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Pictures taken during March 2011

id: 32280
A helicopter landed in the Synacor parking lot!
id: 32281
And away it goes!
id: 32282
Another helicopter! This one looks like a Coast Guard helicopter
id: 32283
Coming in for another landing. They were practicing in our parking lot!
id: 32284
id: 32285
Flowers in El Canelo
id: 32286
id: 32287
Shawn's got quite a crew on his desk
id: 32288
What would your mother say, Beager?
id: 32289
Fuzzy things and gross mud
id: 32290
Look, more deer!
id: 32291
Looking along the rails to some funky old buildings
id: 32292
Basically the same picture but not vertical
id: 32293
This was as close to this building as I could get without trespassing. From this angle at least
id: 32294
Grain elevator and garbage
id: 32295
Why is this sign crooked?
id: 32296
Ooo, this picture is really cool as it is. It'll be even better after a little touchup
id: 32297
Geese hate me
id: 32298
This building looks.. not good
id: 32299
In fine repair
id: 32300
Look how nice the ceiling looks!
id: 32301
It's full of garbage
id: 32302
The ramp to the overpass
id: 32303
Topaz climbed up to the top of the train and discovered that metal gets cold in the winter
id: 32304
Junk Pile with one of the Cargill elevators in the distance
id: 32305
Same shot but with some power lines in it
id: 32306
Looking further along those tracks from before
id: 32307
I wanted to keep going, but they had a bunch of signs saying no trespsassing
id: 32308
What the hell happened to this building? Did Godzilla attack it?
id: 32309
Ooo, forbidding barbed wire. Stay away from the crumbly building!
id: 32310
I zoomed in to read this sign.. and promptly left the area
id: 32311
I've got to get close to this building, and now I think I know how
id: 32312
I've heard that this bridge is the main bottleneck between the East coast and Chicago on rails
id: 32313
Can't help you, buddy
id: 32314
I guess this building isn't abandoned after all..
id: 32315
Yeah, this setup is totally legit.. note the paper towels
id: 32316
My G2! I probably should've focused on.. not the very front
id: 32317
My little Obama thing that gives a speech if you hit the button
id: 32318
Aziz! Light!
id: 32319
My old Powershot S2 IS
id: 32320
The lens is always like that now :(
id: 32321
id: 32322
id: 32323
id: 32324
My original kit lens. It's all busted inside
id: 32325
id: 32326
The translucent N64 controller looks especially cool
id: 32327
Topaz will like this picture
id: 32328
Swiss Army Knife!
id: 32329
Now I can stab people and uncork celebratory wine at the same time
id: 32330
Nugget will like the page I have loaded up here
id: 32331
Pick your poison!
id: 32332
Filming B Roll on Beager for the story of the Mayor coming to Synacor
id: 32333
id: 32334
It may be blurry, but this is a hastily taken picture of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle Discovery on her final voyage! Seen unexpectedly in a parking lot
id: 32335
The bridge on Ohio Street
id: 32336
Someone brought a dog to the White Russian sync!
id: 32337
id: 32338
The bus stop in Syracuse. I've come to know it well thanks to the 45 minute layover
id: 32339
Alicia couldn't believe the nutritional info on the menus at TGI Fridays
id: 32340
She also got a fancy new iPhone
id: 32341
Bryce was excited to finally try DJ Hero
id: 32342
He did pretty well, and it helped a lot towards his 1,000 trophy goal
id: 32343
Alicia always dresses to match her laptop
id: 32344
DJ Hero time is over. Now it's time for Killzone
id: 32345
One of Colin's many talents
id: 32346
Hi Bryce
id: 32347
Water pill?
id: 32348
This guy was surprised to see people watching him
id: 32349
These guys hardly appreciated their letters at all
id: 32350
Hey, run around!
id: 32351
There you go!
id: 32352
id: 32353
id: 32354
That ceiling is handy
id: 32355
Looking around..
id: 32356
Bryce loved these guys. They make funny faces
id: 32357
Another favorite of ours. He kept running back and forth and turning around with his head before his body
id: 32358
Look at the feathers!
id: 32359
Sweet bag you've got there
id: 32360
The nocturnal animals live in the blue
id: 32361
Some kind of mouse?
id: 32362
That's a weird nose
id: 32363
Bryce's favorite again. Marmosets I think
id: 32364
I call them "crazy face"
id: 32365
id: 32366
What's your problem?
id: 32367
Don't you have something better to do than sit around?
