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Pictures taken during December 2011

id: 35702
Why is Pooja hiding her face?
id: 35703
Oh jeez! To show solidarity to the people who grew a mustache for the contest, she wore this all day
id: 35704
Hiding from the camera again?
id: 35705
We decided Phil needed a 3d Ceiling Cat to watch him all day
id: 35706
Cutting out the pattern..
id: 35707
Yes, the hole was already there
id: 35708
Party time!
id: 35709
Phil's "why are you pointing a camera at me" face
id: 35710
Steve's "why are you pointing a camera at Phil" face
id: 35711
id: 35712
id: 35713
id: 35714
id: 35715
id: 35716
Maestro arrived in style
id: 35717
Funny story?
id: 35718
Steve always makes this face when people try to take his picture
id: 35719
Why so mad, Matt?
id: 35720
Oh jeez, even more mad!
id: 35721
id: 35722
This is how Eric Shields showed up. Toe shoes, shorts, and hawaiian shirt!
id: 35723
Beager is too tall!
id: 35724
What's John looking at?
id: 35725
id: 35726
Pooja asked me to take her picture
id: 35727
This year's winner of the mustache contest!
id: 35728
Hi Megan
id: 35729
Ahhh! Blinding autofocus!
id: 35730
Checking the internet?
id: 35731
Mike and his girlfriend
id: 35732
Pooja asked me to take a picture of her whole team.. and here they are!
id: 35733
Occupy Buffalo has a cold night ahead of them
id: 35734
Steve and Megan
id: 35735
Matt sitting in the window
id: 35736
This is no time for football!
id: 35737
The Synapps team!
id: 35738
Hey, we got Matt to smile for a photo
id: 35739
Stop giving me that look!
id: 35740
id: 35741
Is this dancing?
id: 35742
Steve had fun watching everyone dance like idiots
id: 35743
Photo of the night!! So ridiculous
id: 35744
Pooja was dancing too
id: 35745
Veena and her boyfriend
id: 35746
Mr. Tim Ace shows off his moves on the dance floor
id: 35747
This is Shawn's response to us heckling him since we could keep drinking and he had to drive
id: 35748
One of the waiters took our picture! Note Shawn's hand...
id: 35749
The elusive Mirabella caught in the wild
id: 35750
I wish I knew what Steve was looking at here
id: 35751
id: 35752
"You can't have YOUR camera up!"
id: 35753
See? I wore a blazer. That's dressed up, right?
id: 35754
Kate and Eric!
id: 35755
Pretty confidence with the cape!
id: 35756
I don't know this guy, I think he's new. But I ilke his attitude!
id: 35757
I wasn't the only one taking pictuers
id: 35758
Not feeling too great, are you?
id: 35759
This bag alone is like 500 calories
id: 35760
All of this is in his stomach! Gross!
id: 35761
He has to eat all five of these things in about 15 minutes
id: 35762
Recording video
id: 35763
Matt wasn't the only one competing, but he came the closest!
id: 35764
Come on, Super Matt!
id: 35765
Well, he failed, but he still gets a round of applause!
id: 35766
Chris stuffs down some Ho-Hos
id: 35767
Lots of people were watching
id: 35768
The remains of the challenge
id: 35769
I don't want it! Don't point that thing at me!
id: 35770
In the end, no one wins.
id: 35771
My life counter D20
id: 35772
Nothing like a nice deck of Magic cards in a card sleeve
id: 35773
Decent hand!
id: 35774
Shawn has seen the way of the card protector shuffle
id: 35775
I've got four decks at the moment. The blue one is a terrible Unglued deck
id: 35776
Shawn's irritating white deck. The worst part is that they're my cards!!
id: 35777
Twilight Sparkle isn't helpful at all when I'm being attacked by first-strike vigilance creatures!
id: 35778
What could be in this box??
id: 35779
A paper stocking? For meee?
id: 35780
This is the first time I've eaten candy from a stranger on the internet. And hopefully not the last
id: 35781
A nice litle note!
id: 35782
This monkey is big! His arms are elastic so he can fly around
id: 35783
A wrapped present inside
id: 35784
Ooo! Mike Mullane's biography! I can't wait to dig into it
id: 35785
The complete package! Bizzell did his research and I was thrilled with the gift!
