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Pictures taken during April 2015

id: 43027
Jefferson's wallet puts even George Costanza to shame
id: 43028
Hey Jefferson!
id: 43029
Boston has some nice skyscrapers. And since they're not all packed on top of each other you can actually see them!
id: 43030
Glad to see the triangular banner is still a thing
id: 43031
Registration braces themselves for the storm
id: 43032
Good luck, guys
id: 43033
Last minute sign preparations
id: 43034
Radio Ops has a lot of work at the very start and end of the con.. also the rest of the con
id: 43035
Tech Ops!
id: 43036
Mike Lee's equipment corner
id: 43037
Main Events is coming together
id: 43038
I love the tri-screen setup
id: 43039
I wonder how long it took to set this up
id: 43040
Looks nearly ready to go!
id: 43041
These guys run the show here in Main Events
id: 43042
Camera platform
id: 43043
Tech Ops people are the most helpful epople
id: 43044
Signs drying everywhere!
id: 43045
Hey I know that logo
id: 43046
So empty..
id: 43047
id: 43048
id: 43049
id: 43050
Mystery boxes?
id: 43051
Look out for Godzilla
id: 43052
Hall D needs a little more work than Main Events
id: 43053
Nice.. elephant?
id: 43054
Chair army
id: 43055
Meanwhile, back in Main Events..
id: 43056
Behind the screen there's even more gear!
id: 43057
What is all this stuff?
id: 43058
Anime Boston's LED strip is a little bigger than mine
id: 43059
So many radios!
id: 43060
The Dealers Room is coming together too
id: 43061
My people!
id: 43062
Wandering through back hallways trying to find the loading dock
id: 43063
One fresh case of anime
id: 43064
Moving some stuff
id: 43065
Moving lots of stuff
id: 43066
Ready to move some stuff?
id: 43067
Pick up that stuff!
id: 43068
That's a big stuff!
id: 43069
Who loves moving stuff??
id: 43070
id: 43071
These things are a lot lighter than they look
id: 43072
No not really, we're just super strong
id: 43073
I have no idea what this is
id: 43074
Flipping more boxes
id: 43075
This guy actually does this for a job and was pretty good about not mercilessly mocking us
id: 43076
Bolting together the trusses
id: 43077
Do a good job!
id: 43078
This box was just full of Magic cards!
id: 43079
id: 43080
These things hang on the trusses
id: 43081
Attaching clamp things
id: 43082
Everyone grab a light or whatever
id: 43083
Boxes are convenient truss-holders
id: 43084
These cables are backups for the clamps
id: 43085
Moving boxes
id: 43086
id: 43087
This guy was another one of the pros. He was.. unique. Pretty cool dude though
id: 43088
Giant inter-speaker connectors
id: 43089
Attaching stuff to the truss
id: 43090
How do you attach speakers to trusses?
id: 43091
Lots of stuff go on these trusses
id: 43092
JDI guy supervises
id: 43093
Lots of heavy connectors
id: 43094
For heavy gear!
id: 43095
Sitting under this made me nervous
id: 43096
Lights, speakers, lots of stuff
id: 43097
Be one with the equipment
id: 43098
Got to do a good job so stuff doesn't fall off..
id: 43099
Giant cables now!
id: 43100
So many laptops.. this is how the sign system works. Seems like overkill..
id: 43101
Prepping the Anime Boston blimp
id: 43102
Time for a 3DS break
id: 43103
Mike Lee never rests
id: 43104
Security guys on the loose
id: 43105
This seat reserved for squids
id: 43106
Here comes the blimp!
id: 43107
So many staffers
id: 43108
Of course, Tech had to step in and fix the audio setup
id: 43109
Our Ombudsman is a special fairy
id: 43110
Mike Lee does his version of a pep talk
id: 43111
Ready to go!
id: 43112
First cosplay of the year! Nice Kirito
id: 43113
Weird shots as the elevator doors close
id: 43114
Everyone learn your schedule
id: 43115
Kiki! My favorite Ghibli character
id: 43116
Whoa. This is intense
id: 43117
Metal Gear crew!
