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Pictures taken during July 2011

id: 33816
Alan cruises his phone as we wait for our food at Michael's
id: 33817
For a second, I thought Amanda was wearing a bowtie
id: 33818
Albert's got a snazzy cover for his G2
id: 33819
Oh boy. Colin brought some Four Loko. This is old school Four Loko, bought before it was pulled from the shelves
id: 33820
What have you done, Colin?
id: 33821
Amanda considers her next move on.. whatever game they're playing
id: 33822
Vic's having fun
id: 33823
Alan grumpily eyes the Wii from the corner with his tablet
id: 33824
Every time I meet up with Albert, I get a picture of him making a weird face. Here's the one for this batch
id: 33825
Bryce does a little backseat gaming with Vic
id: 33826
Gathered around to play some games
id: 33827
Erika seems incredulous about something. Probably how bad Bryce is at games.
id: 33828
The infamous Four Loko
id: 33829
Bryce considers his next move
id: 33830
Mmm, morning coffee
id: 33831
Everyone loves morning coffee
id: 33832
Jefferson's got the wrong convention's shirt on!
id: 33833
Brakus is here!
id: 33834
Erika's going to regret that face
id: 33835
Katie grabs a ballot
id: 33836
Peter too
id: 33837
This year, Vic even wrote a coverletter
id: 33838
Omar arrives!
id: 33839
Hey Albert!
id: 33840
Omar thinks things are funny
id: 33841
These two guys are new. I call the one on the right Jimmy Neutron
id: 33842
Hey, Jimmy Neutron
id: 33843
Erika somehow got the job of carrying the mountain of pizza to the table
id: 33844
Brakus plays with the baby that someone brought
id: 33845
"Ooo, baby you so funny!"
id: 33846
Erika, Katie, and Peter
id: 33847
Peter plays with a synthesizer on my iPad
id: 33848
Voting on a video. Probably 1's all around.
id: 33849
The videos just never end!
id: 33850
This is how Bryce feels about these videos
id: 33851
Mmm, pizza
id: 33852
Vic is excited for the post-prescreening dinner
id: 33853
It's still sort of strange to see Bryce in glasses
id: 33854
Jefferson! Your glasses are crooked!
id: 33855
Hey Brakus
id: 33856
Kumar was bummed to discover he didn't get free dinner. Hey man, you want the dinner, you've got to sit through all eight hours of AMVs!
id: 33857
The uncool table (i.e., not our table)
id: 33858
Alan brought his Tab with him
id: 33859
Is Jeff nursing an AMV-related headache?
id: 33902
Carol's no longer working at Baldwin! I visited her at her home
id: 33903
Carol's cat Penny
id: 33904
Penny was pretty wary of me.. with good reason. I kept trying to catch her
id: 33905
This is what Carol thinks about me taking her picture
id: 33906
Penny relaxes on her cat structure
id: 33907
Penny poses on the stairs
id: 33908
Rocko in his cage
id: 33909
Dave and I went bar hopping in Bryn Mawr
id: 33910
id: 33911
Davina kept trying to hide from my camera. Stop being difficult!
id: 33912
Jerry knows to just give up
id: 33913
A sneaky shot of Davina
id: 33914
Official Vehicle, Official Dave
id: 33915
Drink at a bar
id: 33916
The bartender explained the game of Clackers (Klackers?) to some other bar denizens
id: 33917
the bartender
id: 33918
One more round!
id: 33919
Dave stirs his drink
id: 33920
id: 33921
This game was fun once I got the hang of it
id: 33922
Playing with Rocko
id: 33923
IT guy! I forget his name
id: 33924
Tom Embt!
id: 33925
The controls to the Miss Buffalo
id: 33926
USS Littlerock
id: 33927
Ben's got a drink
id: 33928
id: 33929
Chilling on the lower deck
id: 33930
The first picture I took with an L lens! It turns out Tom has some serious photographic hardware and let me play with it
id: 33931
The Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM
id: 33932
Tom takes a shot with his 70-200mm
id: 33933
Lens hood!
id: 33934
Eric and.. Eric!
id: 33935
That's a lot of birds
id: 33936
id: 33937
Mike considers his meal
id: 33938
This closeup of Topaz is sort of weird, but I like it
id: 33939
A super closeup of Adam with Tom's 100mm L lens
id: 33940
Macro mode on my meal
id: 33941
A nice shot of Veena taken with Tom's 70-200mm f/4L
id: 33942
Veena with the bridge
id: 33943
Water around around the bridge support
id: 33944
id: 33945
I forget this guy's name
id: 33946
id: 33947
I don't know this guy's name either
id: 33948
John points out the Coast Guard ship
id: 33949
There it is!
