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Pictures taken during March 2015

id: 42687
This is a sad, sad teddy bear. At least he's got a drink?
id: 42688
Me, Goran, and his friend John crammed into the blueberry taxi
id: 42689
Hi John
id: 42690
What do you wanna eat??
id: 42691
The cube of health?
id: 42692
Goran chose to eat fresh
id: 42693
"Are you taking my picture?"
id: 42694
Rest stops are restful
id: 42695
And empty
id: 42696
I think John's ready to get back on the road
id: 42697
Goran is so cold. So very cold.
id: 42698
We made it!
id: 42699
What's up with these numbers all being at weird angles?
id: 42700
The obligatory hotel room shot
id: 42701
Oh yes. We are ready to game
id: 42702
Goran shows off his ridiculous top of the line electric toothbruth
id: 42703
Whole buncha Amiibos
id: 42704
Goran makes the craziest face
id: 42705
Owen is ready to go
id: 42706
I lent Goran and Topaz my camera over the weekend for a "guest batch" of photos!
id: 42707
Of course, Goran got the weird kale shot thing
id: 42708
Let's watch movies
id: 42709
id: 42710
Waiting for the shuttle bus..
id: 42711
It is impossible to get a photo of Goran making a normal face
id: 42712
All weekend long people kept coming up to John and saying "Hi John" thanks to his hat
id: 42713
Is the shuttle bus here?
id: 42714
After escaping the horrible traffic-trapped shuttle bus.. we finally made it to the convention center!
id: 42715
Hot Pockets knows what's up
id: 42716
Thanks, PAX
id: 42717
Holy crap, the main expo floor is pretty busy
id: 42718
Hallo, Halo
id: 42719
There were several Oculus Rift demos
id: 42720
This lady spotted me from like 40 feet away!
id: 42721
This looks like a comfy little area
id: 42722
So many people
id: 42723
Soda Drinker Pro cosplayers!
id: 42724
Ooo, watcha making?
id: 42725
Fancy weird triangle computer..
id: 42726
Monster Hunter crazies take a break
id: 42727
Lots of really great lighting on the expo floor
id: 42728
Hey the Soda Drinker Pro booth is actually selling soda!
id: 42729
The cap hurt Goran's hand
id: 42730
But that sweet sweet soda made it all better
id: 42731
All weekend long there were people playing Just Dance and Rock Band on stage
id: 42732
Another view of the expo floor.. from above!
id: 42733
So many people!
id: 42734
There was a big crush of people around the Samsung booth as they gave away some free garbage
id: 42735
This super wide angle lens I borrowed from a guy at work is pretty awesome
id: 42736
I just poked my head in some random panel
id: 42737
Star Wars cosplayers!
id: 42738
Johnny Bravo!
id: 42739
Ha, I'm curious how they came up with the ingredients
id: 42740
In the middle of all this, I took an hour to talk about space for work's "Techdev Office Hours"
id: 42741
Me and Goran found a weird empty room to eat lunch in
id: 42742
Whoa, Steel Battalion is intense
id: 42743
Look at this controller!!
id: 42744
It's pretty complicated
id: 42745
What do you think, Goran?
id: 42746
I'm not distracting you guys, am I?
id: 42747
This dude is clearly in the zone
id: 42748
Just be ready to eject!
id: 42749
This guy seems less sure of himself
id: 42750
Man that original xbox controller was massive
id: 42751
A closeup of the Steel Battalion controller
id: 42752
These guys were pretty cool. The guy with the mic was pretty much constantly giving instructions on how to play right up until the end of each play session
id: 42753
Think you've got what it takes to be a mech pilot?
id: 42754
This guy clearly does
id: 42755
We found Owen and John in the console free play area
id: 42756
Playing Puyo Puyo Tetris of course
id: 42757
Lots of people just hanging out and playing whatever
id: 42758
This game is confusing
id: 42759
I never caught this girl's name but she hung out with us for a few minutes. Like me she's more familiar with Anime Boston and was wondering where the Dealer's Room was
id: 42760
These guys are having fun
id: 42761
Amelia Earhart takes a shot at Puyo Puyo Tetris
id: 42762
No Goran, that is not how we 3DS
id: 42763
We got in the pre-pre-line for the Giant Bomb panel
id: 42764
After finding us, Topaz wished us luck and went to try to get into the League of Legends panel
id: 42765
This is the pre-line line next to the line for the League of Legends panel. It was confusing and crowded
id: 42766
John is ready to do what it takes to get a good seat
id: 42767
After the initial crunch, I took this photo, looking straight down, from inside the Giant Bomb panel blob
id: 42768
The line/blob
id: 42769
The League of Legends people are leaving!
id: 42770
Hey are seats are pretty good!
