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Pictures taken during October 2014

id: 40949
"What is this, New York?"
id: 40950
It's Dustin!
id: 40951
The obligatory trip to Foxy's
id: 40952
I capture the moment of Megan capturing the moment
id: 40953
Steve was defeated by the Nutella waffle
id: 40954
Walking back to my apartment
id: 40955
Buzz loves Steve
id: 40956
Neil loves.. everything
id: 40957
And Megan loves cats
id: 40958
Buzz wouldn't leave Steve alone
id: 40959
Buzz walks Dustin through all the coolest places on the moon
id: 40960
Driving! We couldn't get VR and driving working at the same time. Oh well
id: 40961
The cats were so overstimulated
id: 40962
Megan in VR!
id: 40963
Let's go somewhere else
id: 40964
Christina came up from Brooklyn to meet us
id: 40965
Get on the subway!
id: 40966
Steve loves trains
id: 40967
At least the 7 was running this weekend
id: 40968
"How many pictures are you going to take?"
id: 40969
Walking backwards while taking photos is a good way to fall in front of a train
id: 40970
Downtown Manhattan!
id: 40971
What's that suspicious look for?
id: 40972
1 WTC!
id: 40973
Megan engages Cool Mode
id: 40974
While Steve and Dustin engage Tourist Mode
id: 40975
Megan had to take her sunglasses off because tourists aren't cool
id: 40976
Waiting around for.. I forget
id: 40977
Whoa. Too much Dustin
id: 40978
id: 40979
Eww, the New York Stock Exchange
id: 40980
id: 40981
Old guy with a pipe!
id: 40982
Nice little street for eating outside
id: 40983
Meeting someone's friend. Dustin?
id: 40984
"Whatcha got there, a camera?"
id: 40985
What to drink?
id: 40986
Let's consult
id: 40987
Ah yes. Beer!
id: 40988
Steve got a big beer
id: 40989
Dustin is missing his face paint
id: 40990
Back on the subway
id: 40991
Heading to Christina's neighborhood!
id: 40992
Hood mode?
id: 40993
Does this mean you can get drugs here? Probably yes, but not because of the shoes
id: 40994
The worst margarita!
id: 40995
I approve of this sign
id: 40996
Snacks everywhere
id: 40997
Hey there's that guy I am!
id: 40998
You're not reading!
id: 40999
Why so sad?
id: 41000
Ahh, drinks will fix it
id: 41001
The subway station was empty!
id: 41002
Eiwe just wears this every day to keep people from bugging him with DEVOP tickets
id: 41003
Artie is.. a Chicago hippie? Or something?
id: 41004
Even babies have costumes
id: 41005
Man, you have been working out
id: 41006
James is everyone at tech conferences
id: 41007
Madness in the board room
id: 41008
All the officers were connected by video streams
id: 41009
id: 41010
So many costumes!
id: 41011
Costumes everywhere!
id: 41012
Lots of team themes
id: 41013
Good ol' Team Care Bear. Lock your computers!
id: 41014
Dave plays it cool
id: 41015
Henry is boring
id: 41016
Look out, Eiwe! The tickets will get you!
id: 41017
James should borrow Artie's laptop
id: 41018
id: 41019
Top Gun!
id: 41020
id: 41021
Oh god, he's coming right at me
id: 41022
More Care Bears!
id: 41023
This baby spotted me
id: 41024
This dog did not
id: 41025
Does the coolness of the backwards hat cancel out the lameness of the care bear costume?
id: 41026
Oh god, I can't look at Nate. He's a walking spoiler
id: 41027
Meanwhile, back in the boardroom
id: 41028
Was this costume officially licensed by Disney?
id: 41029
More costumes!
id: 41030
Two ewes. Get it?
id: 41031
Team judgement?
id: 41032
Ned loves magnets
id: 41033
Hi Lee
id: 41034
Fahran is the office pool.. or something.
id: 41035
Hi Kailey
id: 41036
Holy shit!!
id: 41037
This is the most insane costume I have ever seen and I go to a lot of anime conventions
id: 41038
id: 41039
Photos do not do justice to how huge Michael was
id: 41040
I tried to get pictures of him standing next to normal people to give you an idea
id: 41041
Assembling for a team photo with the new team
id: 41042
Like my Shitty Bane costume? Not a shitty Bane costume. Shitty Bane, Tony's character
id: 41043
Michael continues to freak me out
id: 41044
Nate's not scared
id: 41045
Meanwhile... oh my god!! It's an Oculus Rift Devkit 2!
id: 41046
Right here! In front of me!
id: 41047
Our latest piece of hardware.. and I get to play with it!
id: 41048
The tracking camera
id: 41049
Watching for results of the costume contest
id: 41050
id: 41051
We're in New York City?
