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Pictures taken during June 2013

id: 37766
"Yes.. yes.. this is clearly Lake Erie"
id: 37767
id: 37768
James with the grain elevator
id: 37769
Your hat's on a little crooked there
id: 37770
id: 37771
Another view of my favorite abandoned building in Buffalo
id: 37772
Hey look! It's Cedar Point!
id: 37773
My turn on the other side of the lens
id: 37774
It was pretty windy, my hair isn't just permanently stupid
id: 37775
One of the wind turbines had a blade that was edge on to me, so it looked like it was missing
id: 37776
Checking out the pier
id: 37777
Looks like fun, but don't fall in the gross water!
id: 37778
This building was bought recently. Hopefully they don't tear it down
id: 37779
James loves foosball
id: 37780
And also Synacor!
id: 37781
Gotta get the tunes going
id: 37782
Don't tell me what to do!
id: 37783
Guys on a crane in downtown Buffalo
id: 37784
The border!
id: 37785
I probably shouldn't be taking pictures of customs agents searching stuff
id: 37786
id: 37787
Let's.. not go there
id: 37788
Waiting in line at MarineLand
id: 37789
James is so excited
id: 37790
Hey it's that drop tower I forget the name of
id: 37791
id: 37792
id: 37793
You have an oddly shaped head
id: 37794
James struck this pose right in front of a group of people who didn't see me taking a picture. They were confused
id: 37795
id: 37796
Orca whale!
id: 37797
James is blue
id: 37798
The pandas of the sea. Except not really.
id: 37799
I think we know what this shark has been doing on his downtime
id: 37800
I'm pretty sure this isn't a real animal
id: 37801
Hey I know that guy
id: 37802
Gangsta squid ride
id: 37803
So scary
id: 37804
Drop tower looming in the background
id: 37805
Hello up there!
id: 37806
James is having a great time
id: 37807
id: 37808
James is funny cause he rides everything even if he isn't interested
id: 37809
Another terrifying ride
id: 37810
"I think I just sat in water.."
id: 37811
"Is my ass wet?"
id: 37812
"Oh god"
id: 37813
So calm
id: 37814
Swing chairs are fun
id: 37815
Photo op!
id: 37816
Flying free
id: 37817
id: 37818
This thing looks complicated
id: 37819
So many little cars
id: 37820
The belugas were checking us out
id: 37821
James with the whales
id: 37822
This whale posed for a picture with me
id: 37823
id: 37824
Hello? Yes, this is whale
id: 37825
Hi there
id: 37826
Whale closeup!
id: 37827
Another curved mirror!
id: 37828
Spinning around
id: 37829
James was taking these corners really fast
id: 37830
id: 37831
id: 37832
I don't think that's a real bear
id: 37833
I really wanted to hit the buttons
id: 37834
Yet another "spinning thing on a spinning arm" thing
id: 37835
Action shot
id: 37836
Canadian money isn't real money!
id: 37837
"Hey kid, you got some food?"
id: 37838
We fed him what appeared to be kix
id: 37839
He nearly ate my lens cap when I dropped my lens and the cap rolled into the water. Whoops
id: 37840
And this is how James lost his arm
id: 37841
Hey bear, go get my lens cap
id: 37842
id: 37843
It's too hot for them
id: 37844
Hanging out in the shade
id: 37845
This dude didn't seem to be having a very fun time
id: 37846
Oh hi there
id: 37847
Meanwhile, in stinktown
id: 37848
This buffalo or bison or whatever is freaking out
id: 37849
Coaster loops over the treeline
id: 37850
Jungle coaster?
id: 37851
This looks like a level in TF2
id: 37852
Niagara Falls
id: 37853
Drop tower!
id: 37854
There was a film crew making a commercial out of peoples' reactions
id: 37855
Dropping back down!
id: 37856
Oh no, I've been spotted
id: 37857
That doesn't mean YOU have to scream, James
id: 37858
This area is apparently dedicated to harassing deer. I just took one picture and left
id: 37859
Dragon Mountain was closed. It's ok though, James went back the next day
id: 37860
So many inflatable animals! I asked the guy who worked there if he ever jumped in and he said he knew someone who did and they just went right through and broke his shoulder on the ground
id: 37861
James' amazing season pass
id: 37862
This seal reminded me of Buzz. Just because of the whiskers though
id: 37863
Onwards, to Martin's Fantasy Island!
id: 37864
Was this a problem?
id: 37865
In line for a kiddie coaster
id: 37866
A coaster is a coaster!
id: 37867
Number 715, or something like that
id: 37868
Is he going to fall out?
id: 37869
New coaster!
id: 37870
It was pretty intense
id: 37871
That's one goofy looking coaster
id: 37872
Don't be fooled, folks. This is actually just a trash can
id: 37873
Where to next?
