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Pictures taken during September 2013

id: 38631
Is that a bee??
id: 38632
I think that's a bee!
id: 38633
Let's kill the bee
id: 38634
There's a bee?
id: 38635
I told you there was a bee
id: 38636
I wish the bee would come back
id: 38637
Maybe the bee will accept my offering
id: 38638
Well, at least the bee is gone.
id: 38639
Entering the Bills Zone
id: 38640
Meth station
id: 38641
What madman would try to drive a car down here??
id: 38642
Getting closer
id: 38643
This guy was pretty into it
id: 38644
Aww, look at the little Brady
id: 38645
I think the road is closed
id: 38646
Ralph Wiggum Stadium
id: 38647
Entering the refugee camp
id: 38648
id: 38649
Steve with his creepy mustache
id: 38650
Megan thinks this is all ridiculous
id: 38651
These guys came straight from an all night bachelor party
id: 38652
Christina listens to the bachelor party's speeches
id: 38653
Steve says what he thinks the key to the game will be and takes a swig
id: 38654
Dustin's turn
id: 38655
Mustache photo!
id: 38656
id: 38657
Too close!!!
id: 38658
A solemn moment indeed
id: 38659
Dustin is a little out of control
id: 38660
Megan is not
id: 38661
Dustin needs to drink quickly, the game is about to start!
id: 38662
It is Tuel Time?
id: 38663
id: 38664
Will they kick Dustin out for being too drunk? Nobody knows!! (He made it)
id: 38665
The new security rules are really helping the lines
id: 38666
id: 38667
id: 38668
Have fun, everyone!
id: 38669
Check out the new VAT!
id: 38670
The all important control booth
id: 38671
The medical team was awesome
id: 38672
Asuna and Kirito!
id: 38673
The AMV team mascot
id: 38674
This guy's got corporate sponsorship
id: 38675
Amazing wings!
id: 38676
Could you turn up the AC?
id: 38677
Spiffy Iron Man
id: 38678
Officer Jenny!
id: 38679
Master Chief's got the armor but I think Yoko has him outgunned
id: 38680
Now these are some cosplayers everyone can get behind
id: 38681
Virtual Reality and liquor. What could go wrong?
id: 38682
Hey it's Bryce!
id: 38683
Bryce decided to come at the last second and got to play with the Rift!
id: 38684
Let's hit the con floor
id: 38685
Rarity and Rainbow Dash!
id: 38686
Valid medical concern for Sunday
id: 38687
Deathnote Chicken observes the cosplay photoshoot
id: 38688
Don't cross him
id: 38689
He just kept staring at Dave
id: 38690
Let's try weird Japanese games!
id: 38691
id: 38692
Taiko drum master!
id: 38693
Bang the drums
id: 38694
Amanda tries to decrypt the game
id: 38695
id: 38696
Some happy game room participants
id: 38697
So professional
id: 38698
Omar loves wrapping cables
id: 38699
This cart is the best thing ever
id: 38700
Also the server
id: 38701
Omar lets off a little steam after the weekend
id: 38702
Liz says bring on the sharks!
id: 38703
She's jumping a motorcycle over a ramp
id: 38704
Virtual reality is confusing
id: 38705
Let's play Omar's baffling board game
id: 38706
It has neat figures!
id: 38707
Such Vic. Very glasses.
id: 38708
Cons are fun!
id: 38709
Was it Liz in the Deathnote Chicken suit?
id: 38710
Vic is in charge of figuring out the confusing rules
id: 38711
Mxy was startled to hear I might move to NYC
id: 38712
Suz makes a cat animation
id: 38713
I'm wearing the hat as a hat, against the very specific instructions from Nintendo
id: 38714
Suz beats up Goran
id: 38715
There was some kind of motorcycle block party at Suz and Goran's place
id: 38716
Why are we at a bar in the morning?
id: 38717
Charlie knows that's a dumb question. It's time for Spoons, Toons, and Booze!
id: 38718
Guinness and Cap'n Crunch. A good way to start the day
id: 38719
Singing the Duck Tales theme!
id: 38720
Jar time? Where's Jeff?
id: 38721
Giant pile of meat at Fette Sau!
id: 38722
Goran finishes off the beer. Or whatever it was
id: 38723
This was almost a photo of a piggyback ride
id: 38724
Yaddi has a flat head
id: 38725
And likes smelling my bag
id: 38726
Oh god, look away!!
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