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Pictures taken during June 2015

id: 43970
James looks like he was kidnapped
id: 43971
Topaz is really excited
id: 43972
Hey it's that place I want to go to!
id: 43973
I still have never been to the Astronaut Hall of Fame.. and that didn't change this year! Someday..
id: 43974
This stupid bridge wants to make me wait just a little bit longer
id: 43975
The VAB!!
id: 43976
I like this Commercial Crew banner
id: 43977
Great shot of the ISS, though I don't think it actually flies all crooked like that
id: 43978
Topaz is dual wielding both his personal camera and my camera
id: 43979
NASA: where even the drainage ditches are over-engineered. Those are water baffles!
id: 43980
id: 43981
I am so ready for this day.
id: 43982
I made Topaz sit in all the capsules
id: 43983
I really hope this guy has some sort of cooling system in there
id: 43984
That fake Orion capsule is still sitting around
id: 43985
It was funny watching Topaz slowly grasp the scale of the mockup shuttle stack. Without depth perception he had to walk right up to it.
id: 43986
"This SRB is gigantic!"
id: 43987
Looking up at the bottom of the external tank
id: 43988
Well hello there
id: 43989
It's been too long since I visited my old friend Atlantis
id: 43990
Topaz was suitably impressed
id: 43991
I can never have enough photos of me standing in front of spacecraft
id: 43992
She's beautiful!
id: 43993
I also can never have enough photos of spacecraft in general
id: 43994
A closer shot of the RCS system
id: 43995
The wide angle lens I borrowed this year really came in handy
id: 43996
She's got a big nose but she wears it well
id: 43997
This is where the front nose gear comes out
id: 43998
Atlantis is displayed in the on-orbit configuration. Payload bay doors open, RMS extended, the works
id: 43999
This guy worked on the shuttle for decades! It's always great to pick the brains of the experts NASA has on hand
id: 44000
The Space Shuttle Main Engine is one of the most efficient engines ever created
id: 44001
Baby got back?
id: 44002
Topaz finds the life of a shuttle commander so dull
id: 44003
I really can't get enough of how gorgeous this vehicle is
id: 44004
Topaz too
id: 44005
id: 44006
Who wants a thermal protection system rub?
id: 44007
Topaz had fun spinning this tire from the last ever shuttle flight. It was the nose gear for STS-135
id: 44008
Astronaut Jerry Ross! He's flown on seven shuttle missions and performed nine spacewalks!
id: 44009
And now we're best friends
id: 44010
Also Topaz
id: 44011
Suz! What are you doing here??
id: 44012
The bus to the launch pads
id: 44013
Paul was a pretty great tour guide
id: 44014
All temporary badged birds
id: 44015
The security checkpoint leading to the Kennedy Space Center proper, not just the visitor complex
id: 44016
Neat satellite dish
id: 44017
id: 44018
Space Launch Complex 40! This is where SpaceX launches Falcon 9s from
id: 44019
SLC-41 with a vehicle assembly building next to it
id: 44020
The VAB for SLC-37. You can see a Delta IV being assembled inside!
id: 44021
The big VAB looms in the background
id: 44022
Various support buildings in between our road and SLC-40
id: 44023
The KSC VAB, with the mobile launcher for SLS in the background
id: 44024
From this angle we can see into the new SpaceX hangar at LC-39A
id: 44025
Luckily, the rain kept away from us even if it did threaten us all day
id: 44026
I think Topaz is having a good time
id: 44027
Back to the bus? So soon?
id: 44028
Posing in front of SLC-40
id: 44029
This is a bad picture of this bird but Topaz liked it so I guess here it is
id: 44030
We also drove around the Industrial Area a bit
id: 44031
Looks pretty industrial
id: 44032
Some neat valves and stuff outside the cryo test lab
id: 44033
If I remember correctly, this is the building where the Orion test vehicle was housed
id: 44034
It's so awesome seeing the VAB peeking up over the trees
id: 44035
Paul was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. A perfect tour guide!
id: 44036
id: 44037
We're going towards the VAB!
id: 44038
The Orbiter Processing Facilities, where the shuttles used to live! Now they're being used by other aerospace companies and organizations
id: 44039
The SLS MLP. Tired of acronyms yet?
id: 44040
This is a cool sign
id: 44041
We're on the Saturn Causeway!
