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Pictures taken during November 2010

id: 30820
id: 30821
Snow can't be far behind
id: 30822
A big huge ship with a crane went by in the river
id: 30823
It's always weird to see ships this large pass through
id: 30824
It's like a piece of the landscape is moving
id: 30825
Our various team names
id: 30826
Topaz, Kate, and I got sushi to celebrate Topaz's birthday!
id: 30827
Scary hibachi man
id: 30828
Topaz tried to guess what his present was with his eyes closed
id: 30829
What could it be? Spoiler: it's an iPod shuffle!
id: 30830
Topaz let the chef decide what he got.. and look what he got!
id: 30831
It's got a cool light in it!
id: 30832
I made the airport bus!
id: 30833
On the plane!
id: 30834
Night flights don't offer as many sight seeing opportunities, but the lights are cool!
id: 30835
I'm not sure what city this is, but it sure looks cool from the air!
id: 30836
So much light pollution
id: 30837
The exposed elevators at the Hyatt in Crystal City!
id: 30838
The neat lights on the roof
id: 30839
People signing up early to get their badges
id: 30840
This door kept breaking all weekend
id: 30841
It's only Thursday and there's already a line
id: 30842
Anime USA!
id: 30843
Is that all we are to these people? Anime Convention?
id: 30844
Our hotel room!
id: 30845
Bryce checks out the program
id: 30846
Brian and his girlfriend Kitty
id: 30847
Bryce is already tired and we haven't even started yet
id: 30848
Nice hat, Brian
id: 30849
Ready to rock!
id: 30850
Flashes are bright
id: 30851
The flash put Bryce into zombie mode
id: 30852
Bryce brought his Persona hat
id: 30853
Getting decorations set up
id: 30854
Jefferson was working Registration!
id: 30855
Brian and Alan
id: 30856
"Sign this"
id: 30857
The Anime USA mascot
id: 30858
Brian is a puffer fish
id: 30859
It's Mckeed!
id: 30860
Ah, yes, that's the Mckeed I know.
id: 30861
Looking for t-shirts
id: 30862
id: 30863
Bryce and Mckeed wait around for the Vicmobile to show up
id: 30864
Alan always makes the same face when he spots a camera
id: 30865
"Put the damn camera down and help me move the server!"
id: 30866
Waiting around in the lobby with a pile of stuff
id: 30867
Amanda carrying some stuff
id: 30868
Nice pillow, Mckeed
id: 30869
Mckeed sets up the screen
id: 30870
Getting the VAT ready
id: 30871
Alan brought juice boxes!
id: 30872
Bryce marvels over the amazing prizes we'll be giving out.. namely the ones that last year's winner didn't want
id: 30873
Vic gets the server ready
id: 30874
There's that look again!
id: 30875
Getting the VAT set up doesn't take too long
id: 30876
Rinny stopped by to say hi!
id: 30877
Joy works on some last minute alterations to her Error-chan costume
id: 30878
Hey Amanda
id: 30879
Bryce basically just wandered around
id: 30880
Vic sets up some connections in the server
id: 30881
I can never resist a closeup of a mixer
id: 30882
Mckeed and Joanna
id: 30883
Jeff plays with his trusty iPhone
id: 30884
Mckeed and Joanna investigate my G2
id: 30885
It was too late to use this for my picture of the day, but I still liked it
id: 30886
I found this thing in the staff hallway. Looks like a timebomb
id: 30887
Wii time!
id: 30888
Bryce recreates the logo to his website
id: 30889
What's up, Rinny?
id: 30890
Mckeed gets the playlist for his panel together
id: 30891
If we don't do it ahead of time, it's usually a disaster
id: 30892
Whoa, hey Jeff
id: 30893
The control booth. Well.. really more like, the control corner
id: 30894
Jeff and Joy hanging out in the control booth
id: 30895
I imagine this is how Vic edits his videos at home.. two computers, orange soda.. tupperware..
