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Pictures taken during October 2010

id: 29708
You know you've got a serious bunch of geeks when they show up with a bag full of board games
id: 29709
Ben (Endorphion) and Dani (Sierra) claim the couch
id: 29710
Dani and Kate sitting around
id: 29711
Brian (Skie) gets ready for a game of Cash n Guns
id: 29712
Topaz hands me my weapon
id: 29713
Brian.. I don't think that's how you use it
id: 29714
Dani's excited
id: 29715
Checking the rules
id: 29716
Caught off guard in a first person shooter photo
id: 29717
Being shot makes Brian sad
id: 29718
I played as Huggy.. apparently
id: 29719
The game involves pointing guns at each other!
id: 29720
The money on the line
id: 29721
Topaz foolishly chose to challenge himself
id: 29722
Ben and Dani are ready to rock
id: 29723
Another game, another dollars
id: 29724
Who's that red head who's joined our game?
id: 29725
It's Nicole and Chris, who just arrived at the party?
id: 29726
Dani borrows a move from Tien and unleashes a Solar Flare!
id: 29727
This picture will come in handy when Topaz is a billionaire
id: 29728
Huggy is serious business
id: 29729
I surrender!
id: 29730
Chris looks over his cards
id: 29731
Kate plays in another game group in the next room
id: 29732
Guns n Cash continues
id: 29733
Is no one safe?
id: 29734
What's going on in this room?
id: 29735
Standing around..
id: 29736
Joel ( Hade)
id: 29737
Don't you point that thing at me
id: 29738
Hi Nicole
id: 29739
Live wallpapers are fun
id: 29740
No, cameras don't make Kate act awkward, why do you ask?
id: 29741
Hi Brian
id: 29742
Project 365 picture!
id: 29743
Goofy project 365 picture!
id: 29744
Signing? Or just waving?
id: 29745
Waiting to start a new game
id: 29746
DS Fat? Brian, you need to get with the times!
id: 29747
I shared the couch with Chris and Nicole
id: 29748
The way this game works is to write a phrase that meets the card. People then guess who wrote what
id: 29749
Explaining the rules
id: 29750
id: 29751
My table was a Metal Gear Solid box!
id: 29752
Not sure what Topaz's deal is here..
id: 29753
Signing rules to Dani
id: 29754
Talking about a fish Ben caught?
id: 29755
Kate spotted a ghost in the corner
id: 29756
Gathering peoples' responses
id: 29757
Kate's got a snazzy chair
id: 29758
Nicole was really good at this for someone who supposedly hadn't met anyone in the room before
id: 29759
Pizza is good
id: 29760
Suzi strikes the
id: 29761
Brian like pizza
id: 29762
Nicole draws on her knee
id: 29763
Playing Out of Context!
id: 29764
id: 29765
Aww, Ben and Dani on the couch
id: 29766
Waking up on the couch the next morning
id: 29767
Geeks that we are, the internet is never far away
id: 29768
French toast!
id: 29769
Yeah toast!!
id: 29770
A nice Sunday morning
id: 29771
John Sheffer was in the squad hall when we stopped by to check out a networking job
id: 29772
Topaz inspects the wiring
id: 29773
Spiffy hat (note the bottle opener)
id: 29774
Who you gonna call?
id: 29775
Eden has some big rescue vehicles
id: 29776
Though it is smaller than an airplane
id: 29777
I bet this thing is loud
id: 29778
Eden to the rescue
id: 29779
Oh that's good to know
id: 29780
The interior's pretty cool, but I didn't feel like going through all the compartments
id: 29781
Oxygen cannisters!
id: 29782
id: 29783
I'm not allowed to notice unauthorized people?
id: 29784
The squad hall has this framed piece of the World Trade Center steel
id: 29785
A piece of history, if a sad piece
id: 29786
There's a hole in the sky.. through which things can.. fly!
id: 29787
He's actually running cables down to IT on the first floor
id: 29788
Spooky field
id: 29789
Neat project 365 pic
id: 29790
The camera kept taking pictures, and I got this weird blurry one
id: 29791
The Platform team went out to lunch to welcome Beager to the team
id: 29792
Topaz, Beager, Dipak, Jeff, Steve
id: 29793
Steve looks like that guy in Prototype
id: 29794
Shawn mocks the weather gods
id: 29795
Shawn, Matt, and Joe
id: 29796
Our destination awaits
id: 29797
Joe gives me a look as we cross the street
id: 29798
Brawler's Deli!
id: 29799
Steve looks for the menu
id: 29800
Air quotes?
id: 29801
Waiting to order
id: 29802
The Barrel sounds disgusting!
id: 29803
Matt and Shawn sitting at the table
id: 29804
It was a nice place
id: 29805
Jeff looks at the seats
id: 29806
Beager, the guest of honor, arrives at the table
id: 29807
Topaz is just trying to hold on until his pile meat arrives
id: 29808
Extra chairs?
id: 29809
Carlo and Beager joke about something
id: 29810
(Most of) the Platform team!
id: 29811
Joe's always making a goofy face when I take his picture
id: 29812
Waiting for food
id: 29813
What's Beager doing down there?
id: 29814
What the hell is this thing?
id: 29815
Dipak and Carlo
id: 29816
Looking down the table
id: 29817
Shawn listens to.. someone
id: 29818
Dipak talking about something
id: 29819
Topaz's sandwich was monstrous
id: 29820
A good way to start off the afternoon
id: 29821
Jeff's sandwich was pretty big too
id: 29822
Heading back to Synacor
id: 29823
There are a lot of interesting clouds in Buffalo
id: 29824
Ominous clouds ahead
id: 29825
More clouds
id: 29826
Looking out towards the lake
id: 29827
I bought a giant whiteboard! Well, whiteboard-like substance
id: 29828
Buzz approves
id: 29829
Topaz explains some of Lyaria's systems while Buzz listens attentively
id: 29830
Buzz tires quickly of math
id: 29831
Bell curve!
id: 29832 id: 29833
Topaz's beard is approaching professor level anyway
id: 29834
Buzz is being bad
id: 29835
He went running once I sprayed him
id: 29836
Neil always looks slightly shocked
id: 29837
Buzz dares me to push him off my chair
id: 29838
Hey look at that phone, standing up so nicely. How could that be?
id: 29839
Ohhh, it's a janky-ass stand made out of paperclips!
id: 29840
The phone holder in all its glory
id: 29841
The business card was a crucial stabilizing element
id: 29842
Waiting in vain for my taxi to pick me up outside of work. I ended up running it
id: 29843
Lucky terminal 13
id: 29844
The bus station
id: 29845
This is where they drop you off, dazed and disoriented, in the morning
id: 29846
30th Street Station!
