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Pictures taken during January 2015

id: 41915
Ponies are funny
id: 41916
I caught Vic chewing but it looks like he's making a weird face
id: 41917
Vic was a lot smoother of a pilot than Bryce
id: 41918
id: 41919
Wawa? Wawa.
id: 41920
Columns in 30th St Station
id: 41921
This is a big lamp
id: 41922
id: 41923
Hey, Christmas is over
id: 41924
More lamps
id: 41925
I really want to push this button
id: 41926
Tiny train!
id: 41927
This is a nice place to wait
id: 41928
Back in NYC!
id: 41929
This terminal had a bunch of iPads for everyone to use. Very convenient!
id: 41930
This is not my airplane
id: 41931
You know, as far as terminals go, this one isn't bad
id: 41932
Is it time to board yet?
id: 41933
We had to take a shuttle bus to our plane
id: 41934
Shuttle busssss
id: 41935
This guy was really concerned about if this was our plane or not. Why would they bring us here if it wasn't?
id: 41936
Get onboard!
id: 41937
I guess these block wind?
id: 41938
A miracle of modern engineering.. or just a little shuttle plane
id: 41939
The seats look OK
id: 41940
And away we go
id: 41941
Welcome to colorful Rochester
id: 41942
Hi Brian, thanks for the airport pickup
id: 41943
Topaz tries to understand the nature of the large device in my hand that has some sort of optical element on the front of it
id: 41944
The man of the hour! Ben is pretty relaxed for someone who's getting married tomorrow
id: 41945
This side of the table is where they keep the Erics
id: 41946
Tea is pretty good
id: 41947
I think he figured out what the object with some sort of optical element on it is for
id: 41948
What is Ben going to eat?
id: 41949
Topaz enjoys a chunk of gluten
id: 41950
Ben's pretty good about ignoring the giant camera in his face
id: 41951
Brian seems unsure of.. something
id: 41952
That's right.. just sip your tea.. *clickclickclickclick*
id: 41953
Ohio Eric! We call him that because he's from Nebraska
id: 41954
Strange marshmallow-esque bread puff things
id: 41955
"Pretty good, eh?"
id: 41956
Oh hi there
id: 41957
Single Ben! Well.. engaged Ben. But not for long!
id: 41958
Joel seems confused by the planning for the rest of the afternoon
id: 41959
Topaz is excited. But he's usually indiscriminately excited
id: 41960
Look who we found at the gas station!
id: 41961
As someone who lives in New York, the concept of an empty room completely blows my mind
id: 41962
Whoa, what an unusually small cow. Meet Axl!
id: 41963
"See the thing about cats.."
id: 41964
And who is this creature?
id: 41965
That's right, it's Cleo!
id: 41966
Cleo was a little more friendly but tough to take a picture of cause she kept moving
id: 41967
What's up with your nose, Cleo?
id: 41968
She doesn't know
id: 41969
Cats are fun
id: 41970
Topaz could use this for his official Synacor photo
id: 41971
Cleo loves pencils! Specifically pencils, not pens. She's a very discerning cat.
id: 41972
The streets of Rochester are a little different from the streets of Queens
id: 41973
Good lord, who made this terrifying Santa??
id: 41974
id: 41975
Whoa. Not only does Ohio Eric also have a 70D, he even has a battery grip!
id: 41976
A camera duel of equals! But wait.. he's got the 50mm f/1.4 on there and I only have a f/1.8! Damn!!
id: 41977
Topaz is our drug dealer.
id: 41978
Joel talks to Dani's grandmother Neena
id: 41979
Topaz is excited to finally have joined the modern era of smartphones. Bummer about the keyboard but what can you do
id: 41980
Dani's here!
id: 41981
Suzi is caffeinated up and ready to go
id: 41982
They were both pretty relaxed
id: 41983
The Erics just like to be as close to the alcohol as possible
id: 41984
My fellow passage-readers
id: 41985
Insert tall-Joel joke here
id: 41986
Hey guys, Ben has something to say
id: 41987
Inspecting the ring
id: 41988
This is the face Topaz's face makes when he's unable to think about Perl for a moment
id: 41989
id: 41990
"This is where we'll put the disco ball"
id: 41991
Lots of people involved in a wedding
id: 41992
id: 41993
id: 41994
id: 41995
id: 41996
La la la
id: 41997
Floating down the aisle
id: 41998
This wedding brought to you by the Ministry of Silly Walks
id: 41999
This Dani brought to you by Kenny
id: 42000
id: 42001
Officiant Denise explains how this works
id: 42002
Dani pays close attention
id: 42003
Suzi performs the dance of her people
id: 42004
You guys, Joel is REALLY tall
id: 42005
Creepy Santa knows what you've been up to
id: 42006
Kimmy seems concerned
id: 42007
Kate does not
id: 42008
Time to check into the hotel?
