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Pictures taken during May 2011

id: 33144
Ben was shocked to discover me taking his picture
id: 33145
This looks like a good hallway to roll a giant rock down
id: 33146
Chris is too tired to hold his own head up
id: 33147
Topaz likes to wear this shirt while DMing
id: 33148
Silly Dani
id: 33149
Signing to Dani about what the hell is going on
id: 33150
I realized I never took any pictures of the area around our cabin.. so here's one
id: 33151
I accidentally took this picture, but I liked it
id: 33152
OK, this is blatently out of focus, my bad, but it's still pretty great. Unfortunately, Chris had already gone home.
id: 33153
Everyone go crazy! For some reason we all screamed too
id: 33154
Olympia diner was pretty awesome
id: 33155
Heyyy, that's not a skylight!
id: 33156
Me in the mirror!
id: 33157
This is Beager's "birthday" face
id: 33158
Closeup of Steve!
id: 33159
Four developers walk into a bar..
id: 33160
Hey bird, that water isn't clean!
id: 33161
The bird doesn't care
id: 33162
Little airplane!
id: 33163
Bigger bird
id: 33164
Much bigger bird!
id: 33165
This plane flew almost directly overhead!
id: 33166
Kevin mans the foosball table
id: 33167
We tried to get TV coverage from the tiny helicopter
id: 33168
Foosball: serious business
id: 33169
My foos partner Mike watches the helicopter
id: 33170
Foosball action!
id: 33171
Twist those knobs!
id: 33172
Kevin and Scott, our COO
id: 33173
So much drama playso ut on this field
id: 33174
The look of concentration..
id: 33175
One mistake and you could be out of the tournament!
id: 33176
Joe likes to egg people on
id: 33177
Other contestants size up the competition
id: 33178
Serve it up!
id: 33179
Which team will win??
id: 33180
I had a stress test done and this was the echocardiogram computer
id: 33181
Various doctor-y things
id: 33182
This was just flatlining since I wasn't hooked in yet
id: 33183
Chris wonders why I'm taking pictures
id: 33184
That's better!
id: 33185
I couldn't get this stupid mobile internet device to work
id: 33186
Starbucks.. it's coffee!
id: 33187
Topaz does his Topaz impression
id: 33188
"Why do you keep taking pictures of me??"
id: 33189
And off they go! Off to see Thor
id: 33190
This is obviously a terrible picture, but I left it in to show how I practiced the timing for the shuttle launch.. taking pictures of replays on Youtube!
id: 33191
S'up buddy, long time no see!
id: 33192
James has this really pitiful "family portrait" sticker thing on the back of his car.. it's just him!
id: 33193
First things first.. check tire pressure! ..?
id: 33194
Oh god, the clock is running!
id: 33195
Filling up tires with Dragon Challenge and Hogwarts in the background. James clearly has moved to the right place..
id: 33196
James checks his phone
id: 33197
Chilling in IKEA
id: 33198
The chair made an ominous "clunk"..
id: 33199
..before suddenly tipping backwards
id: 33200
This is how James transported his new plant
id: 33201
Driving along
id: 33202
James wisely bought a sleeping bag to use on the STS-134 vigil onthe bridge. I really came to regret not getting one
id: 33203
This was supposed to be a before and after of the new TV shelf but I forgot to take the "after"!
id: 33204
James' crazy bird thing.. it bobs its head and rotates in the wind
id: 33205
The hunter becomes the hunted?
id: 33206
James playing with the zoom lens
id: 33207
My turn to play with the zoom lens! (He was about 200 feet away)
id: 33208
Thinking about phones?
id: 33209
This is the very moment that raw video of liposuction appeared on the tv James was watching. I love it.
id: 33210
James is excited to drive out to KSC
id: 33211
Some "real Florida" outside of touristy Orlando
id: 33212
Kenney Space Center! Let's go!
id: 33213
Cool sign
id: 33214
id: 33215
It's actually just a big model of a shuttle, but it's still cool!
id: 33216
Just six more miles!
id: 33217
Ahh! It's the Vehicle Assembly Building! That's where they put the rockets together!
id: 33218
We're here! The Kennedy Space Center!