id: 29847
See? I told you
id: 29848
Ah Boltbus. I know you well
id: 29849
Someone took a slice off this building
id: 29850
Waiting for Bryce
id: 29851
Driving out of the city
id: 29852
The zoo balloon!
id: 29853
Lots of nice trees out here
id: 29854
Bryce had a great idea: IHOP!
id: 29855
Bryce loves IHOP
id: 29856
It was pretty busy, but you can't really tell from this corner of the restaurant
id: 29857
Bryce stayed perfectly still.. then looked forward, making a weird double exposure effect
id: 29858
Pepper loves her new toy
id: 29859
She can't wait to play with it
id: 29860
Alicia and her friends
id: 29861
I saw Sue for the first time since leaving Baldwin!
id: 29862
What's up, Bryce?
id: 29863
I was going to delete this one, but Alicia thought it was funny
id: 29864
Alicia hanging out on the couch
id: 29865
Alicia's dad snags some snacks
id: 29866
This is the pre-party, by the way
id: 29867
Hanging around on Bryce's comfy couch
id: 29868
The best man revealed at last! Colin!
id: 29869
Pepper had already shredded her toy. Good thing it didn't have any stuffing!
id: 29870
Getting ready to head out
id: 29871
I haven't seen Wes for a while either!
id: 29872
Bryce and his mom
id: 29873
Bryce creepily prepares for a picture with Alicia
id: 29874
Aww, the happy couple
id: 29875
I love Bryce's face here.. "Why are you still taking pictures?"
id: 29876
Picture time is over
id: 29877
Let's get out of here
id: 29878
Sweet headband, Colin
id: 29879
Playing some Smash Brothers in Alicia's basement
id: 29880
Bryce's crazy editing keyboard
id: 29881
Watching some AVGN
id: 29882
I looked a little better later when my hair was dry (by hanging it out the car window) and the light didn't accentuate my gut
id: 29883
Bryce is all ready to go
id: 29884
Sammy is cool
id: 29885
Lucy is slightly less cool
id: 29886
Bryce looks even taller than normal
id: 29887
Lucy, Sammy, and Eric (Alicia's Dad)
id: 29888
Waiting to head out to the restaurant
id: 29889
Walking along..
id: 29890
Sammy comes running
id: 29891
So many names!
id: 29892
Jefferson was waiting for us
id: 29893
The party begins
id: 29894
It's a complicated lighting situation with the bright windows and dark interior
id: 29895
Bryce and Sandy (Alicia's Mom)
id: 29896
id: 29897
I ended up sitting next to Alan, too!
id: 29898
Alicia's friends
id: 29899
Bryce and Alicia
id: 29900
Posing for pictures..
id: 29901
Bryce makes some smalltalk
id: 29902
There was food to be had
id: 29903
Football was on
id: 29904
The dining room area
id: 29905
Mr. Chaess arrives
id: 29906
People I don't know...
id: 29907
More people I don't know...
id: 29908
Hey, I know Alicia..
id: 29909
It's Wes! That's someone else I know
id: 29910
Wes and Alicia hug
id: 29911
Alicia was excited
id: 29912
Alicia's uncle
id: 29913
Back to people I don't know
id: 29914
Alan's sneaking up on Sandy!
id: 29915
Oh god! He's sneaking up on ME!
id: 29916
Standing around..
id: 29917
Open bar!
id: 29918
Hey Bryce
id: 29919
Wes talks to.. someone
id: 29920
I can't spell the french name for the food on that platter. OK, I looked it up: hors d'oeuvres
id: 29921
Hi people
id: 29922
This guy gave me a look
id: 29923
Sue chatted with people
id: 29924
"What do you think?" "I don't know"
id: 29925
Looking towards the windows
id: 29926
Kid on the bar!
id: 29927
Who's Sue talking to? Who knows
id: 29928
Alicia and.. person
id: 29929
Alicia and.. other people
id: 29930
Alicia and Sammy!
id: 29931
As Vic and Amanda walked in, Vic looked around, and sloowwly took his World of Warcraft hat off
id: 29932
Alicia and her mom!
id: 29933
Having fun, Bryce?
id: 29934
The Lone Beaver has arrived!
id: 29935
Hiii Brett
id: 29936
With this stool, Bryce could start his own space program. Just throw shit
id: 29937
Bryce and Brett
id: 29938
Brett was having a good time
id: 29939
Vic and Amanda still hung out near the door
id: 29940
Meanwhile, the people I don't know are still here!
id: 29941
Amanda had a sweet Ryo-Ohki backpack
id: 29942
The people who knew Bryce
id: 29943
Mike and Meri!
id: 29944
Mike talks to Alan
id: 29945
Eric and.. person
id: 29946
People at the bar
id: 29947
I don't even know
id: 29948
id: 29949
Standing around..
id: 29950
Colin makes his way to the front of the party
id: 29951
What is Jefferson up to?
id: 29952
Back to the Bryce Zone..
id: 29953
id: 29954
We eventually sat down. I sat across from Mike and Meri
id: 29955
Also Amanda!
id: 29956
This is the best and strangest picture of Alan I've taken yet
id: 29957
Vic and Amanda
id: 29958
I got a fancy nametag
id: 29959
Sammy was impressed with Alan's EVO. I've got to admit the kickstand is handy
id: 29960
Eric makes a speech
id: 29961
Bryce let Sammy sit on his lap
id: 29962
Wes's turn to make a speech
id: 29963
I figured I better do my photographic duty and take some pictures of guests at their tables
id: 29964
id: 29965
More people..
id: 29966
id: 29967
The cool table
id: 29968
People I don't know
id: 29969
Alicia's friends
id: 29970
Other people
id: 29971
Eric and people
id: 29972
Alicia, Bryce's sister Emily, and Alicia's sister Rachel
id: 29973
id: 29974
Back of the restaurant
id: 29975
I liked that wicked old guy
id: 29976
Round table..
id: 29977
I don't know.. people..
id: 29978
Jefferson and brett
id: 29979
id: 29980
Group photo!
id: 29981
No one judged Alan and Bryce when they adopted Sammy
id: 29982
Picture of the day!
id: 29983
Bryce wanted to get a picture with Jefferson and Sammy together
id: 29984
Sammy stepped it up a notch
id: 29985
Sammy loved rubbing his head all over Jefferson. Jefferson was less enthusiastic
id: 29986
The Winants!
id: 29987
Jefferson at the bar
id: 29988
Hey Brett
id: 29989
Bryce and Alicia
id: 29990
Brett and Bryce wait around somewhat awkwardly
id: 29991
What's up, Sue?
id: 29992
Back home! Nice and comfy
id: 29993
A pile of loot!