id: 42009
Hotel check-in is fun, apparently
id: 42010
Teo and Phrobyn. Or is it Timothy and Robyn?
id: 42011
Ben thanks everyone for being there. Thanks Ben!
id: 42012
Topaz tried his hand at Hitman: GO.
id: 42013
Dani checks in on the other table
id: 42014
So attentive!
id: 42015
Teo samples the beer
id: 42016
Phrobyn was camera shy.. which of course just makes me determined to get a good shot. Sorry!
id: 42017
Uhoh. I have lost control of the camera
id: 42018
Hi Topaz
id: 42019
Ahh, the benefits of not being keto
id: 42020
Brian likes stories
id: 42021
What's going on over here?
id: 42022
Dani makes the rounds
id: 42023
Beth, Ben's mom, was having a good time
id: 42024
What's Suzi got?
id: 42025
What did Ben and Dani get Topaz?
id: 42026
It's a Minecraft redstone guide!
id: 42027
Say cheese!
id: 42028
What's up, Kate?
id: 42029
Phrobyn is cold?
id: 42030
Shoulder rubs!
id: 42031
It was a good night
id: 42032
Topaz is gluten free.. for now
id: 42033
Getting ready to head out?
id: 42034
Kate likes head massages. But really, who doesn't?
id: 42035
Ben figured it would be prudent to check his uniform
id: 42036
Let's watch
id: 42037
Dani's not allowed to see these photos until after tomorrow
id: 42038
Hey, looking spiffy
id: 42039
id: 42040
How do bowties even work?
id: 42041
Ahh, that's how
id: 42042
Ben looks so startled
id: 42043
Kate does not
id: 42044
With Ben's uniform safely out of sight, Dani swings by
id: 42045
Liz dropped the sugar peas
id: 42046
Time for an unusually complicated card game
id: 42047
Kristin is not participating
id: 42048
But these nerds are
id: 42049
Brian keeps all these games in his trunk at all times. No joke
id: 42050
Eric seems overwhelmed
id: 42051
I have no idea how this games works
id: 42052
Building a card wall?
id: 42053
I don't even know whose room this is
id: 42054
The newlyweds are a lot more comfy
id: 42055
Chris is having quite a night
id: 42056
Everything is party business
id: 42057
Do not disturb this laptop
id: 42058
Nothing like wine straight from the bottle
id: 42059
Hi there
id: 42060
More wine!
id: 42061
Bunny ears??
id: 42062
Thumbs up, Kimmy
id: 42063
Drinking from various containers
id: 42064
Let's ALL drink from various containers!
id: 42065
id: 42066
This looks like quite a story being told
id: 42067
id: 42068
Guys, remember last night? ...not really.
id: 42069
I saw this guy throwing a couch into the dumpster.. that doesn't seem legal
id: 42070
Cleo likes Suzi
id: 42071
Also Brian
id: 42072
Let's figure out how the hell this game works
id: 42073
Teo is the expert
id: 42074
Topaz learned alarmingly fast.. like he does
id: 42075
I think Joel won. It's difficult to be sure in this game..
id: 42076
id: 42077
That is pretty lazy, guys
id: 42078
My plane is ready to go.. but there are weather and traffic issues in New York
id: 42079
I don't understand shoe shining stations.. but then again I only wear sneakers
id: 42080
Welcome to Terminal B
id: 42081
Big curvy lights
id: 42082
At least it looks pretty clean
id: 42083
I bet I could've just walked away with an entire box of candy
id: 42084
Door needs to relax
id: 42085
My bored fellow travelers
id: 42086
id: 42087
I thought this would be a good sleeping location if necessary
id: 42088
It turns out that the Rochester airport on a Sunday night is not the most bustling of places
id: 42089
No re-entry.. no escape
id: 42090
id: 42091
This is the plane I wanted to take
id: 42092
Not this one
id: 42093
The foot massage made my feet numb, but the back massage was pretty great
id: 42094
Playing with the remote control app is a lot of fun
id: 42095
There's barely anyone around
id: 42096
I ventured over to Terminal A
id: 42097
Sneaking a shot of the TSA checkpoint
id: 42098
I can see your screens, pilots!
