at that screen! It's so much bigger than the G1's!
id: 29705
G2 with the keyboard open again
id: 29706
Let the customization begin!
id: 29707
The G2 in the cloudy sunlight
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