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Pictures taken during December 2014

id: 41593
Dad is ready to mingle
id: 41594
Perfect mingling situation
id: 41595
This little kid could not understand Dad's mustache
id: 41596
Don't worry, kid, neither can I
id: 41597
It's very confusing
id: 41598
Dad thought it was funny
id: 41599
Nail polish is also confusing
id: 41600
As are cameras
id: 41601
Brian looks alarmingly like Uncle Jimmy in this photo
id: 41602
Hi Aunt Nancy!
id: 41603
Dad brings his empties home like an insane person
id: 41604
Tracking Santa with NORAD is a yearly tradition now!
id: 41605
This kid is intense
id: 41606
Dad always called Uncle Jimmy "Brother Jimmy"
id: 41607
"What do you call me??"
id: 41608
It's important to look good on Christmas
id: 41609
Mom's sentries
id: 41610
Mmm, bacon
id: 41611
id: 41612
Pretty pretty tree
id: 41613
Mom's got the most important gift: the gift of caffeine
id: 41614
Becky got Mom a frame with photos of her trip to Australia!
id: 41615
id: 41616
Becky reacted to the first gift I got her exactly as I suspected she would
id: 41617
It's because I got her a DVD of The Mothman Prophecies, a vaguely scary movie that she hated as a kid
id: 41618
Real Ugg boots from Australia!
id: 41619
And they're in a rare color
id: 41620
I somehow accidentally did a weird forced perspective shot here and made Becky look like she's nine feet tall
id: 41621
What's next?
id: 41622
We had so much fun last year I had to get it for her. I just made her promise not to play it with me anymore because that was toooo weird
id: 41623
Oh man. This is a book that will give me some bad ideas
id: 41624
Another interesting book! Time to learn way too much about everybody's favorite interplanetary military branch
id: 41625
Becky loves her new boots
id: 41626
Since stupid Apple changed their stupid connector I got Becky a new iHome so she can wake up to music!
id: 41627
Like my bow strategy?
id: 41628
Okayy... probably not toilet paper. Look in the center!
id: 41629
It's a space shuttle charm for her charm bracelet! She really liked it so I guess I did good this year
id: 41630
Macaroni is on the prowl for paper.. and he doesn't have to look far
id: 41631
Becky got me the new Smash Bros game! Perfect for humiliating Bryce in online play
id: 41632
Macaroni doesn't understand Christmas but he likes it
id: 41633
Who wants more presents?
id: 41634
Who's next?
id: 41635
I got a crazy robot arm that I have to build myself! I can't wait to confuse the cats with this one
id: 41636
Becky is into her new bathrobe
id: 41637
Mom's house is always cold so I got her a snuggie. Hello Kitty seemed like a good theme
id: 41638
Ooo, some art from Australia for my apartment!
id: 41639
Macaroni is waiting for his chance to really dig into the paper
id: 41640
A Red Bull Racing hat to go with my Red Bull Racing hoodie!
id: 41641
Becky's got a snazzy new watch
id: 41642
And I've got fancy new pans!
id: 41643
Becky does the "new purse thing" dance
id: 41644
Their handwriting is a lot better than you would expect
id: 41645
I swear Red Bull isn't paying me
id: 41646
I'm not sure what this is but Mom seems happy with it
id: 41647
Macaroni has sunk to a new low
id: 41648
Mmm, poached eggs on english muffins
id: 41649
Meanwhile, I augment my Christmas breakfast with.. madness
id: 41650
Australia lurks in the distance..
id: 41651
Yaaay, Christmas breakfast!
id: 41652
Gragra looks so startled for her photo
id: 41653
Let's try that again. This time I'll flub the shot.
id: 41654
Gragra was amazed by the "how to do stuff" book
id: 41655
Thanks for taking this family photo, Nick!
id: 41656
Gragra is happy to see everyone
id: 41657
Yaay, Auntie hugs
id: 41658
What is that, earrings? I'm going to go with earrings
id: 41659
Becky passes out gifts
id: 41660
Gragra was taking so long to open my gift that I had time to come over and take a picture
id: 41661
Large print crosswords! Hopefully a little easier on the eyes
id: 41662
So many wine icicle things
id: 41663
Nick really likes his new coat
id: 41664
Christmas fun times
id: 41665
Aunt Teresa liked the stupid robot Christmas tree I got her. It's hilarious and as a bonus it drives Greg and Uncle Chris crazy
id: 41666
What's in here?