id: 43118
Too many Zubats
id: 43119
id: 43120
Kirito and Asuna
id: 43121
Freddie.. Mercury?
id: 43122
Male Robin is still Robin which makes this guy cool
id: 43123
These guys did a great job and stayed in character
id: 43124
Nice costume! Too bad about the snowman
id: 43125
Spy vs Spy!
id: 43126
id: 43127
Nice sword, Lucina. I mean Marth. I mean Lucina.
id: 43128
Kaji and Misato!
id: 43129
That is some intimidating hardware, Madoka people
id: 43130
Nice quiet corner for catching up on the internet
id: 43131
Sign debugging
id: 43132
These guys did a great panel on performing music for anime
id: 43133
They actually did the score to several shows
id: 43134
Guitars are fun
id: 43135
They couldn't easily bring all the drums, so the percussion guy just went to town on a guitar case
id: 43136
I don't know how they play these things with no frets or indicators..
id: 43137
I played violin a little in 3rd grade. It's hard.
id: 43138
Go guitar guy go
id: 43139
Violin guy's having fun
id: 43140
Guitar guy broke out of the hospital to do this panel. He's crazy.
id: 43141
Other guitar guy doesn't have any cool hospital story
id: 43142
A cello is like a giant violin, right?
id: 43143
id: 43144
Let the panel begin
id: 43145
More music!
id: 43146
Drum guy won't let a lack of drums hold him back
id: 43147
Josh will be mad at me for not knowing which Zelda characters these are
id: 43148
Don't make eye contact!
id: 43149
Vash dances his way through the Dealer's Room
id: 43150
Snake snaps a selfie with.. most of Dragon Ball Z
id: 43151
Awesome cosplay group!
id: 43152
So many posters
id: 43153
id: 43154
Scout and Heavy!
id: 43155
Haha, this Unit 02 is cool but its expression made me laugh
id: 43156
The Hynes isn't beating around the bush anymore. They know their audience
id: 43157
I haven't even played Five Nights at Freddie's and I don't like this
id: 43158
Cool lightup wings
id: 43159
Awesome pony cosplay group!
id: 43160
A classic
id: 43161
Josh loves burritos
id: 43162
"They got the marker on my burrito!
id: 43163
The hotel had a fire alarm while I was trying to take a nap
id: 43164
id: 43165
Ugly buildings
id: 43166
Beany's heeeere!
id: 43167
And she's excited!!
id: 43168
Spiffy camera
id: 43169
Whoa, what's up with your eyes
id: 43170
Anime Boston banner!
id: 43171
Beany is a lady of many faces
id: 43172
Such as this one
id: 43173
She also draws them
id: 43174
The local bars know their audience
id: 43175
This cat lives in a wine shop!
id: 43176
This wine shop
id: 43177
Beany likes socks
id: 43178
This is the novelization... of Equestria Girls
id: 43179
id: 43180
This is a pretty great t-shirt
id: 43181
Well that was fun
id: 43182
Camera duel!
id: 43183
Ahh! Flash!
id: 43184
Ladies and gentlemen.. Jefferson.
id: 43185
There was an unusual number of wrestling cosplayers this year
id: 43186
The Japanese band was pretty cool
id: 43187
I just stuck around for a few minutes
id: 43188
Nothing more permanent than a lock on a chain link fence
id: 43189
Suz is having a rough night
id: 43190
Josh isn't
id: 43191
This is Beany when she doesn't make a crazy face at the last second
id: 43192
Where did these choco pies come from??
id: 43193
Getting the morning binders together again
id: 43194
Don't trust him, he's not a real doctor
id: 43195
This guy was cosplaying as a building!
id: 43196
Get the money!!
id: 43197
Blanka is hungry
id: 43198
There was a little smoke in the air so you could see the shadows from the ceiling
id: 43199
Anna and Elsa want grilled cheese sandwiches
id: 43200
These poor people.. I know, I'll take their photo and put it on the internet.