id: 33219
The Rocket Garden! Unfortunately, I never got a chance to go look again, so this is the only picture I have!
id: 33220
We immediately jumped on the bus tour
id: 33221
id: 33222
Oh man, only one day left!
id: 33223
As we pulled around the corner and I saw the VAB down the road, a chill went down my spine
id: 33224
It's the VAB!! The American flag is 22 stories tall!
id: 33225
I believe this is the equipment they use to move the external tank around
id: 33226
The Saturn Causeway! This is the road the Saturn V and Space Shuttle travel down to the launch pad!
id: 33227
It's the space shuttle!! Endeavour! An actual shuttle on the pad!
id: 33228
The crawler! They've been using this platform since the 60s!
id: 33229
Each tread link weighs a couple thousand pounds!
id: 33230
id: 33231
SPACE dots??
id: 33232
Boeing's Delta launch pad
id: 33233
SpaceX's launch pad. The Falcon 9 launches from here!
id: 33234
An Air Force launch facility
id: 33235
I believe this is the Lockheed launch pad
id: 33236
And of course, the big one, Launch Complex 39-A with Space Shuttle Endeavour primed for her final voyage
id: 33237
It was surreal to finally see it
id: 33238
Space Shuttle Endeavour, mostly concealed by the rotating service structure (RSS)
id: 33239
Launch complex 39-B, the alternate shuttle launch site, now being reworked for a new generation of launch vehicles
id: 33240
A wider shot of 39-A
id: 33241
Wider still
id: 33242
There was some serious photographic hardware at the viewing platform
id: 33243
The shuttle and me! I'm finally here!
id: 33244
The crawler with the VAB and some unidentified vertical structure
id: 33245
Those doors are tall enough to allow a Saturn V to pass under. Over 300 feet tall!
id: 33246
Giant crawler treads
id: 33247
This guy had a ridiculously huge lens
id: 33248
Looking down at a space shuttle main engine they had on display
id: 33249
James checks his phone with Endeavour in the background
id: 33250
The guts of the space shuttle main engine. It's incredible that something complex can work so reliably
id: 33251
The SSME in all its glory
id: 33252
This is about the closest I will ever get to the space shuttle (before they're in museums)
id: 33253
Pegasus, the barge they use to deliver the space shuttle external tanks
id: 33254
The countdown clock! This was the best angle I could get from the bus though
id: 33255
I like the artwork on the water tower!
id: 33256
The Orbiter Processing Facility! This is really the closest I'll get to a shuttle, but it's inside so it doesn't count!
id: 33257
Next up, the Saturn V center!
id: 33258
Hell yeah, we do!
id: 33259
I was told that these were the actual consoles mission control used during the Apollo era but I don't believe them since they've all been modified
id: 33260
They reenacted the Apollo 11 landing
id: 33261
The status board!
id: 33262
I'm not sure why they felt the need to add all these fake video screens..
id: 33263
The business end of a Saturn V. The most powerful rocket ever built
id: 33264
Looking down the immense Saturn V rocket
id: 33265
Five F-1 engines. Unimaginable power
id: 33266
Me standing under the end of the Saturn V rocket
id: 33267
Each F-1 engine bell is larger than an entire Mercury capsule
id: 33268
James contemplates large rockets
id: 33269
You can see the cooling rings wrapped around the exterior
id: 33270
So many little pieces
id: 33271
J-2 engines! The power behind the Saturn V's second stage
id: 33272
The back of the second stage of the Saturn V
id: 33273
The rocket is still ridiculously huge even if you don't count the first stage
id: 33274
The actual command module from Apollo 14
id: 33275
I believe this flight plan is from Apollo 17
id: 33276
Apollo flight plans
id: 33277
Actual flight plans from Apollo
id: 33278
The door to Kittyhawk, the Apollo 14 command module
id: 33279
Last time I was here I managed to touch the heat shield on this vehicle by jamming my fingers through the plastic shielding.. not this tmie
id: 33280
A moon rock!
