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Pictures taken during November 2011

id: 35282
I love the poster Phil keeps over his computer
id: 35283
Challenge mode can be a little hypnotizing
id: 35284
Kick, punch, it's all in the mind
id: 35285
I love how some things never change. I feel like I need to get this photo to Phil's parents
id: 35286
I wasn't in a position to get a better version of this photo, but I wanted to at least try. I love the progression of dark to light on the sky and light to dark on the clouds
id: 35287
Uncle Stephen was in town!
id: 35288
Mom's laptop is slow
id: 35289
Becky's waiting for bagels
id: 35290
Hi Becky!
id: 35291
Dad telling some kind of story
id: 35292
Becky in glasses! So rare
id: 35293
Mmm, bagel and lox
id: 35294
Dad when he sees a tenant
id: 35295
Dad when he sees me and Becky!
id: 35296
Brett's costume was Dallas from PAYDAY
id: 35297
His girlfriend Steph was Tinkerbell
id: 35298
Bryce and Alicia went as bacon and an egg
id: 35299
Ponies! Here's Jane as Rainbow Dash
id: 35300
Tony was The Reanimator. After seeing the movie, I no longer approve of this costume!
id: 35301
Emily as Pinkie Pie!
id: 35302
Tony creepily puts on gloves to make drinks
id: 35303
Alicia says this photo "pretty much sums up our relationship"
id: 35304
Bacon man heads to the living room
id: 35305
The MakerBot! We meet at last!
id: 35306
Tony's classy liquor globe
id: 35307
It's the Derpy that Amanda painted for Tony!
id: 35308
Shayna says thumbs up to parties
id: 35309
James as Derpy!
id: 35310
What's Rainbow Dash drinking?
id: 35311
Derpy's armed! Run!
id: 35312
Brett really wants to rob something
id: 35313
Liz as Applejack goes for a ride on Derpy's back?
id: 35314
Look out for the spider!
id: 35315
Bacon Man thinks about life
id: 35316
id: 35317
Brett finally snaps and takes Tony as a hostage
id: 35318
The gross jelly skeleton thing on the wall
id: 35319
Alicia peeking over Bryce's shoulder
id: 35320
What's in the bag, Tony?
id: 35321
id: 35322
Lightswitch rave?
id: 35323
Pinkie Pie has a pretty big glass!
id: 35324
What drink is red? Why doesn't Tony have any normal drinks?
id: 35325
Tony kept cooking stuff all night. The food was delicious!
id: 35326
Brett's mask is so creepy
id: 35327
Bryce had no idea the glowstick was there when I took this photo
id: 35328
Into the pony castle!
id: 35329
Friendship is Magic
id: 35330
Tony's a ladies man. A ladies man. A lalalalalalalalaladies man.
id: 35331
I like James' use of headphones as Derpy eyes
id: 35332
Bacon and egg!
id: 35333
What's this face all about, Bryce?
id: 35334
I think Brett took this photo while chasing down Steph
id: 35335
Now the mask looks like it's made of bacon
id: 35336
Dance party in the other room!
id: 35337
Brett has no idea
id: 35338
As weird as this photo is, I can't help but wonder what the hell is happening on the TV
id: 35339
The dance party continues, and now I know why I was cold all night! The window was open!
id: 35340
Taking photos of me?? How preposterous.
id: 35341
Caveman Bryce, photo by Alicia
id: 35342
I was a photographer. Original, I know. Like my Brony shirt?
id: 35343
What the hell is going on here?
id: 35344
It's too much for Bryce to handle
id: 35345
Ahhh, I know that face. That face means that Brett is blitzed
id: 35346
Alicia calls this face "pensive"
id: 35347
I call this face "stinkeye"
id: 35348
Alicia has been spending too much time with Bryce. She can do a frighteningly good grimace
id: 35349
Tony can't help but go all Zoidberg when he puts oven mitts on.
id: 35350
Tony pulls out another pizza
id: 35351
Now Alicia's armed!
id: 35352
"Don't touch my gun!"
id: 35353
Poor Bryce. Some masked assailant has taken him hostage
id: 35354
Brett is certainly having a good time
id: 35355
Oh no! A showdown!
id: 35356
Shayna as Starbuck back to back to Brett as Dallas
id: 35357
id: 35358
What madman would give a gun to Pinkie Pie!
id: 35359
What is this look all about?
id: 35360
Yikes, or how about this look??
id: 35361
Ack! No shooting photographers!