id: 42099
Don't drop my bag!
id: 42100
Good job, plane
id: 42101
Sweet dragon logo
id: 42102
Ha, I like the reference
id: 42103
Brian's amazing sleep-while-standing trick
id: 42104
Teo wanted to make sure he didn't leave any fingerprints
id: 42105
id: 42106
People are starting to arrive
id: 42107
Ben is pretty excited
id: 42108
Hey, more punchcards! Pretty clever use of them
id: 42109
Hi Brian
id: 42110
Ahhh, it's starting!
id: 42111
The groomsmen!
id: 42112
I think she does
id: 42113
id: 42114
You did it!!
id: 42115
Well that was fun
id: 42116
Everyone clapped
id: 42117
id: 42118
Everyone was all smiles
id: 42119
Somehow I didn't get that this was a card of cards. I am dumb
id: 42120
I was assigned to the Gelatinous Cube table
id: 42121
So of course, I took a photo of it
id: 42122
Brian is also sitting with me
id: 42123
Also Hez!
id: 42124
Dani came to visit!
id: 42125
What you say?
id: 42126
The wedding party all made a great dancing intro but I only managed to get a good shot of Joel and Suzi
id: 42127
This is super out of focus but Topaz's toast was pretty amazing so I wanted to include something of it
id: 42128
Oh I see how it is. I get a gelatinous cube and you guys get DRAGONS
id: 42129
Ben: still a goofball
id: 42130
Cutting the [cup]cake with a SABER
id: 42131
That was cool!
id: 42132
Oh god, be careful!
id: 42133
Feeding each other the tiny cake!
id: 42134
Me and the other photographers ensure we have enough coverage to recreate this scene in 3d later
id: 42135
Be very very glad I did not include the aftermath of this photo
id: 42136
Kate at her Katest
id: 42137
Time for the first dance?
id: 42138
id: 42139
Let's all watch them dance
id: 42140
The photographer was committed
id: 42141
A nice moment
id: 42142
I was surprised that the song they chose was Bananaphone. No not really.
id: 42143
I bet Dani would have danced to Bananaphone
id: 42144
Time to play the "If you've been married for N years" game!
id: 42145
Hi guys!
id: 42146
Joel and Suzi have been married for N years
id: 42147
More dancing!
id: 42148
Kate is feeling pretty blue
id: 42149
This was some really energetic dancing
id: 42150
Go RIT people!
id: 42151
They're tigers
id: 42152
RWAG! The gaming group where Ben and Dani met
id: 42153
Of course, I made it about space. I make everything about space
id: 42154
This is a cool thing to frame
id: 42155
Time for fancy cigars
id: 42156
Not a fan of cigars?
id: 42157
Ben is ready to get his smoke on
id: 42158
Matt knows what he's doing
id: 42159
Ben tries to get his cigar lit
id: 42160
A little windshield goes a long way
id: 42161
Now Ben is official cool
id: 42162
Matt's been working on his "cool looking smoke cloud" effect
id: 42163
Mr. Hally looks pretty natural with a cigar
id: 42164
Suzi can't have a cigar. Girls don't smoke cigars. Who do you think you are?
id: 42165
Susan has a flask. That's like a cigar that you drink
id: 42166
Oh you have a mustache? I suppose you can have a cigar
id: 42167
Quite a group
id: 42168
Quite a group indeed
id: 42169
id: 42170
Chris was close but had no cigar
id: 42171
This is Ben's "I'm cool with a cigar" face
id: 42172
This is mine.... not as cool
id: 42173
This is my "I just accidentally inhaled a little cigar smoke" face
id: 42174
Ben's mom is pretty cool, you guys
id: 42175
But not as cool as this crazy dancing kid! He was on fire!
id: 42176
id: 42177
Look at him go!
id: 42178
These guys were not as good at dancing.. but they were enthusiastic
id: 42179
id: 42180
Dani's having a good time
id: 42181
Christian sat at my table and was a pretty cool guy
id: 42182
As evidenced by his fashion sense, demonstrated here!
id: 42183
D&D character cards for all!
id: 42184
What's up there, Kate?
id: 42185
Look at that kid go!
id: 42186
Ben cannot handle it
id: 42187
Spiffy hat
id: 42188
Looking good!
id: 42189
id: 42190
Salute practice
id: 42191
Dani inspects the troops
id: 42192
This looks.. dangerous
id: 42193
Dani kept the hat
id: 42194
Where are you going??