id: 30896
The view of the Hyatt lobby roof as seen from above
id: 30897
The Hyatt lobby!
id: 30898
The cosplayers are out today!
id: 30899
Metro stations continue to be neat
id: 30900
Slipping away from the con for a few hours, I spent a few hours checking out the city!
id: 30901
I missed my stop, so got off at Archives, which is the stop I used to get to the Rally
id: 30902
Playing frisbee on the Mall
id: 30903
Hey, where did the Rally go?? This picture was taken from approximately the same place I stood for the Rally
id: 30904
The Capitol! Today, this was the closest I got
id: 30905
My first target for the day.. the Washington Monument
id: 30906
I was going to say hi to the spacecraft in the main room at the Air and Space museum.. but the line was out the door and I'm on a schedule!
id: 30907
A merry-go-round on the Mall
id: 30908
I just took this for James
id: 30909
Some neat looking church
id: 30910
What the hell is going on here?
id: 30911
It's some crazy group shooting promotional photos for pneumonia awareness or something
id: 30912
Other people got in on the action
id: 30913
Walking along the mall
id: 30914
The Monument is a destination for a lot of people
id: 30915
I almost took a ride in one of these, but decided it was too goofy
id: 30916
That second to last point is a little broad..
id: 30917
I'm almost there!
id: 30918
id: 30919
Closer still!
id: 30920
Too close
id: 30921
It's so surreal to see sights like this in person after seeing them on TV for my whole life
id: 30922
The White House peeping over the trees!
id: 30923
Neat flags around the monument
id: 30924
I asked a person to take my picture!
id: 30925
I asked a wall to take my picture!
id: 30926
Coming up on the World War II monument
id: 30927
Interesting fountain
id: 30928
The walls had artwork depicting the events of the war
id: 30929
Battlefield medicine sure has come a long way
id: 30930
Nice fountain
id: 30931
id: 30932
I really liked the light specks on this one
id: 30933
Someone left this wreath here. Remember that yesterday was Veteran's Day
id: 30934
Famous names
id: 30935
More interesting fountains
id: 30936
Franklin Roosevelt gives the women of the war the credit they deserve
id: 30937
If the Atlantic is here then..
id: 30938
There's the Pacific over there!
id: 30939
Interesting sculpture
id: 30940
I like the deail on the feathers
id: 30941
Looking back at the fountain
id: 30942
I found Massachusetts!
id: 30943
More fountains
id: 30944
I was drawn over to this, but wasn't quite sure what it was..
id: 30945
Flowers left at the wall
id: 30946
Lots of flowers. The words say "Here we mark the price of freedom"
id: 30947
I asked someone and my suspicions were unfortunately confirmed.. each star represents 100 American lives
id: 30948
There are 4,000 stars here. It's simply overwhelming
id: 30949
I finally made it to the famous reflecting pool!
id: 30950
I'd heard the water was gross, but yikes!
id: 30951
The Lincoln Memorial awaits
id: 30952
Of course, I walked along the wall
id: 30953
When I first rotated this picture, I did it the upside down and was totally confused
id: 30954
The woman with the bike here was doing some kind of photo shoot
id: 30955
I pose in front of the Washington Monument again
id: 30956
We're pretty close to the airport
id: 30957
Almost at the Lincoln Memorial!
id: 30958
It's one of those crazy pneumonia people!
id: 30959
He's doing flips now!
id: 30960
Mr. Lincoln himself!
id: 30961
It was bigger than I realized
id: 30962
Interesting inscription
id: 30963
Slightly closer view
id: 30964
Proof I was here!
id: 30965
The view from the top of the steps was pretty impressive
id: 30966
Amazing view of the reflecting pool, even if it is a little gross
id: 30967
I liked the Capitol peeking out from behind the monument
id: 30968
id: 30969
A really cool statue near the Vietnam War memorial
id: 30970
After running into the pneumonia guy again, I had to get a picture with him
id: 30971
Just the beginning..