id: 43201
Business business business.. numbers?
id: 43202
I love seeing AB people mixing in with normal people at the edge of the mall
id: 43203
This guy stayed up all night to get lucky
id: 43204
Porco Rosso!
id: 43205
The cast of the next Smash Brothers?
id: 43206
Ze Germans!
id: 43207
Master Roshi is enjoying the sights
id: 43208
Lots of Kikis this year! I like it
id: 43209
Scary empty costume
id: 43210
This weird dude was hanging around with his unhappy cat for hours..
id: 43211
Discord? Eris?
id: 43212
id: 43213
The guy on the left didn't like me
id: 43214
Oh man, it's a Rakka cosplayer!!
id: 43215
Spiderman and Loki, together at last
id: 43216
I always found old-school Joker way more unsettling
id: 43217
Fire Emblem people and some random people posing with them
id: 43218
A solid Maser Chief
id: 43219
Sting not wearing a Sting mask
id: 43220
Sailor Moon!
id: 43221
Straight out of Bioshock Infinite
id: 43222
Card Captor Sakura!
id: 43223
MC Frontalot didn't get a huge turnout, which is a shame cause he was pretty good
id: 43224
Good show
id: 43225
Get up, people!
id: 43226
Very energetic
id: 43227
Tireless staff
id: 43228
A moment of silence for this cosplayer..
id: 43229
Impromptu dance party?
id: 43230
It's Jesus! On Easter!
id: 43231
Rock on, man. Rock on.
id: 43232
Tony and Shayna!
id: 43233
Revolving doors scare Beany
id: 43234
Let's figure out how to get T tickets
id: 43235
Riding around Boston
id: 43236
What is Beany talking about? Who knows
id: 43237
No biting Tony
id: 43238
Not even if you say please
id: 43239
Getting Chinese food
id: 43240
Chinese food is fun
id: 43241
Green beans!
id: 43242
These lumps were delicious
id: 43243
Beany loves lumps
id: 43244
id: 43245
Strange little statues
id: 43246
What will Beany buy?
id: 43247
Tony inspects the nonsense
id: 43248
Lots of stuff
id: 43249
These swords seem dubious
id: 43250
This is one hell of a VHS
id: 43251
id: 43252
What next?
id: 43253
Strike a pose!
id: 43254
Beany freaking out
id: 43255
I couldn't really capture how messed up this carpet was. Even knowing it was set up like this I almost tripped on it
id: 43256
Hey there goat head buddy..
id: 43257
Beany's got some kind of gross tea thing
id: 43258
Let's go to the T!
id: 43259
It got cold
id: 43260
So cold
id: 43261
Tony walked backwards so his face wouldn't freeze off
id: 43262
The capitol!
id: 43263
So far to walk in the cold
id: 43264
Tony couldn't get the doors to open
id: 43265
To the subway!
id: 43266
Subway guitar man
id: 43267
"Let me get something out of your backpack"
id: 43268
Harvard Square!
id: 43269
Tony was impressed by the novelization of Equestria Girls
id: 43270
Whoa, hello
id: 43271
The rare Dan photo!
id: 43272
Hi Beany
id: 43273
Beany and Dan
id: 43274
id: 43275
Beany wonders.. what is up
id: 43276
Nice hat
id: 43277
"You making fun of my hat?"
id: 43278
Woogidy hands
id: 43279
id: 43280
Shayna is sneaky
id: 43281
Waiting for the train
id: 43282
Mysterious puddle..
id: 43283
This is what happens if you give anime nerds a pen and paper
id: 43284
Tsk tsk
id: 43285
Whoa, Anime Boston has pretty cool trophies
id: 43286
Captain(s) America!
id: 43287
Matt the Mat made me an awesome Americano!
id: 43288
Coffee magic
id: 43289
Blair posing in the hallway
id: 43290
I caught A-chan at a bad time as she came back for lunch, but she still posed for me!