id: 29994
The clipboard and pen is ready!
id: 29995
Back in comfy clothes
id: 29996
Brett heard my camera clicking away
id: 29997
Whaddya think's inside? MAYBE IT'S CANDY!!
id: 29998
Lucy was pretty excited
id: 29999
Playing with Lucy
id: 30000
Bryce looks super excited
id: 30001
Who's this card from?
id: 30002
Bryce looks even more excited
id: 30003
"It's plates"
id: 30004
Alicia liked the plates better
id: 30005
What's in the giant box?
id: 30006
It's a blender!
id: 30007
Bryce takes a nap
id: 30008
Wine? Now that's something we can all get behind
id: 30009
What's in Vic and Amanda's box?
id: 30010
It's knives! That's why they made Bryce pay a penny for it! Sandy cut her finger while opening it. "My knives!" says Alicia
id: 30011
Bryce is already spending the FYE gift card Brett gave him and Alicia
id: 30012
Hitting the road! We'll just go to FYE!
id: 30013
Brett in the backseat!
id: 30014
Objects in the mirror may be nerdier than they appear
id: 30015
Nice trees
id: 30016
Hey, this tree knows what season it is!
id: 30017
id: 30018
id: 30019
We've arrived in the city
id: 30020
Eyes forward, Brett
id: 30021
We've arrived at FYE!
id: 30022
I can agree with all three things here
id: 30023
Dead Rising 2? That's what we're here for!
id: 30024
Lots of CDs
id: 30025
Right after this picture, an employee asked me to stop taking pictures
id: 30026
Hey, it's Otaku Generation again!
id: 30027
Bryce and Matt on the mics
id: 30028
The show is well underway
id: 30029
Paul, the OG newbie! He's the one who actually watches anime
id: 30030
You can tell a good segment by measuring Bryce's phone usage time
id: 30031
So much tech equipment
id: 30032
Show's over!
id: 30033
What's up, Paul?
id: 30034
Alan in his tech lair
id: 30035
Microphone! How come I don't get a pop filter, hmmm?
id: 30036
Alan's lovely newspaper collection
id: 30037
id: 30038
Hey Rocko!
id: 30039
My bus didn't leave for several hours, and then much later since I missed it, so I spent all day with Dave!
id: 30040
Rocko didn't like the sound of the camera
id: 30041
Baldwin represent
id: 30042
Getting a burrito!
id: 30043
Dave's enormous burrito
id: 30044
What's that trowel for? Moving jalapeno plants! That's waht!
id: 30045
id: 30046
Rocko shows Dave some love
id: 30047
Rocko's not sure what dave is up to
id: 30048
Repotting plants
id: 30049
Rocko was fun to photograph
id: 30050
Dave in plant land
id: 30051
Little plant!
id: 30052
Repotted plant!
id: 30053
Hiii Rocko!
id: 30054
Sleeping dog...
id: 30055
"What was that sound?"
id: 30056
Rocko is ready for his walk
id: 30057
Are YOU ready?
id: 30058
Funky Baldwin elevator!
id: 30059
Taking Rocko for a walk..
id: 30060
Walking along..
id: 30061
Peeing on signs..
id: 30062
It's Davina!
id: 30063
Rocko wants to say hi!
id: 30064
My goal here was to get as close to Rocko as possible without him licking my lens
id: 30065
Davina got Jerry in trouble by mentioning he was going to be home in an hour! Who needs a day off of work then?
id: 30066
Rocko can jump high!
id: 30067
Rocko is so excited
id: 30068
id: 30069
Under the bush!
id: 30070
What's under there?
id: 30071
Anne Burns was working late!
id: 30072
Night walk!
id: 30073
Neat fog in the air while I wait to head into Philly.. again
id: 30074
Train track in the haze
id: 30075
Where's my train?
id: 30076
Nice leaves as seen from the bus
id: 30077
What's with all these news vans?
id: 30078
id: 30079
A bunch of people??
id: 30080
That'll be a tricky move..
id: 30081
Rainbow flags?
id: 30082
It was a pro-gay protest!
id: 30083
I'm not sure that's a sentence..
id: 30084
People were out protesting against Carl Paladino, insane candidate for governor
id: 30085
Lots of rainbow flags
id: 30086
News interviews
id: 30087
This guy knew he was on camera
id: 30088
Waving the flag around
id: 30089
OK, this is pretty much exactly like the picture 3 pictures ago
id: 30090
Gay pride flag! Gotta be careful with the word "flag" in this crowd
id: 30091
So united
id: 30092
Flag in the wind
id: 30093
Everyone get excited!
id: 30094
I thought this sign had a good point
id: 30095
One last interview
id: 30096
Aw, what a sad monitor
id: 30097
Double rainbow!
id: 30098
No really, check it out!
id: 30099
That's pretty awesome
id: 30100
Now I'm cool
id: 30101
What's over the rainbow? Apparently Subway. Or maybe the Bills stadium
id: 30102
Time for a Synacor field trip!
id: 30103
We're going to the Perl seminar!
id: 30104
Nice tree
id: 30105
Topaz is presenting
id: 30106
Trees and clouds
id: 30107
Driving to the hotel in Dipak's car
id: 30108
"Why are you taking pictures?"
id: 30109
Neat foundtain thing
id: 30110
id: 30111
The Synacorians shuffle onwards
id: 30112
Into the elevator?
id: 30113
That fountain is up here too!
id: 30114
This arrow seems to know what it's talking about
id: 30115
We better follow it
id: 30116
The arrow has led us to a land of pizza!
id: 30117
Everyone settles in
id: 30118
The Synacor room
id: 30119
The pizza table was a popular table
id: 30120
Mmm, pizza and laptops
id: 30121
Eating before the presentation
id: 30122
Dipak likes pizza too. He's only human
id: 30123
Dipak keeps up with his reputation as candy distributor extraordinaire
id: 30124
Topaz preps his laptop
id: 30125
Walia makes some last minute notes
id: 30126
Passing a signup sheet around
id: 30127
All ready to go?
id: 30128
Hey look, it's Perl!
id: 30129
Who doesn't love Perl?
id: 30130
Proj365 picture!
id: 30131
I made some origami
id: 30132
A proud recipient of the Perl book prize
id: 30133
Dipak had Topaz and Walia sign it
id: 30134
Well that was fun
id: 30135
Let's all get out of here
id: 30136
Looking at notes?
id: 30137
Hey, it's a laptop, not a carry-around-top
id: 30138
Hey Adam
id: 30139
Hey wait, these streams of water have plastic tubes in them!
id: 30140
The forbidden screen! I won't look at the Retina display, because then I'll want one!
id: 30141
What's this madness back at the office?