id: 30972
So many names
id: 30973
It was almost more overwhelming than the WWI memorial
id: 30974
The reflections make for some interesting photos
id: 30975
I tried to find my dad's friend who died, but couldn't remember his name. Next time.
id: 30976
Lots of people left flowers
id: 30977
The stuff people left behind was almost too much. I didn't look at it long
id: 30978
The last name on a wall that should never have had to exist
id: 30979
The book that helps you locate names is enormous
id: 30980
Changing leaves!
id: 30981
The Washington Monument peeking up above the trees
id: 30982
The moon was out!
id: 30983
Not sure what this is all about, but the flaming sword was cool
id: 30984
This famous elipse!
id: 30985
The Christmas trees were already being set up
id: 30986
This guy was on a Razor scooter!
id: 30987
Tourists gather in front of the White House while police watch them
id: 30988
It's the White House! Again, it's very strange to actually see it in person after seeing it on tv so often
id: 30989
The rainbows were installed after Obama took office.
id: 30990
id: 30991
I asked someone to take my picture
id: 30992
Even deadly guard dogs need to be walked
id: 30993
The treasury building!
id: 30994
I took these pictures for Brett
id: 30995
The north side of the White House
id: 30996
The fountain really adds to the view
id: 30997
And why not, I got my picture taken on this side too
id: 30998
Pennsylvania Ave!
id: 30999
The street is actually shut down. Cars can get on it, but only by passing a pretty intense barricade
id: 31000
This sign seemed needlessly verbose..
id: 31001
This was the station I was originally trying to get to
id: 31002
Already went!
id: 31003
This walking distance sign seemed a little ominous considering the setting
id: 31004
I already saw it!
id: 31005
I was back with plenty of time before it was time to help Bryce with his panel
id: 31006
This kid was really into the AMVs Bryce plaed
id: 31007
Brakus thought she was funny
id: 31008
She kept dancing around. Little did she know she was forcing Bryce to move all the violent videos further down the queue
id: 31009
Bryce listens to a voicemail from a recruiter. Exciting!
id: 31010
My favorite thing about cons again. Cosplayers out in the wild
id: 31011
I got Bryce to pose with the chili again
id: 31012
That's an.. interesting.. font choice. Down the harr!
id: 31013
We always grab the best seats
id: 31014
Mckeed didn't even try to be sneaky. Note the color of the liquid in his sprite bottle
id: 31015
Our AMV Singalong panel was a smashing success!
id: 31016
This poor Sakura cosplayer had to wait almost half an hour to get in to see some AMVs.
id: 31017
Omar finally tracked down his pizzas
id: 31018
This Okami cosplay was absoutley amazing
id: 31019
She managed to move in a thoroughly unhuman, and deeply alarming, way. My lower brain just flipped out.. until she gave me a hug
id: 31020
Easily the most impressive cosplay I saw all weekend
id: 31021
Brian made this while sitting in the booth during AMV Hell
id: 31022
It didn't fly that well
id: 31023
I'm in the credits for AMV Hell 5!!
id: 31024
The rave next door to the VAT is always an interesting photographic subject
id: 31025
So many lights!
id: 31026
The people with glowsticks made a lot of interesting patterns
id: 31027
I realize these four pictures were more or less the same, but the shifting lights were so interesting!
id: 31028
This is actually a hula-hoop full of LEDs
id: 31029
Lights everywhere!
id: 31030
There wasn't a ton of dancing happening on the dance floor
id: 31031
This guy was flipping out
id: 31032
I only kept this one because I liked how the moving spotlight traced out a purple blob
id: 31033
Not much dancing, but lots of energy
id: 31034
id: 31035
id: 31036
Oh anime con raves.. why is there Pokemon on the screen?
id: 31037
Sudden strobe lights really lit this one up
id: 31038
The DJ seemed to be having a fun time
id: 31039
What's up next?
id: 31040
I don't know, more dancing. What od you want from me
id: 31041
Give this guy some room!
id: 31042
Dancing Obama up on the screen!