id: 35362
What's up, Brett?
id: 35363
Meet your future attorney
id: 35364
This is the night of 1000 funny Alicia faces
id: 35365
Tony printed me a tiny space shuttle!
id: 35366
Oh no, I've been spotted!
id: 35367
Liz is dancing?
id: 35368
Nothing classier than scotch in a Hulk shot glass
id: 35369
Did the spider eat Derpy??
id: 35370
Who would bacon want to shoot?
id: 35371
What happened to Tinkerbell's wings??
id: 35372
Oh Brett
id: 35373
Applejack, where is your hat??
id: 35374
Shayna considers shooting us all
id: 35375
Strike a pose
id: 35376
Pictures are funny
id: 35377
Another pose!
id: 35378
Bacon Man demonstrates the dance of his people
id: 35379
Tony's favorite stuffed turtle
id: 35380
Omar's ready for a CONVENTION!
id: 35381
He's got his home made "juice"
id: 35382
Amanda tries on the pony ears
id: 35383
This was how we got internet, Alan's funny little wifi hotspot
id: 35384
"I dub thee Sir Pony" ?
id: 35385
"But I don't wanna be a pony!"
id: 35386
We got a much bigger room this year!
id: 35387
Alan grumps at his computer
id: 35388
Vic wrestles with the title card system
id: 35389
Nice setup this year!
id: 35390
Alan still rocking the kit lens
id: 35391
I didn't really think about this photo as I took it but I think it came out well
id: 35392
Testing video output
id: 35393
Sweet wallpaper
id: 35394
Fix those levels!
id: 35395
How we stay awake for the 2:30am-4:00am block
id: 35396
Hey Jeff!
id: 35397
Omar loves things
id: 35398
Vic's always happy when things are working
id: 35399
The flaky title card system. Next year I'll have something better built!
id: 35400
Jeff on his giant Mac
id: 35401
An unguarded photo of Mike! So difficult
id: 35402
"Yeah we're going to need like.. this much mixer"
id: 35403
Sweetie Belle! My first pony cosplay photo! Well.. first since I could recognize them on my own..
id: 35404
The view in the "booth"
id: 35405
This guy had a muffin cannon, but you can't really tell from this angle
id: 35406
DDR-like games?
id: 35407
Vault Girl?
id: 35408
Fluttershy! She didn't have her wings at the time but it was still a great costume
id: 35409
id: 35410
I commissioned this horrifying drawing of Muk with Bryce's head. Yikes.
id: 35411
A giant chunk of aerogel? That can mean only one thing! We're at the Air and Space Museum!
id: 35412
SpaceShipOne! It's been too long since we last visited. Also the X-1!
id: 35413
SpaceShipOne looks like it just came back from its flight
id: 35414
Amanda's all about commercial spaceflight
id: 35415
The holy grail
id: 35416
This is where Buzz Aldrin's head was during launch and reentry!
id: 35417
Looking further into Columbia
id: 35418
So many switches
id: 35419
I love the diagnostic wax still on the vehicle
id: 35420
id: 35421
Friendship 7, America's first manned orbital flight!
id: 35422
It's so small. I can't imagine getting in for a ride
id: 35423
A replica of America's first satellite
id: 35424
A Mariner probe built from flight hardware! Too bad it never flew
id: 35425
Looking into Friendship 7
id: 35426
John Glenn's control stick
id: 35427
A closeup of the weird pull handles in Friendship 7
id: 35428
One more with the switches in focus
id: 35429
The handle on the door of Gemini IV. Ed White exited this very door for America's first spacewalk
id: 35430
A closeup of some of the "computer" on the Gemini spacecraft
id: 35431
It's incredible what they did with this gear
id: 35432
Note the crumbled tail section of SpaceShipOne where it buckled from the pressure
id: 35433
Here I am again in my favorite room in Washington DC!
id: 35434
I'm pretty sure I have a nearly identical photo to this from last year
id: 35435
Viking is so enormous!
id: 35436
Checking out the Apollo 11 command module
id: 35437
Stardust! This probe used aerogel to capture particles from the wake of a comet
id: 35438
The X-15. More rocket than plane
id: 35439
Were the old Soyuz capsules really that color?
id: 35440
So much exposed wiring!
id: 35441
The CSM stack is so big
id: 35442
I saw this on the Soyuz and it made me laugh
id: 35443
Great Scott! It's David Scott's lunar EVA suit!