id: 30142
Cables everywhere
id: 30143
Various chunks of cubes?
id: 30144
The destruction is spreading
id: 30145
These chairs are trapped!
id: 30146
How do they keep track of what goes where?
id: 30147
That's not the exit!
id: 30148
Rerouting cables
id: 30149
It looks like I took a flash picture of this guy, but he just had a flashlight
id: 30150
The chairs are making a run for it
id: 30151
Go! Live in freedom!
id: 30152
Beager looks pretty comfy in Beanbag Village
id: 30153
Lots of holes in the ceiling these days..
id: 30154
Canz is enjoying the creative area
id: 30155
The chairs have made some progress in their escape attempt
id: 30156
At this rate, they'll never make it
id: 30157
Synacor: Home of the freerange chairs
id: 30158
Another rainbow!?
id: 30159
This one isn't as impressive
id: 30160
But I still took some pictures of it
id: 30161
If this keeps up, I'm going to have to buy some Lucky Charms.. or something
id: 30162
Interesting lighting at this red light
id: 30163
Sunset and a still wet road
id: 30164
See? Interesting pictures can happen when you least expect them
id: 30165
A neat sky over Regency Court
id: 30166
id: 30167
I cooked some vegetables!
id: 30168
Holy crap!
id: 30169
We came back after the weekend and all the cubes were gone!
id: 30170
John Kavanagh, as we all know, likes spacious areas
id: 30171
More ladders going up into mysterious ceiling holes
id: 30172
Cables everywhere!
id: 30173
The lifeblood of our company
id: 30174
id: 30175
Criss cross
id: 30176
Boxes full of future workstations
id: 30177
The construction begins
id: 30178
It must be weird to be the guy whose desk opens into the void
id: 30179
More boxes arrive
id: 30180
Progress is being made!
id: 30181
Why does the mallot have to be bright orange?
id: 30182
An oddly menacing drill
id: 30183
Various parts
id: 30184
This place is a mess!
id: 30185
Let's build a fort!
id: 30186
The parting of the cables
id: 30187
Living on the edge!
id: 30188
"Do you see what they're doing over there?"
id: 30189
"Get off my lawn!"
id: 30190
id: 30191
The creative area is also on the edge of the void
id: 30192
Construction continues its march across the empty area
id: 30193
More bookshelves
id: 30194
This guy liked to make fun of me for taking pictures (the one pointing)
id: 30195
Not quit edone yet..
id: 30196
The floor is a mess!
id: 30197
Now it's easier than ever to steal someone's filing cabinet!
id: 30198
id: 30199
We have actual desk sightings!
id: 30200
This corner still needs surfaces
id: 30201
Ladder pile
id: 30202
Looking from near Topaz's cube
id: 30203
The filing cabinets are pretty neat
id: 30204
Matt checks out hte new area
id: 30205
These look like they'll hold
id: 30206
What do you think, Matt?
id: 30207
When the construction workers left, the Synacorians came out of their hidey holes to investigate
id: 30208
Oh ho, plans for us to analyze
id: 30209
id: 30210
Still al ot of work left
id: 30211
Matt takes a look around
id: 30212
This is going to take forever
id: 30213
In the meantime, let's use this space while we have it!
id: 30214
Get the ball!
id: 30215
Go, Beager, go!
id: 30216
Kevin has found a new hidey hole
id: 30217
You can't stop progress!
id: 30218
Strange cylinders
id: 30219
So many desks
id: 30220
Tools everywhere
id: 30221
id: 30222
This guy would ask where my camera was if I walked by without it
id: 30223
id: 30224
We have little walls now!
id: 30225
Poor Topaz was staying at my place and ran out of clean t-shirts, so I picked out some of my lamer shirts
id: 30226
The walls are growing
id: 30227
The bookshelves are moving in
id: 30228
This doesn't look right..
id: 30229
A finished area!
id: 30230
Topaz took this picture of me.. it's oddly disturbing
id: 30231
I was sick, so I was in a hoodie and blanket all day
id: 30232
I can actually see out of that little flap.. but you can't see me!
id: 30233
id: 30234
The chairs really stink
id: 30235
id: 30236
Chair party
id: 30237
Finishing up some of the last desks
id: 30238
The "Awkward Table"
id: 30239
Everyone was clearly super stoked to move in
id: 30240
Beager gives the chairs a try
id: 30241
That's it, get comfy
id: 30242
Shawn was uncertain
id: 30243
These holes into the next aisle over are sort of weird
id: 30244
Everyone came over to check out the new area
id: 30245
You can see peoples' heads all the way across the room
id: 30246
Camera showdown!
id: 30247
Topaz contemplates the new work area
id: 30248
The filing cabinets double as chairs
id: 30249
What do you think, Matt?
id: 30250
Topaz is not a big fan
id: 30251
Shiny tops to the columns
id: 30252
Beager jumps in on the picture
id: 30253
The CMS area!
id: 30254
Matt and John
id: 30255
My workstation!
id: 30256
"This isn't necessarily permanent!"
id: 30257
We have a window!
id: 30258
Finally, a window! Look at the clouds!
id: 30259
Neat clouds over the skyway
id: 30260
The view from the beanbag near the window. I ended up using the beanbag almost all the time because I didn't like the chairs
id: 30261
All set in my new workstation
id: 30262
This picture is out of focus, but I liked it
id: 30263
The windows are so reflective at night!
id: 30264
Everyone drew crap on their whiteboards
id: 30265
Perl seminar, part two!
id: 30266
Spiral staircase!
id: 30267
I probably shouldn't have even come to this.. I was still really sick
id: 30268
Getting ready to learn about Perl
id: 30269
Is the projector really broken?
id: 30270
Maybe if we keep hitting the buttons..
id: 30271
Synacor bags!
id: 30272
The seminar gets underway
id: 30273
When I came back, this was how I found Steve's desk
id: 30274
Careful, Steve!
id: 30275
Beager made a Creeper papercraft!
id: 30276
The kitties love their computer-side bed
id: 30277
What's going on over there?
id: 30278
Hi Neil
id: 30279
Neil wonders about the strange clicking sound
id: 30280
These stickers have been turning up all over the place..
id: 30281
Beager's looking pretty snazzy in his tie
id: 30282
But he's still ready to throw down
id: 30283
Target acquired
id: 30284
Christmas cactus?
id: 30285
Whoa, crazy storm front coming in!
id: 30286
It dropped a few tornadoes to the south
id: 30287
All these pictures were taken while blindly pointing the camera out the window while driving
id: 30288
Wild clouds
id: 30289
I've never seen anything like it
id: 30290
This was taken over my shoulder
id: 30291
This is me trying to take a picture of wind
id: 30292
A slightly better "wind' picture
id: 30293
The clouds are catching up! Curse you, red lights!