id: 44042
The old shuttle mobile launch platform and crawler, backed off from LC-39A at the request of SpaceX who didn't want it
id: 44043
The always impressive treads of the crawler
id: 44044
MLP 2?
id: 44045
Pieces of LC-39B, I believe
id: 44046
It turns out the road to Pad B was washed out a few days earlier so we got to go to Pad A and see what SpaceX has been up to!
id: 44047
It's the new SpaceX hangar! Nearly complete but still not adorned with the SpaceX logo
id: 44048
The FSS and RSS of LC-39A, left in place by SpaceX
id: 44049
Lots of activity. By the time I got home from Florida that horizontal beam was already dismantled
id: 44050
Let's take a peek inside the new hangar!
id: 44051
Hey SpaceX, the logo on your security truck has the wrong aspect ratio!
id: 44052
The fixed service structure, left in place by SpaceX. It will later be modified to support their launches
id: 44053
They're even repainting the water tower
id: 44054
The rotating service structure will also be left in place until they need to get rid of it. It's expensive to remove giant metal structures!
id: 44055
Another angle of this amazing historical structure
id: 44056
Nooo, we're going further away!
id: 44057
Topaz snaps a few photos. Appropriate since we are at the A/B camera site!
id: 44058
The VAB as seen from the A/B camera site
id: 44059
We couldn't visit LC-39B but we could still see it from the camera site
id: 44060
It's hot and humid, but it's pretty
id: 44061
Looking back towards the bus and the VAB
id: 44062
Posing with LC-39A again. A year later and a few pounds lighter
id: 44063
Topaz thinks launchpads are neat
id: 44064
This is every mission that launched from LC39-A!
id: 44065
I don't have as many pictures of me on this trip.. but rest assured my smile was just as big the whole time
id: 44066
Whoa! They painted an American flag on the side of the SpaceX hangar! That wasn't there a few days ago!
id: 44067
Hello, SpaceX construction man
id: 44068
Please enjoy this out of focus photo of whatever that is inside the SpaceX hangar
id: 44069
Another view of the crawler and MLP
id: 44070
Now onwards.. to the VAB!
id: 44071
This is a mockup of the launch escape system for the Orion capsule
id: 44072
Topaz was impressed with the size of the VAB
id: 44073
I've been here before but it's always so great to be back
id: 44074
This is the actual gantry and white room from launchpad 39-A! Hundreds of astronauts walked across this before launching
id: 44075
The gantry has seen better days
id: 44076
What used to connect here?
id: 44077
The white room!
id: 44078
This is an alarmingly enormous bug
id: 44079
This is the part of the white room that would go up against the shuttle hatch
id: 44080
I guess they just leave this mockup lying around
id: 44081
I couldn't not pose with the white room
id: 44082
Topaz too!
id: 44083
This is where the magic happens
id: 44084
I believe it's one big SRB that vents through four exhaust nozzles
id: 44085
A lot of really cool things have happened in that building on and on this gantry
id: 44086
This is that funny little armored vehicle the astronauts would use if they had to escape a dangerous situation on the pad. Mostly I think they just had fun driving it around in training
id: 44087
Big doors on the VAB
id: 44088
Looking down the gantry at the white room doors
id: 44089
Ssshhh, it's a secret!
id: 44090
One of the OPFs, orbiter processing facilities. I believe this one is now being used for commercial space flight companies.
id: 44091
NASA gave a bunch of blank shuttle models to artists to paint and you could find several around KSC
id: 44092
The other mobile launch platform, this time without the crawler. It makes it easier to see them as distinct structures.
id: 44093
Ah yes, back at the Saturn V
id: 44094
We came in through the back door but I had Topaz look at the ground until we got to the back so he could have the same "holy crap" experience as everyone else
id: 44095
Raw power
id: 44096
It's really difficult to capture the scale properly in a photo
id: 44097
Looking into the old astrovan
id: 44098
Topaz checking out the Saturn V
id: 44099
Got to keep those engines in place..
id: 44100
So much work went into the cooling channels built into the engine bell
id: 44101
I challenged Topaz to lift a tread of the crawler.. without slipping a disc
id: 44102
The back of the second stage. J-2 engines!
id: 44103
An authentic lunar module! It's a tragedy it's here and not on the moon but it's pretty cool to see
id: 44104
The back of the third stage only has one engine
id: 44105
Looking back at the top of the tanks for the second stage
id: 44106
Lunar rover!
