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Pictures taken during March 2012

id: 36252
Matt spent some quality time with Crown tonight
id: 36253
Shawn looks pretty well composed considering how many rounds of that stupid drinking game we did
id: 36254
id: 36255
The heated pool was steaming
id: 36256
The carpet was dazzling my brain
id: 36257
The hallway outside some of the panel rooms
id: 36258
So this is what winter's like. I almost forgot
id: 36259
The buildings are gone!
id: 36260
It looks like Matt's slapping Shawn in the face, but really he's just going for some dip
id: 36261
I left this shot a little dark on purpose. I think it could be a decent album cover!
id: 36262
id: 36263
Montreal streets
id: 36264
Shawn's new Facebook picture
id: 36265
I think Steve's ready to be back in his room
id: 36266
What's up with this crazy light?
id: 36267
Walking through the snow
id: 36268
id: 36269
Checking for a hole in traffic
id: 36270
The hotel really reminded me of the one in Inception
id: 36271
Last day of the con
id: 36272
Wrap it up!
id: 36273
What. The hell.
id: 36274
We found Shawn! Let's get the hell out of here!
id: 36275
Looking out the window
id: 36276
What strange graffiti
id: 36277
id: 36278
Some small airplanes
id: 36279
We made it!
id: 36280
So many pies!
id: 36281
Pies of all types
id: 36282
Pies for everyone
id: 36283
Everyone arrived early waiting for Pi-o-clock, or 3/14 1:59
id: 36284
"Can we eat the pie yet?"
id: 36285
Of course, Eric made them sit through a math lesson first
id: 36286
Jeff digs in
id: 36287
Pie time!
id: 36288
Ahhh so many people!
id: 36289
"Why're you taking pictures?"
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