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Pictures taken during December 2010

id: 31305
Blech, I forgot how much I hate driving in the snow
id: 31306
None of this snow was here only a few hours ago
id: 31307
If you look at the timestamps of the first photo and this one, you'll see it took me 50 minutes to go what normally takes 10
id: 31308
So much snow!
id: 31309
id: 31310
Topaz and his mom!
id: 31311
We ate at the Brawler's place under Pearl Street
id: 31312
What's in the box, Topaz?
id: 31313
Could it be.. Reddit Secret Santa?
id: 31314
What did the internet stranger send you?
id: 31315
It's all shiny..
id: 31316
It's a crazy lopsided mirror Rubik's Cube!
id: 31317
It essentially replaces colors with thickness of layers. I didn't believe it, but it's isomorphic to a Rubik's Cube
id: 31318
Meanwhile, at my apartment.. I got a box too!
id: 31319
The cats love packages
id: 31320
Space food! Nice!
id: 31321
The "Book of Secrets"
id: 31322
A Lego guy! I think there was a chance I would get an astronaut, but I got a caveman. Can't win them all!
id: 31323
A sweet Linux shark for my car!
id: 31324
A book of nonverbal Japanese communication! Lots of gestures and such that are important but difficult to pick up
id: 31325
The cats proceeded to investigate the empty box
id: 31326
Neil loves presents
id: 31327
Look at all the stuff I got! A great year for secret santa!
id: 31328
Where could we be, Topaz?
id: 31329
The party took place in a strange building seemingly designed so Buffalo residents could pretend they live in a normal climate
id: 31330
Free food abounded
id: 31331
That's a big Christmas tree. I like to think it's actually a super tall column and perspective just makes it look like a cone
id: 31332
For some reason there is an actual airplane on the ceiling
id: 31333
Giant ornament!
id: 31334
What's with all the flags?
id: 31335
Ben wandered by our table
id: 31336
Who's that with you, Ben? I never found out
id: 31337
Ah yes, social lubricant.
id: 31338
Anthony laughs at whatever's on that phone
id: 31339
Nice smile, Chris
id: 31340
Topaz and Kate sitting aroudn
id: 31341
A wild Kavanagh appeared and showed us some pictures from the recent Falcon 9 launch
id: 31342
Julia takes control of the microphone
id: 31343
Dipak announces some awards
id: 31344
This guy won the mustache contest! Serious business
id: 31345
Steve ruins a perfectly good picture
id: 31346
Hey Jeff
id: 31347
There, that's a better one
id: 31348
I still haven't learned Steve's girlfriend's name, but this is her crazy camera
id: 31349
Just look at that thing!!
id: 31350
Topaz and Kate had fun. We then proceded to watch The West Wing all weekend long
id: 31351
Topaz and I bought Steve Minecraft. He was happy, but sad that his life is now over since he must play Minecraft forever
id: 31352
Uncle Sam's got an arcade machine!
id: 31353
Ahhh, good to be back here
id: 31354
It's Nugget! I realized he was going to be home in Worcester as I passed through, so we got some food at Uncle Sam's
id: 31355
And of course, he was sporting his white high tops
id: 31356
Hey Rob!
id: 31357
Rob, Rich, and I went to Chili's for our Christmas meetup. Of course, James couldn't join us, but we talked via text
id: 31358
Ready to go buy some last minute presents??
id: 31359
Uncle Stephen is back from Africa! Next step.. Bogata!
id: 31360
I just liked this picture because Danny is clear while everything else is blurry
id: 31361
Branagans and Christmas decorations!
id: 31362
So many snacks!
id: 31363
Hey Gragra, let's see a smile
id: 31364
There it is!
id: 31365
Greg and Aunt Danni
id: 31366
Nice tree, Uncle Michael
id: 31367
Chris and his fiancee!
id: 31368
What's up, Gragra?
id: 31369
Uncle Christ and Uncle Peter
id: 31370
Oh god, time for Yankee Swap
id: 31371
There are some pretty big packages!
id: 31372
Let's get this thing started
id: 31373
The breakout hit of this year's Yankee Swap, "Fish Head Man", aka some neat artwork that Uncle Stephen and Aunt Danni brought back from Senegal
id: 31374
Going for the big one!