id: 42195
This is a tricky kiss to pull off
id: 42196
Alright, back to the reception
id: 42197
What is this face??
id: 42198
Or this face???
id: 42199
Let's all gather with creepy Santa
id: 42200
Oh god!!! Creepy Santa is way creepier than we thought! ...or maybe we are the creeps
id: 42201
"You guys coming back?"
id: 42202
As far as I can tell this group is "Group of People who Demanded a Group Photo"
id: 42203
id: 42204
You guys, weddings are pretty fun
id: 42205
It's the stage of the night where everyone is taking group photos
id: 42206
Eric took this photo himself, using my phone as a remote
id: 42207
Donald throws Eric into the stratosphere
id: 42208
Everybody dance!!
id: 42209
"Are you still taking pictures??"
id: 42210
They're kicking us out and it's their keg.. pump all the beer out!! I did my part by drinking several cups way too fast
id: 42211
"We have to leave?"
id: 42212
Whoa! Cool cloak!
id: 42213
Chris is also doing his part towards the "save the beer" effort
id: 42214
I'm pretty sure Brian and Joel are the same species
id: 42215
That was fun! Let's go to the afterparty!
id: 42216
Hey Kailey, check out my new camera!
id: 42217
Hey Craig, check out my new camera!
id: 42218
"Hey, cool new camera!"
id: 42219
Let's take closeups of whoever walks by my desk
id: 42220
Hey Dave! Thanks for walking by my desk
id: 42221
Artie is in Gryffindor
id: 42222
Alex is crazy with his weird vertical laptop
id: 42223
Josh you are too close
id: 42224
Alice took this photo with the remote app
id: 42225
Alice took this photo without the remote app
id: 42226
Check out our light saber guillotine
id: 42227
This seems like an office hazard
id: 42228
Oh it's not a light saber guillotine, it's a light strip that displays the status of the main board room! Green for available, red for reserved, and blue for the current time
id: 42229
James is pretty into it
id: 42230
Hooray for LEDs!
id: 42231
Suz was pretty excited with the photography books I got her
id: 42232
Neil was unsure about the DDP figure that Suz got me
id: 42233
But I thought it was pretty awesome! Thanks Suz!
id: 42234
Suz does her Cornholio impression
id: 42235
Back in the racing seat.. this time in the DK2!
id: 42236
The face of VR
id: 42237
That's more fun
id: 42238
Neil is squished
id: 42239
Hi Neil
id: 42240
Afterward we visited Suz's friend Matt who lives nearby! Towerfall is fun
id: 42241
Alan has been taking bowling lessons from Bryce. The ol' smoooothball
id: 42242
Kailey tries to get everyone to pay attention long enough to enter their names
id: 42243
Alice's preferred bowling technique is to drop the ball so loudly it startles the pins into falling over
id: 42244
Go Alan Go
id: 42245
Plenty of people in the audience to watch and heckle
id: 42246
Go towards the light!
id: 42247
Hello? Yes, this is bowling ball
id: 42248
Pin destruction!
id: 42249
Eiwe is very happy with how that roll went
id: 42250
Alice is actually happy
id: 42251
I couldn't get any photos of laser tag since it was dark and.. well.. cause I played in every session. But here's the room where you put the vests on!
id: 42252
A couple people did the ropes course but they were all done by the time I took pictures. I think this guy works for Bowlmor
id: 42253
Well that was fun. Now what?
id: 42254
Group photo!!
id: 42255
Stinkface Craig
id: 42256
Ah, that's what. Beer!
id: 42257
Cyril shares his French gang signs with us
id: 42258
Alice and Sarah are ready for some pool
id: 42259
Artie lines up the shot..
id: 42260
Kailey's looking for some pool tips
id: 42261
If you think the colors look a little weird in this collection it's because the actual event was super orange and I did what I could to fix it
id: 42262
Nate's got a tricky shot
id: 42263
Hi Kailey
id: 42264
Janelle is a master photo bomber
id: 42265
Cyril has spotted me
id: 42266
Good times at the bar
id: 42267
Mike looks cold
id: 42268
I just realized I somehow went all night without playing a round of pool
id: 42269
Get out of the way, Cyril!
id: 42270
Artie and Tillery watch on
id: 42271
This is bad beer form. You're supposed to drink it, not put it down
id: 42272
Don't try to take Alice's pool stick
id: 42273
Hey Kailey, hey Kailey, is this distracting?