id: 33950
Big sphere?
id: 33951
The Peace Bridge
id: 33952
This guy seems really intense
id: 33953
id: 33954
Driving the Miss Buffalo under the very low bridge
id: 33955
You can't really tell here, but we had no more than 18 inches of clearance
id: 33956
Eric looks off the front of the ship
id: 33957
Bird landing
id: 33958
Tom tries out a wider lens
id: 33959
Fisherman dude!
id: 33960
Get any bites?
id: 33961
Bike people
id: 33962
I've never gone through a lock before!
id: 33963
At this point we were close enough that bike girl noticed me
id: 33964
Coming up to the lock
id: 33965
Another guy fishing
id: 33966
id: 33967
I'm a big fan of the feather detail
id: 33968
This guy worked on the lock
id: 33969
Birds on some tower
id: 33970
id: 33971
I should probably learn more of my coworkers' names..
id: 33972
Tom with his 50d
id: 33973
I love those petal lens hoods
id: 33974
Fellow foosball champ Mike! Spiffy glasses
id: 33975
A creepy closeup of Darin's eyeball. I realized later that I actually focused on my own reflection
id: 33976
What's with that face, Eric?
id: 33977
id: 33978
A thumbs up from John
id: 33979
More people fishing!
id: 33980
Darin with a big movable bridge behind him
id: 33981
The movable bridge
id: 33982
id: 33983
Topaz hanging with some other Synacorians
id: 33984
Veena wanted me to take some pictures of some water dripping out of a cup
id: 33985
Adam's moving on from Synacor next week. Good luck with your freelancing!
id: 33986
Ben kept asking if I was drunk yet..
id: 33987
Tom and Jen Embt!
id: 33988
Veena caught me taking her picture
id: 33989
Kids checking out our boat
id: 33990
Lots of trucks waiting to get into the country
id: 33991
Taking a walk by the water
id: 33992
I love this picture. "Do work", "Danger: Keep Off" and "Buffalo's Finest" all apply. I call it "Buffalo's Finest"
id: 33993
Tim and Adam checking out the scenary
id: 33994
The Peace Bridge
id: 33995
What the hell is this guy trucking?
id: 33996
Veena telling a story to John
id: 33997
id: 33998
Mike hanging out at the HR girls' table. Sarah tried hiding
id: 33999
When people hide from my camera, it just makes me try harder, haha
id: 34000
Lots of sailbots
id: 34001
I think this is Melissa.. goddamn, I need to learn some names
id: 34002
id: 34003
Sarah made a face and apparently thought I wouldn't put it online.. surprise!
id: 34004
Veena forgot today was the boat day and didn't bring her nifty Nikon. iPhone pics it is!
id: 34005
Taking a picture of the USS Littlerock
id: 34006
Veena had fun
id: 34007
The grain elevator I drive by every day
id: 34008
The Spirit of Buffalo!
id: 34009
Hey, how do I get on that boat?
id: 34010
Everyone in the company got a free t-shirt. Nate put them all on at the same time
id: 34011
Looking good!
id: 34012
Matt leads a sizing meeting
id: 34013
I like the way the ceiling tiles really draw focus to the center here. The photo seems really dynamic
id: 34014
Synacor sprayed for spiders on Friday. On Monday, this is how we found the lobby
id: 34015
Who could have done this!
id: 34016
What a monster!
id: 34017
id: 34018
Surely this isn't something Beager would do..
id: 34019
"Whatcha got there, a camera?"
id: 34020
I like this picture of Shawn a lot. It shows him in full "hacker" mode
id: 34021
John has a salad!
id: 34022
Tilted Beager
id: 34023
id: 34024
It's the Wienermobile!
id: 34025
What is it doing here?
id: 34026
id: 34027
The Wienermobile at Synacor
id: 34028
My weird car has a first time, it's o-s-c-a-r
id: 34029
Ken says "can you believe this shit?"
id: 34030
All this excitement is making Topaz's ear itchy
id: 34031
id: 34032
id: 34033
So colorful
id: 34034
It's so bizarre
id: 34035
Is this man from the future? He claims it's his personal vehicle and he's just here for canoeing
id: 34036
id: 34037
This is an unauthorized photo! Beager took it
id: 34038
More people taking pictures of the Winermobile
id: 34039
Whoa. How weird is this? Wienermobile and a helicopter!
id: 34040
By the time I got downstairs, the helicopter had flown away
id: 34041
My camera looks enormous with my new battery grip!
id: 34042
Stuck in traffic
id: 34043
This time Shawn's actually writing code, not just listing files
id: 34044
These buttons are useless!