id: 43291
Ahhh!! Don't catch him!
id: 43292
Hall D, you've changed!
id: 43293
Yikes, I don't want that job. And watch your head..
id: 43294
Putting the trusses away
id: 43295
It looks so empty!
id: 43296
Careful when taking the screen down
id: 43297
Don't let it touch the floor!
id: 43298
Laying a tarp down to make screen folding easier
id: 43299
Fold it a few times and it'll fit no problem
id: 43300
So many cables on this truss
id: 43301
Scaffolding pieces
id: 43302
Strap it all together so it doesn't fall apart
id: 43303
Still a few cosplayers around!
id: 43304
Packing up another room
id: 43305
The ol' ball of gaffer tape
id: 43306
A rare moment to rest as we wait for orders from Tech Ops
id: 43307
Nothing is more relaxing than teardown
id: 43308
I love anima!
id: 43309
I thought my camera glitched out at first, but no, that is a microphone windshield thing on his nose
id: 43310
Everyone listen!
id: 43311
It's weird seeing so many people lying around Tech Ops
id: 43312
Just a testament to how far ahead of schedule we were!
id: 43313
Hi Andyi!
id: 43314
I made some origami while on shift..
id: 43315
Nice headband
id: 43316
Bo! Or was it Beau? Who knows
id: 43317
Coordinating teardown is a tough job
id: 43318
How do you tear a screen down without breaking it?
id: 43319
First, get way too many bored staffers
id: 43320
Then stand around and take pictures while other people do it!
id: 43321
id: 43322
The screen material is very sensitive
id: 43323
This looks safe
id: 43324
There was quite a line for the cargo elevator
id: 43325
Where's that box going?
id: 43326
Where are those boxes going??
id: 43327
It's all going to the staging area and then the truck
id: 43328
This year's program guide
id: 43329
Jefferson's enjoying his new 3ds
id: 43330
Until he got caught up in this dramatic reenactment
id: 43331
Time to tell stories of cons of the past and wait for the dead dog to start
id: 43332
Mike Lee comes back for his usually more upbeat post-con pep talk. Good job everyone!
id: 43333
The Dude abides
id: 43334
Dead Dog!
id: 43335
It's pretty much like any other big party except there are more anime things around
id: 43336
My Little Alley: Bowling is Magic?
id: 43337
I love this game.. whatever it's called
id: 43338
id: 43339
Skeeball is hard
id: 43340
One last look around..
id: 43341
See you all next year!
id: 43342
Jefferson likes the C table
id: 43343
Airplanes. Am I right?
id: 43344
Steve's got a few things to say
id: 43345
Dustin might too
id: 43346
Everyone's here!
id: 43347
Hi Megan
id: 43348
It's like I never left
id: 43349
Phil contemplates over his beer
id: 43350
Jokes are funny
id: 43351
Mike is thinking about getting more to drink
id: 43352
Shawn brought some fancy scotch which was pretty popular
id: 43353
And Phil still opts for the Blue!
id: 43354
Mmm, fancy scotch
id: 43355
Time for the main event of the evening.. Telestrations
id: 43356
Everyone brace yourselves
id: 43357
Let's explain the rules again
id: 43358
You should be DRAWING
id: 43359
Why do we play this game. It just creates more mental scars
id: 43360
Someday Steve will learn to spell
id: 43361
Dustin knows the only way to win at Telestrations
id: 43362
What are you looking up?
id: 43363
Matt is super ready for this game
id: 43364
"Look at that!"
id: 43365
Phil is already starting his decline in the corner
id: 43366
Right Matt?
id: 43367
Explain this drawing, Phil
id: 43368
Phil.. attempts an explanation
id: 43369
Oh my
id: 43370
Phil's turn!
id: 43371
What.. the hell... is that
id: 43372
id: 43373
Steve is not so sure
id: 43374
Tamara hesitates to show what's next
id: 43375
Tom attempts to explain.. but it is impossible
id: 43376
Welcome to Telestrations night
id: 43377
That's not how.. words happen
id: 43378
Look at that!