id: 37874
This thing looked insane
id: 37875
People ride it many times in a row since every time they get on, their memory is erased
id: 37876
James refuses to hold on
id: 37877
I dub this The Ennauseator
id: 37878
Rainbow coaster!
id: 37879
James will be mad that I can't remember its name
id: 37880
Whooo! Rides!!
id: 37881
These flying swings were too high
id: 37882
Hey look! It's Sky Screamer again!
id: 37883
The lame view from the super lame ferris wheel. We got two turns around and that was it
id: 37884
Take your photos fast!
id: 37885
James loves rides
id: 37886
What.. the hell.. is this
id: 37887
Ahhh, look out!!
id: 37888
Dinner while watching Nick Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon on TV
id: 37889
Black light underground Canadian minigolf!
id: 37890
Hey it's that giant ferris wheel
id: 37891
Look at it ferris.
id: 37892
Ahhh, we're in it!
id: 37893
The non-black light above ground Canadian minigolf.
id: 37894
Inside the giant ferris wheel
id: 37895
Cool lights on the falls
id: 37896
Lights everywhere
id: 37897
Clifton Hill
id: 37898
Such structure
id: 37899
Wheel of Canada, turn turn turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn
id: 37900
Rainbow falls!
id: 37901
The lights are pretty cool
id: 37902
They were red for a long time
id: 37903
Blood falls
id: 37904
Super long exposure on rainbow falls!
id: 37905
So many colors
id: 37906
The much talked about "Supermoon"
id: 37907
Becky on her kindle
id: 37908
Hi Mom!
id: 37909
Nice view of the skyline
id: 37910
Becky checks it out
id: 37911
"Are you taking my picture?"
id: 37912
Becky taking a picture of the New York skyline
id: 37913
Aunt Kathy!
id: 37914
Aunt Teresa!
id: 37915
Uncle Chris!
id: 37916
The church was insanely hot
id: 37917
Practicing for the big day
id: 37918
Since I was in the wedding, I didn't get any pictures. So this is all you get!
id: 37919
Milling around outside the church
id: 37920
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chris chose the world's darkest, and least photo friendly, restaurant in New York!
id: 37921
The bride and groom
id: 37922
Uncle Chris gives a very nice speech. Unfortunately, this photo is the only record of it!
id: 37923
id: 37924
Say cheese!
id: 37925
Aunt Teresa had a great time
id: 37926
I'm glad I brought the flash diffuser
id: 37927
Everyone smile!
id: 37928
Getting a ride in Suz's laughably small car
id: 37929
"Yay, photos"
id: 37930
To the local market!
id: 37931
It turns out Suz can actually draw
id: 37932
Goran perched on the couch
id: 37933
Hey it's Josh! It turns out he's a real person
id: 37934
Mxy hates photos
id: 37935
Get it? Get it? Probably not.
id: 37936
"Your cards"
id: 37937
CJ hates photos, so of course I had to try to take a nice one. I think I succeeded!
id: 37938
Mxy continues her lurking, freaking Suz out
id: 37939
Cards Against Humanity is fun
id: 37940
Mxy is just as alarmed as I am that Goran never fixed his cool red PC
id: 37941
id: 37942
Lots of giant ads in New York
id: 37943
Hit block, receive pizza
id: 37944
Cool graffiti! Or art! Or something
id: 37945
I live in Buffalo, I'm not used to seeing stuff to do and people doing stuff
id: 37946
id: 37947
Goran loves soda
id: 37948
That looks like a pretty great donut
id: 37949
I don't like this pig
id: 37950
id: 37951
Bryce is going to cut me into paper dolls with his new pal
id: 37952
id: 37953
Lord Zedd!
id: 37954
Checking out the Manhattan skyline while waiting for the ferry
id: 37955
1 WTC is nearly done
id: 37956
Empire State Building
id: 37957
This guy was serving shaved ice by ACTUALLY SHAVING ICE
id: 37958
Those beams are sticking pretty far out
id: 37959
To the ferry!
id: 37960
I'm an adult
id: 37961
Uhh.. is that normal?
id: 37962
id: 37963
Williamsburg Bridge
id: 37964
Nobody drop anything on me
id: 37965
Hey I recognize that Verizon building from some iconic photos from 12 years ago
id: 37966
Brooklyn Bridge!
id: 37967
Under the Brooklyn Bridge
id: 37968
The closest I got to the Statue of Liberty
id: 37969
Booo, Wall Street. Booo.
id: 37970
Hey it's that Willow look-alike again!
id: 37971
id: 37972
This building looks all janky.. but it does it on purpose
id: 37973
Bryce was psyched to see Midtown Comics
id: 37974
Getting closer to 1 WTC
id: 37975
id: 37976
Posing with 1 WTC!
id: 37977
Why are they taking pieces down?