id: 44107
One of Gene Cernan's space suits! I believe this was for training
id: 44108
The Apollo 14 command module Kitty Hawk. This is the actual vehicle!
id: 44109
Jim Lovell's actual flight suit from Apollo 13
id: 44110
Alan Shepard's space suit. I believe this is actually the one he wore on the moon.
id: 44111
It's so incredible seeing the actual artifacts in person
id: 44112
A page of mission rules that flew to the moon on Apollo 17
id: 44113
A checklist from Apollo 10
id: 44114
I'm not sure what this notebook is from
id: 44115
Topaz was super excited to touch a piece of the moon
id: 44116
I was super excited to get out of this weird corner
id: 44117
Back to the main visitor complex!
id: 44118
This simulator stunk
id: 44119
Well hello again!
id: 44120
Looking up at the foreward section of Atlantis from the ground
id: 44121
The critical RCC panels on the leading edge of the wing
id: 44122
I love zooming in to this shot.. you can see how the parts of the wing fit together so they could move
id: 44123
Atlantis' left wingtip
id: 44124
Hey, there's the bridge I watched both my launches from!
id: 44125
I thought for sure with two days available I'd finally see the Astronaut Hall of Fame.. maybe next year
id: 44126
Hey it's the rocket garden!
id: 44127
Redstone, Atlas, Titan.. the gang's all here!
id: 44128
Looking up at a Mercury-Atlas vehicle
id: 44129
I'm not really sure what this guy is but it looks like an Atlas with an Agena on it?
id: 44130
Mercury-Redstone! It looks so small compared to modern rockets
id: 44131
Another view of the Mercury-Atlas
id: 44132
The Saturn IB dwarfs the other rockets in the garden but it's nothing compared to its big brother, the Saturn V
id: 44133
With eight H-1 engines on the back, the Saturn IB had about 26% more thrust at liftoff than a Falcon 9 (with Merlin 1D engines)
id: 44134
How funny is it that the word "F1" is so important in two of my favorite fields
id: 44135
Titan with a Gemini capsule on top
id: 44136
Hmm.. ominous weather behind the Saturn IB
id: 44137
The Apollo gantry never gets old
id: 44138
Topaz couldn't quite believe that this was the actual gantry that the Apollo astronauts walked on
id: 44139
The next surface they set foot on was the moon..
id: 44140
It's bright in an Apollo capsule
id: 44141
Looming rockets!
id: 44142
The making of the previous photo
id: 44143
The making of the making of that photo
id: 44144
Topaz is pretty pumped
id: 44145
Our tour guide for the LCC is John
id: 44146
Oh man, here we are
id: 44147
This VAB is a lot smaller
id: 44148
One flag for each orbiter
id: 44149
This is where the tour gets serious
id: 44150
I'm not so sure about the font selection but this is pretty awesome
id: 44151
Wow, one mounted patch for each manned mission launched from the KSC
id: 44152
John spent a while talking about the layout of KSC and Cape Canaveral, using the convenient high resolution satellite image
id: 44153
Whoa, cool mural
id: 44154
Some old LCC gear!
id: 44155
A "naked" version of those shuttles I keep seeing all around
id: 44156
A lot of history up on this wall
id: 44157
That's my shuttle mission!
id: 44158
There were two plaques that didn't have a landing date.. sobering.
id: 44159
This looks like Apollo-era gear
id: 44160
I had fun pressing all the switches once it was made clear we were allowed to
id: 44161
These panels are so cool
id: 44162
Haha, audio bird deterrent system.. "mmmBIRD!"
id: 44163
Everyone pile into the elevator!
id: 44164
It's a little hard to read the door but it says "The greatest launch team in the world enters through these doors."
id: 44165 id: 44166 id: 44167
id: 44168 id: 44169 id: 44170
id: 44171 id: 44172 id: 44173
id: 44174 id: 44175 id: 44176
id: 44177
id: 44178
id: 44179 id: 44180 id: 44181
id: 44182 id: 44183 id: 44184
id: 44185 id: 44186 id: 44187
id: 44188 id: 44189 id: 44190
id: 44191 id: 44192 id: 44193
id: 44194 id: 44195 id: 44196
id: 44197 id: 44198 id: 44199
id: 44200 id: 44201 id: 44202
Hey it's Jerry Ross again!