id: 30294
I finally found a parking lot where I could stop and take some pictures
id: 30295
Human power and nature's power
id: 30296
The sky got dark very quickly
id: 30297
Just after this picture was taken, it started downpouring
id: 30298
I tried to chase the stom, but traffic foiled me!
id: 30299
Still more interesting clouds in Buffalo!
id: 30300
Spotted on the way home from the gym in the morning
id: 30301
The sign of a good day to come
id: 30302
Driving back to my apartment
id: 30303
Here comes the sun
id: 30304
Neil! Get out from under the couch!!
id: 30305
This is not my airplane
id: 30306
This one is!
id: 30307
Gotta love a window seat
id: 30308
Airplanes are fun?
id: 30309
Magical flying tube
id: 30310
I could see the moon above the wing!
id: 30311
id: 30312
I love being above the clouds
id: 30313
The sky is noticeably darker at this altitude
id: 30314
GPS still works!
id: 30315
The clouds are breaking up
id: 30316
A glimpse of the ground
id: 30317
GPS worked, but maps are loaded from the internet, so all I had was our path on a blank background
id: 30318
Descending for landing
id: 30319
This picture isn't great, but it includes the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Capitol building, and (somewhere) the Rally stage!
id: 30320
Looking out over DC and the surrounding area
id: 30321
id: 30322
We're under the clouds again
id: 30323
Getting lower..
id: 30324
Flaps engaged! ..I think
id: 30325
Banking to the right
id: 30326
Shadows of clouds
id: 30327
Fall is a nice time to fly. Lots of colors on the ground
id: 30328
Changing leaves!
id: 30329
You can see the Washington Monument from the airport!
id: 30330
They just let us out right on the ground here!
id: 30331
Unloading bags
id: 30332
This is how we're getting back to the terminal
id: 30333
I've always wanted to walk down the door stairs
id: 30334
Good plane, didn't crash
id: 30335
Whoa, snazzy airport
id: 30336
What's this guy talking about?
id: 30337
Ooo, I think I found my Halloween costume
id: 30338
Where the hell am I?
id: 30339
Waiting at the pickup for Caitlin
id: 30340
Weird rainbowy thing on the bridge
id: 30341
Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial!
id: 30342
This guy's on a segway!
id: 30343
You can see Washington Monument from everywhere, it seems
id: 30344
Caitlin took me on an impromptu, and not entirely planned, tour of the city
id: 30345
There it is again!
id: 30346
In Fallout 3, the Jefferson Memorial is swarming with super-mutants. Not this one though
id: 30347
You can tell we're close since this was taken out of the sunroof
id: 30348
I managed to snag "special guest" tickets to the Rally!
id: 30349
It's a good thing I read the back.. I showed up nearly four hours early to make sure I made it in, and wound up with great seats!
id: 30350
Caitlin got me lunch at some French place
id: 30351
id: 30352
It's SpaceShipOne!!
id: 30353
It's actually SpaceShipOne!!! The first manned commercial spacecraft! Right there!
id: 30354
A, a lovely plaque talking about Friendship 7, the first American orbital mission. And what's this next to the plaque..
id: 30355
Holy crap, it's Friendship 7! The actual Mercury spacecraft that carried John Glenn around the earth in 1962!
id: 30356
A sweet mockup of Explorer 1, America's first satellite
id: 30357
That's a beautiful heat shield. It looks like it could be an Apollo capsule's heat shield. Let's check out the other side
id: 30358
Sweet Zombie Jesus, it's Apollo 11! The first manned mission to land on the moon!
id: 30359
Buzz Aldrin sat here on during launch and reentry during Apollo 11. Incredible
id: 30360
The Apollo control panel
id: 30361
Looking deeper into the capsule
id: 30362
So many switches
id: 30363
I can almost touch it!
id: 30364
A closeup of the heat shield
id: 30365
A replica of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite
id: 30366
A closeup of the Sputnik replica
id: 30367
The actual Bell X-1, the first aircraft to exceed the speed of sound in level, controlled flight
id: 30368
Pioneer H, an actual Pioneer spacecraft built from the spare (flight ready) parts of the other two probes
id: 30369
It's much larger than I imagined
id: 30370
This is the actual door Ed White stepped out of in 1965 on America's first spacewalk. Incredible.
id: 30371
A wider shot of Gemini IV
id: 30372
Space nerd heaven right here
id: 30373
The Viking lander, first vehicle to make a soft landing on the surface of Mars. I'm not sure if this is just a replica or a test vehicle
id: 30374
The robot arm that scooped through the soil looking for life, 30 million miles away
id: 30375
Stardust! I believe this is made from backup hardware. Also note the insanely huge block of aerogel!
id: 30376
Me standing next to Viking!
id: 30377
Sputnik, an X-15, and Pioneer H
id: 30378
This picture is pretty similar to the previous one, but I liked them both
id: 30379
The plaque for Gemini IV
id: 30380
Looking inside the tiny capsule
id: 30381
Jim Lovell and Frank Borman spent two weeks in an identical capsule!
id: 30382
The Gemini IV door again
id: 30383
Robert Goddard's rocket, the first liquid fueled one. I'm not sure if this is a replica or not
id: 30384
Another one of Goddard's rockets under the X-15
id: 30385
The Hubble Space Telescope is enormous!!
id: 30386
I had no idea how huge it was!
id: 30387
A mockup of Skylab
id: 30388
A V2 replica, the first ballistic missile
id: 30389
It advanced rocket technology by so much.. but at what cost?
id: 30390
Various early rocket designs
id: 30391
A mockup of the Apollo/Soyuz mission!
id: 30392
The Dynasoar! An early lifting body vehicle
id: 30393
A scale model of the Saturn V vs the Soviet moon rocket: The N1
id: 30394
The Soviet era Soyuz vehicle
id: 30395
I still can't get over how huge the Hubble is
id: 30396
The Skylab solar panel
id: 30397
John Glenn was apparently some kind of midget! Not really, it's just an exceedingly tight suit
id: 30398
An actual Lunar Module!
id: 30399
This was built for an unmanned test, but never flew
id: 30400
Oh man, how I'd love to go through that door
id: 30401
A model of one of the Surveyor probes! The first American probes to land on the moon
id: 30402
Instructions on how to refill the water tank
id: 30403
Unmanned probe, and manned lander
id: 30404
What an ungainly beast
id: 30405
See? An actual lunar module!
id: 30406
The back of the spacecraft
id: 30407
This guy was saying that Apollo astronauts ate tiny food chunks which expanded in their stomach. I've never heard that before
id: 30408
Me standing in front of the Lunar Module
id: 30409
Where's Pluto? Who cares! Not a planet!
