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Pictures taken during October 2013

id: 38727
Thanks to the Marina Market for all the lunches! What's up cuz!
id: 38728
I gathered as many of my Synacor buddies as I could into one place and took a group photo!
id: 38729
One more!
id: 38730
Now let's make sure people are making goofy faces
id: 38731
Best boss ever, Steve!
id: 38732
Let's get drunk!
id: 38733
Hi Topaz
id: 38734
Beers all around
id: 38735
Beer is funny
id: 38736
Phil doesn't know about this whole drinking thing
id: 38737
Kevin once again makes us all feel underdressed
id: 38738
Megan and Christina!
id: 38739
CMac is my trivia consultant
id: 38740
One last beef on weck!
id: 38741
Ordering Jager shot
id: 38742
Jager shots!
id: 38743
A toast!
id: 38744
Plastic cup click!
id: 38745
Sweet sweet Jager
id: 38746
So refreshing
id: 38747
I won real money from the trivia machine!
id: 38748
There is so much beer on this foosball table
id: 38749
How can I be expected to foos with this much beer on the table
id: 38750
You're going down, Shawn!
id: 38751
One point at a time!
id: 38752
id: 38753
Just look at the ball!
id: 38754
Time for a different game
id: 38755
How does pool work?
id: 38756
Magic triangle
id: 38757
Time for pool
id: 38758
Bye Mark! Thanks for all the interesting conversations!
id: 38759
The enigmatic Mark Mitias!
id: 38760
id: 38761
Christina lines up a shot
id: 38762
6 ball, no pocket
id: 38763
Phil's turn!
id: 38764
Pool analysis
id: 38765
That's not my purse
id: 38766
Phil looks like he knows what he's doing
id: 38767
Bye buddy! See you soon!
id: 38768
Topaz isn't great at pool
id: 38769
Shawn is pretty good though
id: 38770
I guarantee Topaz is thinking about angles of incidence and geometry right now
id: 38771
Shawn kicked my ass
id: 38772
"Why do you keep hitting the wrong balls??"
id: 38773
Dad's going to drive the truck!
id: 38774
Cops on horses!
id: 38775
I think I found the right place
id: 38776
Dad may not like football, but he does like barbeques!
id: 38777
Just a typical Bills refugee camp
id: 38778
id: 38779
Bleu cheese burgers!
id: 38780
Dad doesn't know about all this football stuff
id: 38781
I'm going to miss this!
id: 38782
This is how you get rid of furniture you don't want when you have a patio
id: 38783
Neil wonders where everything went
id: 38784
I took a bunch of photos to prove I didn't wreck up the place. This is one!
id: 38785
I made Dad drive the truck
id: 38786
Hitting the road!
id: 38787
At least we picked a pretty time of year to go
id: 38788
Wind turbines!
id: 38789
I love wind turbines
id: 38790
Who says these are eyesores?
id: 38791
Windfarm.. on a farm!
id: 38792
id: 38793
I already made the wind farm joke
id: 38794
A pumpkin cannon!
id: 38795
Rocks and leaves
id: 38796
Buzz didn't like the move
id: 38797
I kept him company
id: 38798
From the FUTURE
id: 38799
Getting closer!
id: 38800
Pretty forest
id: 38801
Buzz doesn't know about this rest stop
id: 38802
No don't!
id: 38803
Dentistry from the future and real estate from the past
id: 38804
The stupid GW charged me $30 to cross!
id: 38805
Can you believe we got this truck through New York?
id: 38806
Getting some diner breakfast before his bus home
id: 38807
Dad always calls his brother "Brother Jimmy" so I made him stand in front of this restaurant
id: 38808
This is my Dad's reaction to New Jersey giving him a ticket
id: 38809
id: 38810
I've never encountered a heliport before..
id: 38811
That's the building where I work now!
id: 38812
Hey cool, the Empire State Building
id: 38813
These two had better cameras than me
id: 38814
Goodbye helicopter!
id: 38815
It's a big office building. I work on the 11th floor
id: 38816
I found this cat in Queens
id: 38817
The Hayden Planetarium!
id: 38818
This is the observable universe or something
id: 38819
Someone forgot to paint the earth
id: 38820
id: 38821
Hanging around near Central Park
id: 38822
It was a nice day
id: 38823
Picking up leaves!
id: 38824
This is the view from my train platform
id: 38825
Bliss street!
id: 38826
A taxi cab spotted in its natural habitat
id: 38827
id: 38828
It's Beany!!
id: 38829
Suz also makes goofy faces
id: 38830
I love fall!!