id: 35444
David Scott was the commander of Apollo 15. That grime is moon dust!
id: 35445
This is an actual LM made with real flight hardware. It just never flew! Such a shame.
id: 35446
For some reason both guys don't have commander's red stripes. Maybe the commander is the CM pilot?
id: 35447
A wide angle shot of the LM
id: 35448
Jeff loves the moon
id: 35449
"Must.. get.. closer"
id: 35450
Amanda's a pilot?
id: 35451
And this, of course, is the national monument to bacon!
id: 35452
Just Amanda in a Pinkie Pie costume pouring a drink. Nothing unusual here
id: 35453
These guys were swaying back and forth as they sang along with the AMVs
id: 35454
The amazing title card that Beany drew for us!
id: 35455
We had a pretty spiffy setup with a TV outside the VAT indicating what was playing and what was coming up next
id: 35456
Amanda wore her Pinkie Pie getup to Chili's
id: 35457
What're you going to get, Jeff?
id: 35458
Amanda dares me to call her weird
id: 35459
Jeff's certainly thinking it
id: 35460
Crazy glasses!
id: 35461
Bryce was really really excited about the "bottomless" tortilla chips
id: 35462
I ran into this guy on my way back to the room late at night
id: 35463
Chell! Too bad she blinked!
id: 35464
Fur suits are weird, but these guys were really nice. One gave me a bro-hoof!
id: 35465
Assorted FMA cosplayers
id: 35466
Got to have a general crowd shot!
id: 35467
An excellent female Soldier costume. The Black Box was amazing!
id: 35468
Officer Jenny!
id: 35469
I don't know what this guy is from but he has a great costume!
id: 35470
Darth Vader inspects the Artist Alley wares
id: 35471
Some TF2 cosplayers with a really creepy spy squid thing
id: 35472
What's wrong, Omar?
id: 35473
Lucca from Chrono Trigger!
id: 35474
I believe these two are from Panty and Stocking
id: 35475
I made Caitlin wear the ears!
id: 35476
The description for our Pony panel. My contribution was the last sentence
id: 35477
Bryce loves hosting events
id: 35478
Erica is defending her title as Iron Editor!
id: 35479
It's so tough to get a picture of Mike not making a face!
id: 35480
Erica's challenger put up a good fight, but I know who i was rooting for!
id: 35481
Render chan's new militarized costume
id: 35482
Render chan and.. Render chan!
id: 35483
This is how I spent much of my weekend. The wings, the ears, and counting ballots. OK ballot counting only took an hour.
id: 35484
Erica won again! She'll be back to defend her title again next year!
id: 35485
Oh no! What has Vic done to piss off Render chan?
id: 35486
And who gave her a gun??
id: 35487
An impressive Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender
id: 35488
I'm not sure why I took this picture of Bryce sleeping, but as soon as the shutter clicked he woke up and gave me a stinkeye
id: 35489
I've never seen a Helga cosplay before, and this one is excellent!
id: 35490
Bryce isn't sure what to do next
id: 35491
I call this one "Raveasaurus"
id: 35492
Some of the turnout for the Pony panel
id: 35493
Vic and Amanda hurried to get everyone seated and to hand out cupcakes
id: 35494
Great turnout! We filled the room!
id: 35495
Everyone had a great time :D
id: 35496
Omar replicated Pinkie Pie's birthday cake, pseudo-writing and all!
id: 35497
Amanda poses with some of the pony cosplayers from the video block
id: 35498
Rainbow Dash
id: 35499
Vinyl Scratch and Fluttershy
id: 35500
Amanda as Pinkie Pie, of course
id: 35501
Pike! I like the mohawk as replacement for the spiney ridge on his head
id: 35502
Photo Finish, Applejack, and a great Rarity! Rarity had a great tail but I felt awkward asking to take a picture of her tail so I didn't, haha
id: 35503
Photo Finish and Pinkie Pie exchange glasses!
id: 35504
Rinny kept crawling around inside the bed, and was distraught to discover she couldn't pull the cover out from the isnide
id: 35505
Vic and Amanda aren't sure what the hell Rinny's doing
id: 35506
Neither is Rinny
id: 35507
I have no idea what Omar is looking at on the iPad, but if you zoom in you can see it's some sort of image
id: 35508
Brian: the man no camera will focus on
id: 35509
Amanda makes a goofy face
id: 35510
Vic isn't looking forward to his 2:30 to 4:00 "Duchess" block but I hear it went well!