id: 44203
He signed a copy of his book and a photo of him on a spacewalk
id: 44204
Great shot
id: 44205
I was pretty happy about it
id: 44206
I laughed really hard when I saw that they specifically tell you to not eat it in the museum
id: 44207
Wow, the Orion heat shield is pretty huge
id: 44208
Mars Rovers in terrible lighting!
id: 44209
Curiosity is enormous
id: 44210
Topaz is friends with robots
id: 44211
One more walk on the Apollo gantry
id: 44212
One last walk through the rocket garden
id: 44213
id: 44214
I made Topaz get into the Mercury capsule
id: 44215
It was pretty cramped
id: 44216
I love NASA!
id: 44217
So does Topaz
id: 44218
Time to go back to Orlando
id: 44219
I'm pretty sure I have like 20 photos similar to this one but I don't care. It never gets old
id: 44220
I love seeing how the landing gear fits in
id: 44221
Insert belly rub joke here
id: 44222
We got to touch samples of the thermal blankets! Not flown samples of course, but wow!
id: 44223
I want to make a bed out of it.. it was tough but squishy and sort of soft
id: 44224
An unflown tile from the belly of the orbiter
id: 44225
Not only is this external tank foam, it's attached to a sample of external tank metal so you can get a sense of the challenge of insulating it
id: 44226
Beta cloth! This is what the outer layer of space suits are made out of
id: 44227
Of course, I can't not take another whole batch of photos of the payload bay
id: 44228
This OMS pod has clearly put some years of service in
id: 44229
This is where the fuel, oxygen, and various other goodies enter the orbiter (and the external tank!)
id: 44230
The worm logo is cool but I still prefer the so called "meatball" NASA insignia
id: 44231
So much texture on those thermal blankets
id: 44232
The payload bay door also serve as radiators so it's very important they open and close properly!
id: 44233
The RCS thrusters look small compared to the overall orbiter but they're pretty sizable
id: 44234
Rockets big and small. In this show you see RCS, OMS, and SSME
id: 44235
Those SSME engines are beasts
id: 44236
Anyone in there?
id: 44237
It's almost like the view from the SRBs when they separate
id: 44238
You can almost imagine it in flight
id: 44239
This is.. an awkward little area
id: 44240
So many tiles..
id: 44241
Looking back at the body flap
id: 44242
That whole structure mounted to the aft portion of the payload bay is the airlock and docking mechanism
id: 44243
This is where the shuttle docks with the ISS or Mir
id: 44244
I'm not sure what all these cables do..
id: 44245
I believe this is part of the mechanism that holds the payload bay doors closed
id: 44246
A nice big Atlantis panorama
id: 44247
Topaz was surprised at how enormous the Hubble is
id: 44248
Moving on to the front of the vehicle..
id: 44249
I can peek inside! Those are actual controls in the flight deck!
id: 44250
Looking in the flight deck windows
id: 44251
I want to flip those switches..
id: 44252
This shot almost looks like it was actually taken in space!
id: 44253
id: 44254
I love all the little details that add to the distinctive look. Stuff like that "danger" sign or the writing on the tiles never really register to the eye but when they're missing you know
id: 44255
id: 44256
The rear of the payload bay. Good flag placement for photos!
id: 44257
I believe this is the actual external tank vent hood (aka "beanie cap"). It pulled away excess gases as the shuttle sat on the pad
id: 44258
Looking up the left wing of Atlantis
id: 44259
The vehicle is so enormous
id: 44260
Looking up at the body flap from below
id: 44261
Well.. this is intriguing!
id: 44262
I couldn't quite fit the whole vehicle.. but it's still a nice shot!
id: 44263
Let's go to Disney World.. I guess
id: 44264
Space Mountain!
id: 44265
This is where they launch some of the fireworks for the big show at the end of the night
id: 44266
Monorail sick bay
id: 44267
A lot of Disney World looks like this but normal park-goers never see it
id: 44268
Well.. here we are
id: 44269
Ooo, consider me interested
id: 44270
Topaz snaps some pictures
id: 44271
Hey look, animals!
id: 44272
id: 44273
I don't know what most of these animals are
id: 44274
Hippos are scary
id: 44275
Birds are stupid
id: 44276
Giant alligator
id: 44277
That's what our safari bus looks like
id: 44278
id: 44279
id: 44280
Don't just stand around in the road!
id: 44281
Elephant sighted!