id: 31043
I told Bryce he looked like a middle school woodshop teacher. He was really an Iron Editor host
id: 31044
Artists Alley!
id: 31045
This costume struck me because normally with this type of costume the head is really oversized, but not on this one
id: 31046
Yip yip!
id: 31047
I ended up passing through the maid cafe at one point this year. It's not a bad idea!
id: 31048
Zoidberg is pretty creepy in real life
id: 31049
Female mario! Also, an illustration of how crammed the elevators get
id: 31050
A very impressive General Grevious costume
id: 31051
Call me crazy but I think this one is here for the convention
id: 31052
These cosplayers were dancing for a video out on the street
id: 31053
Wandering the streets in search of food
id: 31054
Caitlin stopped by to experience the madness first hand!
id: 31055
This year Amanda's Render-chan was joined by Joy's Error-chan
id: 31056
Bryce hosted Iron Editor again
id: 31057
Iron Editor's two mascots!
id: 31058
Render-chan always kicks Error-chan's ass in the end
id: 31059
But Error-chan will still fight back
id: 31060
Caitlin found her friends who also attend the con
id: 31061
Progressive's Flo!
id: 31062
The view from down in Artist's Alley
id: 31063
Looking down that same escalator into Artist's Alley
id: 31064
Caitlin's friends set up a table!
id: 31065
A creeper!! This is the first Minecraft cosplay I've seen in the wild
id: 31066
Midna from Twilight Princess
id: 31067
The sterile government buildings lining the streets in Crystal City make for an odd environment. It almost feels like a video game world
id: 31068
I botched the lighting on this one, but it's Sub-Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat!
id: 31069
We used to use an old Dr. Pepper box for storing ballots, but one year it was thrown away as garbage. So now we use this fancy Companion Cube
id: 31070
Waiting for burritos
id: 31071
And this is where the AUSA AMV contest results were tabulated this year! I just did it myself since there were only a few hundred ballots
id: 31072
Bryce hanging out in the hotel
id: 31073
Someone had a projector hooked up to an emulator and were playing games on the wall
id: 31074
Expensive mixers are expensive
id: 31075
Lounging around in the hotel room
id: 31076
Brian and Jeff check something out on Brian's beast of a laptop. The thing has a subwoofer..
id: 31077
Vic and Amanda
id: 31078
Bryce, Jefferson, and Joy
id: 31079
Bryce got some grinding done on Persona while we hung out
id: 31080
What's up, Jefferson?
id: 31081
Bryce checks what scene we're on as we watch AMV Hell 5 again
id: 31082
Vic and Amanda get comfy for video watching
id: 31083
Who doesn't love watching videos?
id: 31084
Bryce finally just sat with us so he could watch
id: 31085
Jefferson's staff badge
id: 31086
A closeup of Vic's infamous WoW hat
id: 31087
id: 31088
I love Amanda's backpack. It's Ryo-ohki!
id: 31089
Funny things are funny
id: 31090
Everyone's just pile onto beds
id: 31091
Jeff and Joy hang out across the room
id: 31092
I picked this up in Artist's Alley
id: 31093
And of course, the flip side
id: 31094
Who is manning the VAT?
id: 31095
I didn't even notice how reflective the window was until later
id: 31096
Omar's here!
id: 31097
Brian and Kitty
id: 31098
Omar is still eating that pizza that arrived like two days ago!!
id: 31099
Can't go wrong with pizza
id: 31100
I really like this picture of Bryce. It just came out great
id: 31101
This one's pretty good too
id: 31102
"Pizza is not a spoon!" "It can be!"
id: 31103
Amanda prepares for the nuclear demonstration
id: 31104
Omar poses with his drink
id: 31105
What is the drink, you ask?
id: 31106
Creme de mint, of all things.
id: 31107
My turn to try
id: 31108
It wasn't as bad as my face here implies, but it was strange
id: 31109
What's with the look, Joy?