id: 41667
Hmmm.. foreshadowing?
id: 41668
A space shuttle night light! With the light turned on it sort of looks like it's going through reentry
id: 41669
Ahh, Christmas.
id: 41670
I managed to capture Becky's face the very moment she realized that Gragra's gift this year was a little more than the usual cash in the card
id: 41671
Christmas dinner!
id: 41672
Becky's popper had an annoying whistle in it. Yaaay
id: 41673
Mom will hate this photo but I like it
id: 41674
With this crown, Nick reminds me of that guy in Archie comics
id: 41675
Becky does not
id: 41676
Paper crowns are funny
id: 41677
Right, Gragra?
id: 41678
Becky demonstrates her annoying new whistle..
id: 41679
..and threats were made..
id: 41680
Roast Beef!
id: 41681
"Oh they have phones that flip now?"
id: 41682
I got Dad the second season to The Wire. Hopefully the subtitles work..
id: 41683
What does Becky have?
id: 41684
You can't hide from the camera
id: 41685
A big box of beef jerky!
id: 41686
Becky says it's good
id: 41687
Dad got me some great waterproof boots! This should make winter in the city a lot nicer
id: 41688
Becky demonstrates her new rainproof jacket
id: 41689
She'll never be cold again!
id: 41690
Dad gets an A for effort... he got a warning dialogue on his computer and drew the entire thing for me to diagnose!!
id: 41691
A bag from Hunt's? How interesting!
id: 41692
OK, a high speed 32gb SD card, sure.. some microfiber, ok.. and... a Canon EOS 70D!
id: 41693
Gotta have a good card if you're going to be taking a lot of photos
id: 41694
And I guess you can never have enough microfiber
id: 41695
Time for a good old fashioned unboxing ritual
id: 41696
The picture on the box shows a lens but I just got the body
id: 41697
More of the box..
id: 41698
Yep. It's the box. Read it if you like.
id: 41699
The box is open! And no facehuggers inside, so this is going alright so far.
id: 41700
Removing all the warranty cards and software and nonsense..
id: 41701
What do we have here.. a mini-USB cable, neck strap, battery charger, and battery
id: 41702
Now we're getting somewhere. Still hibernating somewhere in this bubbly cocoon is my new DSLR camera
id: 41703
Inside the bubbles was some fuzzles
id: 41704
There she is
id: 41705
Articulated screen, locking mode selector, multi-function dial, on-body LCD info screen, dual microphone..
id: 41706
This should do just fine
id: 41707
No lens, but that's fine. My lenses will be right at home there
id: 41708
Look at that articulating screen.. articulate
id: 41709
The first official photo on the 70D!
id: 41710
Hi Dad
id: 41711
Ah that's lovely
id: 41712
Let's go to Mom's house
id: 41713
Bye Dad! See you in a couple of days!
id: 41714
Isabelle was not that impressed with the new camera
id: 41715
See? Not impressed at all
id: 41716
Mom was excited but also wished she was only the only subject I had for the afternoon
id: 41717
Except.. pretty boy
id: 41718
Let's document Mom throwing out garbage
id: 41719
"Why aren't you helping meeee?"
id: 41720
Hi Mom!
id: 41721
Say cheese for the new camera!
id: 41722
Macaroni wonders what happened to all that wrapping paper
id: 41723
It's gone, Macaroni. You have to wait until next year.
id: 41724
"Having fun?"
id: 41725
The nutcrackers... they're everywhere..
id: 41726
"This is my internet face". This is a good time to point out that a lot of the stuff I write "in quote marks" is made up..
id: 41727
I kept demonstrating how fast the new camera could take photos by taking an unreasonable amount of photos
id: 41728
Isabelle has a stinkface as usual
id: 41729
Let's take a moment to honor the old camera, the Canon EOS 450D, aka EOS Rebel XSi.
id: 41730
It's been in service since August 12, 2010 (1,598 days ago) and has delivered over 13,186 photos to the website (and countless more that didn't make the cut). It's not being retired, but it's definitely the #2 driver now. Thanks, Rebel.
id: 41731
Macaroni is unsure how to feel about all of this
id: 41732
Better just retreat into the Christmas pile
id: 41733
Isabelle, should you be on the table?
id: 41734
Or the couch?