id: 44282
Hello elephant
id: 44283
This photo is really similar to the previous one.. whoops
id: 44284
Baby elephant
id: 44285
id: 44286
More rhinos
id: 44287
That's a big cat
id: 44288
Typical cat
id: 44289
id: 44290
Interlaced horses
id: 44291
id: 44292
So many squigglehorns!
id: 44293
This is how James reacts to all photos
id: 44294
But.. Buffalo is harmless!
id: 44295
Blech. So many people.
id: 44296
The real Mount Everest doesn't really have a roller coaster.. or does it
id: 44297
I agree!
id: 44298
Insert golf ball joke here
id: 44299
James in his native habitat on the monorail
id: 44300
James loves monorails
id: 44301
James says this place is called "Concourse unload" and it's the worst
id: 44302
It's hard to get a normal photo of James
id: 44303
Standing in front of the monorail control booth
id: 44304
Bye Mariah!
id: 44305
James tries to get out of the frame
id: 44306
James tries really hard
id: 44307
The monorail control panel!
id: 44308
Golf ball golf ball golf ball golf ball golf ball
id: 44309
Back to see these stupid robots in Spaceship Earth.. but now with more ISO!
id: 44310
id: 44311
id: 44312
Moon landings!
id: 44313
Disco computer scientist!
id: 44314
I made a weird face for this thing
id: 44315
Spaceship Eaaarrrtthhh
id: 44316
Lens flares are cool
id: 44317
James blue da ba dee da ba da
id: 44318
Topaz designs a car...
id: 44319
..and this is what he made
id: 44320
Cars are cool?
id: 44321
Fake computer gear at Mission: SPACE
id: 44322
Inside the capsule!
id: 44323
We found one of stupid dogtag machines... running Windows 3.1!!
id: 44324
id: 44325
Time to leave Epcot
id: 44326
Topaz had fun
id: 44327
Time for Hollywood Studios!
id: 44328
James loves 3D
id: 44329
So does Topaz
id: 44330
It was tough for me to convey that these Tinker Toys were like 15 feet tall
id: 44331
Spooky desk at Tower of Terror
id: 44332
Topaz unsafely eats turkey legs while driving crazy Star Wars vehicles
id: 44333
Things are fun?
id: 44334
id: 44335
id: 44336 light monkeys?
id: 44337
Projecting images on water mist is pretty cool
id: 44338
Various Disney characters ran around..
id: 44339
Belle and the Beast
id: 44340
Prince Eric and Ariel made an appearance
id: 44341
Ariel is having fun
id: 44342
Snow White!
id: 44343
Black light snake!
id: 44344
Water fountains!
id: 44345
Disney Boat?
id: 44346
id: 44347
Not so fast when he's sleepy
id: 44348
This train is a fun ride
id: 44349
I love cable cars because you can get really great photos from them
id: 44350
Cheetah Hunt flies off into the distance
id: 44351
SheiKra awaits
id: 44352
People having fun on Cheetah Hunt
id: 44353
The drop tower looms in the distance
id: 44354
James loves rides
id: 44355
A water ride would be alright in this heat
id: 44356
Hi James
id: 44357
We had James take the car ahead of us so I could take photos of him in the air
id: 44358
What's over there?
id: 44359
Some sort of... mammal.
id: 44360
SheiKra is pretty photogenic
id: 44361
Cheetah Hunt has this fun little dip
id: 44362
Roller coaster!
id: 44363
Hunt those cheetahs!
id: 44364
id: 44365
Lions are sleepy
id: 44366
So are lionesses
id: 44367
This guy looks fast
id: 44368
This guy looks freaked out
id: 44369
Montu flies by
id: 44370
Giraffes are tall
id: 44371
id: 44372
Flamingos are weird
id: 44373
This tortoise is probably as old as the country or something crazy like that
id: 44374
James is attacked by a vicious hippo
id: 44375
Some woman's funnel cake was attacked by vicious birds
id: 44376
James couldn't wear his glasses on the drop tower
id: 44377
So tall!
id: 44378
James is having fun though
id: 44379
I love roller coasters, can't you tell
id: 44380
id: 44381
The coaster train scoops up a bunch of water as it goes by
id: 44382
I'm touching a kangaroo!
id: 44383
Kangaroos are lazy
id: 44384
Whoa.. thanks, sign
id: 44385
We're at the beach! Check out this giant inflatable slide!