id: 43379
Whoa, hey Steve!
id: 43380
Megan can't take it anymore
id: 43381
Neither can Matt
id: 43382
I love Megan's incredulous reaction to Steve's reaction
id: 43383
That is quite a topic
id: 43384
Shawn is wondering why he came to this place
id: 43385
That seems OK
id: 43386
Ohhkay. We have gone off the rails
id: 43387
This is the only appropriate reaction
id: 43388
Megan took this picture with the EOS app on my phone
id: 43389
Go karts!
id: 43390
Whoa, a real IndyCar
id: 43391
They sit so low to the ground!
id: 43392
The finish line
id: 43393
Details on the IndyCar
id: 43394
Looking into the cockpit
id: 43395
You guys all ready to race?
id: 43396
Ooo, there was also a stock car from NASCAR out front
id: 43397
Real bare bones in there
id: 43398
Nitrous? Probably not
id: 43399
Hey, Moog!
id: 43400
I like the color scheme
id: 43401
I couldn't take pictures while we were racing so I settled for taking pictures of other people racing like a creep
id: 43402
id: 43403
Pay attention to the safety lecture, Steve
id: 43404
id: 43405
Dustin is ready for some safety
id: 43406
And then Steve joined the Aquabats
id: 43407
id: 43408
Megan is definitely glad I took this photo
id: 43409
id: 43410
Attach the strap
id: 43411
Glasses are hard
id: 43412
Hi Megan
id: 43413
Head clonk
id: 43414
I... didn't so super great
id: 43415
Let's celebrate that time we went karting by drinking beer
id: 43416
Right Megan?
id: 43417
Steve is always ready for some beer
id: 43418
Mmm, beer
id: 43419
id: 43420
Later.. darts!
id: 43421
Darts is hard but fun
id: 43422
Who would want a Butterfinger basketball? Spoiler: Everyone
id: 43423
Hanging out at the bar
id: 43424
I think Dustin is ready for some darts
id: 43425
Take aim...
id: 43426
This is Steve's default expression
id: 43427
id: 43428
id: 43429
These are boring photos
id: 43430
Well you can't stop me
id: 43431
Let's move the groceries
id: 43432
Remember how this batch started with go karts? What happened?
id: 43433
use onion;
id: 43434
Let's consult the internet for how to cook
id: 43435
That knife looks sharp
id: 43436
id: 43437
Slice slice slice
id: 43438
Wok's up with cooking?
id: 43439
Looks edible!
id: 43440
And lunch for the week is solved
id: 43441
Onwards to electronics!
id: 43442
Look at all these components
id: 43443
My favorite: the RGB LED strip
id: 43444
Always read the instructions
id: 43445
Topaz's first solder!
id: 43446
Lots of nonsense going on
id: 43447
Hey look, letters!
id: 43448
Topaz continues on the practice solder board
id: 43449
Getting there
id: 43450
Moving from component to component
id: 43451
Nice capacitor?
id: 43452
Don't breathe this
id: 43453
Is there anything worth buying at the dying RadioShack?
id: 43454
Matt and Sam joined us for sushi
id: 43455
The latest in my attempt to make photos of Anthony that he'll like
id: 43456
Angry birds sushi!
id: 43457
Kate is ready for some board games
id: 43458
Topaz demonstrates my amazing invention: the Cheeto fork. No more orange fingers!
id: 43485
We had a lot of fun with the RGB LEDs
id: 43486
Driving around Hamburg
id: 43487
Nice sunset
id: 43488
Farm stuff!
id: 43489
I remember wide open skies
id: 43490
Time to see what this puppy can do
id: 43491
Behold! The world's noisiest photos!
id: 43492
Even at an alarming ISO these photos came out blurry. Ah well
id: 43493
Let's look at planets!
