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Pictures taken during March 2014

id: 39326
Ready for some pictures?
id: 39327
Camera duel!
id: 39328
Is that... a Mercury-Atlas??
id: 39329
It is! And behind it is that.. a Gemini-Titan??
id: 39330
Rockets in Queens!
id: 39331
Parked outside a science museum. There's even an F1 engine next to them
id: 39332
What.. the hell.. is being filmed here
id: 39333
A monument to the future breakdown fo society? Looks pretty grim
id: 39334
Suz tries out the 300mm Sigma
id: 39335
id: 39336
Ooo, a geodesic dome. Spot the pentagons
id: 39337
Hey it's the UFOs
id: 39338
Men in Black UFOs!
id: 39339
It's the Earth!
id: 39340
Bizarre abandoned buildings at Flushing Meadows
id: 39341
La Guardia is nearby so lots of planes fly overhead
id: 39342
This Earth is a lot bigger than the one outside Nickelodeon Studios, which is what I thought this was going to be
id: 39343
A higher altitude lpane
id: 39344
I like Suz's bag
id: 39345
May I present..
id: 39346
..the many faces of Suz
id: 39347
So funny
id: 39348
id: 39349
Let's get closer
id: 39350
Suz so tiny!
id: 39351
So that's what the bottom of North America looks like
id: 39352
It's the moon.. through the earth!
id: 39353
This seems.. odd
id: 39354
Getting closer to the observation towers
id: 39355
This is so retro-future
id: 39356
Let's climb it
id: 39357
This is some straight up S.T.A.L.K.E.R. nonsense
id: 39358
Upon inspection, I'm not sure how Will Smith climbed these
id: 39359
So grungy
id: 39360
They really do look like UFOs..
id: 39361
What the hell is this thing? An asteroid catcher?
id: 39362
Suz thought the wide angle adapter was cool
id: 39363
Too short for pictures
id: 39364
The asteroid catcher is so rusty
id: 39365
The UFOs look even more menacnig when viewed through the asteroid catcher
id: 39366
What the hell is this face??
id: 39367
UFOs, asteroid catcher, and earth all at once!
id: 39368
Next we checked out the skate park
id: 39369
id: 39370
No one is wearing helmets
id: 39371
What! A quadcopter! That must mean that somewhere nearby..
id: 39372
Ahh, there's the pilot. Flying via remote video! Impressive
id: 39373
The quadcopter passes in front of the UFOs
id: 39374
Pretty impressive machine
id: 39375
I bet this is more impressive when the water is on
id: 39376
Weird statue
id: 39377
More weird statues
id: 39378
Flushing Meadows is pretty cool!
id: 39379
And we barely even saw any of it!
id: 39380
Israel doesn't usually have such a stinkeye going on
id: 39381
Chelsea Piers
id: 39382
Big crane
id: 39383
I think this sign may have been tampered with
id: 39384
So many huge buildings in NYC
id: 39385
Josh thinks things are funny
id: 39386
Charlie takes his lunch decisions very seriously
id: 39387
Salad choices
id: 39388
What will he choose??
id: 39389
More big cranes
id: 39390
I bet these guys are happy the weather's better
id: 39391
This scaffolding seems crazy
id: 39392
Scaffolding and sitance buildings
id: 39393
Josh on the HIghline
id: 39394
There's that crane again
id: 39395
Charlie has a nice relaxing momen--
id: 39396
id: 39397
Josh is ready to leave
id: 39398
I bet the Highline looks nicer when the plants are alive
id: 39399
Someone's keys?
id: 39400
Walking back to work
id: 39401
Tyler deep in thought
id: 39402
See? Non-stinkeye Israel
id: 39403
Kailey only has a stinkeye when I talk about space
id: 39404
Ahh, don't fall off!
id: 39405
Looking downtown towards 1 WTC
id: 39406
Got to be careful when crossing the bike lane
id: 39407
There's that red crane again
id: 39408
I can never resist taking my picture in these mirrors
id: 39409
Walking back to the subway station
id: 39410
Vic is always on guard in the supermarket
id: 39411
You can always find Bryce in the pickles aisle
id: 39412
Where's that.. stuff we want
id: 39413
Shopping is a team effort
id: 39414
And also scary
id: 39415
What beer to buy?
id: 39416
Amanda doesn't trust alcohol
id: 39417
Four normal burgers
id: 39418
id: 39419
Vic didn't have a rolling pin so naturally..
id: 39420
I sold Bryce the Xbox that Beager signed for me. Don't let me forget he owes me a dinner.
id: 39421
Uhh.. food?
id: 39422
id: 39423
Bryce practices his stinkeye
id: 39424
Uhoh.. what's in that hamburger
id: 39425
It's a hotdog!!
id: 39426
This is getting really gross
id: 39427
Wrap it in bacon!!
id: 39428
id: 39429
Vic always dresses to match what he's eating
id: 39430
I don't even..
id: 39431
id: 39432
Kailey's ready to party
id: 39433
Hey that's us!
id: 39434
They wouldn't let us have a number in our stock ticker, so it's TWOU
id: 39435
My desk is covered in toys as always
id: 39436
Everyone getting breakfast and mimosas
id: 39437
Let's make sure the website won't crash
id: 39438
Artie's excited
id: 39439
Taking pictures of the TV
id: 39440
Kailey is ready to rock with the giant sound bar
id: 39441
Almost time!
id: 39442
Everyone got a goody bag with a bunch of stuff in it
id: 39443
Everyone gathers around the TV
id: 39444
Is Charles working??
id: 39445
Hey, coffee's not allowed, get a mimosa
id: 39446
Hey that's Chip!
id: 39447
Are we public?
id: 39448
I think we're public!
id: 39449
We are!
id: 39450
I love Artie's fake laptop interface
id: 39451
Hey it's Chip in real life
id: 39452
Chip was pretty excited too
id: 39453
Time for dangerous flying objects!
id: 39454
This guy nearly wiped someone out but did manage to go up and over the ceiling pipes
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