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Pictures taken during June 2012

id: 36512
Jeff looks at the sun through my solar viewer
id: 36513
See that little black dot? That's Venus!
id: 36514
This guy had a really slick setup. You could watch the sun on this bit of projection fabric attached to his telescope
id: 36515
Venus continues its trip across the face of the sun
id: 36516
The telescope kept attracting nerds. Myself included. I saw it from the highway and took the next exit
id: 36517
The telescope owner
id: 36518
It's been nice seeing you, Venus!
id: 36519
Mmm, grill
id: 36520
id: 36521
Hanging out on the porch
id: 36522
Phil pours himself a "Minkler, neat"
id: 36523
Dustin has a crazy beard for some stupid sports reason. I don't know why.
id: 36524
id: 36525
Sausage burgers! Brilliant!
id: 36526
Nice sunglasses, phil
id: 36527
id: 36528
Hey Bryce
id: 36529
Brett actually came! Which is impressive since he's not exactly a huge AMV fan
id: 36530
What will you get, Bryce?
id: 36531
I call this guy "Hippie Brett"
id: 36532
Vic went with the giant platter again
id: 36533
Cards against Humanity!
id: 36534
Reading awkward things
id: 36535
Awkward but funny!
id: 36536
The unexpected winner, Botoss!
id: 36537
Amanda laughs at funny things
id: 36538
Brett didn't like.. something
id: 36539
You dare mess with the Stone Wall??
id: 36540
He refuses to not shoot sideways
id: 36541
Phil quietly pumps up the megablaster.... soon....
id: 36542
Nerf dart hail!
id: 36543
What a funny little car... the handle rotates
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