id: 34045
What is this puddle under my car?
id: 34046
Ahhh! It's gas!
id: 34047
Loading my car on the tow truck
id: 34048
Lining it up..
id: 34049
id: 34050
Make sure it's hooked on properly!
id: 34051
Levers! ..again
id: 34052
And up it goes
id: 34053
Don't let it fall backwards!
id: 34054
Safely on the truck
id: 34055
Tow truck man walks around making sure
id: 34056
Tightening chains
id: 34057
Bright green truck
id: 34058
What the hell is with the baby head on this cop's bumper?
id: 34059
Driving to the mechanic
id: 34060
This billboard makes me laugh
id: 34061
id: 34062
I liked how you could see through all these plates
id: 34063
The electric monster reminded me of Haunter
id: 34064
Little yellow flowers
id: 34065
id: 34066
id: 34067
Purple spikey thing
id: 34068
Lots of little tiny petals
id: 34069
Orange blossom
id: 34070
Lots of orange flowers
id: 34071
I like the central part of the flower reaching out
id: 34072
Flower closeup
id: 34073
White flowers
id: 34074
Purple and white
id: 34075
Closeup of the white flowers
id: 34076
Wet flowers
id: 34077
The sheen of the water almost makes them look fake
id: 34078
So vibrant!
id: 34079
Standing up above the rest
id: 34080
id: 34081
id: 34082
All these photos were found on a seemingly boring street!
id: 34083
Purple rods
id: 34084
Deep purple
id: 34085
What a weird truck
id: 34086
Shawn likes to slide down the railings
id: 34087
Steve places his order at the famous taco truck
id: 34088
Chris loves tacos
id: 34089
Matt reviews the choices
id: 34090
Anthony tries so hard to not get his picture taken, but that just makes me want to take his picture more
id: 34091
I"m not sure what it is about this picture, but I like it
id: 34092
Steve chooses his sauce
id: 34093
Steve claims these are tacos
id: 34094
Spiffy shoes, Shawn
id: 34095
Burrito.. or football?
id: 34096
Tacos make Steve sad
id: 34097
Anthony's hair does weird things as he dodges the camera
id: 34098
Matt gives me a stinkeye as he eats his burrito
id: 34099
id: 34100
Shawn reviews some code
id: 34101
Topaz hard at work
id: 34102
This was a staged photo for a corporate video. I bet Shawn can't even remember the last time he actually looked at the Suddenlink portal
id: 34103
Time for Tiny Wings!
id: 34104
They still can't unseat me from the #1 slot on the high score list
id: 34105
A test shot of some awards
id: 34106
This was the easiest to photograph
id: 34107
Various awards
id: 34108
It still didn't come out great, but it was the best I could do given the circumstances
id: 34109
And that's the end of Borders
id: 34110
Neil loves sleeping on the Megatokyo blanket
id: 34111
A Daily Shoot photo for shooting "something beautiful"
id: 34112
Buzz checks out my camera bag
id: 34113
Another Daily Shoot photo, meant to convey the feeling of being hot
id: 34114
"Not sure if giant lens, or cannon.."
id: 34115
Veena took my picture!`
id: 34116
"That lens is ridiculous!"
id: 34117
Jeff closeup
id: 34118
"Time for foos!"
id: 34119
Jeff and Mike versus..
id: 34120
Darin and Ken
id: 34121
It's foosin' time!
id: 34122
Such concentration
id: 34123
Darin is a force to be reckoned with on offense
id: 34124
Mike on defense?? Madness!
id: 34125
Mike's picture was put up on the foos wall in honor of his championship victory
id: 34126
Is this distracting you?
id: 34127
Matt coaches from the side
id: 34128
id: 34129
Now I'm distracting Uday and Copeland
id: 34130
id: 34131
id: 34132
Uday's model face
id: 34133
A windy day, but a nice day
id: 34134
Good ol' Cargill Pool elevator
id: 34135
id: 34136
Shawn pointed out that the reflection is so bright it almost looks like they're windsurfing on sand
id: 34137
This tree is constantly being blown back
id: 34138
I guess it's a little too windy to keep surfing
id: 34139
Windsurfers and an elevators
id: 34140
This dog was rolling around
id: 34141
Aaand one more shot of the Cargill Pool elevator
id: 34142
Whatever they're building here is coming along
id: 34143
id: 34144
Time for a haircut..
id: 34145
Buzz sits where he wants and doesn't afraid of anyone
id: 34146
I see these battleships every day on the way to work, and I still haven't been on them!
id: 34147
It's time to change that
id: 34148
The USS Little Rock!