id: 41735
Macaroni can't get any peace
id: 41736
Neither can Mom
id: 41737
"What have you brought me?"
id: 41738
Isabelle has a tiny head compared to the rest of her body
id: 41739
Isabelle has a new habit of sitting right next to Mom and getting annoyed if there isn't any space
id: 41740
So creepy..
id: 41741
Let's go shopping!
id: 41742
id: 41743
Creepy "street photography" of strangers!
id: 41744
Can you blame me? The 70D has a much quieter shutter and I wanted to play with it!
id: 41745
L. Ron Hubbard wrote these??
id: 41746
Let's get some domestic rugs!
id: 41747
Or mothballs. Whatever.
id: 41748
The confessionals from Rippoween were pretty great
id: 41749
Tony has an electronic PIPE. That's pretty ridciulous
id: 41750
We found a Suz!
id: 41751
I think she's just glad to be out of the cold
id: 41752
Things are funny
id: 41753
Suz attempts to make her head explode
id: 41754
Tony gets what you're saying
id: 41755
Hey, hands to yourself
id: 41756
I found some of Tony's bills stuck to the wall
id: 41757
I like to imagine Tony smokes his e-pipe while using his typewriter
id: 41758
Hi Shayna!
id: 41759
What's going on in this room?
id: 41760
Shayna seems unsure of the dumb games we're playing
id: 41761
What is Tony explaining?
id: 41762
Suz does her Ricciardo impression
id: 41763
Time for some Settlers.. in person!
id: 41764
Suz made a mansion.. or.. house pile
id: 41765
id: 41766
Oh man, pizza
id: 41767
Let's consult the rules
id: 41768
We had to call Charlie for an explanation of the rules
id: 41769
That goddamn bandit
id: 41770
Suz's hair has escaped
id: 41771
You can't tell Tony what to do
id: 41772
Shayna cleverly sat next to me, making it harder for me to take her picture
id: 41773
The moment I signed up for Snapchat. I don't get it.
id: 41774
I can always tell when I had too much to drink when I find a bunch of photos of whatever I was drinking
id: 41775
Moving on.. Cards Against Humanity!
id: 41776
Mmm, bacon
id: 41777
And eggs!
id: 41778
id: 41779
"Why would you take a photo of me right now"
id: 41780
Mmmm, espresso
id: 41781
Whoa. Tony is intensity
id: 41782
This dog is not
id: 41783
Who wants to go for a ride?
id: 41784
I somehow never noticed that That's Entertainment is on Lois Lane
id: 41785
Ahh, here we are
id: 41786
Whoa. So many figures, so few faces
id: 41787
id: 41788
So many comics!
id: 41789
And also T-shirts!
id: 41790
I don't really read comics, but I can appreciate how awesome this collection must be
id: 41791
Tony poking around
id: 41792
Whoa. Hi Suz
id: 41793
Neat hats
id: 41794
Mmm, N64 games
id: 41795
Suz checks out the board games
id: 41796
Meanwhile, Tony looks through the books
id: 41797
You know, I'm not totally sure I've ever actually bought a comic from this place. Maybe Watchmen?
id: 41798
Hi there!
id: 41799
Now I want the bucket
id: 41800
This guy was looking through old sports stuff
id: 41801
So much stuff
id: 41802
What do you think, Suz?
id: 41803
I know, I know. I've taken this shot before. But it's a cool view.
id: 41804
There's just so many books!
id: 41805
And records, even
id: 41806
Don't tell me how to live!
id: 41807
id: 41808
NES carts
id: 41809
Whoa! Hi Gollum..
id: 41810
Suz found her twin
id: 41811
Tony calls Shayna to inform her he found a cool poker table
id: 41812
Hey.. that's not an eye..
id: 41813
Tony got the table!
id: 41814
That'll fit, right?
id: 41815
id: 41816
Hi Gragra!
id: 41817
You can't hide from me
id: 41818
Mom loves when I take her photo
id: 41819
Posing together!
id: 41820
Mom helps keep Gragra's head warm
id: 41821
Some nice shots!
id: 41822
I explain to Gragra how to operate the camera
id: 41823
Gragra-vision! I love the feet!!
id: 41824
Demonstrating the remote-shoot capability with the EOS Remote app on my phone
id: 41825
Gragra was impressed
id: 41826
Say cheese!