id: 33281
Various Apollo hardware
id: 33282
Alan Shepard's actual lunar EVA suit
id: 33283
The third stage of the Saturn V, using a single J-2 engine
id: 33284
Gene Cernan's lunar EVA suit
id: 33285
The suit of the last man to walk on the moon
id: 33286
The last boots to walk on the moon.. for now
id: 33287
This is an actual Lunar Module, LM-9. It was never flown since it was replaced by the more robust modules for the J missions
id: 33288
Inside a lunar module
id: 33289
James near the front of the Saturn V
id: 33290
The command module of the Saturn V
id: 33291
Looking down from the front of the Saturn V
id: 33292
Outside the Saturn V center, we could see the shuttle launch pad. You can't really see it here due to all the launchpad structure in the way, but look carefully and you can see the orange external tank through the launchpad
id: 33293
The VAB from another angle
id: 33294
A bald eagle nest! It's been there for almost 40 years, weighs 700 pounds, and is big enough to lie down on!
id: 33295
Palm trees!
id: 33296
Recreating a shot I took seven years ago
id: 33297
James kept taking pictures as I walked back to reclaim my camera
id: 33298
Me in front of Explorer! A one to one scale model of the space shuttle orbiter
id: 33299
The external tank and solid rocket boosters are simply massive
id: 33300
The rear of Exporer
id: 33301
Explorer! Not really a shuttle, but it's still amazing to walk around
id: 33302
The shuttle launch facility was amazing! I liked it even more than Mission: SPACE!
id: 33303
The underbelly of Explorer, with a replica of the thermal protection system
id: 33304
Inside a weird little "current mission" building
id: 33305
Details on the upcoming mission!
id: 33306
A plaque at the Space Mirror
id: 33307
A sobering reminder of the cost of human spacefilght
id: 33308
The T-38, a jet astronauts use to practice shuttle landings
id: 33309
Me with a few of my fake astronaut buddies
id: 33310
James poses with his hand and.. NASA itself..
id: 33311
A mockup of the Orion capsule
id: 33312
Ten bucks says Orion never flies
id: 33313
A space tree! The seed that this tree came from was flown to the moon and back on Apollo 14!
id: 33314
There's a nuclear power plant outside of Orlando.. cool!
id: 33315
This was the best shot of Hogwarts at Universal I got all week
id: 33316
James gets caught off guard
id: 33317
My STS-134 hat
id: 33318
James' obscene Waffle House meal: quadruple hash browns with cheese, smothered in salsa (followed by a slice of chocolate pie)
id: 33319
Universal Studios! Right across the street from James' apartment
id: 33320
This power line goes right by James' house
id: 33321
Don't touch it!
id: 33322
Looking up the pylon
id: 33323
These weird turkey-faced ducks were all around James' apartment complex
id: 33324
Pylon in the sunset
id: 33325
There were a million "lovebugs" in the air, so every car was covered with them
id: 33326
Token man runs over with some tokens
id: 33327
It's air hockey time
id: 33328
I crushed him at air hockey. Who knew?
id: 33329
Gecko!! They were all over the place
id: 33330
Behold! The ultimate asshole parker! I guess he has an excuse though..
id: 33331
Looking down the road that James lives off of
id: 33332
Weird enclosed walkway..
id: 33333
James' fish!
id: 33334
id: 33335
You can't hide from me, fish
id: 33336
id: 33337
The A. Max Brewer Memorial Parkway, the bridge we camped out on to watch the launch
id: 33338
The view of the launch pad from our vantage point on top of the bridge
id: 33339
The VAB is looking good in the sunset
id: 33340
Zoomed out a little more so you can see the launchpad (on the left) and the VAB on the right
id: 33341
Zoomed a little more out. This is more or less what it looked like to the unaided eye.
id: 33342
Believe it or not, we weren't the first group on the bridge. These people had been camping out all day!
id: 33343
James tests out the binoculars
id: 33344
A beautiful Florida sunset
id: 33345
James waits for a long night as the VAB sits in the distance
id: 33346
A destination from an earlier time
id: 33347
At this point, the bridge was still empty
id: 33348
A 120 second exposure of thet launch pad and VAB. The bright spotlights on the shuttle really light up the sky
id: 33349
A fellow photographer checks his camera in the early morning light
id: 33350
Positioning cameras..