id: 34149
Pearl Harbor memorial
id: 34150
Memorial to Poland's contributions in WWII
id: 34151
Lots of radar gear
id: 34152
This picture isn't great, but I liked how the 537 was framed by the trees
id: 34153
Korean War memorial
id: 34154
A flower near the memorials
id: 34155
id: 34156
id: 34157
Looking up at some fighter jet
id: 34158
The gift shop!
id: 34159
Tilt-shift photography?
id: 34160
Nah, just a model
id: 34161
Captain Jetpack?
id: 34162
id: 34163
Weird mannequin
id: 34164
Pulsating light
id: 34165
A WWII era Japanese map. The katakana reads "A-ME-RI-KA"
id: 34166
That guy looks a little chunky to be in the army
id: 34167
I'm not sure how this works..
id: 34168
Various bullets
id: 34169
And old school ship wheel
id: 34170
I want this in my car
id: 34171
id: 34172
Model airplane
id: 34173
A model Corsair
id: 34174
"Shrine" makes it sound sort of creepy
id: 34175
Another model
id: 34176
More models!
id: 34177
I like how they apparently had a problem with people climbing on this guy
id: 34178
A huey!
id: 34179
The soldiers used these for scenic tours of the Boston area
id: 34180
That is a big fun
id: 34181
Closeup on some tank treads
id: 34182
On this tank!
id: 34183
Alright, let's get this thing started
id: 34184
I'm supposed to follow the yellow line
id: 34185
There were lots of weird little cramped compartments
id: 34186
Somehow this controls.. something
id: 34187
id: 34188
The red tape on some of these items is suspicious
id: 34189
"We need more yellow!"
id: 34190
Big shells
id: 34191
I guess this is how they load the gun
id: 34192
I bet these are really heavy
id: 34193
I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of these guys
id: 34194
I like to imagine this is actually a clock, indicating the year
id: 34195
Looking ahead in the tour
id: 34196
I want them to fire that little plug out
id: 34197
Wow, lots of destroyers lost
id: 34198
A tracking board
id: 34199
DJ mannequin?
id: 34200
I thought this might make a cool wallpaper
id: 34201
Funny slogan
id: 34202
The stairs were so steep they were basically ladders
id: 34203
That's one hell of a computer
id: 34204
And an enormous compass!
id: 34205
This was actually one of the more fancy accomodations
id: 34206
This is less fancy
id: 34207
And even less fancy. But at least it's not in the bowels of the ship like some other ones I saw
id: 34208
The bulkhead doors are cool but I feel like I'd trip on them all the time if I were actually on this ship for a long time
id: 34209
id: 34210
Gotta buy some smokes!
id: 34211
Another vantage point of the fighter jet and other stuff down on the ground
id: 34212
Looking towards the front of the ship
id: 34213
A compass?
id: 34214
It's like that gun from Star Wars!
id: 34215
Big gun
id: 34216
Big missile!
id: 34217
I think this might be an F-14
id: 34218
id: 34219
Dials AND wheels
id: 34220
More beds
id: 34221
Looking along the barrel of some of the big guns
id: 34222
Looking back at the other ship
id: 34223
id: 34224
I think this is some sort of missile loading rail
id: 34225
Looking down the rail
id: 34226
Missile? Torpedo? Something..
id: 34227
Snoopy says go left
id: 34228
Hey, there's that big blue missile!
id: 34229
Moodance Cat isn't as cool as Nyan Cat
id: 34230
More models
id: 34231
The wings fold so they could fit more on the ship
id: 34232
Lots of model airplanes around here
id: 34233
This, of course, is a period HDTV
id: 34234
Looking down the hallways
id: 34235
Spiffy uniforms
id: 34236
Hey, I recognize some of these guns
id: 34237
I used that .45 in Metal Gear Solid!
id: 34238
id: 34239
id: 34240
The red phone?
id: 34241
Hey, it's Synacor!
id: 34242
Radar gear
id: 34243
The path got a little tight in some places
id: 34244
Heading over to the submarine
id: 34245
This soda has been here since WWII. No not really.
id: 34246
Lots of rope
id: 34247
At the bow of the ship!
id: 34248
Looking back on the ships
id: 34249
Let's touch all the things!
id: 34250
I think these are torpedo tubes
id: 34251
I totally hit my head AND my shin on this stupid door
id: 34252
More dials!
id: 34253
I have no idea what these are
id: 34254
This seems like a lot of empty space for a sub. Maybe it's the kitchen
id: 34255
That is a big engine
id: 34256
The sub was even more cramped than the ships!
id: 34257
Bullet Bill?
id: 34258
I'd say these are torpedo tubes, but they're in the back! Can you shoot them out the back?
