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Pictures taken during June 2011

id: 33612
The two teams! Me and Mike vs Uday and Travis!
id: 33613
The foosball finalists!
id: 33614
The stakes
id: 33615
Beager was pretty enthusiastically on our side
id: 33616
We won!! Oh man!!
id: 33617
Many pictures were taken
id: 33618
Travis and Uday were gracious losers
id: 33619
id: 33620
Dipak liked to pretend that he was the one who got me the iPad
id: 33621
More posing
id: 33622
id: 33623
Synacor 2011 Foosball Champion
id: 33624
It's pretty snazzy!
id: 33625
Check out that screen!
id: 33626
Canz arrives via the roof like all the cool people
id: 33627
Shawn up in the Makerspace
id: 33628
This guy was working on a wireless payphone
id: 33629
What I'd expect from a building full of nerds
id: 33630
Some awkwardly large mannequins
id: 33631
Ooo, oscilloscope
id: 33632
Looking out the window
id: 33633
I like the additional note on this one..
id: 33634
Giant D20!
id: 33635
id: 33636
Beer was provided
id: 33637
There were some neat pictures to be had from the roof
id: 33638
Jesse couldn't figure out how to get wher we were
id: 33639
Bricks and a door
id: 33640
I finally got a somewhat reasonable picture of Anthony! The next picture was him flipping me off
id: 33641
This guy did a presentation on doing interesting presentations
id: 33642
Impressive dedication!
id: 33643
Shawn did a presentation on how developers can stop sucking at their jobs
id: 33644
Great presentation!
id: 33645
We stole the couch that Keith threw out!
id: 33646
Time to finally fix Highwind
id: 33647
So many pieces..
id: 33648
My new motherboard
id: 33649
Apparently CPUs don't come with pins anymore!
id: 33650
Closeup of my reasonably sized heatsink. The monstrosity from my last motherboard left with that mobo!
id: 33651
There's a vehicle fire on the skyway!
id: 33652
It's blocked by the building!
id: 33653
I want to seee
id: 33654
That's not very nice, Matt
id: 33655
Beager's intense face
id: 33656
John hard at work. The Mountain Dew keeps him conscious
id: 33657
Shawn uses the power of octocat to code harder
id: 33658
Steve just wants a banana
id: 33659
Turland was in town for the week!
id: 33660
The latest addition to the Synapps team
id: 33661
Matt's son!
id: 33662
"What is this device?"
id: 33663
I thought it looked tasty too
id: 33664
Matt plays defense to protect his mouse
id: 33665
I tried to get a picture of Shawn sliding down the railing and it turned out.. awkward..
id: 33666
This picture of Beager reminded me of the Big Foot footage
id: 33667
Steve does a crazy dance to try to avoid the camera. Didn't work
id: 33668
"Me Gusta"
id: 33669
Creepy Beager sneaks up on me from the back of the store
id: 33670
Sub Guy Matt makes a mean veggie sub
id: 33671
I accidentally took this on the wrong settings and it really freaks me out
id: 33672
Elevator action shot!
id: 33673
Kate's brother Eric is enjoying the disco light on the ceiling of our new party space
id: 33674
Topaz and Kate's landlord let us hang out above his garage, which is a huge space full of couches
id: 33675
"You see the thing about bowl chairs is.."
id: 33676
Probably showing off Nethack or something..
id: 33677
We were really stalling for time and making sure he didn't try to get in the house while the secret cake was being perpared
id: 33678
Here comes the cake!
id: 33679
The premise of the party was that it was for Luke's 21st birthday party..
id: 33680
But the birthday was a lie! It's really bachelor party time!
id: 33681
Get in the car!
id: 33682
The awesome portal themed cakes
id: 33683
Figuring out car logistics
id: 33684
Ben was really excited
id: 33685
"Hey, where are we going?"
id: 33686
"Shut up! Put this over your head!" ":("
id: 33687
"Where are we??"
id: 33688
"Lasertron! Awesome!"
id: 33689
id: 33690
Eric and Bradley wait to sign up for laser tag
id: 33691
id: 33692
Tony made the trip for the party!
id: 33693
This guy
id: 33694
Joel registers as a laser warrior
id: 33695
Brian sets up his laser account
id: 33696
I like this expression
id: 33697
They take our picture!
id: 33698
Chris' turn
id: 33699
Pictures taken while people are talking are always so flattering
id: 33700
Luke thinks things are funny
id: 33701
Ben gets his picture taken
id: 33702
I horned in on Tony's picture
id: 33703
Tony's ready to kick some ass
id: 33704
Topaz puts his dork-pack back on. No laser tag pictures because I had to carry a gun!
id: 33705
The sign outside the building
id: 33706
The next morning, there was breakfast!
id: 33707
Reibello was more excited about breakfast than this picture implies
id: 33708
Dani takes some pictures
id: 33709
Camera duel!
id: 33710
Suz helped make breakfast
id: 33711
Ben's got those funny five fingers shoes
id: 33712
Kate on the beanbag
id: 33713
This is a pretty awful picture, really
id: 33714
id: 33715
We used a lot of eggs
id: 33716
French Toast being frenchified
id: 33717
id: 33718
Teo Dance!