id: 44386
Walking out on to the pier in Tampa
id: 44387
Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico
id: 44388
It's a pretty nice beach
id: 44389
I levitated over the water to get this photo
id: 44390
Weird tattoo, dolphin
id: 44391
I can't escape Pier 60!
id: 44392
I can see why people like it here but there's too much sun for me
id: 44393
James takes his photo of the day
id: 44394
We're clearly used to walking on beaches
id: 44395
James is more used to it than we are
id: 44396
Topaz looks like a nerd who got lost
id: 44397
id: 44398
See? I stood in the Gulf of Mexico
id: 44399
Told you
id: 44400
Under the pier
id: 44401
James found a condemned hobbit hole
id: 44402
The racing tube
id: 44403
It's that place where I'm at!
id: 44404
These tires were free!!
id: 44405
This is what the track looks like from above. It used to be an Indycar track
id: 44406
Not my car, but still a race car
id: 44407
James loves this racecar chair simulator
id: 44408
Hey Scott Kelly did this! He's in space right now!
id: 44409
This is the car they use when kids do ridealongs
id: 44410
It's that window net thing!
id: 44411
Another NASCAR car. They're loud!
id: 44412
I got to wear the full helmet and HANS device!
id: 44413
Look how cool I am
id: 44414
This is the car I rode around in
id: 44415
James loves racing
id: 44416
I'm a cool cool dude
id: 44417
I just had to pose with my car
id: 44418
This is blurry but it's the only shot of the car with me actually in it
id: 44419
The ridealong was great! Time to take some photos of other ridealongs
id: 44420
Pretty fast! I got up to around 130mph
id: 44421
If I didn't have to fly home I would totally take one of these
id: 44423
We're in the Bioshock Infinite hotel again!
id: 44424
So many people..
id: 44425
Josh was really really into the Disney stuff
id: 44426
Oh god, I should have waited for a later bus
id: 44427
Josh and Max found me.. just like they find QA bugs
id: 44428
Reflective ceiling!
id: 44429
Who's ready for meetings?
id: 44430
Charles is ready for breakfast
id: 44431
Everyone got their notebooks ready?
id: 44432
id: 44433
Hey cool, the actual Yellow Power Ranger suit!
id: 44434
Same with the Pink Ranger
id: 44435
Josh was really into this Toy Story shooting game
id: 44436
I completely crushed everyone else since I had played it earlier and learned the tricks
id: 44437
Jacob does his model shot
id: 44438
Everyone loves Chewbacca
id: 44439
Hi Max
id: 44440
We found Nate!
id: 44441
Artie is a dance machine
id: 44442
This New York skyline seems.. odd
id: 44443
Oh cool, I'll just take the subway home
id: 44444
Hey, what the hell!
id: 44445
Cool DJ truck
id: 44446
Josh is.. having a good time
id: 44447
Craig is having such a good time he's about to burst a blood vessel
id: 44448
Hi Kailey!!
id: 44449
Alright drunkards.. follow the DJ cart!
id: 44450
We all shuffle off to the next area in the park
id: 44451
This lady spooked me by creeping up next to me and jumping into the conversation
id: 44452
Professional cosplayer!
id: 44453
I snapped this shot on the Rock n Roller Coaster before quickly putting my camera away
id: 44454
Mike is always ready for some freefall
id: 44455
Rock on, DJ man
id: 44456
I'm sure you're all wondering why I called you here today..
id: 44457
Topaz's never ending vacation continues with a flight to Germany
id: 44458
Good luck out there!
id: 44459
We found this big airplane near the airport. Which I guess makes sense
id: 44460
Old plane
id: 44461
I don't know anything else about this plane
id: 44462
These are the keys to the monorail!
id: 44463
James. Loves. Crayons.
id: 44464
Also parmesan cheese
id: 44465
James gave me a quick tour of the weird Disney employee park thing
id: 44466
id: 44467
This guy is terrifying
id: 44468
This game is stupid but it feels like you're winning when coins fall down
id: 44469
Of course, we had to do a little more kart racing
id: 44470
Except it had rained and we had to wait for the track to dry
id: 44471
You should really see a dentist, man
id: 44472
This is how we decided what movie to watch. We ended up watching National Treasure
id: 44473
Photo of the photo of the day
id: 44474
Gods have ads now?
id: 44475
Phone phone phone
id: 44476
Last minute photo as I jump out of the car at the airport. Bye James!