id: 43494
That's Jupiter, I promise
id: 43495
Topaz and I went to the Unconference to see and present some neat talks
id: 43496
I think this was talking about how to be a freelance writer/reporter
id: 43497
This is the most startup-ass startup location I have ever seen
id: 43498
All those yellow things are bungee cords.. for reasons that I don't understand
id: 43499
They looked neat though
id: 43500
And suddenly I found myself signing up for a talk!
id: 43501
Hanging around.. eating food
id: 43502
This guy talked about microcontrollers, specifically the Raspberry Pi
id: 43503
And then I did another talk! This time on modular origami
id: 43504
Photos courtesy of Topaz
id: 43505
And then you fold it...
id: 43506
And then you fold it
id: 43507
The last origami supper?
id: 43508
Ready to fold some more?
id: 43509
Next step, fold it
id: 43510
Then stick them together
id: 43511
Like-a this
id: 43512
So many pieces
id: 43513
And then you have a ball
id: 43514
Chris liked the ball
id: 43515
Waiting for gravity
id: 43516
Chris wanted a nice photo to use online
id: 43517
And I think this is it!
id: 43518
"What're you doing there, more pictures?"
id: 43519
Topaz gave a talk on how to wildly gesticulate while presenting
id: 43520
This is the moment he realized he left his oven on
id: 43521
Step 1 of Psy's new dance
id: 43522
And then you clap
id: 43523
id: 43524
Invisible sandwich
id: 43525
This is where the gold is buried
id: 43526
Casting energy beams on himself
id: 43527
Catching a football
id: 43528
I don't even know anymore
id: 43529
And that's how you wildly gesticulate while presenting
id: 43530
Time for sushi?
id: 43531
Oh yes
id: 43532
Welcome to suburbia
id: 43533
Oh how I missed open spaces
id: 43534
Normal houses. Not monster apartment complexes
id: 43535
Scoot scoot, sweep sweep
id: 43536
My lunch destination
id: 43537
Let's make COLORS!
id: 43538
Josh is excited to play with my old camera
id: 43539
Hey guys, you're not allowed on the tracks
id: 43540
Wide angle!
id: 43541
Suz is ready for some photography
id: 43542
New York is confusing
id: 43543
This is a funny sign. Be careful with moving fences!
id: 43544
Getting closer to our destination: some sort of flea market thing
id: 43545
Sadboy is sad.. but he has a sticker of the Nurburgring on his car, so that's cool
id: 43546
Empire City?
id: 43547
Not so bad, as alleyways go
id: 43548
I like to think these are COPV tanks for rockets
id: 43549
Some ugly chandeliers
id: 43550
Eric and Jenny have a tent!
id: 43551
Who wants some chicken wings
id: 43552
I think Josh and Suz do
id: 43553
Eric fries up some wings
id: 43554
Let's all take pictures at once
id: 43555
Lots of weird little tents
id: 43556
Suz wants her chicken now
id: 43557
That looks pretty good
id: 43558
Josh is very serious about chicken
id: 43559
Mmm, curry
id: 43560
Secret sauce?
id: 43561
Suz is all about weird little food fairs
id: 43562
Just none and I'm done
id: 43563
Suz is dissatisfied with the clothing options
id: 43564
Handing out some food
id: 43565
Oh man I hate my diet
id: 43566
Fun wooden signs
id: 43567
Let's walk along the waterfront!
id: 43568
Suz snaps a few shots
id: 43569
Hi Suz
id: 43570
Nice truck
id: 43571
Good ol.. urban.. ness.
id: 43572
Hey it's the UN
id: 43573
It's a nice day to look around
id: 43574
Scary hole
id: 43575
The east side of Manhattan
id: 43576
Looking down the waterfront
id: 43577
Josh is ready to take some pictures
id: 43578
Ever since the asylum let Josh carry his little friend around his treatment has been going much smoother
id: 43579
Link isn't sure about the UN
id: 43580
Nice day out
id: 43581
Link also isn't sure about hexagons
id: 43582
Josh stages his photoshoot
id: 43583
"Does this.. does this look alright?"