id: 33351
There were a lot of boats on the intercoastal waterway
id: 33352
James' decision to buy a sleeping bag really paid off in the end
id: 33353
As the sun rose, more and more people turned out on the bridge
id: 33354
Awaiting the sun
id: 33355
Lots of photographers were making final calibrations to their setup
id: 33356
At this point, these guys had been on the bridge for almost 24 hours
id: 33357
Our empty bridge is filling up!
id: 33358
A camera pointed towards the launch site
id: 33359
That is one hell of a lens
id: 33360
This guy with the blanket and the can made me laugh
id: 33361
What a crazy dude!
id: 33362
A wild dolphin!
id: 33363
The launchpad, seen through the morning mist
id: 33364
The VAB is so massive it's difficult to think about
id: 33365
The sun is almost here..
id: 33366
Finally, the sun peeked up above the cloud bank
id: 33367
Sunlight falls on the waiting masses
id: 33368
A crane?
id: 33369
Nice backpack
id: 33370
At this point, lots of normal people started showing up since it wasn't so crazy early
id: 33371
I'm really glad i eschewed "Space Park", that place is packed!
id: 33372
The police shut down the bridge two hours before the launch
id: 33373
I took this picture for Bryce. He thinks those "Big Dog" shirts are ridiculous
id: 33374
The bridge is really filling up!
id: 33375
There were several street vendors selling various NASA gear
id: 33376
I believe this is the T-38 piloted by astronaut Steven Lindsey as he gauges the crosswinds at the Shuttle Landing Facility
id: 33377
A boat hurries to the small island closer to the launch site
id: 33378
Another dolphin!
id: 33379
The big moment is here at last! Main engines start, SRB ignition, and liftoff of Space Shuttle Endeavour!
id: 33380
The camera automatically took pictures while I watched with my naked eyes. It was almost too bright to look at
id: 33381
Photos cannot do it justice. It is simply breathtaking. It was absolutely worth all of the time and effort
id: 33382
The exhaust plume puncturing the low lying clouds
id: 33383
Now here's something I don't recall seeing before.. the swirly aftermath of the exhaust plume
id: 33384
The clouds blocked the shuttle from our view, but the seeing the shadow of the exhaust plume cast on it spanning the sky was incredible
id: 33385
It spanned across the entire sky
id: 33386
Me and the remnants of Endeavour's exhaust plume
id: 33387
I don't know how I've never seen this before!
id: 33388
One last look at the launch site. Time to head home.
id: 33389
Mass exodus!
id: 33390
There was a scramble to get on the roads before the filled up
id: 33391
But of course.. they filled up immediately anyway. Worth it!
id: 33392
They had a big tram to pick us up from the parking lot
id: 33393
James loves pictures
id: 33394
Animal Kingdom! Be careful not to cover the "I" and "M" in your family photo
id: 33395
That big tree! It's actually made out of an oil rig
id: 33396
You can hide from raptors on top of this
id: 33397
Creepy skeleturtle
id: 33398
Time machine?
id: 33399
Fancy wig
id: 33400
Fake mountain!
id: 33401
James will be mad that I can't remember the name of this ride
id: 33402
Hey cool, prayer flags
id: 33403
Lots of little kids wandering around
id: 33404
It was an impressive fake mountain and looked tallker than its 190 feet
id: 33405
Nice path
id: 33406
These bats are HUGE!
id: 33407
id: 33408
Cats are always sleeping
id: 33409
Cow? Or.. something
id: 33410
Deer? Or.. something
id: 33411
Lots of prayer flags
id: 33412
They had them all strung up over the path
id: 33413
This was the best shot I got of.. whatever primate this is. I was hoping he'd climb aroudn more but it was hot
id: 33414
Moments after I put the camera down, the owl completely freaked out
id: 33415
It's safari time!
id: 33416
Our guide was great. Very funny and knowledgable
id: 33417
id: 33418
Some animals we might see
id: 33419
Here we go!
id: 33420
White bird!
id: 33421
id: 33422
Hippos under water
id: 33423
id: 33424
"They look like baked potatoes"
id: 33425
He's watching me
id: 33426
This vulture was just hanging out like this
id: 33427
Alligators lounging around
id: 33428
id: 33429
Savannah animals
id: 33430
Too lazy to stand and eat?