id: 31110
I tried on Vic's glasses.. to horrifying effect
id: 31111
Mckeed and Joanna showed up too
id: 31112
There were QR codes all over the place. Most were from AUSA and linked to various things online
id: 31113
I'm not sure what this crowd is gathered for, but the VAT is packed!
id: 31114
I'm back at the rave!
id: 31115
These guys were in the back on computers. Not sure why
id: 31116
Hey I know that guy
id: 31117
New DJ
id: 31118
These girls were dancing around right by the speakers
id: 31119
Omar brought cake! Amanda is super stoked, as you can see
id: 31120
I like Jeff's computer name (and avatar)
id: 31121
The real purpose of the creme de mint: to alcohol up our cake
id: 31122
The cake was a lot more moist than last year since we added the liquor at the last second
id: 31123
Oh man, what could Dr. Wily be up to?
id: 31124
Perhaps reaching out and grabbing.. da mooooon?
id: 31125
Brakus grabs his cake
id: 31126
Note that most of the people in the room are us
id: 31127
Since Bryce was showing so many Saturday morning cartoons, he brought Pop-tarts for everyone!
id: 31128
The few audience members who were there loved it
id: 31129
A glimpse into Bryce's mind.. but really the playlist for his Nostalgia Bomb panel
id: 31130
Note Sunday's hours... open 10am to 12mph?
id: 31131
By the end of the Nostalgia Bomb, there weren't a lot of people left
id: 31132
The victorious Iron Editor: Erika! Congrats!
id: 31133
We found a potato in the corner.. really.
id: 31134
Except not really! It's plastic! We placed it on the projector for the morning crew to find
id: 31135
Bryce waits around for the hotel to lock up the room
id: 31136
The infamou Bill O'Reilly clip played at the rave
id: 31137
I really like how you can see the light stick changing colors as it was moved
id: 31138
Brian and Kitty start packing up the car
id: 31139
Driving to Chili's!
id: 31140
Another anime related license plate
id: 31141
We got lunch at Chili's before Brian and Kitty hit the road
id: 31142
Time to pack up the VAT
id: 31143
How was your weekend, Jefferson?
id: 31144
Mckeed shows off his extreme balancing skills
id: 31145
Ryo-Ohki held onto the potato for us
id: 31146
Vic got a pretty spiffy vinyl figurine. It's got actual strings for the guitar!
id: 31147
We were in no huge rush to pack up
id: 31148
That handle isn't there for you to balance on, Bryce
id: 31149
Vic's had a long weekend
id: 31150
Bryce and Rinny
id: 31151
Vic is too tall
id: 31152
Omar gets an action shot from the floor?
id: 31153
Rinny thought it was pretty funny
id: 31154
Alan packs up the screen
id: 31155
Omar and I tested our cameras by using Mckeed as our subject
id: 31156
That's odd for someone who lives in Massachusetts..
id: 31157
Camera duel!
id: 31158
Ahh! The ranger!
id: 31159
I bet I could use this to clean up multicolored paint. Mario!
id: 31160
The escalators didn't have a wait time, as opposed to the elevators
id: 31161
Almost done moving out
id: 31162
We got everything piled up in the lobby until Vic got the van
id: 31163
The video server!
id: 31164
I wouldn't advise trusting that blue sticker, Amanda
id: 31165
Planning out how to get all the stuff in the van
id: 31166
So much crap!
id: 31167
Did we remember everything?
id: 31168
Mckeed is too tired
id: 31169
What's up, Alan?
id: 31170
The server seems so exposed out on the sidewalk
id: 31171
Moving speakers
id: 31172
The Companion Cube box
id: 31173
Pile all the stuff in the van!
id: 31174
Back in the hotel room for a few minutes
id: 31175
id: 31176
Heading down to the staff party
id: 31177
Mckeed's ready for some free food
id: 31178
So is Bryce
id: 31179
I really like that ceiling
id: 31180
I better not lose this!