id: 32368
Who gave this guy donuts?
id: 32369
I thought these were cheetos, but they were carrots
id: 32370
Bryce swore this guy was in Princess Mononoke
id: 32371
This anteater walked with real attitude
id: 32372
Here he comes again
id: 32373
Bryce was our navigator
id: 32374
Polar bear!
id: 32375
id: 32376
Look at that tail
id: 32377
This is apparently peacock #31
id: 32378
id: 32379
A black swan!
id: 32380
Oh my
id: 32381
Well that was brief
id: 32382
The victory dance
id: 32383
Don't look at me
id: 32384
What the hell are you, anyway
id: 32385
id: 32386
Very cool feathers
id: 32387
Floppy neck
id: 32388
Red breasted geese! See? I remembered at least one name
id: 32389
Flamingo walking around
id: 32390
To swim or not to swim?
id: 32391
id: 32392
Another black swan
id: 32393
The white swan wouldn't come outside
id: 32394
id: 32395
More penguins!
id: 32396
Even more penguins! The one on the right kept almost jumping but never did
id: 32397
Peakcock 31's buddy, peacock 30
id: 32398
What're you looking at?
id: 32399
Monkeys love steel beams
id: 32400
Just hanging out
id: 32401
Whoa, that's an intense stare
id: 32402
id: 32403
id: 32404
id: 32405
Snow leopard!
id: 32406
id: 32407
id: 32408
The less flashy female peacock
id: 32409
A bald eagle!
id: 32410
Closeup on the bald eagle
id: 32411
Ah! He spotted me!
id: 32412
I hope this species' name is "grumpface"
id: 32413
A cheetah hanging out
id: 32414
This guy kept walking around
id: 32415
What's over there?
id: 32416
The red panda was sleepy
id: 32417
Bryce kept calling this guy an elk. It's a gazelle!
id: 32418
id: 32419
The rare squirrel
id: 32420
Let's hope nobody casts a glass be gone spell!
id: 32421
Ah, living in a pile of food and your own feces. Living the good life
id: 32422
Big snake
id: 32423
id: 32424
This frog looks like some kind of weird lump
id: 32425
Swimming turtle
id: 32426
Spooky snake
id: 32427
Bryce is so close to 1,000 PS3 trophies
id: 32428
This is his "I'm getting a trophy" concentration face
id: 32429
He did it!
id: 32430
Now to get 1,001..
id: 32431
Driving to the bus stop!
id: 32432
It was someone's birthday
id: 32433
So they made his office pink!
id: 32434
Steve thinks his banana looks like a dolphin
id: 32435
id: 32436
The trail to the beach
id: 32437
Wind turbines, Buffalo, and a playground
id: 32438
The Steel Winds wind turbines
id: 32439
Walking a dog?
id: 32440
These houses have a pretty nice view of the lake
id: 32441
Go Sabres?
id: 32442
The playground and wind turbines
id: 32443
That grass that holds the sand in place
id: 32444
Another shot of the playground and wind turbines
id: 32445
Aww, someone left their bear behind
id: 32446
id: 32447
Playground closed :(
id: 32448
Someone traced some patterns in the sand
id: 32449
It's like crop circles.. but with sand
id: 32450
This reminded me of those "walking with Jesus" pictures but if Jesus rode a unicycle
id: 32451
This thing is weird and squishy. What is it?
id: 32452
Oh one of those rubber things that ump
id: 32453
Check out the thick ice!
id: 32454
So much ice
id: 32455
But it can't last forever
id: 32456
Look how far I walked!
id: 32457
id: 32458
Lonely playground
id: 32459
Getting closer to the turbines
id: 32460
Harnessing the sky
id: 32461
Sunset over the frozen lake
id: 32462
Chunks of ice everywhere
id: 32463
One of these days I've got to see if I can visit these turbines up close
id: 32464
More geese!
id: 32465
This is the closest I got
id: 32466
Neat cirrus clouds
id: 32467
Sunset at the park office
id: 32468
I took this picture to remind me to fix the post-daylight-savings timestamps. But I kept it just for the hell of it
id: 32469
Scary bridge
id: 32470
Artsy bridge
id: 32471
This is the target
id: 32472
To get to it, I'll have to walk across this decaying bridge
id: 32473
It looks pretty cool
id: 32474
id: 32475
Making my way across the bridge
id: 32476
Getting closer to the elevator
id: 32477
Looking back on the bridge, and the weird dude who was standing around the entire time
id: 32478
That drawbridge that's always up
id: 32479
I'm across the bridge!
