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Pictures taken during February 2012

id: 36113
Time to make a rocket.. out of that.
id: 36114
Instructions ready
id: 36115
Neil tried to remember what he learned about rockets.. which isn't much
id: 36116
The firing device
id: 36117
Buzz is ridiculous
id: 36118
Why is he sitting like this??
id: 36119
First step.. glue these parts together
id: 36120
id: 36121
Prepping the nosecone for painting
id: 36122
Time for a little nighttime spray painting
id: 36123
In the meantime, I've glued the base into the cardboard tube and am letting it dry
id: 36124
Painting the fins. If I were doing this properly I would've used a primer first so it didn't look like crap.
id: 36125
This is how I painted the nosecone without getting (much) paint on the porch
id: 36126
id: 36127
A lot of paint just went flying away on the wind
id: 36128
Holding the two halfs together
id: 36129
In the morning, this is what the nose cone and fins looked like. Not great, but not bad!
id: 36130
If you look carefully you can see where the paint missed the cardboard.. oops.
id: 36131
The fins are now in place!
id: 36132
Looks like a rocket to me!
id: 36133
Darin from Synacor brought his kids. Eric isn't one of his kids.
id: 36134
We thought the kids would love riding in the Rhino but for some reason it really freaked them out
id: 36135
And off they go! To the launch field!
id: 36136
Eric driving the Rhino
id: 36137
Here we are at Spaceport Eden. Otherwise known as the field across from the Scheribers' house
id: 36138
Getting the first rocket in place
id: 36139
Everyone looking for the rocket (and trying to catch it!)
id: 36140
Eric did some quick math to estimate the altitude we got out of the rocket
id: 36141
An itty bitty rocket ready to go
id: 36142
Darin waiting for the next launch
id: 36143
The little rocket was super fast and flew out of the camera frame before I even realized it had launched!
id: 36144
My pre-made rocket worked perfectly!
id: 36145
There it is!
id: 36146
Looks like the parachute deployed!
id: 36147
Eric ran after it and successfully caught it
id: 36148
Modifying the Amazon rocket to make the engine fit properly
id: 36149
And away it goes! This monster was quite a bit slower but was still fun
id: 36150
Bradley runs after the Amazon rocket
id: 36151
Catch it!
id: 36152
On this launch the red and silver rocket took off at a sort of strange angle. This was partially on purpose (to counteract wind) but I think we overdid it..
id: 36153
Now this looks like a bad idea....
id: 36154
And indeed it was! I made sure I was behind the Rhino during this launch..
id: 36155
The Amazon coming down after a successful parachute deployment. You can see the (biodegradable!) wadding falling above it
id: 36156
id: 36157
And a picture of the day. I figured my space Brony shirt would be appropriate for today's activities!
id: 36158
A bunch of buses took us to a celebratory brunch where we'd watch our opening
id: 36159
Everyone on board!
id: 36160
More Synacorians heading for the bus
id: 36161
Steve always walks with his eyes closed
id: 36162
What's Canz got in the box?
id: 36163
Hey, that's us!
id: 36164
So much red and white
id: 36165
Neat arch
id: 36166
Ben wants mimosas
id: 36167
I really want to try to pop the interior balloon
id: 36168
Veena loves parties
id: 36169
Everyone pose!
id: 36170
Dipak brought his video camera
id: 36171
Phil's ready to get his brunch on
id: 36172
Mmm, breakfast mimosa
id: 36173
Pooja sloshes her mimosa around
id: 36174
Hey that's Ron!
id: 36175
We're on that giant screen in Times Square!
id: 36176
And we're out there!
id: 36177
Synacorians watching the stock fluctuate
id: 36178
Are we rich yet?
id: 36179
We waited around for a later bus
id: 36180
Spiffy hat, Dipak
id: 36181
The next night, there was a party to celebrate the IPO!
id: 36182
We picked our typical table: in the back away from people and near the bar
id: 36183
Matt always makes a weird face when he sees the camera. His wife Sara actually smiles though
id: 36184
Megan and Steve
id: 36185
Hey, I caught Matt not making a crazy face!
id: 36186
Phil's getting his drunk on
id: 36187
Sara sat across from me, which means she gets more pictures than the people sitting next to me
id: 36188
Ron gave a speech about Synacor
id: 36189
Dancing time!
id: 36190
Nothing like an open bar to make your night
id: 36191
See? Crazy face
id: 36192
Hi Shawn
id: 36193
Wow, that is the creepiest picture I've taken in months
id: 36194
Matt demonstrating his talent at ruining every photo of him
id: 36195
I don't even know what this is supposed to be
id: 36196
"Let's alllll just relax!"
id: 36197
"Ken Goodman?? Blech!"
id: 36198
Balloon letters!
id: 36199
We left from Steve' shouse
id: 36200
We took Matt's car
id: 36201
Why does Steve look so uncomfortable?
id: 36202
And why does Matt look so suspicious?
id: 36203
For some reason we played a lot of Battleship during the trip
id: 36204
Large cargo planes near Fort Drum!
id: 36205
Kinder Surprise! We must be in Canada
id: 36206
I've always wanted to try one of these
id: 36207
It comes with a capsule full of stuff. Apparently American kids are too stupid to not eat it
id: 36208
Holy crap, check out how awesome this plane is! And it was all in the chocolate egg
id: 36209
I don't know if dark chocolate KitKats are a Canadian thing or I just haven't seen them before. In any case, it wasn't very good
id: 36210
Navigator Steve tries to read the French signs
id: 36211
That's a lot of cranes
id: 36212
French! French everywhere!
id: 36213
id: 36214
Somewhat scary looking dude working on a billboard
id: 36215
These elevators suck. We have to rappel?
id: 36216
Waiting for the elevator
id: 36217
I took this picture for Brett
id: 36218
Fancy steakhouse!
id: 36219
Of course, we were all on our phones. Which is strange since we didn't have connectivity
id: 36220
Guinness is pretty good
id: 36221
Nothing like wearing a pony shirt to a fancy steakhouse
id: 36222
Time to plan out our schedule
id: 36223
id: 36224
Which panel is Shawn going to?
id: 36225
Apparently Bell is still a thing in Canada!
id: 36226
This guy was singing "Let it Be" but "Code in C"
id: 36227
That's one hell of a brim
id: 36228
The main dining hall
id: 36229
These desserts were really hit or miss. You were never quite sure what you were about to eat
id: 36230
id: 36231
Settling in for a panel
id: 36232
This was an interesting panel, but it was right after lunch so we all fell asleep for at least part of it
id: 36233
Hitting the town
id: 36234
id: 36235
The hill in the distance makes it look like the ground is warping up like in Inception
id: 36236
A bike in winter in Montreal? That's dedication
id: 36237
Walking around downtown Montreal
id: 36238
People on the sidewalk
id: 36239
Looking up at the church roof
id: 36240
I liked this wall
id: 36241
Now this is a sign I've never seen before..
id: 36242
The obligatory view from my window
id: 36243
Building under construction
id: 36244
Sitting around in Steve's room
id: 36245
Matt prefers to remain anonymous
id: 36246
Awww, it's not omelette du fromage, it's omelette AU fromage! Dexter taught me wrong!
id: 36247
Matt couldn't resist getting some poutine. So nasty looking
id: 36248
Nothing like a PITCHER of Jack and Coke to wrap up the day
id: 36249
Steve got this text. Hilarious
id: 36250
Oh this can't end well
id: 36251
Apparently no one has any idea how to play Asshole
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