id: 30410
Thermal camera, cool!
id: 30411
Say cheese!
id: 30412
A neat "tactile" model of the smoothness of the universe over time
id: 30413
The actual backup mirror for the Hubble. It's see through because it was never coated with aluminum
id: 30414
Wow, all that hardware wrapped around this tiny CCD
id: 30415
The CCD taking this picture is larger than the Hubble's!
id: 30416
Up close with the Surveyor probe
id: 30417
Looking down on the Lunar Module
id: 30418
The beautiful F-1 engine from the Saturn V's first stage
id: 30419
They used mirrors to reconstruct the view of the five engine cluster on the back of the Saturn V
id: 30420
An actual early model of the Lunar Module. They sure changed a lot!
id: 30421
Gene Kranz's white vest that he wore during the Apollo 13 mission
id: 30422
An Apollo Command Module panel
id: 30423
The quarantine suit worn by Buzz Aldrin upon his return from the moon
id: 30424
Various Apollo 11 artifacts
id: 30425
I had to constantly remind myself that these were the real deal
id: 30426
The things these sunglasses have seen..
id: 30427
Some dubious artifacts
id: 30428
The hatch on the Apollo 11 Command Module
id: 30429
Complex machinery!
id: 30430
A moon rock!
id: 30431
Caitlin and I went into the Skylab mockup
id: 30432
id: 30433
Inside Skylab
id: 30434
Such an enormous pressurized volume!
id: 30435
Whoa, the anti-gravity can must've been really expensive
id: 30436
An Apollo capsule used during the Skylab mission
id: 30437
This is the fourth one I've seen!
id: 30438
Some details on the capsule
id: 30439
The Wright Flyer: the first heavier than air aircraft
id: 30440
This is the genuine vehicle!
id: 30441
The only change is that they Smithsonian replaced the canvas when it started deteriorating
id: 30442
I just had to get a picture in front of this.
id: 30443
It's weird that they essentially flew it backwards
id: 30444
id: 30445
Caitlin was way more into this than the space stuff
id: 30446
See? I told you it was real
id: 30447
A sample of the original canvas
id: 30448
Up close with the X-15
id: 30449
And quite a blast!
id: 30450
Looking down on Apollo 11
id: 30451
The Spirit of St. Louis, SpaceShipOne, and X-1
id: 30452
This room is just overwhelming
id: 30453
A sideways view of the X-15
id: 30454
Neato dome, and a probe I don't recognize
id: 30455
The Lockheed Starfighter!
id: 30456
Some details on the Starfighter
id: 30457
Some neat airplanes
id: 30458
It's tough to get quite as excited about the planes, after coming from the space area
id: 30459
The first human powered aircraft!
id: 30460
Unmanned air vehicles, now these are interesting
id: 30461
An early UAV
id: 30462
One of Boeing's UAVs
id: 30463
The infamous Predator
id: 30464
The DarkStar, I've never heard of this
id: 30465
Some details on the predator
id: 30466
And the DarkStar
id: 30467
Tons of airplanes!
id: 30468
The rear of SpaceShipOne
id: 30469
Apollo 11.. just right there!
id: 30470
I love how the wax from the thermal reentry tests are still there
id: 30471
Friendship 7 again
id: 30472
Are you saying I can.. reach out and grab da mooooon?
id: 30473
Da mooooon!!
id: 30474
Looking into Apollo 11 again
id: 30475
The glare was a little frustrating, but I couldn't get enough of it
id: 30476
That incredible control panle
id: 30477
Steve Fossett's around-the-world balloon capsule
id: 30478
The rear of the capsule
id: 30479
Looking in the window
id: 30480
The front of the Air and Space Museum
id: 30481
Interesting sculpture out front
id: 30482
Looking across the mall
id: 30483
What's that being set up down there?
id: 30484
It's the Rally stage! I can't wait until tomorrow!
id: 30485
A fellow Rally-goer
id: 30486
It's the Pentagon!
id: 30487
It's such a huge building
id: 30488
The Pentagon and Washington Monument
id: 30489
An interesting Air Force monument or memorial thing
id: 30490
id: 30491
Brandon and Caitlin
id: 30492
My teammate Jason!
id: 30493
Parts of it are like Pictionary
id: 30494
"What does that look like?"
id: 30495
Some kind of charades
id: 30496
Blind drawing
id: 30497
Time's running out!
id: 30498
Time to use the dreaded molding clay
id: 30499
What's he making?
id: 30500
Metro stations are neat
id: 30501
These banners were all over the place. I like it
id: 30502
I can tell what rally these guys are going to!
id: 30503
The signs were consistently awesome
id: 30504
I knew I should've bought a t-shirt
id: 30505
Hey, now that's an ad I can get behind
id: 30506
Looks like I'm heading in the right direction
id: 30507
The National Mall at last!
id: 30508
Big building
id: 30509
"Want a rally towel?" "Hell yeah, I want a rally towel!"
id: 30510
The crowd is already pretty big and the rally doesn't start for more than three hours!
id: 30511
Another sign I can get behind
id: 30512
This is a crappy picture, but it shows the entrance to the "Special Guest" area, where I got to watch the rally
id: 30513
Even Fox showed up!
id: 30514
I wish I brought a blanket to sit on..
id: 30515
The Capitol!
id: 30516
The rally stage at last!
id: 30517
This is the view from my "seat" Not bad at all!!
id: 30518
Sound tests..
id: 30519
Indeed you can!
id: 30520
The big screens played various clips to get the audience riled up
id: 30521
The cranecam they used to get overhead shots of the crowd
id: 30522
Lots of cameras pointing at the main stage
id: 30523
Quizzes popped up to keep the crowd entertained
id: 30524
Hey I know that guy
id: 30525
Hey, I'm closer than the teleprompter!
id: 30526
Technicians get the stage ready
id: 30527
Wow, this crowd is really growing
id: 30528
The view behind me. I'm glad I showed up early!
id: 30529
The view in front of me!
id: 30530
People were packed in tight
id: 30531
id: 30532
How do I get one of those VIP passes?
id: 30533
The Captiol with the rally stage
id: 30534
One of the political slogans from this election season
id: 30535
Christine O'Donnell might not be a witch, but these ladies were!
id: 30536
I asked Bill the volunteer to take my picture.
id: 30537
More signs I can get behind
id: 30538
Came from Kentucky to what?
id: 30539
Ack, good call!
id: 30540
I wish I had thought of this!
id: 30541
Bill the volunteer!
id: 30542
The crowd continues to grow!
id: 30543
Cheer for the camera!
id: 30544
Camera guy was into it
id: 30545
It's Sam Waterston! Aka Jack McCoy from Law & Order!
