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Pictures taken during February 2011

id: 31902
This is the face cats make when you turn on a loud blender
id: 31903
They hate it
id: 31904
I really love Beager's "stand up alot"
id: 31905
Matt's "Steve alot"
id: 31906
Shawn drew "alot of code"
id: 31907
It's pretty funny
id: 31908
Topaz working on Lyaria (with some very blurry notes in the backgruond)
id: 31909
id: 31910
Beager on 70mm
id: 31911
It's tough to keep the pictures crisp on 300mm indoors. The lens is a little ungainly
id: 31912
Using the ridiculous reach of this new lens, I could take pictures of the people clearing the ice on the lake!
id: 31913
Rumor had it that this Jeep had fallen into the lake, but it looks fine to me
id: 31914
id: 31915
The view of the battleship from our window
id: 31916
I creepily took a picture of Steve coming back from lunch
id: 31917
I can actually see inside the HSBC tower tinwdow!
id: 31918
Clock tower
id: 31919
Bus man!
id: 31920
The skyway, seen from our window
id: 31921
Sunset on Lake Erie
id: 31922
That mysterious white building again
id: 31923
The water tower on top of the building
id: 31924
Steel Winds windfarm!
id: 31925
I've been dying to get a good picture of the wind turbines, and now I finally can!
id: 31926
id: 31927
I love the color of the sky in this picture
id: 31928
I'm a big fan of this picture
id: 31929
Ice everywhere!
id: 31930
There's a dude on the ice! At this point my 70-300mm was in the car, so I couldn't get a good look at him
id: 31931
I love this building.
id: 31932
White building!
id: 31933
I thought about going out on the ice too, but didn't really have a reason to
id: 31934
I might as well be in the arctic!
id: 31935
The snow on the ground was the kind of a thin layer of ice on top. Fun to walk through
id: 31966
id: 31967
Chris is easy to catch off guard
id: 31968
Hi Kate
id: 31969
Topaz was having a good time
id: 31970
There were way more snacks than pictured here
id: 31971
Topaz is just sad that he bet five Minecraft diamonds on the Steelers winning
id: 31972
What're we doing in Dipak's office?
id: 31973
Beager said "take a picture of me like this"
id: 31974
Shawn got a sweet Android figure
id: 31975
Another Beager pose
id: 31976
Playing with my Sigma lens
id: 31977
Steve's coming back from lunch!
id: 31978
"Stop taking pictures of me!"
id: 31979
Beager's online name is "GreatGrapeApe"
id: 31980
Matt has apparently been replaced by the grape ape!
id: 31981
Let's move him to one of the filing cabinets
id: 31982
Hockey on the ice!
id: 31983
Whoa, what's that face, Matt?
id: 31984
Dipak is surprised at how far my Sigma reaches, considering I took this from my desk
id: 31985
Steve's just sad that LCD Soundsystem broke up
id: 31986
id: 31987
Shawn looks so menacing
id: 31988
Nerf dart in the air!
id: 31989
Beager's being creepy
id: 31990
After work on Friday I walked over to see the preparations for Winterfest. They're covering the highway exit in snow!
id: 31991
News van!
id: 31992
Looking up at HSBC tower. I wish I handn't missed the top corners..
id: 31993
Jet engine?
id: 31994
Pearl Street!
id: 31995
Looking under HSBC tower
id: 31996
Is it powder keg or Winterfest? Make up your mind
id: 31997
I've never even heard of the Bisons
id: 31998
Great turnout at the quiz show..
id: 31999
The quizmaster
id: 32000
Clearly this is exciting stuff
id: 32001
id: 32002
If you got a question in the quiz, you got a hot dog
id: 32003
HSBC tower at twilight
id: 32004
The next day (during the actual event) this screen was usually the DVD logo bouncing around
id: 32005
Live from a snowy street!
id: 32006
They covered the Seneca Street exit with snow so kids could sled down it
id: 32007
It's like the opposite of normal snow work!