id: 37978
Bryce loves when I make him pose for photos
id: 37979
This was about as close as I got to 1 WTC. Maybe I'll get the memorial tour next time
id: 37980
Neat memorial art
id: 37981
This is where Occupy Wall Street was
id: 37982
Now there's people doing street performances
id: 37983
"Am I allowed to take photos on the subway?" "I don't know" "Let's find out"
id: 37984
The gay pride parade, right after DOMA was repealed!
id: 37985
In a lot of ways, the gay pride parade looks similar to an anime con..
id: 37986
Miss Trans Universe
id: 37987
Suz is short
id: 37988
Again.. the anime con parallel
id: 37989
Keeping traffic from driving into the parade
id: 37990
Ahhh, buildings are disappearing!
id: 37991
Is it just me, or is this guy slightly smaller than he should be
id: 37992
I didn't notice someone noticed me taking this picture until I got home!
id: 37993
Waiting for sliders
id: 37994
Oh my god we're back at Kenka!! Don't let them see me!!
id: 37995
Another video game shop
id: 37996
Look out Goran, Bryce is coming for you!!
id: 37997
What is this monstrosity
id: 37998
What the hell is this thing??
id: 37999
"Lose weight by ignoring the sign above this one"
id: 38000
Cool window art
id: 38001
Goran came prepared with an umbrella
id: 38002
"Oh my god, photos"
id: 38003
Cool store, but unbearably hot and humid
id: 38004
So many N64 games
id: 38005
The Oculus Rift's old second cousin twice removed
id: 38006
I've never even heard of this thing
id: 38007
Hey, very cool. Kojima's autograph!
id: 38008
And Miyamoto's!
id: 38009
Hey kid, need an N64?
id: 38010
"Mario? I don't know"
id: 38011
Goran strikes a pose
id: 38012
Hi Suz!
id: 38013
id: 38014
Walking back to Suz and Goran's apartment
id: 38015
New York streets
id: 38016
Think you're cool with your rain shield?
id: 38017
Getting ice cream at the Big Gay Ice Cream shop
id: 38018
You can tell by the unicorns
id: 38019
Mxy is my friend
id: 38020
Suz is now 20% cooler
id: 38021
Sunset on the city
id: 38022
Goran couldn't resist the ridiculous boxed water
id: 38023
At this place you ordered your dinner by the POUND. Who thinks of their food by the pound? This is 3/4 pound of pulled pork, by the way
id: 38024
Long exposure from the roof of the apartment building
id: 38025
Lastly we went to Barcade. A bar and classic arcade games! Awesome!
id: 38347
Time to get started?
id: 38348
Greg's here!
id: 38349
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chris know we've got one hell of a night ahead of us
id: 38350
Looking over the menu at Ruth Chris, a steak house in Manhattan
id: 38351
Greg loves pictures
id: 38352
Much beer was had
id: 38353
Is the steak here yet?
id: 38354
Ahhh, there we go
id: 38355
Now where?
id: 38356
I love this shot. It looks like the future or something!
id: 38357
New York City!
id: 38358
To Kenka?
id: 38359
Greg snapped this amazing shot of the Empire State Building out the window of a taxi
id: 38360
id: 38361
id: 38362
I want to know if they bought all those from the "used creepy baby doll" store
id: 38363
Insane tanuki
id: 38364
Waiting to get into Kenka
id: 38365
The bouncers outside the bar around the corner from Kenka were pretty cool
id: 38366
id: 38367
Still waiting to get into Kenka!
id: 38368
We were all having a pretty good time
id: 38369
Busted taking a photo
id: 38370
Ahhh, see??
id: 38371
Finally inside Kenka, let's check out the menu
id: 38372
Lots of Japanese
id: 38373
EXTREMELY dry! We insisted on extremely dry.
id: 38374
Wake up and smell the sake
id: 38375
Also beer. Gotta have more beer
id: 38376
Busted taking another picture
id: 38377
Raff kept yelling at me to not take his picture. Which, of course, made it more fun to take his picture
id: 38378
"Hmm.. sake needs to be more dry.."
id: 38379
The chilled glasses were perfect for the insanely hot night
id: 38380
I'm not even going to tell you what this is
id: 38381
Greg is unsure, but committed. Perhaps the lemon will help
id: 38382
"Are you taking my picture again??"
id: 38383
A sampling...
id: 38384
It's good!
id: 38385
Greg disagrees
id: 38386
Having second thoughts?
id: 38387
Almost 1am at a weird Japanese bar? Time for sunglasses!
id: 38388
Photo duel!
id: 38389
Yesss, sunglasses all around
id: 38390
The sake and the sunglasses were extremely dry
id: 38391
Attempting to coat Greg's head in cotton candy
id: 38392
Disaster strikes! Grinding noises, commotion, candy flying everywhere!
id: 38393
OK, time to make our escape
id: 38394
At least we rescued the sake. Or beer. Or whatever. The important thing is it has alcohol in it
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