id: 33719
One of the landlord's dogs that was running around all weekend
id: 33720
Luke finally met Neil and Buzz
id: 33721
Buzz didn't like him
id: 33722
Neil is perplexed by Luke's efforts to balance a cork on his head
id: 33723
Buzz didn't like the cork either
id: 33724
Every time we got close, Neil would tilt his head forward and it would fall off
id: 33725
LAN party time
id: 33726
Teo gets his laptop set up
id: 33727
Brian claims his couch
id: 33728
Luke playing some League of Legends
id: 33729
Reibello was new to the game but enjoyed it
id: 33730
Tony is deep in concentration.. I think he's actually playing X-COM here
id: 33731
Brian in LoL
id: 33732
Hey Dani!
id: 33733
That's the same headset I have!
id: 33734
Topaz working to kill some dudes
id: 33735
Jamie was there too
id: 33736
Kate was sleepy
id: 33737
Tony holds a strange new food.. taco rings
id: 33738
It's sort of like a taco calzone, really
id: 33739
Taco riiing
id: 33740
Jamie's got a crazy stare going here
id: 33741
The other dog
id: 33742
id: 33743
Suz's turn on the beanbag
id: 33744
We noticed that Luke and Tony were sitting uncomfortably close to each other, so Luke made it even more awkward for a picture
id: 33745
Ack! Who took my picture?
id: 33746
Teo jumped in to make it even more awkward
id: 33747
I went to take Luke's picture when he did this.. so I waited about 8 awkward seconds for him to stop and then just took the picture anyway
id: 33748
Tony's ready to show us what all his swordfighting training has gotten him
id: 33749
Ready to kick some ass
id: 33750
Ben warms up
id: 33751
The fight is on!
id: 33752
Tony handled him easily
id: 33753
In response, Ben upgraded his weaponry from foam bat to.. snow shovel!
id: 33754
You can't see it here, but Tony is also fighting luke at the same time
id: 33755
That snow shovel is a real threat
id: 33756
Taking on Luke
id: 33757
Stay classy, Luke
id: 33758
The rarely seen Zoidberg stance
id: 33759
It was so funny it helped to take some of the edge off of Tony's moves
id: 33760
Taking a break from fighting?
id: 33761
I take on Luke
id: 33762
id: 33763
I got jabbed real good right here
id: 33764
"Who's next?"
id: 33765
Tony caught me taking his picture
id: 33766
Teo vs Luke for the next round
id: 33767
Luke moves in for a decisive kill
id: 33768
Brother vs brother?
id: 33769
That's right, it's time to find out the top Wastl
id: 33770
Topaz seems to be saying "We're really doing this?"
id: 33771
"Hookay.. *thwack*"
id: 33772
Action shot!
id: 33773
Sword instructor Tony strikes an awkward pose as he watches
id: 33774
Now here's a picture to send home to Mom
id: 33775
Finish him!
id: 33776
Tony shows off his real butterfly knife. I was too terrified to try swinging it around
id: 33777
I like Tony's dance in the background here
id: 33778
Teo and Topaz try some one handed fighting
id: 33779
I take on Tony! He's like a wall!
id: 33780
Oh nooo! White dog is freaking out!
id: 33781
Well this picture certainly is.. special
id: 33782
Brian crashed for a while on the second night
id: 33783
That's a big game of League of Legends
id: 33784
Fight, Teo!
id: 33785
Tony, what do you think about all this?
id: 33786
He thinks he's playing X-COM, that's what
id: 33787
I finally got around to taking a wide angle shot of the awesome space we were using all weekend
id: 33788
After more than two days awake, Luke finally crashed.. right on the floor
id: 33789
id: 33790
They had an original xbox!
id: 33791
At the end of the weekend, we poured all abandoned drinks into this tub.. mystery liquid!
id: 33792
Reibello plays with the dog
id: 33793
Joel saying his goodbyes before the Rochester crew headed out
id: 33794
Tony thinks he's being sneaky
id: 33795
Canz tries to set the new high score in Tiny Wings
id: 33796
Now this is a flattering picture of Steve
id: 33797
Someone snapped this while I was working an issue with Copeland
id: 33798
This is Beager's DJing face
id: 33799
Uday and Beager concentrate on their game
id: 33800
id: 33801
Matt and Shawn on the other team
id: 33802
Who will win??
id: 33803
Damn 50s..
id: 33804
Phil brought his dog Reilly. Or maybe it's Riley..
id: 33805
Does this dog look stoned or what?
id: 33806
I liked his floppy ears
id: 33807
id: 33808
The ship is here early! John runs to get a glimpse
id: 33809
Ack! It fired cannons at me
id: 33810
the USS Littlerock along with the Pride of Baltimore II
id: 33811
Pride of Baltimore II
id: 33812
The Spirit of Buffalo followed along too
id: 33813
John took some pictures
id: 33814
A closeup of the ship
id: 33815
Well that was fun
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