id: 33431
Little fast looking animals
id: 33432
Maybe a gazelle? Who knows
id: 33433
Some termite mounds
id: 33434
Big horns
id: 33435
id: 33436
The giraffes were really cool
id: 33437
I like this closeup of him eating
id: 33438
Love the pattern
id: 33439
This Sigma lens really came in handy on the safari
id: 33440
id: 33441
These elephants were goofing off in the water
id: 33442
Baby elephant drying off
id: 33443
Trunk fight!
id: 33444
Flamingos hanging out
id: 33445
I hear they're pink from the shrimp they eat.. or something
id: 33446
This is what our truck looked like
id: 33447
More rhinos
id: 33448
The lion was also sleepy
id: 33449
Female ostriches
id: 33450
I don't like the way the ostriches hold their head
id: 33451
That's better
id: 33452
The guide says this guy can go his whole life without drinking water. He gets it out of his food
id: 33453
When Steve saw this picture he said "you should've stuck a french fry in his mouth"
id: 33454
Back on the tram
id: 33455
Looking back at the lady on the PA
id: 33456
Epcot! It's the big golfball, aka Spaceship Earth
id: 33457
Disney is funny because even mundane things have whimsical labels like this
id: 33458
James ruins another perfectly good picture
id: 33459
Showing off his Disney employee ID
id: 33460
Monorail black!
id: 33461
Monorail teal? If I get that wrong I'll be hearing from James..
id: 33462
Buzz Lightyear!
id: 33463
Planty Woody
id: 33464
Can you find the pentagon?
id: 33465
Monorail gold passes behind the Woody topiary
id: 33466
Toy ball
id: 33467
I love the patterns
id: 33468
Me standing underneat Spaceship Earth
id: 33469
Dynamic angle!
id: 33470
Time to get on Spaceship Earth
id: 33471
Closeup of the triangles
id: 33472
Weird robots
id: 33473
They were sort of creepy
id: 33474
Working on dials..
id: 33475
The moon landing!
id: 33476
This guy was really creepy
id: 33477
James thought this lady was funny
id: 33478
Steve Wozniak!
id: 33479
A crazy picture of the LED room
id: 33480
Mission: SPACE, the ride I was most looking forward to
id: 33481
Nice helmet
id: 33482
Of course, I had to try one on too
id: 33483
Inside the line for MIssion: SPACE
id: 33484
They had a big 2001-esque wheel
id: 33485
This was apparently the employee break room because they were hanging out on the other side of this panel
id: 33486
Pre-flight briefing
id: 33487
Are you ready to go to Mars?
id: 33488
The view from on the ride. The G-forces were intense!
id: 33489
On to Test Track
id: 33490
Creepy crash test dummy parts were everywhere
id: 33491
This couple looked like they were having the time of their lives
id: 33492
The rear of the ride vehicle
id: 33493
These weird shapes were supposed to allow us to speak quietly but still hear each other. Didn't really work..
id: 33494
Free Segway rides? Hell yeah!
id: 33495
I'm on a Segway! It's harder than it looks
id: 33496
James tried one too
id: 33497
id: 33498
What's your problem?
id: 33499
Apparently you can pay to SCUBA dive with the fish
id: 33500
The Tron monorail
id: 33501
id: 33502
Sunset over the monorail
id: 33503
Looking back on Spaceship Earth
id: 33504
Sweet flowers
id: 33505
The Japanese pavilion. I never ended up going since it was far away and we didn't have much time before the fireworks
id: 33506
James checks out the sunset
id: 33507
Monorail with Spaceship Earth
id: 33508
This lady was trying to feed the squirrel
id: 33509
Is it firework time yet?
id: 33510
Looking out where the fireworks will be
id: 33511
Big fires lit up the area
id: 33512
The firework show begins!
id: 33513
The giant lightup earth
id: 33514
Lasers and fireworks!
id: 33515
id: 33516
id: 33517
Bright lights!
id: 33518
Firing rockets towards the center
id: 33519
Even without the inferno barge, the show was spectacular!
id: 33520
Colorful fountains
id: 33521
Spaceship Earth looks great at night
id: 33522
Closeup of the colors and patterns
id: 33523
One last look at Disney!