id: 30546
I thought this guy was Bill Nye for a second
id: 30547
A tea party witch!
id: 30548
id: 30549
More funny signs
id: 30550
By the time I made it there, I couldn't find any trace of the store!
id: 30551
The Captiol is a great backdrop for this event
id: 30552
It's almost time!!
id: 30553
A perfectly reasonable sign
id: 30554
So many people!
id: 30555
It just keeps going!
id: 30556
The view directly behind me
id: 30557
The countdown has begun!
id: 30558
The back of the stage was open so you could see the Capitol
id: 30559
A tuba??
id: 30560
An overhead view of the crowd immediately in front of the stage
id: 30561
The Roots warm up the crowd with some pretty awesome music
id: 30562
Screen and stage
id: 30563
Bumblebee guy! I kept seeing him all day
id: 30564
The VIP area is still filling up
id: 30565
Let's get polite in public!
id: 30566
The crowd was loving the music
id: 30567
Another reasonable sign
id: 30568
Those people had a good view!
id: 30569
The roots continue their performance, and the volunteers continue guiding people in
id: 30570
John Legend came out and everyone went insane
id: 30571
I don't know who he is, but he plays piano pretty well!
id: 30572
Don't drink the kool-aid!
id: 30573
Another anti-tea party sign
id: 30574
Carebear kid!
id: 30575
John Legend and The Roots wrap up their show starter
id: 30576
It's the Mythbusters!!
id: 30577
Adam up on the big screen
id: 30578
Look at how enormous the crowd is!!
id: 30579
Doing the wave!
id: 30580
Adam and Jamie!
id: 30581
The wave coming back from the far end of the rally
id: 30582
It was pretty bizarre to actually see them right there
id: 30583
Adam explains how the next part of the wave experiment is going to work
id: 30584
The wave in progress
id: 30585
In the next experiment, the crowd had to make different sounds. Laughing, crying, etc
id: 30586
Laughing like a mad scientist was pretty funny to hear
id: 30587
Cheering was easy
id: 30588
Next, the entire audience jumped at once while geologists watched seismometer readings
id: 30589
Everyone jump!
id: 30590
Checking the results
id: 30591
We were something like 100 trillion times weaker than a small earthquake. Bummer
id: 30592
Jon Stewart takes the stage!
id: 30593
It's Jon Stewart in the flesh!
id: 30594
Up on the big screen
id: 30595
Troops singing the national anthem
id: 30596
They didn't even cheat with the teleprompter
id: 30597
It's Aasif Mandvi!
id: 30598
He's coming closer!
id: 30599
Climbing over the barrier?
id: 30600
He looks kind of grumpy
id: 30601
Back to normal!
id: 30602
He preps the two girls in front of me. He's going to interview them!
id: 30603
Here comes our camera guy!
id: 30604
Camera guy!
id: 30605
Aasif Mandvi interviewing the girls in front of me
id: 30606
Straight from that camera to the big screens all over the mall
id: 30607
id: 30608
A poorly taken picture of me up on the big screen!
id: 30609
Stephen Colbert is down in his underground bunker!
id: 30610
Come up, Stephen!
id: 30611
A blast of steam came out of the stage
id: 30612
Workers gathered around Colbert's rising chamber
id: 30613
Here he comes!
id: 30614
Colbert emerges from beneath the stage in a capsule reminiscent of the Chilean mining incident
id: 30615
He's almost free
id: 30616
Stephen Colbert bounds from his chamber
id: 30617
Running around with a Chilean flag
id: 30618
Go, Colbert, go!
id: 30619
I love his suit
id: 30620
Colbert and Stewart get started
id: 30621
Father Guido Sarducci comes out to perform the benediction
id: 30622
Father Sarducci up on the big screen
id: 30623
Man, I really was close
id: 30624
Colbert changes into something a little more comfortable
id: 30625
Mr. Fear himself
id: 30626
Sam Waterston reads Colbert's introductory poem
id: 30627
The most trusted actor in the country!
id: 30628
I could read the text head of time on the prompter
id: 30629
Yusef! Aka Cat Stevens
id: 30630
id: 30631
Everyone went wild when he came out
id: 30632
Cat Stevens up on the big screen and in person!
id: 30633
Stephen Colbert couldn't abide by Yusef's "Peace Train" and put a stop to it
id: 30634
Ozzy Osborne appeared on stage!
id: 30635
He sang "Crazy Train"!
id: 30636
Ozzy Osborne!
id: 30637
Colbert rocked out
id: 30638
Crazy traaaain
id: 30639
Jon Stewart was pissed
id: 30640
Jon Stewart puts a stop to the Crazy Train
id: 30641
Yusef sings again
id: 30642
Ozzy Osborne and Cat Stevens work together!
id: 30643
Never thought I'd see this at all, let alone in person
id: 30644
The O-Jays took the stage to sing a song we could all get behind.. "Love Train"!
id: 30645
That's a train I want to be on!
id: 30646
The VIP area really filled up
id: 30647
The O-Jays performing
id: 30648
Everyone sang along
id: 30649
Jon Stewart takes the stage again
id: 30650
In this segment, we visit people who had temporary lapses in reason
id: 30651
Steven Slater taped a pro-reasonableness message for the rally
id: 30652
I don't know this celebrity, but she freaked out in public, so taped a message for the rally as well
id: 30653
This guy got an award for being such a cool guy when he lost his perfect (baseball) game to a bad call
id: 30654
NPR was called out by Colbert for encouraging fear by not allowing NPR employees to attend the rally
id: 30655
In NPR's absence, Colbert gave the award to "a seven year old girl"
id: 30656
Colbert presenting the award
id: 30657
Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples also performed
id: 30658
id: 30659
Ariana Huffington of the Huffington Post walked by!
id: 30660
Velma Hart was given an award for posing difficult but reasonable questions to the President
id: 30661
Anderson Cooper's Black T-shirt was given a fear award, because it only goes where disaster strikes
id: 30662
It looks like someone attached a camera to a balloon!
id: 30663
P.K. Winsome hocked some products to the crowd
id: 30664
Jon Stewart comes back on stage in a spiffy American flag sweater
id: 30665
Colbert has a similar sweater
id: 30666
They debated (in song) who was more American
id: 30667
Who's more American?
id: 30668
The audience sang along!
id: 30669
"Cause we're the greatest, strongest, country in the world!"
id: 30670
The audience was really into it
id: 30671
It's mindblowing how many people were in the audience
id: 30672
In the end, they decided to work together
id: 30673
Mick Foley had a taped message
id: 30674
And he also came out on stage!
