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Pictures taken during January 2012

id: 35934
Amanda looks so confused
id: 35935
Albert hates IHOP. No not really.
id: 35936
Vic waiting for pancakes
id: 35937
Maybe Albert really does hate IHOP
id: 35938
Jefferson's hear!
id: 35939
Alan and Jeff waiting to order
id: 35940
I'm starting Project 365 again! This is the first photo of the year
id: 35941
Everyone jump! Alan really went all out
id: 35942
Vic miraculously managed to get a photo of the cork flying out of the champagne bottle. The thing flew nearly 100 feet, I don't know how he did it!
id: 35943
Does it smell good?
id: 35944
Clearly it tastes good
id: 35945
Omar stares down another long night
id: 35946
Whoa, what the hell was in that bottle?
id: 35947
Vic hitting the punch
id: 35948
Omar used to be the vice con chair of Otakon, but then he took a Nerf dart to the knee
id: 35949
Pulling the dart out of his knee.
id: 35950
Using Vic's head to steady his shot?
id: 35951
Alan's stepbrother Adam could really play! He was so good none of us could play afterwards
id: 35952
Omar and I tried to play piano with Adam on guitar. We were trying to play Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"
id: 35953
"You guys have 40 years of piano experience between you and it's five chords!!"
id: 35954
This photo looks about right
id: 35955
Liz was there too!
id: 35956
She liked using the iPad as a manga reader
id: 35957
Jefferson sitting on the floor
id: 35958
This is the face Vic made when I told him that Reh Dogg was planning another entry to the Otakon AMV contest
id: 35959
Jefferson thinks about life. And tiny liquor bottles
id: 35960
Amanda couldn't stand up to Omar in the question game
id: 35961
I'm not sure what the hell is going on here, but it looks pretty funny!
id: 35962
I like this portrait of Omar
id: 35963
Alan at the deli!
id: 35964
Liz down the table
id: 35965
Amanda's bored
id: 35966
Bottling the punch is serious business
id: 35967
Don't spill any!
id: 35968
Omar doesn't let a drop go to waste
id: 35969
Vic wrestles with his archnemesis, the foam rollup mattress
id: 35970
Time to hit the road again! I hit some hellish snow in New York but what can you do
id: 35971
Bryce missed hanging out with the kitties
id: 35972
And Neil missed Bryce!
id: 35973
Bryce took to Rocksmith pretty quickly! Look at him rocking out
id: 35974
After a day spent in the Synacor game room, we all headed out to Pearl Street for dinner
id: 35975
Phil's ready for a beer
id: 35976
Eric's ready to make a weird face
id: 35977
Brett was a fan of the food
id: 35978
I think Bryce wished he was still playing Gears of War 2
id: 35979
Phil likes jokes
id: 35980
The next day, we needed to get some real Buffalo wings, so we headed to Duff's!
id: 35981
Brett's burglary hat
id: 35982
Bryce texts Alicia
id: 35983
Now this looks like a good time
id: 35984
You are now hungry
id: 35985
Bryce got some great parmesan wings
id: 35986
Brett got some honey barbeque boneless wings
id: 35987
They had a game room at Duff's so of course we had to drop a few bucks on games
id: 35988
Brett tried the arcade version of Mario Kart
id: 35989
Not bad!
id: 35990
We picked up a couple of board games at Target, including this one: Blokus
id: 35991
Brett organizing his pieces
id: 35992
Between the blanket and the board game, Bryce looks even more like a mental patient than usual
id: 35993
Hi Neil!
id: 35994
This game was Bryce' suggestion and it was a lot of fun!
id: 35995
Bryce is really good at Blokus, so he got a little board
id: 35996
The cats hung out near us
id: 35997
Bryce is heading home! Goodbye Neil!
id: 35998
Aw booo! Apparently in the winter they don't let you stand right next to the falls. Too dangerous
id: 35999
The American Falls look beautiful in the winter!
id: 36000
Though the water looks very cold
id: 36001
Brett's requisite "I'm at Niagara Falls" photo
id: 36002
And my photo for the day!
id: 36003
This thing was completely covered in ice. Some kid tried to put a quarter in it without much luck
id: 36004
Cold water
id: 36005
Other photographers thought it looked pretty neat
id: 36006
This was as close as we could get to the Horseshoe falls. We didn't bother with the cheesey tourist photo this time
id: 36007
The permanent cloud of ice crystals coming off the falls is pretty awesome
id: 36008
Free salvia AND Cuban cigars? What doesn't this place have??
id: 36009
I think Jamal should've spent five minutes spellchecking his sign..
id: 36010
The falls again.. seen from the Canadian side!
id: 36011
Yikes, no wonder they don't let you down there
id: 36012
The Horseshoe Falls were largely obscured behind the seemingly permanent plume of water vapor
id: 36013
Everything was coated in ice
id: 36014
Brett with the falls.. in Canada!