id: 42274
Max knows how to make a photo magical
id: 42275
Ahh, the perils of a narrow depth of field
id: 42276
This is the face of a man who is confident in his pool agme
id: 42277
Cyrl looks like he knows what he's doing
id: 42278
I don't think I saw Mike play all night either
id: 42279
"That photo sums up me and James' entire relationship"
id: 42280
You know what makes pictures easy? Super orange light and then also a super bright (white) light in the background
id: 42281
James gets photobombed once again
id: 42282
Hit the ball!
id: 42283
Let's go with the story that Eiwe is on his phone because he's battling hackers
id: 42284
James has such intensity
id: 42285
Chris and James manage to get a non-photobombed shot
id: 42286
Eiwe is very tricky
id: 42287
Artie is wearing some sort of life preserver
id: 42288
Pool tips?
id: 42289
This is a photo of James trying to control the pool balls with his mind
id: 42290
Mmm, beer
id: 42291
Suddenly, violence!
id: 42293
Violence is funny
id: 42294
Like a deer caught in the headlights
id: 42295
Careful Ian..
id: 42296
Whose turn is it?
id: 42297
Focus on the ball..
id: 42299
And away goes Artie
id: 42300
Hitting the 8-ball?
id: 42301
Meanwhile, this table continues to be the place to be
id: 42302
Farhan is putting a lot of planning into his shot
id: 42303
Janelle also battles hackers
id: 42304
"So the thing about beer is.."
id: 42305
"Are you taking my picture??" "No."
id: 42306
I like to imagine Dan is letting loose a massive burp here
id: 42307
Guys, I took a lot of pool photos
id: 42308
James lines up another shot
id: 42309
Farhan doesn't seem too confident in this shot
id: 42310
Meanwhile, Mike went home and brought some cool lenses for me to play with!
id: 42311
Behold the power of the weird wide angle, full manual, Soviet lens
id: 42312
Henry, what do you think of this Soviet lens? I'm not distracting you am I?
id: 42313
The manual focus is a little tricky to get the hang of
id: 42314
More lifting!
id: 42315
James is out of control. But Ian seems to be having fun
id: 42316
Make way for the Spinning Swede!!
id: 42317
Eiwe's foot narrowly misses the camera in this shot captured by Mike
id: 42318
Let's try the 10-20mm lens!
id: 42320
Whoa. This lens has a little bit of barrel distortion
id: 42321
But it makes it pretty easy to capture a whole group!
id: 42322
Let's point and laugh at Artie
id: 42323
I think I interrupted something
id: 42324
10mm is ridiculously wide
id: 42325
Eiwe just wanted a Pepsi, but they wouldn't give it to him
id: 42326
Too in Kailey's face
id: 42327
Eiwe is not sure how he feels about Mike's red lens filter
id: 42328
Fun art on the Subway signs
id: 42329
Hey! It's Cyril in the real world!
id: 42330
Nate is ready for some dinner
id: 42331
Let's go!
id: 42332
Max seems unsure
id: 42333
It's weird seeing Cyril from the side since usually he's just looking directly into a webcam
id: 42334
Jacob's here, we can order!
id: 42335
Nate seems jealous of Jacob's water
id: 42336
Max seems more sure now. Of what? Who knows
id: 42337
As usual, the guys on the other side of the table get the most photographic coverage because it's easier for me
id: 42338
Jacob is into this story
id: 42339
Jokes are funny
id: 42340
Hrm. Dinner's over, time to go
id: 42341
New York at night!
id: 42342
I can't help it.. every few months it's got to happen
id: 42343
This is my super advanced simulation racing rig
id: 42344
Home sweet home
id: 42345
No, Neil, you cannot smell the lens
id: 42346
So attentive
id: 42347
You know, Neil, that's my chair.
id: 42348
What's even over there
id: 42349
Buzz doesn't care
id: 42350
Welcome to beautiful New York City
id: 42351
There seems to be some sort of particulate matter falling from the sky
id: 42352
Well, we may as well get on with our commute home then
id: 42353
id: 42354
The snow is already pretty gross
id: 42355
Now that I'm safely home, I decided to immediately head out again with my camera wrapped in plastic
id: 42356
Plows are important
id: 42357
The shoveling isn't that bad!
id: 42358
So far the streets aren't too bad either
id: 42359
Will it get worse? Well.. a little.