id: 35786
Buzz was too
id: 35787
Meanwhile, another package is here!
id: 35788
With a fun little bee
id: 35789
Another box?
id: 35790
Ooo, international
id: 35791
What is this strange yellow thing?
id: 35792
Oh ho, it's a knitted blob-form Fluttershy!
id: 35793
Cutie mark and all
id: 35794
id: 35795
Becky's excited
id: 35796
"You want presents?"
id: 35797
What could it be?
id: 35798
Becky inspects her cards
id: 35799
Dad loves socks. Way too much
id: 35800
I got Dad 100 scalpels. Now he'll never have to worry about a dull scalpel preventing him from cutting articles out of newspapers again!
id: 35801
And I finally got him the last season of the Sopranos. What show should be next??
id: 35802
The Boston skyline seen on the way to Marshfield
id: 35803
Carter! We meet again!
id: 35804
Becky loves babies
id: 35805
Aunt Nancy holds Carter
id: 35806
Where did Dad get that enormous glass?
id: 35807
Hi Aunt Nancy!
id: 35808
Brian with Carter
id: 35809
Carter likes keys
id: 35810
Dad had fun riding kids around on his shoulders
id: 35811
Becky and Caroline!
id: 35812
Uncle Jimmy is always making this face
id: 35813
Becky showed Caroline how to track Santa on NORAD's website
id: 35814
Sitting in front of the Christmas tree
id: 35815
Elaine with Caroline and Carter
id: 35816
Eventually, Caroline ran Becky's iPhone's battery out checking Santa, so she moved on to my iPad
id: 35817
The happy family
id: 35818
Dad's still in ride mode
id: 35819
Father and son
id: 35820
So many shoulder rides
id: 35821
id: 35822
Jeez, when did the Branagans stop being little kids?
id: 35823
With those papers out it can only mean one thing... *shudder* carolling time
id: 35824
Aunt Meredith and Aunt Teresa singing
id: 35825
Gragra's bizarre and growing collection of novelty robots
id: 35826
Fa la la la la, la fus roh dah
id: 35827
You can't see it here, but the bottom of the page lists a Geocities URL
id: 35828
Well isn't this just Christmasy as all getout
id: 35829
Danny spent the entire night hiding from my camera, which of course just made me take more pictures of him
id: 35830
Whoa, creepy camera guy in the mirror
id: 35831
Greg loves carolling.
id: 35832
Uncle Peter provides the bass
id: 35833
Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane!
id: 35834
Johnny gave me a pretty funny look
id: 35835
id: 35836
Gragra actually does love carolling
id: 35837
Becky thinks all this nonsense is pretty funny
id: 35838
Ha! Gotcha
id: 35839
See? Clearly Greg loves carolling
id: 35840
Johnny and Melissa
id: 35841
Johnny helps his brother hide from the camera
id: 35842
Well this photo is just hilarious. Who IS the mysterious Godiva man?
id: 35843
Uncle Chris and Greg look through some book
id: 35844
Greg is back from India.. but for how long??
id: 35845
Melissa and Uncle Peter!
id: 35846
Aunt Meredith opening gifts
id: 35847
Everyone gathered around to watch the Jib-Jab animation Uncle Michael made with everyone's heads
id: 35848
Gragra loved it. You see? The internet. Bringing people together.
id: 35849
Ready to get started!
id: 35850
Macaroni knows Christmas as "Glorious Ubiquitous Paper Day"
id: 35851
Becky catches up on her phone in between presents. For shame!
id: 35852
Macaroni needs to stop eating paper
id: 35853
Why can't he just chill out like Isabelle?
id: 35854
What could be in this big heavy box?
id: 35855
It's the Twilight series!
id: 35856
I'll stick to Twilight Sparkle, thanks
id: 35857
I was originally going to wrap this gift while it was still in the much larger Amazon box, so it had way too much paper
id: 35858
It's a Roku! Mom wasn't sure what it was at first but was cruising Netflix, Amazon, and all that jazz in no time
id: 35859
id: 35860
It's a Kindle! "This makes my shower curtain gift look pretty lame!"