id: 33524
I noticed this place in the airport on the way back, too bad it wasn't open!
id: 33525
And of course, the Kennedy Space Center gift shop! Great trip!
id: 33526
We got a huge table
id: 33527
What are you going to order?
id: 33528
"You always end up taking a picture of me making a face like--" *CLICK* "--damn it!"
id: 33529
id: 33530
id: 33531
Veena stole my camera to play with it
id: 33532
Gotta use the wide angle for shots like these
id: 33533
Clearly having a fun time
id: 33534
Phil seems offput by something..
id: 33535
What am I talking about?
id: 33536
Yaay, STS-134 hat
id: 33537
Wide angle adapter!
id: 33538
Does this mean Ford is going to have a good year?
id: 33539
Nice clouds
id: 33540
Another rainbow!
id: 33541
I just thought these clouds were cool
id: 33542
Expecting a big turnout!
id: 33543
So far it's just these two
id: 33544
Also this guy
id: 33545
Shawn listens to the conversation
id: 33546
I call this guy "Mr. Rogers"
id: 33547
It wouldn't be "drinking" skeptically without drinking!
id: 33548
I opted for a gin and tonic over beer
id: 33549
Just in case it wasn't clear what group this was..
id: 33550
Shawn's beer has a cherry in it!
id: 33551
Shawn with some girl from the group
id: 33552
Telling some story
id: 33553
I guess this girl is sort of famous online. "SkeptChick"
id: 33554
Extra pizza!
id: 33555
The bald guy was sort of creepy
id: 33556
Lots of people showed up in the end, way later than expected
id: 33557
That is a lot of beer
id: 33558
Phil's got some cool shades on
id: 33559
Megan apparently isn't a fan of Phil's shades?
id: 33560
Steve's Grandma
id: 33561
Steve's Dad
id: 33562
Steve's Mom! We've got Steve's entire family here in these few pictures
id: 33563
Phil on the railing
id: 33564
I don't remember this guy's name
id: 33565
Steve caught me taking his picture
id: 33566
The infamous red cup
id: 33567
Steve and Megan
id: 33568
id: 33569
Steve's ready for some Kan Jam
id: 33570
Kan Jam
id: 33571
Steve was having a good time
id: 33572
Steve's Dad almost got his head taken off by a frisbee. Phil thought it was pretty funny
id: 33573
I brought bubbles. Everyone thought it was silly at first, but in the end it was awesome
id: 33574
id: 33575
Phil spins the frisbee around
id: 33576
id: 33577
Someone brought this really cool dog
id: 33578
Judging by its ears, its mother was a bat
id: 33579
Smiley Shawn
id: 33580
Frisbee coming at the camera!
id: 33581
Football Shawn!
id: 33582
We kept trying to get the football in focus in midair. This is pretty close!
id: 33583
Drinking and throwing
id: 33584
What's with Shawn's finger?
id: 33585
Slap it!
id: 33586
Get it in!
id: 33587
Nice throw
id: 33588
I'm not sure what this face is all about
id: 33589
The photo of the evening
id: 33590
Dustin's got an awesome t-shirt
id: 33591
Hanging out on Steve's sweet porch
id: 33592
id: 33593
Phil and Dustin
id: 33594
What's this pose all about?
id: 33595
Mmm, strawberries
id: 33596
Dustin's got a beer
id: 33597
Shawn listening to a story
id: 33598
When we went out for beer, I printed this picture that I had taken earlier. Steve put it on his window
id: 33599
I also bought Shawn a toy car that looked sort of like his car
id: 33600
So much meat!
id: 33601
Manning the grill
id: 33602
This baby was giving me the stinkeye.. as babies are wont to do
id: 33603
id: 33604
Steve's Dad explains a story to Shawn in front of the wall of booze
id: 33605
Alcohol infused whipped cream!!
id: 33606
Considerably intoxicated Kan Jam!
id: 33607
Catch it, Steve!
id: 33608
Foof chair time!
id: 33609
These pictures will come back to haunt Steve some day
id: 33610
Who's that girl who appeared on the foof chair?
id: 33611
Fire Phil?
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