id: 34259
One last shot from the USS Croaker
id: 34260
id: 34261
I really want to ride the slide
id: 34262
Bungee thing!
id: 34263
Creepy horses
id: 34264
No tickets for sale yet
id: 34265
I hate the round up
id: 34266
Bumper cars!
id: 34267
This looks like the High Flyer
id: 34268
Long way up!
id: 34269
This looks like it spins too fast
id: 34270
Scooter! Are you readdyyyy?
id: 34271
Raising the rigged basketball hoops
id: 34272
This ride looks boring
id: 34273
id: 34274
Boats in the lake
id: 34275
These guys were putting up a tent
id: 34276
Lots of sailboats!
id: 34277
Stupid wall ruining my view..
id: 34278
The wind turbines are so photogenic
id: 34279
id: 34280
I hate the strawberry ride. Too much spinning
id: 34281
Fire boat!
id: 34282
Looking along the coast of Lake Erie
id: 34283
Looking back on the carnival from the shore
id: 34284
Enjoying the view
id: 34285
The fire boat was spraying water everywhere
id: 34286
It sure makes a pretty picture
id: 34287
I wasn't the only one taking pictures
id: 34288
For the longest time I thought funnel cakes were actually shaped like funnels
id: 34289
The fire boat in the distance
id: 34290
id: 34291
Steve loves brunch
id: 34292
Synacor party!
id: 34293
Shawn checks his pastry for Twitter updates
id: 34294
What's that face, Uday?
id: 34295
id: 34296
id: 34297
Ron Frankel, our CEO
id: 34298
id: 34299
id: 34300
Time to thank the people that helped make this possible.. with novelty gifts!
id: 34301
Anthony got some fancy water
id: 34302
And a toe ring to go with his toe shoes
id: 34303
A top?
id: 34304
id: 34305
PC attorney!
id: 34306
Funny jokes
id: 34307
Everyone standing around
id: 34308
id: 34309
Mr. Wonderful?
id: 34310
I guess this is Mr. Wonderful
id: 34311
A book of metaphors so we don't hear gems like "Between a rock and a hotplate" anymore
id: 34312
Read the whole thing!
id: 34313
A riding crop?
id: 34314
Well, that's it for the gifts
id: 34315
George Chamoun, the founder of Synacor
id: 34316
Listening to speeches!
id: 34317
id: 34318
Explaining the rules of the bus
id: 34319
There wasn't much to do at the rest stop other than wander around and take some pictures
id: 34320
These are some big seven segment displays
id: 34321
id: 34322
Lots of switches and dials to operate the bus
id: 34323
Amish people!
id: 34324
Oops, the woman pumping gas spotted me
id: 34325
Maurice, our driver!
id: 34326
That is a big on/off switch
id: 34327
id: 34328
id: 34329
I am so bored
id: 34330
"Is that guy taking our picture?"
id: 34331
What is this thing?
id: 34332
id: 34333
id: 34334
Bryce and I are finally here!
id: 34335
Howl has these giant buckets of booze. It's our favorite
id: 34336
Hsien takes the stage
id: 34337
Someone ran up and gave him a beer. Obviously you can't dance on stage without a beer
id: 34338
As you can see by Bryce's forehead, it was really hot
id: 34339
Brakus checks his phone
id: 34340
id: 34341
Bryce takes a hit from the bucket
id: 34342
Brakus sings along
id: 34343
Good times were had by all
id: 34344
Mike likes to troll my photos
id: 34345
Amanda's got her drinkin' goggles on
id: 34346
The music at Howl is great. Two pianos, infinite requests. And they have no qualms about playing something ridiculous like the Fresh Prince theme song
id: 34347
It is impossible to take a picture of Mike without him noticing you
id: 34348
Go Brakus go
id: 34349
You see?? Impossible!
id: 34350
Mike and Meri
id: 34351
Bryce looks like he's making some kind of ridiculous point
id: 34352
Omar's girlfriend Liz gives a thumbs up
id: 34353
"This picture isn't going online, is it?"
id: 34354
Amanda is clearly geared up for Otakon
id: 34355
"Oh yeah. Let's do this."
id: 34356
Cosplayers in the street! Must be that time again
id: 34357
A Demoman!
id: 34358
And a female Soldier!
id: 34359
Oh yeah. I've clearly come to the right place
id: 34360
Peter had a whole bunch of people taking his picture as he performed
id: 34361
Wow. Definitely an anime convention.
id: 34362
Ha! Dr. Gero even has his brain visible!
id: 34363
This guy had Steve Wozniak's business card!
id: 34364
This is Alan's happy face
id: 34365
It's DJ Vinyl Scratch from My Little Pony!
