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Pictures taken during May 2013

id: 37742
Hanging out in the cheap seats at the Bisons game!
id: 37743
We start slowly sneaking into better seats
id: 37744
Get the ball!
id: 37745
I'm pretty sure this guy is a sniper
id: 37746
What.. the hell is that
id: 37747
The crack of the bat!
id: 37748
Oh god, they're chasing each other
id: 37749
That bleu cheese cup is disgusting
id: 37750
Thanks for visiting, Mom!
id: 37751
Dustin's not sure about this.
id: 37752
Hi Tamara
id: 37753
Tom doesn't need his sunglasses
id: 37754
Megan caught me
id: 37755
Hoodie Steve
id: 37756
Phil needs to shave
id: 37757
I don't even know who this guy is
id: 37758
Time for Kan Jam!
id: 37759
Don't hit the camera with the frisbee!
id: 37760
That look on Steve's Dad's face leads me to believe that the throw did not go as intended
id: 37761
Beer emergency!
id: 37762
Phil is poised to score some big points
id: 37763
id: 37764
id: 37765
Sitting in hammocks is hard.
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