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Pictures taken during December 2013

id: 39130
You ready for some Christmas??
id: 39131
Get that caffeine flowing
id: 39132
Macaroni awaits the year paper apocalypse
id: 39133
Becky got mom the power drill set she needed.. in pink!
id: 39134
Mom was thrilled
id: 39135
Becky's got her hat on
id: 39136
What could it be?
id: 39137
A big ol' slow cooker
id: 39138
Becky's excited
id: 39139
Macaroni has seen some shit
id: 39140
Christmas morning is a great time to be a cat
id: 39141
TV Tables!
id: 39142
Macaroni is overwhelmed
id: 39143
Spiffy hat
id: 39144
Time to get reading
id: 39145
Dad's turn to open presents!
id: 39146
Becky supervises
id: 39147
We weren't sure the blue would work but it totally did!
id: 39148
Becky is trying to blend in with the couch
id: 39149
Hi Uncle Chris!
id: 39150
Camera duel!
id: 39151
Relaxing after dinner
id: 39152
Awkward photos!
id: 39153
Yaaay awkward photos
id: 39154
Just one more
id: 39155
What the hell is this
id: 39156
How ominous
id: 39157
What could it be?
id: 39158
It's Vic's magic internet money machine. Mining for cryptocurrency!
id: 39159
Vic opens a present
id: 39160
What is Alan talking about
id: 39161
"Where's my drink"
id: 39162
It's a new figure!
id: 39163
Bryce inspects his gift to VIc
id: 39164
Looking good with her buddy Kyubey
id: 39165
Omar and Liz got me an amazing Jeb Kerman figure!
id: 39166
Albert meets his destiny
id: 39167
Cutting open the box to retrieve the mythical secret card
id: 39168
Is it real?
id: 39169
It IS real!!
id: 39170
Of course.
id: 39171
Liz catchse up on her iPad
id: 39172
Paying tribute to Omar's amazing 2012 cosplay
id: 39173
Vic is tall
id: 39174
Next year's label?
id: 39175
No maybe this
id: 39176
Who's winning Cards Against Humanity now?
id: 39177
Everyone in the van
id: 39178
Is everyone in there?
id: 39179
Oh I guess some people are in the car too
id: 39180
id: 39181
Why don't we ever call ahead
id: 39182
Liz and Erika are unimpressed by IHOP's tree
id: 39183
Waiting around in the lobby
id: 39184
Time for pancakes
id: 39185
Hiding all the stupid ads
id: 39186
Time for magic colorful candles
id: 39187
So much food
id: 39188
Vic and Amanda know how to prepare for a party
id: 39189
What's wrong, Joanna?
id: 39190
This year Amanda made me a cheesecake to go with Vic's chocolate cake!
id: 39191
We made quite an order to the local cheesestaek place
id: 39192
Otakon Vegas staffers are tough
id: 39193
Time to finish up with stomach roulette: discount sushi!
id: 39194
Not bad!
id: 39195
It's Goran's turn to retrieve the secret card
id: 39196
Everyone watches Goran cut open the box
id: 39197
What's it gonna beee
id: 39198
id: 39199
I brought my infamous shocking reactino game
id: 39200
What card elicited that reaction?
id: 39201
Cards Against Humanity is funny
id: 39202
Suz is using the Mario hat for its stated purpose
id: 39203
id: 39204
Preparing for the big moment
id: 39205
"2014" isn't really a glasses number..
id: 39206
Josh is so excited
id: 39207
Suz is so ready to party
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