id: 42771
Nice view of the stage
id: 42772
Goran made this face when I admonished him for always making crazy faces
id: 42773
Hi John
id: 42774
Before the panel started I took a few photos from the front
id: 42775
This guy immediately engaged in a camera duel
id: 42776
Hey it's Alex and Dan! Nice bourbon bottle, Dan
id: 42777
Drew handled the video, which is cool but a shame because he couldn't participate in the panel
id: 42778
id: 42779
Jeff checks up on Alex and Dan
id: 42780
Jeff is so angry!
id: 42781
Taking questions..
id: 42782
Drew is an expert camera man
id: 42783
Watching videos on the big screen
id: 42784
Mr. Jeff Gerstmann, people
id: 42785
id: 42786
Dan is excited about this beer with his face on it
id: 42787
Jeff sticks to his preferred beverage: diet pepsi
id: 42788
Vinny is SHOCKED
id: 42789
Jeff strikes a pose
id: 42790
I think Alex is mostly thinking about Paxamania on Sunday
id: 42791
Brad wants to turn his apartment into levels
id: 42792
There's that Jeff crazy-eye I've come to love
id: 42793
It's still pretty bizarre seeing these guys in person after seeing them online for years
id: 42794
Eric Pope asked everyone to leave.. except Dan?
id: 42795
What is going on here?
id: 42796
Is this seriously an intervention?
id: 42797
Mr. Pope is pretty excited about this
id: 42798
In an effort to get Dan to act more adult, they're going to do a game show where the adult answers gets Dan the opportunity to win Dave Lang's actual money!
id: 42799
id: 42800
John Drake steps in to host the game
id: 42801
Dave Lang kept pulling out stack of real money (seen falling to the table here) and casually dropping them
id: 42802
Yes, it's all one dollar bills.. but a thousand of them!
id: 42803
John Drake adds to the stack
id: 42804
In the end Dan got the full $1000 but it was harder to catch the flying bills than he imagined
id: 42805
Come on, man!
id: 42806
The exact moment that Jeff said that to maintain journalistic integrity, Dan would have to return the money. Luckily it was only about eight bucks in the end.
id: 42807
Jeff reads excerpts from Tim Allen's autobiography
id: 42808
If you thought gamers had some misogynistic tendencies, just check out Tim Allen's book. Holy crap.
id: 42809
Jeff tore a bunch of pages out of the book and got in the money booth
id: 42810
But they didn't quite close the door..
id: 42811
Goran asked a question! Oystah Bay!
id: 42812
Hi Drew!
id: 42813
Time for the contract signing for the wrestling event on Sunday.. apparently this is a thing in Wrestling?
id: 42814
Dan, or whatever his alter ego is named, is ready
id: 42815
But so is not-Alex
id: 42816
Dan has signed the contract!
id: 42817
Alex isn't so sure..
id: 42818
Threats and bold claims were made..
id: 42819
I forget who this is, but he's also in on the wrestling madness
id: 42820
Sadly I did not get a good picture of Dan's drop kick or of Dr. Tracksuit.. so this is the best you get
id: 42821
Goran got this shot of me saying hi to Drew to thank / accuse him for getting me into F1!
id: 42822
Go Red Bull! Thanks Drew!
id: 42823
Jeff took a good hit off of my sharpie before signing the Skip Rogers VHS I brought
id: 42824
Jeff signing my ridiculous Skip Rogers gaming VHS
id: 42825
Getting a photo with Brad!
id: 42826
I told Dan "Never change" and he laughed and said OK
id: 42827
I got the entire crew to sign the VHS! Jeff, Brad, Alex, Dan, Drew, Vinny
id: 42828
Photos with Jeff!
id: 42829
Photos with John Drake! Who I'm calling honorary Vinny cause I didn't get a photo with Vinny and he's the only Bombcast guy I missed
id: 42830
Photos with Alex! He said it was very confusing seeing himself but trying to look at the lens
id: 42831
Jeff hung around to talk to some fans outside the room
id: 42832
Drew too
id: 42833
Brad seems so sad!
id: 42834
Jeff is an enormous dude. When I put my arm around him for the photo I realized just how tall he is
id: 42835
Vinny! Why didn't I get a photo wiht you!
id: 42836
Drew and Alex talking to fans
id: 42837
Alex and John do some sort of wrestling thing
id: 42838
And then chat a little!
id: 42839
Jeff's going to shake this guy's hand but Goran thought this photo looked like he was stealing his cup
id: 42840
Drew won't judge Owen's horrible mustache. He just signed his N64 game
id: 42841
Dan seems like he's just getting started on a great night
id: 42842
On the way out we saw these guys rocking on
id: 42843
Critiquing the rocking?