id: 32008
This guy's just pirating satellite tv
id: 32009
They line the walls with hay so kids don't crash into the concrete
id: 32010
Who brought a camel to Buffalo in the winter??
id: 32011
The camel sure doesn't know
id: 32012
Topaz accused me of never taking "overview" pictures. This picture shows why I don't.
id: 32013
Turkey toss!
id: 32014
Ice scultors!
id: 32015
Let the ice chips fly!
id: 32016
Hey, it's a giant drop of water made out of water!
id: 32017
An ice snowflake seems redundant
id: 32018
Carving birds
id: 32019
I barely even noticed these guys in their camouflage
id: 32020
A lot more people showed up to the live music than to quic nite
id: 32021
I love the flying wood chips in this picture. Also, the guy looks like he's rocking out with a chainsaw
id: 32022
HSBC tower again!
id: 32023
I call Topaz's jacket the Costanza jacket
id: 32024
Hot food!
id: 32025
This old lady was eating chili next to us
id: 32026
I've been trying to do more street photography. Taking pictures of strangers is fun and interesting!
id: 32027
Meatball and meathead
id: 32028
Fried dough! It was Topaz's, not mine.
id: 32029
You can take a sleigh ride! Well, down the street and back..
id: 32030
Weird midget goats
id: 32031
It's like a tesselation of goats
id: 32032
Topaz said hi to the camel
id: 32033
Perl Mascot and Perl Maniac
id: 32034
What's up with this helicopter?
id: 32035
Hockey on the lake!
id: 32036
Lots of people in tents
id: 32037
I thought the blowing snow was cool
id: 32038
I'm back at this grain elevator!
id: 32039
Funny little tugboats
id: 32040
The wide angle adapter somehow makes them seem more menacing
id: 32041
The Sigma does come in handy sometimes
id: 32042
I need to get some more pictures of that elevator some time..
id: 32043
id: 32044
It's neat seeing the trails the ships leave when they just brute force their way through the ice
id: 32045
Radar gear?
id: 32046
One of the many grain elevators around Buffalo. Look at how messed up the roof is!
id: 32047
This Sigma 70-300mm sure has some reach. Especially on my ASP-C sensor
id: 32048
Sunset next to the lighthouse
id: 32049
A slightly different version of the lighthouse sunset picture
id: 32050
Getting further away from the battleship
id: 32051
I love the reflection of the sunset on the ice/water
id: 32052
Art sphere!
id: 32053
HSBC tower!
id: 32054
The Botanical Gardens!
id: 32055
Mom walking up to the garden
id: 32056
Hi Mom!
id: 32057
There were cool lights everywhere
id: 32058
Looking up in the main dome
id: 32059
id: 32060
The green light makes this plant look even more green!
id: 32061
id: 32062
If you waited for the right part of the color cycle, you could get some really alien looking plants
id: 32063
Mom checks out the bridge
id: 32064
Colors everywhere!
id: 32065
The water fountain was especially cool with the lights
id: 32066
Is that an elephant?
id: 32067
Crazy plant monster!
id: 32068
I would've loved to get a long exposure, but the mean lady selling tickets wouldn't let me take my tripod in
id: 32069
Spooky red plants
id: 32070
Do bananas really grow up like that?
id: 32071
Big leaves!
id: 32072
Cotton candy palm tree?
id: 32073
On to the next room
id: 32074
id: 32075
Red plants
id: 32076
Look at the size of this thing!
id: 32077
Spiky cactus
id: 32078
Alien cacti?
id: 32079
Brett says that if you live in Albuquerque, eventually you fall on a cactus, and it sucks.
id: 32080
I liked the christmas lights
id: 32081
A white lily with some white lights!
id: 32082
Look how still I was! Mom is apparently constantly moving
id: 32083
Oh no! The horrible blue plant is attacking Mom!
id: 32084
Flower closeup
id: 32085
Weren't these the creepy ones that sang the song in Alice in Wonderland
id: 32086
id: 32087
Neat veins
id: 32088
Is this one looking at me?
id: 32089
Bird statue!