id: 30675
Mick Foley was given an award for being supremely reasonable.. everywhere but his day job
id: 30676
Mick Foley talks to the audience
id: 30677
Colbert gave Mark Zuckerberg a fear award for his privacy stance with Facebook
id: 30678
The "Dude, you have no Koran" guy!
id: 30679
He was psyched to be here
id: 30680
But then he unexpectedly wound up..
id: 30681
..and hurled his award into the audience!
id: 30682
Kid Rock was next to perform
id: 30683
He played the keyboard
id: 30684
Sheryl Crow came out to perform with him
id: 30685
Sheryl Crow up on the big screen
id: 30686
Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow getting the crowd worked up
id: 30687
Jon Stewart's back in his suit!
id: 30688
Preparing to give a speech from the podium
id: 30689
Colbert couldn't let Stewart just speak to the audience unopposed
id: 30690
He challenged Stewart to the first ever Colbert/Stewart Formidable Opponent
id: 30691
Colbert needs a podium!
id: 30692
Dueling podiums!
id: 30693
Another camera doing the rounds
id: 30694
This guy had a spiffy lens
id: 30695
The spiffy lens club
id: 30696
I'm guessing the yellow tape is to color code his camera bodies
id: 30697
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!2
id: 30698
Colbert winds up for a really high high five
id: 30699
Jump, Stephen, jump!
id: 30700
R2D2 also came out on stage!
id: 30701
I believe he got some kind of award
id: 30702
id: 30703
Giant Puppet Colbert!
id: 30704
He's huge!
id: 30705
Ahh, scary news media montage!
id: 30706
I like the giant pen
id: 30707
I thought the text on the teleprompter was funny
id: 30708
John Oliver comes to save Jon Stewart
id: 30709
Don't let the evil news media kill you!
id: 30710
Nice suit, Oliver
id: 30711
Colbert and Giant Colbert melting!
id: 30712
Jacob Isom in the crowd, with a beer!
id: 30713
Jon Stewart takes the stage again to make his closing remarks
id: 30714
He pointed out how everyone can cooperate and work together to merge traffic into a narrow tunnel, why not in the real world?
id: 30715
Me at the end of the Rally!
id: 30716
Stewart wraps up his speech
id: 30717
Tony Bennett sang America the Beautiful
id: 30718
He was great!
id: 30719
Yaaay, Tony Bennett
id: 30720
All things must end, even the rally
id: 30721
All the guests came back on stage to say goodbye
id: 30722
Credits roll
id: 30723
What an unlikely group of individuals
id: 30724
Goodbye everyone!
id: 30725
We shut down a Metro station!
id: 30726
Let's all calm down!
id: 30727
The Washington Monument
id: 30728
A better view of the Rally Stage
id: 30729
America Man?
id: 30730
I love how the stage frames the Capitol
id: 30731
The Rally stage!
id: 30732
Me posing in front of the Rally stage
id: 30733
The cranecam up close
id: 30734
Looking down the crane
id: 30735
I wish these were my seats!
id: 30736
Security on the stage
id: 30737
Bumblebee man returns!
id: 30738
Dance, bumblebee man!
id: 30739
Well who is, really?
id: 30740
Now that's a positive message
id: 30741
You've got to love all the signs
id: 30742
Tons of rally-goers wandered over to the Capitol reflecting pool
id: 30743
The United States Capitol!
id: 30744
A tighter shot of the Capitol
id: 30745
Me in front of the Capitol!
id: 30746
Forest! Junny!
id: 30747
Getting closer to the Capitol
id: 30748
It's an enormous building
id: 30749
He's just a Bill up on Capitol Hill!
id: 30750
Everyone loved the Bill
id: 30751
This was as close as I could get to the Capitol
id: 30752
I missed the last tour
id: 30753
Looking back down the Mall
id: 30754
It's a long way down the Mall
id: 30755
Looking back on the Capitol
id: 30756
The Capitol with my rally towel
id: 30757
Lots of people hanging around
id: 30758
There's 18 acres of floorspace in there!
id: 30759
The view from where I lay on my back for half an hour in front of the Capitol
id: 30760
Meteors are scary
id: 30761
Why is the Green Ranger here?
id: 30762
Neat wind power
id: 30763
More Rally signs
id: 30764
Goodbye, Capitol!
id: 30765
This sign shouldn't exist!
id: 30766
The Capitol Hillbillies!
id: 30767
I'm not sure why.. but OK
id: 30768
I hate filibusters!
id: 30769
The pool in front of the Native American museum sprung a leak!
id: 30770
So much water!
id: 30771
I decided to stop by the Air and Space Museum again!
id: 30772
Awesome painting
id: 30773
I still cannot get over this room
id: 30774
id: 30775
A closeup on the diagnostic thermal wax
id: 30776
The "SpaceShipOne" label
id: 30777
FAA number!
id: 30778
Looking into Friendship 7
id: 30779
I don't know how they even got John Glenn in there
id: 30780
These bundles of wires seem a bit sketchy
id: 30781
It's incredible that these things flew at all
id: 30782
id: 30783
There's an American flag somewhere on the surface of Mars
id: 30784
I believe this is one of the descent engines
id: 30785
I guess the creator of the "down with signs" sign took it to heart
id: 30786
Caitlin brought me to her friends' Halloween party!
id: 30787
She went as Smurfette!
id: 30788
Spiffy "Adventure Time" costume
id: 30789
Caitlin's all blue!
id: 30790
She used so much paint!
id: 30791
It was tough not to get it everywhere
id: 30792
It was also someone's birthday!
id: 30793
Did you know the happy birthday song is copyrighted?
id: 30794
Caitlin sings along
id: 30795
id: 30796
Getting limes ready for tequila slaps!
id: 30797
Do a shot..
id: 30798
..get slapped!
id: 30799
Do a shot...
id: 30800
...get slapped! It's not a very fun game.
id: 30801
But it was fun to watch
id: 30802
Brandon dropped me and Caitlin off to get a seat at the diner while he parked
id: 30803
Yaaay, breakfast at a diner
id: 30804
Caitlin and Brandon
id: 30805
Are you kidding me??
id: 30806
I don't know.. seems like an awful lot of candy for one night of trick or treating!
id: 30807
Zeke! Caitlin's awesome dog!
id: 30808
He's part corgi so he has stumpy little legs!
id: 30809
The Air Force memorial in the distance
id: 30810
The Pentagon!
id: 30811
Project 365 picture in the airport!
id: 30812
My airplane!
id: 30813
What are those things hanging from the plane?
id: 30814
Another airplane
id: 30815
Looking down the cabin
id: 30816
An Eagles plane!
id: 30817
Bryce will like that
id: 30818
The view never gets old
id: 30819
I'm a big fan of this shot
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