id: 42844
I met this guy while waiting for the shuttle bus. He makes cool music on gameboys
id: 42845
With this crazy interface!
id: 42846
It's tough keeping this many people organized
id: 42847
Sweet Sheik cosplay
id: 42848
Whoa, so many lanyards
id: 42849
Hey, I streetpassed with's Will Smith!
id: 42850
Fighting astronaut?
id: 42851
Bob Ross??
id: 42852
Enjoying some coffee on a popular hallway. A perfect place to see cosplayers walking around
id: 42853
Plus a perfect place to pick up streetpasses
id: 42854
League of Legends cosplayers
id: 42855
Hey it's Talim! The best, and only, fighter in Soul Calibur!
id: 42856
Very nice Halo group
id: 42857
Generic nerds?
id: 42858
This guy worked on this costume for 15 years
id: 42859
Very nice Lucina cosplay!
id: 42860
These guys were working on something so creepy I can't even believe it
id: 42861
Time for our appointment with Oculus!
id: 42862
Sorry, people in line. Should have used the app and set up an appointment!
id: 42863
Down on the ground!!
id: 42864
Behold.. the Oculus booth!
id: 42865
Can we go in yet?
id: 42866
These guys were trying out Gear VR
id: 42867
It looked pretty cool, but I was happy with being able to try Crescent Bay
id: 42868
That's a lot of chargers
id: 42869
How is it, buddy?
id: 42870
The Oculus rep was kind enough to take several photos of me playing with the Crescent Bay
id: 42871
What's over there?
id: 42872
It's lighter, higher res, and more responsive than DK2
id: 42873
What's up there??
id: 42874
You guys, VR is pretty awesome
id: 42875
The Life if Fuedal booth was pretty big!
id: 42876
Lots of people wandering around
id: 42877
The race chair booth was pretty popular. Too bad they didn't have any proper racing cockpits for me to try
id: 42878
The elusive Mirabella
id: 42879
Photojournalist Topaz takes a turn with my old camera
id: 42880
What to do now? I dunno, they'll probably do some dumb League of Legends stuff
id: 42881
I couldn't tell if this was a female version of Cloud or a crossplay of Cloud on that one mission.. you know the one.
id: 42882
Let's play Bastion!
id: 42883
Or even better, let's play Dog Sled Saga
id: 42884
Having fun in the Indie Minibooth, Goran?
id: 42885
Let's check the schedule
id: 42886
Success! By making it difficult to take his photo, Mirabella makes it a fun game.. that I usually win!
id: 42887
Topaz takes a look at 12 Minutes while the developer stands in the background
id: 42888
Sweet robot thing?
id: 42889
Goran has been waiting a while to try out 12 minutes
id: 42890
We caught Owen and John on the dance stage
id: 42891
Sweet costume! I have no idea who you are
id: 42892
This looks like something mashed up with Majora's Mask?
id: 42893
Even super soldiers get sleepy
id: 42894
Well. Uh. This is definitely the new worst photo of Mel
id: 42895
I like to think this is Mel reacting to the previous photo
id: 42896
Mel is intimidated by the Steel Battalion controls
id: 42897
No, she is a fierce mech warrior
id: 42898
Goran too.
id: 42899
Mel was the only one who didn't eject in time and died
id: 42900
This is the eject button. If you don't hit it, it deletes your save file!
id: 42901
Yet another cool costume that I don't recognize
id: 42902
Hey Will! Having fun?
id: 42903
Hey it's Talim again!
id: 42904
The bean bag lounge area was like an opium den
id: 42905
Holy crap. That is a lot of lazing nerds
id: 42906
So many PCs!
id: 42907
I wonder what the power usage is..
id: 42908
PCs for days
id: 42909
What should we do next? Get free Magic cards? Get food? Stand around and be indecisive?
id: 42910
This was the last we saw of Mel and Will since we lost track of them after dinner
id: 42911
Hey these guys are getting into the spirit of things
id: 42912
Business Casual link?
id: 42913
The sea of PCs as seen from above
id: 42914
Goran's more of a fan of the beanbags tha he looks
id: 42915
Time to drop in on the concert!
id: 42916
I really liked how there was plenty of space to just lounge around if you didn't want to be up in the big crowd
id: 42917
Maybe a little more space than the band would have liked though..
id: 42918
Lots of people just hanging around playing games. A cool way to see a concert
id: 42919
The wide angle lens makes this seem more empty than it was, but it was fairly empty
id: 42920
Ready for the concert to start
id: 42921
Almost time?
id: 42922
id: 42923
Freezepop is pretty cool
id: 42924
I liked this Enforcer's solution to cosplaying while on duty
id: 42925
This guy is serious business
id: 42926
I wanted to plop so bad
id: 42927
So many card and board game players!