id: 38831
Beware the bee zone
id: 38832
This was a big farmer's market
id: 38833
Let's decide what to do
id: 38834
How about making goofy faces?
id: 38835
id: 38836
Cider is great
id: 38837
Beany got some maple syrup cotton candy
id: 38838
I wasted $15 on honeycomb, which tastes weird
id: 38839
Suz doesn't like it
id: 38840
Uhhhh... ok then
id: 38841
Who's ready for hot dogs?
id: 38842
Apparently Beany and Suz are
id: 38843
Used crap shops are funny
id: 38844
Double mirrors!
id: 38845
Beany likes the cat mug
id: 38846
OK fine
id: 38847
There is a lot of crap in here
id: 38848
Maybe she doesn't want it..
id: 38849
Look at all this crap
id: 38850
id: 38851
Pumpkin tiiime
id: 38852
"You're going to take pictures of me eating honeycomb?"
id: 38853
"Here I go!"
id: 38854
Mmmm, honey
id: 38855
Making dough!
id: 38856
id: 38857
Pugs love cooking
id: 38858
Beer bottles are an instrument
id: 38859
Things are funny
id: 38860
Mxy doesn't know why so many people are here
id: 38861
The famous Yolkr. Just don't combine it with the Oculus Rift!
id: 38862
Ahhh, Beany!!
id: 38863
Topaz had fun in Ireland
id: 38864
Kate is sick of traveling
id: 38865
Thanks for the cool coaster!
id: 38866
Going to get lunch with my new coworkers!
id: 38867
Getting a sandwich on bread I can't remember the name of
id: 38868
My building!
id: 38869
There are going to be a lot of pictures of 1 WTC so you may as well get used to it now.
id: 38870
D&D is so nerdy even I can't handle it
id: 38871
Sushi taco?? It's better than it sounds
id: 38872
Let's eat lunch
id: 38873
Sure, I guess
id: 38874
The view from my temporary desk is spiffy, but the small desk and blinding sun is not
id: 38875
id: 38876
Sunset over New Jersey
id: 38877
Charlie came prepared.. and then left all his stuff in the car
id: 38878
This bobblehead dog has seen better days
id: 38879
It was a litle chilly, but Charlie was feeling pretty good
id: 38880
id: 38881
Let's do this..
id: 38882
Zombies!! Ahh!
id: 38883
This is how you know it's a good event
id: 38884
And Charlie wastes no time on the waiver
id: 38885
I think Goran just noticed he's not in bed
id: 38886
Apples are best for running from zombies
id: 38887
This is where they hurled fake blood at zombie volunteers
id: 38888
This guy has a fun job
id: 38889
Even zombies are hooked on social media
id: 38890
Ack! That zombie saw me!
id: 38891
Lots of people were running
id: 38892
An important station
id: 38893
A pile of peoples' lives
id: 38894
Even the medical staff were dressed up
id: 38895
A survivor dives into the "blood bath"
id: 38896
id: 38897
This guy is about to be very cold
id: 38898
So graceful
id: 38899
An appropriate reaction to the temperature of the "blood"
id: 38900
And yet a line forms!
id: 38901
Run, survivors!
id: 38902
Somehow, where we were still counted as Brooklyn. You can still see Manhattan!
id: 38903
This is one eager zombie
id: 38904
id: 38905
Clearly these are two people who are not dead yet
id: 38906
Charlie kept giving advice about not wasting energy.. and then dancing
id: 38907
I just chose this picture cause Suz looks funny
id: 38908
Team Alive!
id: 38909
Charlie almost looks like he knows what he's doing
id: 38910
Suz too
id: 38911
Time to run
id: 38912
Hey zombies!
id: 38913
id: 38914
Charlie decided to just rob a local bank instead
id: 38915
Only 10 minutes until running time!
id: 38916
All hail the gas heat lamp thing
id: 38917
So many people. How many will survive?
id: 38918
You fools! You're wasting precious energy!
id: 38919
GoPro man came prepared
id: 38920
Even bananas have to pee
id: 38921
Good luck, enthusiastic strangers!
id: 38922
These two were in high spirits. Though I don't think they skipped through the whole thing
id: 38923
Go banana! Also, look out for that monkey man with a GoPro!
id: 38924
I missed them start.. but there goes the gang!
id: 38925
This was a very proactive zombie
id: 38926
Two survivors try to figure out how to get past the fast zombies
id: 38927
She's gonna get you!
id: 38928
Get him! Ahhhh!!