id: 31181
I really liked the overexposed glow of Alan's camera in this one
id: 31182
Sitting around in the bar
id: 31183
Hey Alan
id: 31184
The pretzels and cheese things were really good
id: 31185
Hey guys, what's up
id: 31186
Alan let me try out his wide lens adapter
id: 31187
I like it. The vignetting could be annoying sometimes, but look, it's almost fisheyed!
id: 31188
Amanda's getting ready to do some welding
id: 31189
The whole crew gathered around the table
id: 31190
One of my favorite Proj365 pics
id: 31191
We got menus with our logo on it!
id: 31192
This is totally normal
id: 31193
We rented bikes from Capital Bikeshare! Here comes Joanna!
id: 31194
Joanna had a really fun time on the bikes. So did Jeff, Joy, and myself
id: 31195
Joy snagged the last empty slot near the hotel. Jeff had to find another dropoff point!
id: 31196
The lights of bikes rented by other AUSA staffers and guests
id: 31197
Here comes Jeff! It was so much fun
id: 31198
id: 31199
Back at the hotel, Jeff wanders around looking for a place to leave his bike
id: 31200
Amanda's not sure about his chances
id: 31201
He's back! No problem!
id: 31202
Back upstairs for the after party. And by party I mean sitting around
id: 31203
Omar demonstrates how he can stretch his hair out
id: 31204
Putting the last of the stuff in the van
id: 31205
Walking to a diner with the only people left: Jeff, Joy, Amanda, and Vic
id: 31206
Crouching Turkey, Hidden Burger?
id: 31207
Amanda's got her Otakon staff shirt on
id: 31208
Joy uses so much sugar!
id: 31209
Amanda's crane was considerably smaller than mine
id: 31210
Hey look, Speed Racer!
id: 31211
Waiting to cross the street
id: 31212
Whatcha looking at Jeff?
id: 31213
Good ol' Hyatt
id: 31214
I really like this picture. See you guys at Alancon!
id: 31215
Yeesh, the next convention wasn't quite as much fun
id: 31216
Airport, that's where I want to go!
id: 31217
See you next year, Hyatt!
id: 31218
Another plane!
id: 31219
id: 31220
Back in Buffalo! The weekend was a blast and I made it back in one piece!
id: 31221
Brett and Mel came over to watch AMV Hell 5
id: 31222
Hey Dad, ready to go?
id: 31223
Gotta go check the mail first
id: 31224
The outdoor range down at Reading
id: 31225
Warning! Guns are dangerous!
id: 31226
Looking down the range
id: 31227
One of the shooting stations
id: 31228
The back of a well worn target
id: 31229
Ah yes. Protecting our right to keep deadly weapons right next to our sleeping children
id: 31230
Reading Rifle!
id: 31231
Never been used.. yet
id: 31232
Dad gets ready
id: 31233
Looking down the indoor range
id: 31234
Safety first!
id: 31235
Hey how about that center shot?
id: 31236
Getting barbeque ingredients!
id: 31237
How much garlic will we need?
id: 31238
Dad loves barbeque
id: 31239
Is this beef satisfactory?
id: 31240
Strange lighting..
id: 31241
This is where my first job was
id: 31242
I hated being a cashiere
id: 31243
All done, time to get in line
id: 31244
I used to have to sign in to this thing (or something like it) to get credit for working
id: 31245
You can't hide, Becky!
id: 31246
id: 31247
Mom made a great turkey
id: 31248
id: 31249
Hey Macaroni, what's up?
id: 31250
Uncle Peter and Johnny sitting in the kitchen
id: 31251
Uncle Peter
id: 31252
I think I've been spotted
id: 31253
Johnny's tricky to take pictures of.. he runs away
id: 31254
The turkey's on the plate now
id: 31255
Everyone gathered in the living room
id: 31256
Aunt Meredith
id: 31257
Macaroni just wants to be part of the group
id: 31258
Gragra and Becky
id: 31259
The table is set!