id: 43584
Double stinkface
id: 43585
Suz is feeling strong from her chicken wings
id: 43586
A nice shot of Josh for him to use on the internets
id: 43587
Not really sure what the foot thing is all about
id: 43588
Suz is a New York girl
id: 43589
Suz is having a good time even if her hair is trying to escape
id: 43590
Oh god, it's on the loose!!
id: 43591
It's OK
id: 43592
Hi Josh
id: 43593
Yeah, this photo isn't going anywhere soon
id: 43594
Photos are funny
id: 43595
Link isn't sure about this pocket
id: 43596
Is this pretzel cookie going to be good?
id: 43597
Seems like it
id: 43598
id: 43599
id: 43600
Link isn't sure about beer
id: 43601
Facetime with Beany!
id: 43602
Whoa, hi Josh
id: 43603
Suz likes beer
id: 43604
"Stop taking pictures of me!"
id: 43605
Suz is tired now
id: 43606
Hoodies are fun
id: 43607
Suz's hair is completely out of control
id: 43608
Now she is a celeb
id: 43609
id: 43610
Here's where Five Pointz used to be
id: 43611
"Look into my eye"
id: 43612
Hi Josh
id: 43613
Talking to Suz on the way to the fair
id: 43614
Josh thought this was really funny
id: 43615
Eric and Jenny!
id: 43616
Wings with convenient grease-free handles
id: 43617
id: 43618
I had chicken later
id: 43619
Josh wants to live here
id: 43620
Suz looks through some dumb shirts
id: 43621
Hey this is that making of that photo from the other batch
id: 43622
Cars and buildings. Welcome to New York
id: 43623
id: 43624
This is what I often look like
id: 43625
Suz is excited
id: 43626
Hi Suz!
id: 43627
Suz keeps her hair from escaping
id: 43628
And fails
id: 43629
Eric is excited about cooking
id: 43630
Lots of wings
id: 43631
I told you I got chicken later
id: 43632
Suz gives Josh a look
id: 43633
Link isn't sure about beer
id: 43634
Bring all the beer to Link
id: 43635
Let's look at photos!
id: 43840
Kate is ready to tear up some cars
id: 43841
"You ready to take some pictures?"
id: 43842
Nice looking vehicles
id: 43843
Let's hope you never have to see this coming for you!
id: 43844
Kate with her ambulance
id: 43845
Whoa, hi there
id: 43846
Beep, beep, beep
id: 43847
The crew starts suiting up for the training exercise
id: 43848
Kate isn't participating tonight, but she'll still be keeping an eye on things!
id: 43849
The back of the ambulance
id: 43850
Gotta get your reflective gear on
id: 43851
I accidentally took a really spooky photo of the empty ambulance
id: 43852
Emergency squad!
id: 43853
This is where Kate lives
id: 43854
Getting the light truck into position
id: 43855
id: 43856
Performing the last rites for the doomed cars
id: 43857
I think JR is ready to tear up some cars
id: 43858
The light truck is in position!
id: 43859
A little rain never hurt nobody
id: 43860
Doyle and Kory are ready to get started
id: 43861
Having fun, Dave?
id: 43862
John gets things started
id: 43863
id: 43864
The rain was a hassle but it certainly added a certain flair to the photos
id: 43865
"So here's how you tear up a car.."
id: 43866
Gathering around to go over the plan
id: 43867
"And then we get the giant scissors.."
id: 43868
Everyone's so serious and Topaz is just being a goober
id: 43869
Emergency rescue is serious business
id: 43870
Apparently they do this every time they arrive at an accident. The wood keeps the car stable
id: 43871
Swarming around the car
id: 43872
The car's nearly stable, almost time to start cutting
id: 43873
Don't mind me..
id: 43874
Getting stuff done at night!
id: 43875
Kate and Topaz watch the proceedings
id: 43876
Derek says "oh stop"
id: 43877
Running in for a closeup
id: 43878
These windows have got to go
id: 43879
Breaking windows in the rain
id: 43880
Gotta remove the windows before you can cut the posts
id: 43881
Is this the official procedure?