id: 31375
Caitlin attempted to make a politically neutral gift with both Obama and Palin bumper stickers. Got to love the Papyrus on the Obama sticker.. I'm sure It's official
id: 31376
This was Caitlin's first Yankee Swap, but she learned quick, hiding her choice behind her. Out of sight out of mind! Unfortunately, she still lost it in the end!
id: 31377
Gotta love the awkward thing I'm doing with my hands there..
id: 31378
Aunt Teresa got me this screaming monkey. He comes with a parachute!
id: 31379
This year I posed with Santa instead of Becky!
id: 31380
I never got a picture of Aunt Diane at Colleen's wedding, so I'm making up for it now
id: 31381
id: 31382
Watcha got there, Becky? Bacon?
id: 31383
Yeah it's bacon
id: 31384
Watcha cooking?
id: 31385
More bacon?
id: 31386
Also peppers for omelettes!
id: 31387
Hey becky
id: 31388
Ooo, present time
id: 31389
What a grump
id: 31390
In what has become a tradition since Dad lost my stocking, I get a plastic bag
id: 31391
What could be in the box?
id: 31392
Pistacchio nuts!
id: 31393
We both got some pretty handy snow brushes for our cars
id: 31394
What did Becky get Dad?
id: 31395
Some stupid real estate book he wanted! Yaay
id: 31396
Dad was pretty stoked
id: 31397
Becky opens something
id: 31398
This present is a little heavier..
id: 31399
id: 31400
It's the first two seasons of the Sopranos!
id: 31401
Becky's present was a pretty sweet sweater.. thing.
id: 31402
Becky got Dad a nice warm shirt that he wanted, but it's too big! Oh well, he'll just exchange it
id: 31403
Gragra's Christmas tree. Formally Macaroni's favorite hangout spot
id: 31404
Hey Aunt Teresa!
id: 31405
Sitting aroudn Gragra's house
id: 31406
I call this move the Gragra Slump
id: 31407
Uncle Stephen was there too
id: 31408
Gragra set a world record for slowest present opening
id: 31409
"Just open it!"
id: 31410
The suspense was killing us
id: 31411
It's a hat!
id: 31412
Also there were boots! Gragra's magic chair leaned way forward to help her put the boots on
id: 31413
And lastly, opening presents at Mom's house
id: 31414
Macaroni senses something weird is about to happen
id: 31415
Mom's Christmas tree!
id: 31416
Macaroni escapes
id: 31417
Becky checks her phone before we get started
id: 31418
Let's open stuff already!
id: 31419
Nice hat, Mom
id: 31420
What are we doing in the kitchen? This isn't where presents are
id: 31421
Macaroni is so photogenic
id: 31422
Becky hearts her phone
id: 31423
The red light district of the living room
id: 31424
Start with that big one!
id: 31425
Becky liked the ribbons
id: 31426
Mom's turn
id: 31427
Some bags or something. Mom was pretty excited
id: 31428
I got Mom Dancing with the Stars for the Wii, which was goofy but fun
id: 31429
Becky likes her new coat
id: 31430
Macaroni likes his new box
id: 31431
"Ohhh!" what could it be??
id: 31432
That's right, Mom finally has some Uggs. Becky and I got them together
id: 31433
Mom was ecstatic
id: 31434
How come I didn't get a santa hat?
id: 31435
In a lull in present time, Becky checks her phone again
id: 31436
id: 31437
Becky got a hat!
id: 31438
The first picture I took with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens! It's an ES, so I think it works out to more like 70mm when you calculate the 35mm equivalent
id: 31439
Becky poses for the new picture
id: 31440
This was the Obama "Hope" poster I had asked for!
id: 31441
I got Becky a Wii Classic Controller and Mario Kart 64!
id: 31442
She loved it
id: 31443
Pose for the new lens!
id: 31444
I got a remote control for my camera (and a photography vest!)
id: 31445
Macaroni looks even better with the new lens
id: 31446
Hey Mom!
id: 31447
id: 31448
I must have more pictures of Macaroni
id: 31449
We can't let the snow get us down! Let's go kick its ass!