id: 35511
Pack up the van!
id: 35512
Lots of helpers
id: 35513
Liz waves for a picture
id: 35514
Boxes crammed in the back area, the front seat, everywhere!
id: 35515
Jefferson ruins a perfectly good picture
id: 35516
Another year in the bag! Great job Vic! And us! Hooraaay us!
id: 35517
Great as Pinkie Pie's cake is, it must die
id: 35518
Mmm, Pinkie Pie
id: 35519
This is how Omar makes ramen... or how he starts a fire
id: 35520
Vic's betting on the latter
id: 35521
Omar the mad scientist
id: 35522
McKeed checks up on stuff on his phone
id: 35523
Jeff took a great photo of me. I think I put it on my blog..
id: 35524
Give 'em the ol' razzamatazz
id: 35525
Jeff tries the Rebirth app on my iPad
id: 35526
Omar's face should tell you how good of a space shuttle pilot he is
id: 35527
Amanda loves jokes
id: 35528
It wasn't long until Jeff bought the app for himself and descended into a world of 303s, 808s, and 909s
id: 35529
Scruffy pony is scruffy
id: 35530
We had to wait outside the restaurant the dead dog was at. I guess we were too early
id: 35531
Jeff standing around
id: 35532
Liz looks so startled!
id: 35533
Of course we couldn't go long without using the internet..
id: 35534
Holla holla get dolla
id: 35535
Another one of Omar's creations.. the amazing aluminum foil and cardboard box bowl. Somehow watertight!
id: 35536
Oh Amanda. Never wear those monstrous things again
id: 35537
This is what happens when you insult Amanda
id: 35538
So tragic
id: 35539
Jeff didn't have anything for the tip except for a bunch of change. Oh well
id: 35540
This diner kind of sucked. No breakfast! Just cause it was past noon..
id: 35541
Pouring out a libation for the Hyatt. It was a good hotel! Next year we're in DC proper
id: 35542
We didn't have anything else to pour out.. so we used creamer
id: 35543
See you guys at Alancon!
id: 35544
Flying between two layers of clouds!
id: 35545
I love the dark sky
id: 35546
Weird little hill
id: 35547
Coming in for a landing!
id: 35548
Some flower in my Mom's yard that are dreading the winter
id: 35549
I'm sure this thing looked better in the summer
id: 35550
The back of my Mom's house
id: 35551
Looking down Meridian Street
id: 35552
Our house is old. And apparently has a name
id: 35553
Mom's chicken pot. It broke when water inside it froze
id: 35554
Power lines
id: 35555
Looking down a street nearby
id: 35556
Looking back up Meridian Street
id: 35557
The T!
id: 35558
id: 35559
Weird stubbly airplane
id: 35560
The motorcycle was all crooked
id: 35561
No one wants to play with this thing anymore I guess
id: 35562
id: 35563
Swings are fun
id: 35564
Abandoned toys
id: 35565
Sort of a ladder?
id: 35566
The underside of the play structure
id: 35567
id: 35568
This guy was a friend of my Dad's who died after being in Vietnam for only ten days.
id: 35569
He used to live near here. Such a waste
id: 35570
id: 35571
Do other parts of the country have these things? Does this even work anymore?
id: 35572
id: 35573
Got to cut up the apples for the apple pie
id: 35574
Cut off the skin
id: 35575
id: 35576
Becky's really excited
id: 35577
Mom said she had to cut vents in the pie, so Becky took the opportunity to cut her first initial in it
id: 35578
id: 35579
The turkey's coming along
id: 35580
Checking the recipe for.. something
id: 35581
Checking the turkey
id: 35582
Hi Mom
id: 35583
Gragra's here!
id: 35584
Isabelle doesn't like all these people around
id: 35585
"Smile for the camera!"
id: 35586
"Make a weird face for the camera!"
id: 35587
Stuffing. Never had it, never will!
id: 35588
Gragra, stop making that weirdo face!!
id: 35589
Mmm, cranberry juice and vodka
id: 35590
Carving the turkey
id: 35591
id: 35592
id: 35593
Not a huge dinner, but it was good!
id: 35594
Gragra loves Thanksgiving
id: 35595
Becky caught off guard
id: 35596
Oh no! The weirdo face is spreading!
id: 35597
Three generations!