id: 34366
Sailor Moon only drinks Pepsi
id: 34367
EVA Unit 01 wants to know where the Info Desk is
id: 34368
Is this a combo Domo-kun and Demoman? A.. Demo-kun?
id: 34369
Not sure what these guys are.. maybe from Zelda?
id: 34370
id: 34371
I don't know what this is, but it sure has a lot of frills
id: 34372
Some cosplayers from The Last Airbender!
id: 34373
Ahh, this one is definitely from Zelda
id: 34374
Haunter! My favorite pokemon! When I told him that he hugged me
id: 34375
Nyan cat was a popular meme this year
id: 34376
It just wouldn't be the Otakon game room without DDR
id: 34377
The Great Saiyaman!
id: 34378
This guy doesn't seem to thrilled to be a Rubik's Cube
id: 34379
Stocking from Panty and Stocking
id: 34380
Ahhh.. yeah.. hm. This is another one of those "must be a con" photos
id: 34381
Quite a line for Marvel vs Capcom 2
id: 34382
Falling Thwomp!
id: 34383
Yajirobe! I wonder if this guy ate chips all day or just carried the same chip around
id: 34384
Cosplay fighting!
id: 34385
I should probably get out of here before someone notices the guy in the staff shirt watching cosplay fighting..
id: 34386
id: 34387
A Valkyria Chronicles soldier!
id: 34388
Peter's costume (and real sax playing) was very popular
id: 34389
Look at him go!
id: 34390
Checking the schedule
id: 34391
Some Final Fantasy VII cosplayers
id: 34392
Some Gurren Lagann guys and.. someone else
id: 34393
id: 34394
Strike a pose!
id: 34395
The balcony is a popular location
id: 34396
id: 34397
Scary creeper
id: 34398
This guy was pumping out some pretty awesome chiptune music
id: 34399
I wasn't the only one taking pictures
id: 34400
Hey, it's one of those bunnygirls from Final Fantasy XII
id: 34401
Chell vs a headcrab!
id: 34402
Very impressive Chell
id: 34403
Mr. Lee! Tech man extraordinaire
id: 34404
These back hallways really come in handy when you don't have time to wade through attendees
id: 34405
Omar is Vice Con Chair this year! He was crazy busy
id: 34406
Planning how the census is going to work
id: 34407
Jeff dares you to ask him to print more signs
id: 34408
Paper jam?? We don't have time for this!
id: 34409
Planning stuff out
id: 34410
Squid Girl!
id: 34411
Another Chell. She was a popular character this year!
id: 34412
One of those Vocaloid characters
id: 34413
This Demoman even has some accessories!
id: 34414
Poor gofers. They get the worst jobs
id: 34415
It's one of those guys from that thing
id: 34416
id: 34417
Kallen and Lelouch from Code Geass!
id: 34418
The Ghost of Sparta
id: 34419
id: 34420
One of those Ouron Host Club guys
id: 34421
Haru Haruko!
id: 34422
Master.. Chef?
id: 34423
id: 34424
Oh no! Pedobear claims another victim!
id: 34425
One of the seven deadly exes from Scott Pilgrim
id: 34426
Princess Tutu!
id: 34427
I ran into that Dr. Gero and Goku again
id: 34428
Registration folks working hard!
id: 34429
These guys put in some long hours
id: 34430
A Desmond!
id: 34431
Jefferson's got a press badge this year!
id: 34432
Peter's crazy Vampire costume
id: 34433
And Katie's pregnant! With a clever costume to go with it. "All we know is whatever pokemon comes out won't be a normal type"
id: 34434
Whoa, metal.. dog thing?
id: 34435
I feel like I see this guy every year!
id: 34436
Even hardcore anime nerds need some downtime
id: 34437
We've seen squid girl.. but now there's fish girl?
id: 34438
id: 34439
Vic bought Amanda a corsette. Vic approves
id: 34440
This is one of the best Vegeta cosplayers I've seen in a long time!
id: 34441
Yup, just a middle aged man with a Card Captor Sakura wand walking down the street.. nothing to see here
id: 34442
Bryce is here! Sporting his spiffy Whiskey Media shirt
id: 34443
I have no idea what these guys are from, but they have neat costumes
id: 34444
OK, I'm not one to dump on costumes.. but this is the worst companion cube I've ever seen
id: 34445
One of my favorite things about cosplayers is seeing characters doing normal things. Here's Assassin's Creed's Altair checking Twitter or something
id: 34446
The future of fighting games?
id: 34447
It's gaming time!
id: 34448
I'm pretty sure that's not allowed in the conventino center..