id: 35861
Mom, I mean Twilight, got me a pony t-shirt! So funny
id: 35862
Gragra's ready for Christmas dinner
id: 35863
Why is it tied up? So it can't escape?
id: 35864
This is a look I've become very familiar with over the years. It's the "why are you buggin' me?" look
id: 35865
Becky in her usual chair
id: 35866
Gragra opens cards very very slowly
id: 35867
Becky was thrilled with her funny retro phone handset
id: 35868
Mom hanging out
id: 35869
Opening gifts!
id: 35870
You hook this old style phone handset up to your iPhone and it's like you've got an old phone! It's actually pretty convenient
id: 35871
Mmmm Bugles.
id: 35872
Aunt Teresa got some funny little dues
id: 35873
Gragra listening to Uncle Chris about.. something
id: 35874
"Why are you pointing that giant les at me?"
id: 35875
Mom asked me to take some photos of the dinner table
id: 35876
Isn't that nice
id: 35877
I was supposed be having my picture taken, not taking my own!
id: 35878
Mom's runners were a big hit this year
id: 35879
Mom just likes having everyone home
id: 35880
This was the best group photo we could manage. Should've taken more photos, Mom!
id: 35881
I immediately turned it around on her!
id: 35882
Gragra and Mom!
id: 35883
Two sisters and their mom!
id: 35884
Whoooo! Party!!!
id: 35885
This is Alan's new place. It's nicer than the old place, but seems to be listing..
id: 35886
Ben loves awkwardly posing for photos
id: 35887
Yup, this is what the rest of you guys missed by not coming on Friday night!
id: 35888
Amanda's much vaunted gift!
id: 35889
Well I definitely like the wrapping paper
id: 35890
Holy crap! It's a ponified plushie of Rakka!
id: 35891
It's beautiful!
id: 35892
And Vic got me that Rakka figure I've had my eye on for years!
id: 35893
Amanda also made Derpy! And look how derped it is!
id: 35894
id: 35895
Derpy with Rakka ..also Rakka
id: 35896
Her cutie mark is crow feathers. Clever!
id: 35897
I love the wing covers
id: 35898
I'll have to think of something really good to repay these great gifts
id: 35899
Alan takes some photos of the ponies
id: 35900
Vic checks out the sushi menu
id: 35901
I pointed the camera at Alan and waited around 30 second to take the photo to see if he would make a weird face
id: 35902
Kabuki's is always great
id: 35903
This year I poured the liquor for the punch
id: 35904
"Just dump the entire bottle!"
id: 35905
What a weird shape!
id: 35906
The frozen orange juice was kind of gross
id: 35907
Amanda brought some tiny ponies to put on Vic and my birthday cake
id: 35908
What's up with Fluttershy's hair??
id: 35909
Pinkie Pie stands on Vic's head
id: 35910
Our cake!
id: 35911
We missed Bryce, who was on vacation in the Dominican Republic, so we watched some videos of him on Youtube
id: 35912
I love this photo
id: 35913
Vic hooking up all his gear
id: 35914
I liike this photo because it kind of looks like Jefferson is rocking out
id: 35915
Hey Albert
id: 35916
Jeff on the nice couch
id: 35917
Amanda borrows my pony ears
id: 35918
Jeff works on a Rebirth creation on his iPad
id: 35919
This year plastic instruments are out and real instruments are in!
id: 35920
This was how we spent most of the weekend. Hanging out, drinking punch, watching online video. Good times!
id: 35921
Paul was pretty good with the guitar!
id: 35922
This is Vic's impression of Lyra
id: 35923
We talked to Bryce on Skype!
id: 35924
Vic didn't have a microphone but he got some headphones
id: 35925
The man behind the curtain, Alan Chaess
id: 35926
Bryce is funny
id: 35927
It was cool that we could talk to Bryce even though he was thousands of miles away
id: 35928
Everyone looks so bored! Be funnier, Bryce!
id: 35929
Alan talking to Bryce
id: 35930
Time for cheesesteaks!
id: 35931
Jeff orders his Pat's steak
id: 35932
Jeff Heller: badass. He's got a Pat's steak AND a Geno's steak!
id: 35933
It was so warm we ate in town.. and missed midnight! Oops!
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