id: 32090
White flowers
id: 32091
This one was big. It was sort of collapsing on itself
id: 32092
Mom hates this one because of the green light, but I like it
id: 32093
Blue fountain
id: 32094
Closeup of the christmas lights
id: 32095
Neat blue and white lights
id: 32096
id: 32097
Mom liked this wreath
id: 32098
All sorts of weird stuff growing here
id: 32099
Red tree!
id: 32100
Red lights!
id: 32101
I liked the purple light on these plants
id: 32102
The water system turned on right as I left
id: 32103
id: 32104
Mom with the lightup globe
id: 32105
id: 32106
Looking up in the main dome
id: 32107
The "flower nazi" who made me bring my tripod back to my car. Some people just love to wield power, no matter how trivial it is
id: 32108
Snake attack!!
id: 32109
Mom looks at the different frames
id: 32110
Which one is best?
id: 32111
The frames are for the Rally artwork I picked up in Artists' Alley at AUSA
id: 32112
Hi Mom!
id: 32113
Perfect for salads!
id: 32114
Grumpy earmuff lady
id: 32115
Funky fruit
id: 32116
The cheese area is always popular
id: 32117
People lining up for the deli
id: 32118
Which one to choose?
id: 32119
Crab! Hand picked like a boss!
id: 32120
Depth of field is fun
id: 32121
Time to make cake?
id: 32122
Looking for tapioca
id: 32123
Peeking over to the next aisle over
id: 32124
Wandering around
id: 32125
id: 32126
This kid sure has a lot of soda
id: 32127
So much coke!
id: 32128
Mom looks for some frozen fish
id: 32129
Scanning the shelves
id: 32130
I think these people saw me taking their picture
id: 32131
Old lady
id: 32132
I like her jacket
id: 32133
Our stuff in the aisle!
id: 32134
This guy seems pretty happy
id: 32135
This guy doesn't
id: 32136
Picking out wine!
id: 32137
Mom and the captain
id: 32138
Hi Buzz!
id: 32139
Hi Neil!
id: 32140
I love when his ears go like that
id: 32141
Time to cook!
id: 32142
We don't want stuff to get stuck to the bowl!
id: 32143
Get off my bag, Buzz!
id: 32144
Moppy Ball!
id: 32145
Kill the Moppy Ball!
id: 32146
This slow cooker is really handy
id: 32147
Getting some chicken ready
id: 32148
Hi Mom!
id: 32149
Is it ready yet?
id: 32150
Vinegar and olive oil! Good stuff
id: 32151
Frying up some baby bok choy
id: 32152
It was actually pretty great!
id: 32153
Grilling some chicken
id: 32154
I know that guy!
id: 32155
I liked how the mirror worked out in this picture, where I got both of us in the picture.
id: 32156
Mom trying on new glasses
id: 32157
Lenscrafters lady
id: 32158
id: 32159
Fuji Grill!
id: 32160
Neat light
id: 32161
Mom wasn't a huge fan of her drink, but oh well
id: 32162
Mmm, Philly Roll
id: 32163
Phoenix roll!
id: 32164
It was great
id: 32165
When driving up to the nature preserve, I couldn't resist visiting my old buddy the Cargill Pool grain elevator at sunset
id: 32166
id: 32167
Meanwhile, in the nature preserve, you can see another Cargill elevator across town!
id: 32168
Zooming a little
id: 32169
This Sigma lens can be a lot of fun
id: 32170
The deck of the visitor's cabin
id: 32171
Looking back at the Cargill Pool elevator
id: 32172
I like how the top is all open. I'd love to go up there.
id: 32173
No bikes? That's a bummer
id: 32174
I found that the crooked sign combined with all the stuff in the foreground made this picture kind of spooky
id: 32175
Some fuzzy plants backlit by the sunset. I'm a big fan of this picture
id: 32176
Fuzzy plants!
id: 32177
Hey look! A deer!
id: 32178
Two deer!
id: 32179
They kept looking at me
id: 32180
Not much to eat around here
id: 32181
"Let's get out of here!"