id: 31260
I liked this picture since it shows the lights hanging over the table
id: 31261
Almost ready Mom?
id: 31262
Turkey time is near
id: 31263
Various Branagans
id: 31264
Gragra keeps an eye on her nemesis, Macaroni
id: 31265
Danny and Melissa
id: 31266
Gragra's got some kind of drink
id: 31267
Johnny and Aunt Meredith
id: 31268
Cathal was experiencing his first Thanksgiving. He's from Ireland!
id: 31269
What's up, Gragra?
id: 31270
Hey Becky
id: 31271
Macaroni was poking aroudn the table
id: 31272
Hey it's that other cat! Isabelle!
id: 31273
This picture makes me laugh beacuse of Macaroni poking his head out
id: 31274
The turkey has emerged!
id: 31275
Classic Thanksgiving
id: 31276
Everyone piles in around the table
id: 31277
There was tons of food
id: 31278
Cathal was a fan
id: 31279
What's with the face, Gragra?
id: 31280
Aunt Diane and Uncle Michael stopped by later for desert
id: 31281
See Mom? You don't always make crazy faces when I take pictures
id: 31282
Becky and Cathal
id: 31283
Speaking of crazy faces..
id: 31284
Aunt Meredith was surprised her kids actually ate turkey
id: 31285
Mom will probably hate this picture, but I liked it
id: 31286
The infamous "cran-apple" pie, which was quickly renamed "crapple". We all loved it, but it was fun to call it "crapple"
id: 31287
Aaand here are some flower.
id: 31288
Another picture Mom will hate, but I like. This is a typical Saturday afternoon at home
id: 31289
Becky carefully backs the car out..
id: 31290
Dad loves make kebabs. Or should it be.. keBob?
id: 31291
So many vegetables
id: 31292
Roasted garlic will be good
id: 31293
Becky reads while the food cooks
id: 31294
Hey Becky
id: 31295
She loves it when I get all up in her face with a camera
id: 31296
Barbequeing in November! Genius or madness?
id: 31297
id: 31298
Keep moving them around!
id: 31299
Time for Wii!
id: 31300
Even Dad likes Wii. He was alarmingly good at bowling
id: 31301
Funky green couch!
id: 31302
My ol' pal Jupiter
id: 31303
Looking around South Station
id: 31304
The replaced the timetable with an LED one, but they have speakers that still makes the "tikka-tikka-tikka" sound when it changes!
id: 31936
Steve takes a moment to reload one of the numerous Nerf guns lying around the office
id: 31937
Beager isn't sure how to proceed
id: 31938
This guy came by to clean the outside of the windows
id: 31939
It was kind of weird having a dude outside the window on the third floor
id: 31940
He didn't do a very good job.. He left a bunch of spider webs attached!
id: 31941
Steve mans the keytar
id: 31942
Dustin mans the mic, cleverly held in place with toilet paper rolls
id: 31943
Can you still be a guitar hero if you play Rock Band?
id: 31944
Dave hangs out on the couch
id: 31945
Drama between band members??
id: 31946
Dustin's excited
id: 31947
How did these guys get this banner? Probably best not to ask..
id: 31948
Various plastic instruments
id: 31949
People hanging out on the couch
id: 31950
Dustin is so relaxed!
id: 31951
Phil likes to scream louder and louder as the song climaxes
id: 31952
What does that even mean?
id: 31953
Phil is screaming in this picture
id: 31954
Anthony plays a mean guitar
id: 31955
Singing time?
id: 31956
Look how psyched Steve is
id: 31957
Someone has to do it
id: 31958
I don't think Phil is screaming in this picture, but I'm sure he's about to
id: 31959
So much to keep track of!
id: 31960
Anthony and Dustin play like there's no tomorrow
id: 31961
Just look at that face. Such concentration.
id: 31962
Drumming AND singing? Steve, you're a madman.
id: 31963
He did surprisingly well
id: 31964
Anthony threatened me with violence if I took pictures of him singing
id: 31965
So of course, I did
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