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Pictures taken during April 2012

id: 36290
id: 36291
Walking along the marina
id: 36292
I thought the angles of these tables was interesting, but didn't really pull off the photo..
id: 36293
A seagull coming in for a landing
id: 36294
Flying above the sparkling water
id: 36295
I love the detail on the feathers
id: 36296
Flying in front of the battleship
id: 36297
id: 36298
Banking in front of a buoy
id: 36299
Hey, you're not a seagull!
id: 36300
Coasting along
id: 36301
Flying over the skyway! Get it?
id: 36302
id: 36303
I don't know, it's seagull. What do you want from me?
id: 36304
I really like this shot. Not only is it in front of the battleship, which provides an interesting background, but the bird's striking an unusual pose
id: 36305
Seagull closeup!
id: 36306
Flying over the water
id: 36307
Moments before splashdown
id: 36308
Mind the gap
id: 36309
id: 36310
Will he stick the landing?
id: 36311
This guy did lots of crazy flailing with his limbs while in the air
id: 36312
id: 36313
I hope that board turns back around..
id: 36314
Flying over Buffalo
id: 36315
They landed most of their jumps
id: 36316
His headphone flew off!
id: 36317
I love the tower in the background
id: 36318
Stomping the back of the board to get some air
id: 36319
Spiffy socks
id: 36320
Lining up a jump
id: 36321
Away he goes
id: 36322
This was a pretty serious drop
id: 36323
Botched landing
id: 36324
So high!
id: 36325
It looks like they're landing on grass, but there's pavement in the foreground
id: 36326
Landed it!
id: 36327
Steve built this giant lego thing Megan got him for his birthday
id: 36328
I got him the lego alien, which is now fighting gorilla homer
id: 36329
"Just pick it up!"
id: 36330
Oh, maybe not
id: 36331
There's a whole lot of stuff in here
id: 36332
This chair is now a slingshot
id: 36333
Moving the top of the grill
id: 36334
Megan is skeptical
id: 36335
Phil is in love with his hammock
id: 36336
Megan served as an easal
id: 36337
Screwing in part 1 for the first of five times (directions are hard)
id: 36338
I don't think we used any of these tools
id: 36339
Steve practices his walker technique
id: 36340
Consulting the directions
id: 36341
"Did we mess up step one again??"
id: 36342
"Did we put this piece in backwards?"
id: 36343
Le Grille?? What the hell does that mean?
id: 36344
Screwing in pieces
id: 36345
Hi Megan!
id: 36346
Lots of people I don't know
id: 36347
Steve probably does
id: 36348
Phil and I chilling out at Starbucks
id: 36349
id: 36350
Not a bad turnout!
id: 36351
Hi there
id: 36352
Cmac gets his Arduino working with his laptop
id: 36353
Other attendees
id: 36354
Cmac's Arduino setup
id: 36355
This other guy had a more complex setup
id: 36356
Joe, the guy running the show
id: 36357
We took turns explaining what we want to get out of the course
id: 36358
This guy was recording video or something
id: 36359
id: 36360
id: 36361
I'm pretty sure this thing is twice as old as Shawn
id: 36362
I think I have that same model of seven segment display
id: 36363
Lots of little springs
id: 36364
Showing off the "gameduino"
id: 36365
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