id: 38929
Crawling out of the smoke house
id: 38930
I don't get it, but ok
id: 38931
This guy kept making faces at me
id: 38932
Another one bites the dust
id: 38933
Clearly dressed for survival
id: 38934
The guy in the yellow kept warning the other zombies that survivors were coming by moaning "braiinns"
id: 38935
Run for your life!
id: 38936
Not all the injuries were fake, but luckily none were too serious
id: 38937
Zombies out in the open!
id: 38938
Even zombies get tired
id: 38939
Survivors incoming!
id: 38940
Back stretching?
id: 38941
Run, Zombie Bait, run!
id: 38942
This sneaky zombie kept hiding behind trash barrels
id: 38943
Run away!
id: 38944
Hey sneaky zombie!
id: 38945
Hey there they are! They're all dead but Goran!
id: 38946
Oh, now Goran's dead too. Bummer!
id: 38947
Stop pointing at me!
id: 38948
These lazy bums didn't even crawl out of the smoke house
id: 38949
Oh god, Charlie's shirt is off
id: 38950
Let's just climb up here...
id: 38951
id: 38952
Charlie and CJ jump for their lives
id: 38953
Plunging into the blood!
id: 38954
Charlie may regret his decision
id: 38955
Nah, it was awesome. CJ isn't a fan though
id: 38956
Suz and Goran are up next!
id: 38957
Bad ideaaaaaa
id: 38958
id: 38959
Charlie was lovingi t
id: 38960
Suz was cold
id: 38961
id: 38962
There was a steady stream of jumpers into the blood
id: 38963
Since they're already dead, they didn't have to hurry too much in the final zombie field
id: 38964
Which was good cause they were busy being cold
id: 38965
The end is in sight!
id: 38966
Crawl, Charlie!
id: 38967
You're almost there!
id: 38968
Oh no, he died
id: 38969
Goran does some kind of bizarre spider walk
id: 38970
Suz, you're almost there!
id: 38971
Well, not really, you died like half an hour ago
id: 38972
CJ too!
id: 38973
You survived!
id: 38974
Actually you all died, but you survived dying!
id: 38975
Warm clothes are the best
id: 38976
And they all got medals!
id: 38977
And crappy beer!
id: 38978
Charlie knows this is serious business
id: 38979
I'm not sure what Suz is doing here
id: 38980
Sadie is helping by prepping peppers. She's a pepper prepper.
id: 38981
Mxy is sick of all of this nonsense
id: 38982
Mixing the bowl?
id: 38983
Whisk whisk whisk
id: 38984
Chop chop chop
id: 38985
id: 38986
Charlie adds some chocolate shavings to the mix
id: 38987
Fancy chocolate
id: 38988
Sadie lines up another chop
id: 38989
id: 38990
Look at this mess
id: 38991
So many tomatoes
id: 38992
Yaddi hates everyone and everything
id: 38993
Making chili!
id: 38994
id: 38995
Big ol' bowl of beef
id: 38996
Would you like some peppers?
id: 38997
Ahhh, that's hot!
id: 38998
That's too hot!
id: 38999
id: 39000
Suz is short
id: 39001
"This pepper is hotter than you told me.."
id: 39002
Checking the recipe
id: 39003
Is it done yet?
id: 39004
Charlie likes his new Kindle Fire
id: 39005
Making chili is fun
id: 39006
Goran is home and wants to know what the heck is going on here
id: 39007
I don't know, dinnner?
id: 39008
The book store was pretty crowded
id: 39009
My copy!
id: 39010
Suz is excited
id: 39011
Almost two hours later, Suz is less excited
id: 39012
Allie asked us to draw stuff for her, so I drew a Falcon 9 launch!
id: 39013
Suz drew a comic with Mxy and Yaddi
id: 39014
Allie was super friendly
id: 39015
Allie talking to Suz
id: 39016
Drawing a cat
id: 39017
Suz and Allie!
id: 39018
Tom is a sneaky sneak
id: 39019
Look at him blend in
id: 39020
Suz has found the free beer
id: 39021
Charlie is determined to win this chili competition
id: 39022
I couldn't believe he had the exact same pajamas as me
id: 39023
Various cutting tools
id: 39024
Everyone get chili!
id: 39025
He's a judge. Get it?
id: 39026
id: 39027
Bryan is grumpy
id: 39028
Is the chili any good?
id: 39029
The chili competitors at work
id: 39030
Another chili judge
id: 39031
Uhh.. we'll find another meeting room
id: 39032
Josh wouldn't stay still
id: 39033
He's ready to do magic
id: 39034
Prize machine?
id: 39035
Out on the balcony to hear the winners
id: 39036
No one I know won anything! Bummer.
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