id: 44477
id: 44478
Max and Mike came too!
id: 44479
At least we get to wait in the shade here
id: 44480
It's Jerry's door!
id: 44481
Hey look at all that cereal
id: 44482
Josh sets up camp on the couch
id: 44483
This is way more surreal than you even think
id: 44484
id: 44485
Now I want some cereal
id: 44486
I look so natural
id: 44487
You guys, remember phones?
id: 44488
Check out this computer!
id: 44489
Max loves Seinfeld
id: 44490
Where are the pedals??
id: 44491
Bye Superman
id: 44492
"What's the deal with spotlights?"
id: 44493
I wanted to put this on my head
id: 44494
I suspect these are not the authentic props
id: 44495
Josh assumes the Costanza position
id: 44496
Mike couldn't keep a straight face
id: 44497
Such passion
id: 44498
Max, unfortunately, could keep a straight face
id: 44499
Oh god, moving on..
id: 44500
I wonder if this is the actual Monks seat
id: 44501
id: 44502
They're very refreshing
id: 44503
Josh helps Ted go over some last minute details of his character
id: 44504
I still needed to pick some spells
id: 44505
One of these lenses is for drinking, one is for pictures
id: 44506
This is going to be fun
id: 44507
Oh man, we are so ready
id: 44508
Eiwe and Purnell seem to know what they're doing
id: 44509
Josh gave a little speech and I made it awkward for him
id: 44510
Heavy weighs the.. two macbooks of a DM
id: 44511
Purnell looks something up
id: 44512
Omnipotent Josh
id: 44513
Thask is a prude
id: 44514
This D&D session brought to you by Apple
id: 44515
D&D is fun
id: 44516
What kind of posture is this, Max?
id: 44517
The all knowing d20
id: 44518
Whoa, Purnell can draw!
id: 44519
Let's go home
id: 44520
NYC traffic is fun
id: 44521
id: 44522
Check out this burger
id: 44523
Check out this.. crazy lady
id: 44524
There's no power at Vic's house but that won't stop us from playing Magic
id: 44525
Bryce once again tricked everyone into not killing him until it was too late
id: 44526
Mel can't help but make insane faces when she sees a camera. It's why she works in film.
id: 44527
Alan.. what are you taking a picture of.
id: 44528
We took a scary tour of the basement in the dark
id: 44529
An also the kitchen
id: 44530
Look out, Alan!!
id: 44531
Omar's here!
id: 44532
Dean is wondering who the hell all these peopl eare
id: 44533
Hi Dean!
id: 44534
Mel inspects Dean. Dean.. wonders.
id: 44535
Oh by the way, the power came back on in the morning, as predicted!
id: 44536
Hi Will
id: 44537
Look out, Dean!!
id: 44538
Jesus Christ, Mel. Why do you do this??
id: 44539
OK.. ready for AMVs?
id: 44540
Alan sure is
id: 44541
Vic sets up the gear. Dean supervises.
id: 44542
This is what it looks like to be Vic's TV
id: 44543
Ain't no party like an AMV prescreening party
id: 44544
The 2014 trophies had a bunch of misprints so we got to grab one! I got "1st Place Damatic/Serious"
id: 44545
A billion hours later, Vic tells us who made the videos
id: 44546
Alan tries out his unabomber look
id: 44547
Rain is scary
id: 44548
Jefferson is just.. standing in the heavy rain not even attempting to stay dry
id: 44549
Van ride!!
id: 44550
Amanda loves diners.
id: 44551
Hi Omar
id: 44552
Let's order some food
id: 44553
Mel looks almost normal here
id: 44554
Everyone smile! ..or not
id: 44555
Albert got some kind of gross milkshake flavor but I forgot what it was
id: 44556
We had some fun looking up fake Magic cards
id: 44557
This giant Pacman arcade machine was amazing
id: 44558
Dramatic right to the end
id: 44559
Oh god.. I remember sunlight
id: 44560
Bryce is really disappointed that the CRS-7 Falcon 9 disintegrated
id: 44561
Everyone was shellshocked by the launch failure. No, not really. Just me.
id: 44562
Katie and Peter joined us for breakfast
id: 44563
Will seems really proud of himself
id: 44564
Hi Peter!
id: 44565
Vic wrote my actual trophy title on the bottom of my misprint trophy
id: 44566
That's me!
id: 44567
New Jersey Gothic
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