id: 43882
John doesn't care about rain
id: 43883
I bet those jackets are waterproof.. unlike mine
id: 43884
Hi Scott
id: 43885
The smashinator!
id: 43886
I'm not sure what's happening here. I think they're taking the windshield off
id: 43887
Getting stuff done!
id: 43888
Poor car
id: 43889
Nice windshield you've got there
id: 43890
Getting to work on the door
id: 43891
JR, what've you got there?
id: 43892
Oh, it's an enormous pair of hydraulic pliers. No big deal
id: 43893
Nicole is having fun in the rain
id: 43894
JR's got some giant scissors and he knows how to use them
id: 43895
Getting a little rainy
id: 43896
Who needs windows anyway. It's so breezy now!
id: 43897
It's really raining now
id: 43898
EMS people are pretty cool
id: 43899
Too dark even for the mighty truck light!
id: 43900
Gather round for a story about Eden Rescue Squad
id: 43901
Cutting cars up is tricky
id: 43902
Is it normal for a door to do that?
id: 43903
Haven't you done enough to this poor car?
id: 43904
Holy crap, this is an intense tool
id: 43905
Giant scissors!
id: 43906
This car has seen better days
id: 43907
Pile o doors
id: 43908
Picking the car apart piece by piece
id: 43909
Shine the light here, please
id: 43910
Eric looks so tired
id: 43911
And away goes the door!
id: 43912
Insert convertible joke here
id: 43913
The last.. car supper?
id: 43914
Something tells me this isn't the first time Dave and Kenny have done this before
id: 43915
A pretty normal night for Kate
id: 43916
The team seems to be doing pretty well so far
id: 43917
It takes a lot of people to cut up a car
id: 43918
These guys are pretty proud of themselves
id: 43919
Take it for a spin!
id: 43920
How do you simulate dealing with a rolled car? Roll the car!
id: 43921
Part two of the night.. extracting people from a car on its side
id: 43922
Car One is not having a good night
id: 43923
This used to be the B-post
id: 43924
This car is sideways
id: 43925
Nice suspension
id: 43926
Check the supports..
id: 43927
What's under here?
id: 43928
This is how they keep the car from tipping over further
id: 43929
Eden Rescue!
id: 43930
Time to start packing up some of the tools
id: 43931
What's the hammer for??
id: 43932
These guys really hate windshields
id: 43933
Windshield be gone!
id: 43934
Drag it away
id: 43935
Eric's got the giant hydraulic tools now!
id: 43936
Commence cutting!
id: 43937
That's a big hat
id: 43938
This tool looks so easy to handle
id: 43939
Taking a look inside
id: 43940
And another roof is gone!
id: 43941
Now it's really easy to get the people out!
id: 43942
This looks like everyone is having so much fun
id: 43943
This car looks so weird
id: 43944
Sweep up the glass
id: 43945
Retrieving the support straps
id: 43946
Time to take the supports down
id: 43947
Car One is still looking pretty rough
id: 43948
It's a tough job, EMS
id: 43949
But someone's got to do it
id: 43950
Packing up!
id: 43951
I think I've been spotted
id: 43952
Say cheese!
id: 43953
Good work, guys!
id: 43954
Knocking the car back over
id: 43955
You can't really tell but the car is bouncing here. Check out the glass flying around
id: 43956
Sweep sweep sweep
id: 43957
Eric wears many hats
id: 43958
There, good as new!
id: 43959
Time for some glamor shots of the EMS gear
id: 43960
Getting the ambulance ready
id: 43961
Eden EMS: Ready to save your ass at a moment's notice
id: 43962
Good looking crew
id: 43963
Kate's coming to save you!
id: 43964
Master driver Kate
id: 43965
Time to relax with beer and food
id: 43966
Mmm, pizza
id: 43967
Kate had a fun night
id: 43968
Well earned pizza
id: 43969
And that was that!
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