id: 35598
Gragra and Mom
id: 35599
Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane stopped by for desert
id: 35600
Aunt Diane! She made the crazy face too but wouldn't let me post it
id: 35601
Becky's got a mondo-collar thing going on
id: 35602
Uncle Michael loves desert
id: 35603
Macaroni looks deep into the camera
id: 35604
Camera duel?
id: 35605
Main Street Melrose. They filmed scenes from The Town right near here
id: 35606
id: 35607
Brett loves the pony ears
id: 35608
We had no idea the minigolf place was going to be a black light place!
id: 35609
Steph's shirt really stood out
id: 35610
It begins
id: 35611
The course ahead. Nothing too fancy, but it was fun
id: 35612
id: 35613
Standing on the wall?
id: 35614
Creepy pumpkin
id: 35615
Steph glows in the dark!
id: 35616
Laser show!
id: 35617
My pony pins really stand out in the black light
id: 35618
Steph's socks looked like they were putting out their own light!
id: 35619
Even Steph wore the pony ears!
id: 35620
Brett calculates the score
id: 35621
Who will win?
id: 35622
I managed to win! I pulled into the lead on the last hole
id: 35623
Air hockey!
id: 35624
Brett vs me. Who will win??
id: 35625
I won the first game, but then Brett kicked my ass
id: 35626
Where did the puck go?
id: 35627
Arcades are fun and make for interesting photos
id: 35628
Brett vs Steph
id: 35629
Brett loves air hockey
id: 35630
Steph got some great shots
id: 35631
Ready to rock
id: 35632
"You taking my picture?"
id: 35633
Fun glowy floor
id: 35634
Brett playing the basketball arcade machine
id: 35635
"Draw me like one of your French cats"
id: 35636
How does he be so furry
id: 35637
id: 35638
Brett is so lost
id: 35639
Plastic instruments!
id: 35640
I finally met Raz!
id: 35641
Mel making weird faces?? I'm shocked
id: 35642
Brett's ready to rock
id: 35643
What's this face all about?
id: 35644
Joanna on guitar
id: 35645
"You taking my picture?"
id: 35646
What's that face for, stinkface?
id: 35647
id: 35648
Mel's standard awkward face
id: 35649
id: 35650
Raz and Joanna dancing to Dance Central 2
id: 35651
Mel dancing to.. nothing... on the couch.
id: 35652
Dance, dance, dance!
id: 35653
id: 35654
Mel navigates the Kinect menus
id: 35655
Joanna dances even when she's not one of the players!
id: 35656
Brett and Mel dancing
id: 35657
Mckeed's gotten a little too good at this game
id: 35658
So relaxed
id: 35659
Mckeed busts out some advanced moves
id: 35660
Mel is clearly super excited about the pony ears
id: 35661
Yaaay poooniiess
id: 35662
I'm not even going to comment on this one
id: 35663
Yaay, the famous Howl at the Moon booze bucket!
id: 35664
Booze bucket!
id: 35665
Raz isn't a huge fan of bars
id: 35666
Mckeed is!
id: 35667
Oh jeez! Mel, Steph, and Joanna took the stage!
id: 35668
Clearly they hadn't had enough dancing with Dance Central
id: 35669
Totally ridiculous
id: 35670
id: 35671
Get low!
id: 35672
Mel's got a crazy face going
id: 35673
id: 35674
Melanie Scrunchface
id: 35675
Good times were had by all
id: 35676
So foggy
id: 35677
Clearly someone set the weather to "Silent Hill"
id: 35678
id: 35679
This looks like that Unhinged Swamp card
id: 35680
Such contrast
id: 35681
What's over there, Becky?
id: 35682
This baby is clearly thrilled about this
id: 35683
Suspicious baby is suspicious
id: 35684
Enthusiastic priest is enthusiastic
id: 35685
Putting the magic water on Carter's head
id: 35686
id: 35687
Carter and his family
id: 35688
Carter's ready for this day to be over
id: 35689
This is Unlce Jimmy's photography face
id: 35690
Uncle Jimmy sitting with one of innumerable children running around
id: 35691
More children!
id: 35692
Hey Becky!
id: 35693
Dad loves events like this
id: 35694
Aunt Nancy
id: 35695
Brother and brother talk shop
id: 35696
Uncle Jimmy explains how he made the bench
id: 35697
Carpentry sign language?
id: 35698
Uncle Jimmy listens to Dad talk about.. something
id: 35699
Looking at maps on my iPad
id: 35700
Becky thought it was kind of funny watching them use the iPad
id: 35701
Waiting for my flight back to Buffalo!
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