id: 36015
Prett loves his burglar hat
id: 36016
I want to find a coin operated MICROscope someday
id: 36017
Brett was a fan of the glow in the dark astronaut at the minigolf place. I crushed him 44 to 54!
id: 36018
We stopped at Dave and Busters for food and various stupid games
id: 36019
Shoot those things!
id: 36020
So many flashing lights
id: 36021
I wasted a couple of bucks on this stupid thing
id: 36022
It's just so shiny
id: 36023
Brett defended the skies of WWII era London from the Luftwaffe
id: 36024
Most of these games are just black holes for tokens
id: 36025
Stewie looks pretty alarmed to be in this position
id: 36026
Hey a mirror!
id: 36027
I love skiball. I spent a bunch of my tokens on that
id: 36028
So many tokens
id: 36029
Buzzards that really buzz?
id: 36030
Sitting around the plug, charging phones
id: 36031
Hey Chris
id: 36032
Spiffy hat
id: 36033
Eric and Brian look over the Pegasus menu
id: 36034
Chris always has to leave early, so this is the only meal he gets!
id: 36035
Picture of the day!
id: 36036
Why does Teo look so surprised?
id: 36037
Kate at the end of the table
id: 36038
id: 36039
Eric hadn't heard of Pink Floyd. Yes, really.
id: 36040
Chris had to replace the soft roof of his car, so he did that for a while in the garage
id: 36041
Breakfast time!
id: 36042
Mmmm, waffles
id: 36043
Teo need coffee
id: 36044
Brian need.. coke?
id: 36045
Waffles are confusing, apparently
id: 36046
Fresh waffle!
id: 36047
Joel gets some gaming in on his own
id: 36048
Time for complicated board games!
id: 36049
Lots of tiles
id: 36050
Kate hanging out on the couch
id: 36051
Teo helps clarify some of the rules
id: 36052
This is not your typical board game
id: 36053
We had carrots and peppers while we waited for our catastrophic amount of pizza to arrive
id: 36054
Brian waits his turn
id: 36055
Pizza bowl!
id: 36056
The tiles represent a house or something that we're building
id: 36057
Teo didn't play, so he was able to consult everyone on the rules
id: 36058
I have no idea what's going on here
id: 36059
Sitting around for board games!
id: 36060
Ahhh!! Scary Kate!
id: 36061
Steve's all spiffed up for the fancy dinner party
id: 36062
Dustin too
id: 36063
Tom even has a tie clip
id: 36064
Our hosts, Megan and Steve!
id: 36065
The party is underway!
id: 36066
Steve's having a good time
id: 36067
Phil telling stories in the corner
id: 36068
I thought the table extension strategy was pretty funny
id: 36069
Long table!
id: 36070
Phil claimed the one seat in the next room
id: 36071
The disco ball was still in place from a previous party
id: 36072
What's that look for, Dustin?
id: 36073
The dinner part of the dinner party!
id: 36074
Great food was had by all
id: 36075
The lights around the liquor cabinet make me laugh because it's almost like a little shrine
id: 36076
What is Megan reacting to? Probably something offensive Dustin said
id: 36077
Tom taught Phil and I some interesting things about cancer treatment
id: 36078
Phil looks like he's telling some kind of story
id: 36079
Now that dinner is over, it's time for games!
id: 36080
Oh, apparently it's time for gangsigns.
id: 36081
Mmmm, fancy cocktails
id: 36082
Dave and Dustin
id: 36083
In this game, people guess who wrote what, so it's advantageous to write things uncharacteristic of yoruself. Hence...
id: 36084
8ball. Who the hell writes that??
id: 36085
Megan was having fun
id: 36086
What the hell is going on here
id: 36087
Dustin's creepiest ever face
id: 36088
Tom likes funny things
id: 36089
I sat next to Christina
id: 36090
Steve reacting to completely ridiculous sentences in the game
id: 36091
Amy is also wondering what's up with Tom's face
id: 36092
An "old fashioned"!
id: 36093
Steve at the head of the table
id: 36094
The champagne of beers!
id: 36095
Our numbers are dwindling!
id: 36096
Some of the artwork coming out of Telestrations, or as we know it, Out of Context
id: 36097
"Who drew this??"
id: 36098
Everyone couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculous illustrations
id: 36099
I think this was my favorite of the night
id: 36100
Megan and Steve reacting to something completely outrageous and offensive
id: 36101
So much for "fancy"
id: 36102
Dave has really gone downhill
id: 36103
And here we are at the inevitable conclusion of the night
id: 36104
Steve and Megan!
id: 36105
He's just changing music on the iPod, but it looks ridiculous
id: 36106
It was a good night.
id: 36107
This is actually the first time I cooked bacon
id: 36108
It sure looks good..
id: 36109
Filling the muffin tin with peppers and carrots, with bacon lending some structural support
id: 36110
How It's Made running on the ipad
id: 36111
This made me laugh.. read the ingredients, then read the allergens
id: 36112
They came out great! A perfect breakfast
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