id: 41827
id: 41828
Toolin' around with her walker
id: 41829
I think Gragra is ready for lunch
id: 41830
Talking over recent events
id: 41831
A nice slice of life photo
id: 41832
id: 41833
Hi Dad
id: 41834
How do cameras work?
id: 41835
Peace, man
id: 41836
Showing Dad the EOS Remote app
id: 41837
Who's ready for a long bus ride??
id: 41838
All these people, apparently
id: 41839
15 minutes to eat! Hurry!
id: 41840
Order fast!
id: 41841
Get back on the bus before he leaves us behind!
id: 41842
Neil wonders why I keep coming home for like 8 hours before leaving again
id: 41843
Bryce's celeb look
id: 41844
Hi Sue!
id: 41845
Little Bear!
id: 41846
Bryce with his snazzy new laptop
id: 41847
Little Bear feels bad about.. something
id: 41848
Little Bear is a little stronger than Neil or Buzz
id: 41849
Let's play some 3DS!
id: 41850
What's up on the internet, Bryce?
id: 41851
Poor Little Bear has to wear the funny cone
id: 41852
Also this collar
id: 41853
You're free!
id: 41854
What's up, Little Bear?
id: 41855
Dogs are funny
id: 41856
So much One Piece!
id: 41857
The cone of being bummed out
id: 41858
She just kept staring at Bryce
id: 41859
I'm sorry Little Bear, it's pretty funny
id: 41860
Inspecting the ol' Pokemon
id: 41861
Oh god, Trixie. What have they done to you?
id: 41862
Driving in style
id: 41863
An actual Mario Kart!
id: 41864
Bryce is out for blood... and video games
id: 41865
I'm using tilt controls!
id: 41866
It's cool seeing a modern store that carries this kind of stuff
id: 41867
This place looks a little too sterile. Needs a little more That's Entertainment in it
id: 41868
Neat little game museum
id: 41869
This statue is creepy as hell. Also, how depressing is it that this sign is necessary
id: 41870
Who is this sketchy figure? What's he doing? Flying secret drones over classified areas?
id: 41871
Nope. It's just Bryce flying my new quadcopter into a tree
id: 41872
Time to get the UAVED, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Extraction Device. Aka broom.
id: 41873
Got it!
id: 41874
You win this round, quadcopter
id: 41875
Hi Vic!
id: 41876
I like to think Vic always carries a roll of HDMI cable with him just in case
id: 41877
Mount Your Friends remains a hilarious game
id: 41878
Hi Amanda!
id: 41879
Mmm, soft pretzels are awesome, especially when I'm on a keto-break
id: 41880
Vic loves carbs
id: 41881
Bryce making burgers! Sadly not his typical spherical style
id: 41882
Bryce is a master cook
id: 41883
Vic tries to console Little Bear, who is back in the cone of infinite bummerdom
id: 41884
I'm trying to get more comfortable with black and white photos as just another tool in the box. It can change the look of a photo a lot and also help save a shot with weird color or noise issues, like this one
id: 41885
id: 41886
What's with that face, Amanda?
id: 41887
"You taking a picture of my face?"
id: 41888
Toast yo buns
id: 41889
id: 41890
"Why do you keep taking our pictures?"
id: 41891
"One burger, please"
id: 41892
Pictures of pictures!
id: 41893
Not a bad looking burger!
id: 41894
This is Amanda's "applying mustard" face
id: 41895
Amanda thinks things are funny
id: 41896
I got Amanda a change-eating robot panda
id: 41897
I think she likes it
id: 41898
I got Vic more photography gear.. but you can't really see it here
id: 41899
Bryce got Vic a Madoka pillow
id: 41900
Pretty spiffy!
id: 41901
Amanda adds to her ever-growing pony collection
id: 41902
Vic got Bryce some Gears figures
id: 41903
And now the moment you've been waiting for
id: 41904
Let's get this started
id: 41905
Mother F'ing Tornado Rex. The one and only
id: 41906
This is a dangerous trail
id: 41907
What could come next?
id: 41908
Ahhh!! Tornado Rex is loose!
id: 41909
Little Bear isn't sure what's up with all that whistling
id: 41910
Relax, Amanda. Tornado Rex can't hurt you
id: 41911
Staring down the barrel..
id: 41912
Another tragic victim
id: 41913
Games are fun
id: 41914
Pinkie Pie likes Vic
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