id: 32480
Grass in front of the grain elevator
id: 32481
Looking back on the scary bridge
id: 32482
Getting closer
id: 32483
Some teenage hooligans drove me off eventually. You can see one near the top of the picture here
id: 32484
Left to decay
id: 32485
A little building next to the big building?
id: 32486
What's this strange little tower for?
id: 32487
id: 32488
I like the radioactive symbol. It's like Chernobyl-lite
id: 32489
A train approaching
id: 32490
Time to walk back across the bridge
id: 32491
This is the grate I was walking on
id: 32492
Looking back at the windows where the hooligans were
id: 32493
Top of the building
id: 32494
Various graffiti
id: 32495
Birds flying past the elevator
id: 32496
Neat park area near the bridge
id: 32497
That's a big counterweight
id: 32498
The milky icy water makes this look sort of like a long exposure of running water
id: 32499
Plants in front of the bridge
id: 32500
Bridge counterweight!
id: 32501
One last view of the bridge
id: 32502
That upright bridge again
id: 32503
Mosquito Junction sounds lovely
id: 32504
All these babies trees are sort of spooky
id: 32505
Bridge up to the water
id: 32506
Grain elevators and some really gross ice
id: 32507
Looking along the walkway
id: 32508
The walkway up ahead
id: 32509
This place looks gross
id: 32510
Looking back along the walkway
id: 32511
Brown plants
id: 32512
When I looked carefully, I noticed at least 10 goose heads poking up
id: 32513
Sitting in the water
id: 32514
id: 32515
This guy kept yelling at the other geese
id: 32516
Little bird!
id: 32517
He was jumping all over the place
id: 32518
Woodsy path
id: 32519
id: 32520
Wait, come back!
id: 32521
I got a little closer
id: 32522
They kept an eye on me
id: 32523
Hello deer
id: 32524
They kept stamping, which I think might mean they don't like me
id: 32525
id: 32526
Eating some.. brown..
id: 32527
Decaying building
id: 32528
Lots of names written on top
id: 32529
The path I walked down to get near the deer
id: 32530
Looking out over the pond
id: 32531
John checks out the menu
id: 32532
Hey John
id: 32533
The Johns!
id: 32534
John, Matt, and Beager
id: 32535
Veena and Pooja came too!
id: 32536
Matt thinks about how great his meal is going to be
id: 32537
Matt hates beer
id: 32538
John doesn't
id: 32539
Every time Beager says
id: 32540
John seems unhappy with his transparent beer
id: 32541
John got a second, tiny beer
id: 32542
Walking back to work
id: 32543
What the hell is this??
id: 32544
We found an entire windshield on the sidewalk!
id: 32545
Topaz checks out the abandoned rails
id: 32546
id: 32547
This has got to be rare.. a full bottle of alcohol!
id: 32548
The new park under construction
id: 32549
I heard Cap'n Crunch was going off the market, so I bought some. Turns out it's not. Oh wel
id: 32550
Mmmm, you can practically taste the diabetes
id: 32551
Oh god, Doctor Beager, can you save him?
id: 32552
"I'll try. I'll try."
id: 32553
First, he'll have to reach for the zipper
id: 32554
It's not going to be a pretty sight
id: 32555
Several hours into the procedure, Doctor Beager is showing no signs of exhaustion
id: 32556
Time to call in some assistants
id: 32557
Nurse Jeff assists Doctor Beager
id: 32558
It's not looking good
id: 32559
In a strange turn of events, Murderer Matt also tries to help
id: 32560
In the end though, it all comes down to Doctor Beager
id: 32561
There was nothing to be done. Time of death, 15:08.
id: 32562
The pliers that almost saved a life. Almost.
id: 32563
Ooo, spooky
id: 32564
Is the fog trespassing?
id: 32565
Spooky walkway!
id: 32566
Spooky crane!
id: 32567
Tall crane!
id: 32568
id: 32569
Rusty steel!
id: 32570
That's a big hose
id: 32571
Caution! That stuff you breathe!
id: 32572
That cap looks safe
id: 32573
That's a big truck.. crane.. thing
id: 32574
What is this giant rusty thing?
id: 32575
So rusty!
id: 32576
The wide angle lens sees all!
id: 32577
I'm not sure what they're making here
id: 32578
Well at least we know all the details of the steel they're using
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