id: 31450
id: 31451
Ready to rock with my new photography gloves and lens
id: 31452
Mom's car has become one with the neighbor's bush
id: 31453
Neil?? But that must mean.. Yes! I survived the drive back to Buffalo!
id: 31454
Hey Topaz, you like the lens, right?
id: 31455
I busted out the old broken 18-55mm lens
id: 31456
It's "artistically interesting"
id: 31457
Or it's just all broke
id: 31458
The 50mm works better
id: 31459
Shawn working on.. watching a thing?
id: 31460
This picture really shows off the narrow focus plane. I focused on Shawn, blurring Steve in the background and John in the foregroudn
id: 31461
Focused on Buzz
id: 31462
Focused on Neil!
id: 31463
Hey Neil, what's going on?
id: 31464
What's over there?
id: 31465
Topaz is always surprised by my camera
id: 31466
Bryce looks so disgruntled.
id: 31467
Alicia's on the comfy couch
id: 31468
Colin in his signature headband
id: 31469
Bryce sitting around
id: 31470
I like Alicia's stemless wine glasses
id: 31471
Bryce has a real treat in store for Vic this Christmas
id: 31472
Time for some breakfast turkey bacon!
id: 31473
Mmm, biscuits
id: 31474
Bryce makes some coffee in the weird coffee thing
id: 31475
Frying eggs!
id: 31476
id: 31477
We got a lot of use out of this cheese grater this weekend
id: 31478
Coffee and eggs, this is shaping up to be one nice morning
id: 31479
Alicia is distracted by something on the stove
id: 31480
What's up Lucy?
id: 31481
Big ol' pile of eggs
id: 31482
Big ol' pile of cheese
id: 31483
Big ol' pile of Bryce
id: 31484
Breakfast is fun
id: 31485
We probably made too much cheese
id: 31486
id: 31487
Bryce loves breakfast
id: 31488
Time to play with Lucy
id: 31489
id: 31490
Lucy's flipping out!
id: 31491
Never mind, it's under control
id: 31492
Alicia is a big fan of bag time. Lucy not so much..
id: 31493
Lucy also doubles as a pillow
id: 31494
Professor Grumpy McGrumpface
id: 31495
The 50mm is a little too long for taking pictures across a table..
id: 31496
Starting the weekend off right with Kabuki!
id: 31497
What's up Omar?
id: 31498
Everyone agonizes over all the great menu choices
id: 31499
I see I'm not the only one with a DSLR here
id: 31500
Omar got something involving avocado
id: 31501
Those sizzling meals alawys make me nervous
id: 31502
Albert continues his tradition of making insane faces
id: 31503
Alan prepares to tenderize his food using his camera
id: 31504
Vic solemnly takes the floor.. but.. for what? He has no controller!
id: 31505
Oh god! It's Dance Central on the Kinect!
id: 31506
Dance, Vic, dance! Dance like you've never danced before! Which is clearly true!
id: 31507
Meanwhile, Omar and Jeff talk about some Otakon publications business
id: 31508
Jeff in the corner with somewhat ominous lighting
id: 31509
Joy is all bouncy
id: 31510
Since Joanna actually owns the Kinect, she's pretty good at Dance Central
id: 31511
On the other hand.. we have Mckeed
id: 31512
"I've no time for water, woman! I'm dancing!" OK, he never said that
id: 31513
Mckeed was a little too good at this game
id: 31514
Jefferson is enthralled by the Elements on Jeff's iPad. "I'm learning!"
id: 31515
Albert swaggers up to the.. dance zone
id: 31516
There's no room in Albert's dance routine for emotion
id: 31517
Jeff appears to be doing the Macarena
id: 31518
I declare this Jeff's new Facebook picture
id: 31519
Omar gets down with the rhythm, or something
id: 31520
Kumar had some moves!
id: 31521
Disco inferno?
id: 31522
My last Project 365 picture for 2010!
id: 31523
This is as close to an action shot as you get with Jefferson
id: 31524
Messing with the projector! Funny guyyy
id: 31525
This is the part where we stand around for ten minutes waiting for the new year in Alan's funky basement
id: 31526
According to my atomic clock watch, their clock was slow. But considering all the layers it had to go through, the lag must be considerable.
id: 31527
Mckeed and Joanna!
id: 31528
A silghtly less enthusiastic Amanda and Vic
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