id: 32182
Planes kept flying directly overhead
id: 32183
Sunset over Lake ERie
id: 32184
The deer wander around looking for food
id: 32185
Three deer!
id: 32186
This was about as close as I got
id: 32187
How would you like to try to find something to eat in this landscape?
id: 32188
id: 32189
Hey! There it is again!
id: 32190
The elevator again with a little more open sky above it
id: 32191
Fuzzy plants!
id: 32192
They were everywhere
id: 32194
Looking back on Buffalo, and the path I took
id: 32195
If you look carefully here, you'll see a squirrel running around!
id: 32196
Steve wasn't in today, so we did the obvious thing. Note the house sweater..
id: 32197
Matt takes aim at the target on the window
id: 32198
Nice grouping!
id: 32199
id: 32200
Big ol' trains
id: 32201
Lots of graffiti on the trains
id: 32202
Is there anything that doesn't look great at sunset?
id: 32203
id: 32204
I walked along here for a while before reailzing I wasn't going to get much out of it
id: 32205
Big tanks by the train yard
id: 32206
id: 32207
id: 32208
This train was passing by
id: 32209
I found this as I entered the east side of the complex
id: 32210
This light kind of reminded me of a robot
id: 32211
Lots of tracks here
id: 32212
Yellow train
id: 32213
Another yellow train!
id: 32214
Buffalo skyline
id: 32215
I don't understand all these switching points
id: 32216
Weird tunnel
id: 32217
Some melted snow
id: 32218
What the hell made these tracks??
id: 32219
They were alarmingly big!
id: 32220
Control tower?
id: 32221
Buffalo against the red glow of sunset
id: 32222
HSBC tower
id: 32223
Looking up at a light tower
id: 32224
One like this!
id: 32225
I think this thing used to hold a gate. Not anymore
id: 32226
Looking along some tracks
id: 32227
The USS Little Rock looks creepy in the fog
id: 32228
Foggy ships!
id: 32229
Snow again?? I thought we were done with this crap!
id: 32230
id: 32231
id: 32232
id: 32233
Topaz took some pictures too
id: 32234
We better figure out where the trails go
id: 32235
A creek?
id: 32236
This seems out of place..
id: 32237
Topaz waiting on the trail
id: 32238
"Come on!"
id: 32239
Lovely sights
id: 32240
I'm looking forward to the trees coming back so I can see this peeking up over the trees
id: 32241
From baking a cake to defusing a bomb, all-purpose flour is suitable for ALL purposes
id: 32242
This guy was driving a snowmobile around the field next to the school
id: 32243
He said it'd be fine if I took some pictures
id: 32244
AIr time!
id: 32245
His kids had a little snowmobile of their own
id: 32246
He was driving around really fast. If I had to guess, I'd say at least 30 or 35 miles per hour.
id: 32247
Vroom vroom!
id: 32248
I think this is his.. airplane hangar?
id: 32249
This guy has a lot of stuff!
id: 32250
id: 32251
This snowman seems out of place, but at least he has a buddy
id: 32252
A typical suburban street in the winter
id: 32253
id: 32254
Hi bird!
id: 32255
This thing looks loud..
id: 32256
This is where I am apparently
id: 32257
Tsk tsk
id: 32258
Fuzzy things!
id: 32259
Utility pole
id: 32260
Looking along the power cords
id: 32261
Walking along an overpass
id: 32262
What's that pipe?
id: 32263
Train tracks!
id: 32264
More train tracks
id: 32265
What good is this master lock doing?
id: 32266
So many train tracks
id: 32267
What the hell is this building?
id: 32268
Looking further down the tracks
id: 32269
What's up with this bridge
id: 32270
Buffalo skyline
id: 32271
This was the street I was on
id: 32272
id: 32273
I think this is the Basilica. And look, deer!
id: 32274
id: 32275
Lens flare!
id: 32276
The sunsetting on my favorite Buffalo building
id: 32277
Grain elevator!
id: 32278
So lonely!
id: 32279
Fuzzier things!
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