id: 42360
The buses are still running
id: 42361
Cross cross cross
id: 42362
I'm sure these people are excited to get home and out of the snow
id: 42363
It's not very nice out
id: 42364
A snow blower seems like overkill in this weather
id: 42365
Last minute supplies have been acquired
id: 42366
I'm not entirely sure this guy has a neck
id: 42367
This is how the dinosaurs died
id: 42368
This is no time for bicycles
id: 42369
id: 42370
Ahh, safety from the snow under the 7 line
id: 42371
Snow refugees!
id: 42372
I really like this shot
id: 42373
Hey look, it's Queens Boulevard again
id: 42374
I wonder if this is the same plow..
id: 42375
Work can't just stop because of a little snow
id: 42376
I had a little snow on me by the end
id: 42377
This is how I captured those images without damaging my camera. Also, this is the first time I've been able to take advantage of having two camera. This was shot with the XSi!
id: 42378
Yes, those are shower caps.
id: 42379
There was some nice lighting on One World Trade Center in the morning on the way to work
id: 42380
Hi Dean
id: 42381
"Whoa! Cameras make weird sounds"
id: 42382
Sam wonders what's going on over here..
id: 42383
Whoa! A toy!
id: 42384
Telling Sam and Dean apart is a real challenge.. but this one is Dean
id: 42385
And this one is Sam
id: 42386
Dean is ready for his closeup
id: 42387
Wagh! Closeup
id: 42388
Dean is such an adventurer
id: 42389
"Wanna see me write stuff?"
id: 42390
Whoa! He can spell BNN!
id: 42391
Sam is sleepy
id: 42392
Along with all the cat photos, I asked Amanda to identify whoever the hell it is in this photo
id: 42393
Cats are so configurable
id: 42394
Watcha got there, Sam?
id: 42395
Run after the toy!
id: 42396
He got it!
id: 42397
Sam enjoys a good foot-scratching
id: 42398
Dean is super into whatever is happening
id: 42399
"Hey, what's this room all about"
id: 42400
Sam has a nice vantage point
id: 42401
id: 42402
Die, toy!!
id: 42403
Sam has a new perch
id: 42404
Carrying the toy around..
id: 42405
Time to take a break
id: 42406
Derp Dean
id: 42407
Slightly less derped dean
id: 42408
It's fun to watch cats
id: 42409
Vic likes playing with the kitties
id: 42410
Also with racing wheels!
id: 42411
Sam got himself "stuck" on the shower again. I think he'd come down.. eventually
id: 42412
Annalise is hard at work
id: 42413
"Watchoo talkin' about, TV?"
id: 42414
Welcome to good-cheesesteak, home of the good-cheesesteak, can I take your orrrrder?
id: 42415
Bryce would like some meat in bread, please
id: 42416
Whoa..... TV.
id: 42417
Such Vic, very notice
id: 42418
Who's ready to eat
id: 42419
This is a pretty good summary of the whole weekend
id: 42420
Various Nintendo products..
id: 42421
Sometimes I like to think of all the research and engineering that went into the technology that allowed me to take a photo like this and share it with you
id: 42422
Nooo, don't eat Dean!
id: 42423
Let's roll
id: 42424
Artie loves the Bears
id: 42425
Everyone else loves the beers
id: 42426
We stored everything outside, where it was colder than the fridge anyway
id: 42427
Go go go!
id: 42428
Get all the beer!
id: 42429
id: 42430
Go Jets?
id: 42431
Chicken wings!
id: 42432
Everyone is a fan of chicken wings
id: 42433
The overhang part of the wall is pretty intimidating
id: 42434
I'll get up there someday!
id: 42435
The Chelsea Piers rock gym
id: 42436
Nate gets to work on the bouldering wall
id: 42437
The bouldering wall seems safer since it's lower, but you fall for real so it can mess you up
id: 42438
Climbing up around the overhang
id: 42439
id: 42440
Pretty tenuous grip
id: 42441
Ramping up for a jump
id: 42442
Nate explains his strategy
id: 42443
Starting again
id: 42444
It helps to be tall
id: 42445
Find your footing..
id: 42446
There is a lot of strategy and planning in bouldering
id: 42447
Also upper body strength
id: 42448
Getting ready to tackle the wall again
id: 42449
It's all about solid footing
id: 42450
The routes each have different ratings based on difficulty
id: 42451
Think you can do it?
id: 42452
Inside the bouldering cave stuff gets really crazy
id: 42453
Nate demonstrates how to get up to the crazy scoop thing
id: 42454
He says it's easier to grab that it looks.. but it looks pretty impossible
id: 42455
Back on the bouldering wall
id: 42456
Climbing is fun!
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