id: 34449
Bryce steps up to challenge this guy.. and got his ass handed to him
id: 34450
Go Bryce go!
id: 34451
Some kind of Tetris Attack clone
id: 34452
This guy has the biggest adams apple I've ever seen in my life!
id: 34453
Various superheros.. and villains!
id: 34454
What's wrong, Bryce? You don't like Al?
id: 34455
Hey, I found a Haibane cosplayer! Reki!
id: 34456
An excellent Nausicaa!
id: 34457
All the normal sized staff shirts were lost, so people who didn't already have one had to use 5XL and up. Poor Nabil!
id: 34458
A very impressive Tali from Mass Effect!
id: 34459
Green Ranger!
id: 34460
I thought it was funny that after I took this picture this guy asked if I knew where to buy red body paint
id: 34461
Joy backstage
id: 34462
This guy was helping us seat people and hand out ballots
id: 34463
The quiet before the storm
id: 34464
And here's the storm waiting outside..
id: 34465
This guy had an actual hard drive embedded in his costume
id: 34466
Keep the levels below +2!
id: 34467
Vic gets out some pencils.. black gold.
id: 34468
It's kind of tough to tell in this picture but those colored lines lit up
id: 34469
It is 100 degrees here! Luckily I spent most of the weekend indoors
id: 34470
id: 34471
Asuma! His chakra blade things were particularly impressive
id: 34472
This guy was kind of freaking out in the corner
id: 34473
I love the view from the top of the escalator
id: 34474
The view from the other escalator, down in the fountain area
id: 34475
Vic stands with the long shadow of responsibility. It's tough to keep turning people away who really want to see our show
id: 34476
This is the most pitiful picture of the weekend.. a dirty blanket and pillow with an empty can of Four Loko. And this was inside the convention center!
id: 34477
Rainbow Dash!
id: 34478
Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and a blinged out Pinkie Pie!
id: 34479
Almost the full crew!
id: 34480
Two Applejacks, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and even Big Mac!
id: 34481
Amanda starts sorting ballots
id: 34482
"Count some ballots!"
id: 34483
So many ballots
id: 34484
Make nice little piles!
id: 34485
Joy checks her phone
id: 34486
It's Bob!
id: 34487
Mr. Big Important Vice Con Chair got a rascal this year!
id: 34488
Just a bunch of staffers with a box of homemade booze.. nothing to see here
id: 34489
Omar leads the way!
id: 34490
Glowsticks! This is how we're going to seat people this year
id: 34491
id: 34492
Hinata, Ino, and Tenten!
id: 34493
The whole Ouron host club
id: 34494
More Sailor Scouts
id: 34495
Lots of Minecraft cosplayers this year
id: 34496
That legendary bird from Pokemon
id: 34497
What's with all the giant controllers?
id: 34498
Metal Gear soldier
id: 34499
Now he actually does look surprised!
id: 34500
What are all these Luffys going after?
id: 34501
One of those aliens from Star Wars
id: 34502
Impressive Mass Effect costume!
id: 34503
Anyone who knows Vic will get the joke here..
id: 34504
This was my brilliant idea. Taping glow sticks.. to an actual stick! That'll make us much more visible during seating
id: 34505
We also set these up to direct people to specific colors
id: 34506
This is what the sticks look like when you wave them around
id: 34507
Our backstage area
id: 34508
Full house!
id: 34509
We packed that place to the brim!
id: 34510
OK, there were a couple of seats, but they were so bad we didn't even consider them actual seats
id: 34511
Count, count, count! We only have an hour or two before the results are due!
id: 34512
Amanda and Joy get into their Render-chan and Error-chan costumes for Iron Editor
id: 34513
These staff pool folks were very helpful in counting. This girl here was a Nikon fan and kept hassling me for taking her picture with a lowly Nikon
id: 34514
We used that box for ballots and called them Quaker Votes
id: 34515
Peter hosted Iron Editor this year. He stayed in his costume since the theme was "Vampires Suck"
id: 34516
Iron Editor as seen from the back of the room
id: 34517
The Iron Editor crew
id: 34518
Peter and Amanda dig through the prizes to see if there's anything good
id: 34519
Peter was an excellent host
id: 34520
Kiarrens! This year's challenger. She did the "It's a Small World" AMV from Anime Boston
id: 34521
And of course, Chris is back as the defending champion
id: 34522
Erica really got into the Vampire theme! And this stupid microphone messed up my photo!
id: 34523
Ooo, so pretty
id: 34524
Jefferson loves photography
id: 34525
I was hoping to get a better version of this picture of Vic and his server but never did. I call it "The Man and the Machine"
id: 34526
Mike, Amanda as Render-chan, and Joy as Error-chan
id: 34527
These two were way too good at "name the anime". They went forever!