id: 41052
Hey cool, nice tower
id: 41053
I guess this is the place
id: 41054
Nice path
id: 41055
This place is really weird when you're reading Anathem
id: 41056
Leaves, shade, curvy paths..
id: 41057
Getting closer to the main building
id: 41058
Lots of nice paths
id: 41059
It's all medieval and stuff
id: 41060
Looking up at the tower
id: 41061
Neat windows. I really like these sort of outside, sort of inside spaces
id: 41062
Looking back down the curvy path
id: 41063
Steve and Megan!
id: 41064
Big dome
id: 41065
All the doorways here are enormous
id: 41066
Vaulted ceilings are cool
id: 41067
Whoa. This room is intense
id: 41068
Let's take a picture!
id: 41069
This door looks so small compared to the other ones
id: 41070
This room feels so empty
id: 41071
This place is like a Math from Anathem.. but for Jesus instead of math.
id: 41072
I don't know how they transferred this fresco to canvas, but this is from the early 1100s. Really old!
id: 41073
More really old frescos
id: 41074
id: 41075
Cool door!
id: 41076
Really old columns!
id: 41077
Another awesome inside/outside space. I need a house like this
id: 41078
I guess this is to let in natural light?
id: 41079
Looking in on the.. square? Courtyard?
id: 41080
Really old column tops
id: 41081
These look like they took a long time to make
id: 41082
So detailed!
id: 41083
Hi there
id: 41084
This room is less empty
id: 41085
These chairs don't look comfortable
id: 41086
Religion is silly, but this place is pretty awesome
id: 41087
This place was pretty dark. Such deep windows!
id: 41088
Comfy corner?
id: 41089
More vaulted ceilings
id: 41090
id: 41091
The biggest of the doors. Made in the 1200s!
id: 41092
Old door
id: 41093
More detailed column toppers
id: 41094
Another courtyard area
id: 41095
Lots of great architecture
id: 41096
Hey it's that tower
id: 41097
Internal windows
id: 41098
Stained glass always looks cool
id: 41099
Check out that ceiling
id: 41100
All these tapestries are like 600 years old. It's crazy
id: 41101
This thing is older than the United States! By a lot!
id: 41102
More tapestries
id: 41103
Let's go kill stuff!
id: 41104
This is an intense fireplace
id: 41105
Hey, leave that unicorn alone!
id: 41106
What is this, an altar?
id: 41107
Hey buddy
id: 41108
Whoa. Big eagle thing
id: 41109
What's in that box?
id: 41110
I wonder how long it took to make this
id: 41111
This giant book makes me think of that giant history book in Gummi Bears
id: 41112
Closeup on the tapestry
id: 41113
More super old art
id: 41114
This place is all about arches and columns
id: 41115
This place is pretty cool!
id: 41116
Time for go karts!
id: 41117
Artie wishes he could go but he is busy and lame
id: 41118
Alex is ready to race
id: 41119
Kailey is ready to race
id: 41120
Eiwe is ready to race
id: 41121
We're all ready to race!
id: 41122
Getting the hell out of work
id: 41123
Tillery poses with the elevator
id: 41124
I ran down the stairs to get this shot
id: 41125
Now where do we go
id: 41126
Kailey just wants to race
id: 41127
Walking to Artie's car
id: 41128
Weird plane!
id: 41129
Heading south to get to the tunnel
id: 41130
Hey that's my name!
id: 41131
We won the pre-race: the trip to the track
id: 41132
This is the place!
id: 41133
Henry brought his own helmet
id: 41134
Hey it's a go kart!
id: 41135
Racing suits!
id: 41136
Zoom zoom
id: 41137
Taking pictures of all the stuff on the walls
id: 41138
An earlier group tools around the track
id: 41139
Go 54!
id: 41140
The finish line!
id: 41141
Kailey needs some pre-race snacks
id: 41142
Look at the asterisk at the bottom right. What the hell!
id: 41143
Eiwe is ready to show us how racing is done
id: 41144
Go kart guy explains how this is going to work
id: 41145
Safety briefing
id: 41146
All the karts charging up
id: 41147
id: 41148
Everyone loves safety
id: 41149
id: 41150
Pay attention
id: 41151
Learn all the flags!
id: 41152
id: 41153
Where's the apex?
id: 41154
Eiwe's ready to race
id: 41155
So am I!
id: 41156
So is everyone!
id: 41157
The podium! Next time I'm beating all of them!
id: 41158
Go karting is fun
id: 41159
Alex thinks he's cool with his gold medal
id: 41160
Well that was fun
id: 41161
Time to check email?
id: 41162
The actual layout of the track
id: 41163
And the second track. The track we did was both tracks connected
id: 41164
Now where should we go?
id: 41165
How about a weird German food place?
id: 41166
The traditional New Yorker greeting
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