id: 42928
This is what Vic's basement looks like
id: 42929
When I got home, the cats had turned on the gas valve on the stove and I had to call 911 and have the fire department and Con Edison come check stuff out. This Con Ed guy double checked there were no leaks
id: 42930
Hello Boston
id: 42931
Ah ha, part two of the camera duel from the Day 1 batch
id: 42932
Goran hasn't quite gotten a hang of the autofocus points. Hi John
id: 42933
Owen playing some smash.. and my various camera gear
id: 42934
The bus was boring
id: 42935
Goran thought this was Beany! But it was not, so it's extra creepy
id: 42936
Broken window?
id: 42937
Construction equipment!
id: 42938
The rare triple umlaut
id: 42939
Sketchy-ass valet
id: 42940
What's up with the C?
id: 42941
Boston was cold
id: 42942
The main expo floor!
id: 42943
Nerds everywhere
id: 42944
Monster Hunter crazies
id: 42945
Goran was all about the Soda Drinker Pro guys
id: 42946
Is the guy in the front conducting?
id: 42947
Goran found this Half Life 3 disc and didn't even take it!
id: 42948
The expo floor is pretty cool
id: 42949
So many little booths
id: 42950
It really puts the anime cons in perspective
id: 42951
This theater is gigantic! I am on the edge of it!
id: 42952
Goran's lunch?
id: 42953
Whoa, this photo came out pretty cool
id: 42954
The blue hair is on its last legs
id: 42955
Puyo Puyo Tetris!
id: 42956
I think this was the first photo in Topaz's group of photos
id: 42957
Starting off right by shooting Mirabella!
id: 42958
Topaz liked the wide angle lens but did not get to keep it
id: 42959
I looked at the posters from Supergiant so I could find something for Bryce
id: 42960
Which one did I get? It's a mystery!
id: 42961
Bastion is not bad
id: 42962
Whoa. That is a lot of mini figures
id: 42963
I'm assuming this is another League controller
id: 42964
Hi Goran
id: 42965
Loafing around in the hallways
id: 42966
I bet Brian was doing a lot of streetpassing
id: 42967
I'm not sure who these panelists are
id: 42968
Probably more League stuff. So much League stuff.
id: 42969
The catwalk is a great place to take photos of the expo floor
id: 42970
Neat structures
id: 42971
These guys are big fans of Princess Celestia
id: 42972
Brian wants the crazy triangle computer
id: 42973
id: 42974
Creepy aliens
id: 42975
Lots of hardware in the sky
id: 42976
Beanbag town is comfy!
id: 42977
That's right, folks. The most Vic thing to ever happen. Color bars... on... laser disc.
id: 42978
It's glorious
id: 42979
This laser disc is gigantic!
id: 42980
Vic is on the edge of it!
id: 42981
It's hard to not laugh at how ridiculously huge it is
id: 42982
id: 42983
The remote for the laser disc player is intense. It doesn't really look it here but it's enormous
id: 42984
Test patterns!
id: 42985
Time for breakfast
id: 42986
Goran has never been to Wawa!
id: 42987
Amanda has
id: 42988
Goran is so excited. Not really. Maybe a little.
id: 42989
How do you order?
id: 42990
Through touch screen magic!
id: 42991
One of the unidentifiable cats stood on Goran for a little
id: 42992
Vic has several con badges
id: 42993
It's my new gaming rig, Bebop!
id: 42994
Look at that beast!
id: 42995
So many USB ports
id: 42996
Vic signed the inside of the case for me
id: 42997
Part of the VicBond007 signature series!
id: 42998
Let's pack it up
id: 42999
Box of boxes
id: 43000
Oh right. New York.
id: 43001
That's a lot of scaffolding
id: 43002
Cozy nook?
id: 43003
A typical corner in New York City
id: 43004
id: 43005
Where are all the Citi bikes?
id: 43006
The omnipresent sidewalk shed
id: 43007
That's an old TV
id: 43008
Aw. Couldn't find someplace warmer to hang out?
id: 43009
This mailbox has seen some shit
id: 43010
I bet it's a lot nicer doing construction in this weather
id: 43011
The Google NYC building
id: 43012
Looking uptown
id: 43013
Bagels and coffee!
id: 43014
Scary truck graffiti
id: 43015
This building has several portholes
id: 43016
Cleaning off the winter gunk
id: 43017
Ew. More "snow"
id: 43018
I don't know what the hell this thing is, but today it has a balloon on it which wasn't there yesterday
id: 43019
Blue on blue
id: 43020
When I moved to NYC this building had barely started construction
id: 43021
Looking downtown from near work
id: 43022
Shapes and lines
id: 43023
This looks too nice to be graffiti
id: 43024
Emergency gnome?
id: 43025
id: 43026
Don't get hit by taxis!
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