id: 34528
Sailor Moon!
id: 34529
Daft Punk!
id: 34530
The trenchcoat really helps to make this photographer look less creepy.....
id: 34531
id: 34532
Peter and Katie won Upbeat with their amazing original song and video about Squid Girl! This guy came running up to be in the picture
id: 34533
The Iron Editors are running out of time!
id: 34534
What's this face all about, Bryce?
id: 34535
A closeup of a portal gun
id: 34536
Chris won again! Congrats! Can he pull off the hat trick next year?
id: 34537
This group even had a space sphere cosplayer!
id: 34538
One of the back hallways that we call "Jeffrey tubes" for some reason
id: 34539
Bryce says "think I can pull this off?"
id: 34540
id: 34541
Aaaand no.
id: 34542
Bryce is obviously pretty bored
id: 34543
More balancing?
id: 34544
What're you drinkin'? What're you buyin'?
id: 34545
These guys are standing where I stood when I took my Powershot's last ever photo, launching me into the DSLR world
id: 34546
Now here is some real creativity. He made a costume entirely out of those free super saiyan hair things from the Dealer's Room! Everyone loved him
id: 34547
Oh no! This guy's wheeling Otakon away!
id: 34548
Super Saiyan Hair Man was showered with praise
id: 34549
Troll man!
id: 34550
Cause that's what anime cons are all about
id: 34551
My staff badge this year. And I got a spiffy ribbon for donating to Japan!
id: 34552
I found our glow sticks! It turns out the next group also used them for easting.
id: 34553
The gofers who worked for us got a pretty sweet gig. Mostly hanging out and watching AMVs
id: 34554
id: 34555
I really like this picture. Something about the composition. I think it's a lot better than if I had asked him for a picture and he was just standing there
id: 34556
Why are there so many taiko drum games?
id: 34557
Gaming goggles?
id: 34558
Splash Woman! The only female megaman villain
id: 34559
The Hellsing cosplayers come well armed
id: 34560
This could be a decent wallpaper!
id: 34561
Every time we left AMV Ops we had to hold the door closed for 30 seconds or it wouldn't lock
id: 34562
Rolling the server back to AMV Ops
id: 34563
Panty and Stocking! The last cosplayer photo for the main Otakon batch! What a year!
id: 34564
Apparently we have something like 100,000 more 18+ wristbands than we need
id: 34565
This sign lies!
id: 34566
Jeff makes notes of the signs in stock
id: 34567
Omar ran through a strip of 18+ wristbands like the end of a race
id: 34568
Omar got us all excited about getting soft pretzels, and then suggested bringing down plates of mustard
id: 34569
Nothing to see here. Just a guy with a plate of mustard
id: 34570
"Oh yeah, that's the good stuff"
id: 34571
Vic seems less excited about mustard. He must have known that when we got down there the pretzel place would be closed
id: 34572
Otakon feedback
id: 34573
What is Alan talking about?
id: 34574
id: 34575
Waiting in the hot hot sun for Vic to come pick up the equipment in the van
id: 34576
We don't know who this guy is, but he was very helpful!
id: 34577
The Companion Cube ballot box!
id: 34578
Relaxing with some good ol' fashioned Four Loko
id: 34579
A little downtime before the Dead Dog
id: 34580
id: 34581
See? There are some pictures of me at Otakon
id: 34582
Oh no! They closed Burke's! And I never went!
id: 34583
I really like this picture. Wait up, guys!
id: 34584
The bat twins!
id: 34585
Fancy tripod
id: 34586
Sunset in Baltimore
id: 34587
It seems so empty now
id: 34588
The Dead Dog staff party
id: 34589
Time to relax and eat some dinner
id: 34590
These guys sat next to me. They work in Workshops
id: 34591
Jeff's just happy there are no more signs to print
id: 34592
Otakon gave us a free drink ticket
id: 34593
I'm not sure this counts as planking..
id: 34594
Vic's famous WoW hat
id: 34595
The Otakon higher-ups
id: 34596
Bob, the Otakon con chair
id: 34597
Jennifer announced that we had raised a crazy amount of money for Japanese relief
id: 34598
Jeff announces.. I don't know, I forget
id: 34599
Omar's finally here!
id: 34600
Baltimore declared us the "customer of the year"
id: 34601
Seee? Fancy award
id: 34602
They even gave us a funny little cake
id: 34603
One of the benefits of working in Pub Ops is that you can really easily print novelty badges
id: 34604
Sign the giant Otakon logo! It got way more full later on
id: 34605
One more shot of our award and cake from Baltimore
id: 34606
My signature!
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