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Pictures taken during August 2015

id: 44685
You wanna do some racing?
id: 44686
First we tried the indoor go kart place
id: 44687
Away they go
id: 44688
This looked pretty fun but we didn't want to wait an hour to drive
id: 44689
Signing waivers at "F1 Outdoors"
id: 44690
This is going to be good
id: 44691
id: 44692
Looks like a fine day for racing
id: 44693
Circuit map!
id: 44694
Which helmet will be mine?
id: 44695
I'm so ready to race
id: 44696
Brett needs a minute
id: 44697
Racer Brett
id: 44698
How many times am I going to lap you today, Brett?
id: 44699
Alright, let's do this!
id: 44700
Hey that's us!
id: 44701
Go karts go karts go karts
id: 44702
Some racers on the other track drive by
id: 44703
It's almost our turn!
id: 44704
Brett checks his neck brace
id: 44705
This corner is a blast at full throttle. Just make sure you keep all the wheels on the track!
id: 44706
id: 44707
I went pretty far off the track on the right, up near the shack
id: 44708
Can you take the corner right?
id: 44709
You can actually see some dirt from where I went off the track
id: 44710
We had a blast!
id: 44711
It feels weird taking the 7 in this direction
id: 44712
Hi James
id: 44713
Where are we going?
id: 44714
id: 44715
Let's go!
id: 44716
You can see the security guy coming to hassle me about my big camera
id: 44717
The roller coaster James is here to ride
id: 44718
Go get in line!
id: 44719
What's your problem?
id: 44720
Hey look, an airplane!
id: 44721
Supplying water and cell signal
id: 44722
And away he goes!
id: 44723
James looks like he's having fun
id: 44724
id: 44725
Twisty turney
id: 44726
Nice looking coaster
id: 44727
id: 44728
James gets a few shots of his own
id: 44729
So many school buses!
id: 44730
What is with this giant cinderblock?
id: 44731
Hey cool, a 747!
id: 44732
The famous Coney Island Parachute Jump tower!
id: 44733
Chilling at the beach
id: 44734
Boardwalks are fun..
id: 44735
Thunderbolt is a pretty photogenic roller coaster
id: 44736
id: 44737
Lots of people out enjoying the nice day
id: 44738
Big container ship
id: 44739
Walking down the boardwalk
id: 44740
Beaches are relaxing
id: 44741
Lots of shops and stuff
id: 44742
The top of Thunderbolt's lift tower
id: 44743
James makes his way to the top
id: 44744
He's already got his hands up
id: 44745
Through the loop!
id: 44746
Through another loop!
id: 44747
id: 44748
Roller coasters are fun
id: 44749
Another view of the loop
id: 44750
Coney Island, folks
id: 44751
id: 44752
This ride looks like.. a thing
id: 44753
This one looks ever worse
id: 44754
James hates waiting in line
id: 44755
Hi James
id: 44756
Flying coasters are weird
id: 44757
Looks like James had fun
id: 44758
We found Suz and Beany!
id: 44759
Beany and James haven't seen each other in like ten years!
id: 44760
Suz is pretty cool
id: 44761
Beany doesn't like the sun
id: 44762
Suz does
id: 44763
Suz is very short
id: 44764
Beany was freaked out by the weird horse roller coaster
id: 44765
James has a weird habit of looking directly at me while on roller coasters
id: 44766
It looks like Beany survived
id: 44767
The famous Wonder Wheel!
id: 44768
Some of the cars are on weird mobile tracks
id: 44769
It's bright out
id: 44770
I wish I were Tom Hanks
id: 44771
Round and round the wonder wheel goes..
id: 44772
Another famous landmark, the Cyclone!
id: 44773
Suz and Beany survey the landscape
id: 44774
Beany does not look super excited about this ride
id: 44775
Definitely not super excited
id: 44776
She survived again!
id: 44777
"Look over there!"
id: 44778
James uses the height to take some photos
id: 44779
Beany didn't like the flying swing either
id: 44780
Flying swings!
id: 44781
Flying swings are neat
id: 44782
Lots of rides
id: 44783
James likes taking ride photos
id: 44784
Beany looks a little concerned
id: 44785
Dynamic action!
id: 44786
Suz's hair is out of control, as usual
id: 44787
Big Eye
id: 44788
This woman is my new best friend. She was studying statistics in the corner! She was also a good enough sport to let me take her photo
id: 44789
The Coney Island Cyclone!
id: 44790
id: 44791
What's going on here?
id: 44792
Another view of the Cyclone
id: 44793
Some people going for a fun ride
id: 44794
id: 44795
Beany's having fun
id: 44796
This looks like something out of a postcard, haha
id: 44797
A cruise ship! I bet this went right by Pier 60
id: 44798
The sun was impaled by the Parachute Jump
id: 44799
Beany found some stray cats and moved in for petting
id: 44800
Want a new friend??
id: 44801
They did not.
id: 44802
James rode the Thunderbolt again.. this time with Suz!
id: 44803
The stray cats were on to my shenanigans
id: 44804
They're friends
id: 44805
James taking a look at Thunderbolt
id: 44806
id: 44807
The lift hill is a little steep
id: 44808
Some people were feeding the stray cats! Beany loved them
id: 44809
Ahhh!! Seagulls!
id: 44810
Beany is unsure about the Wonder Wheel
id: 44811
Time to ride the Wonder Wheel
id: 44812
Ready for fun?
id: 44813
James is not worried
id: 44814
id: 44815
Beany is notttt a fan of the weird movement of the Wonder Wheel cars
id: 44816
This rocket doesn't look very realistic..
id: 44817
We survived the Wonder Wheel
id: 44818
id: 44819
Walking along the weird little games and stuff
id: 44820
Bye Beanyyy
id: 44821
James squeezes in another couple rides before sunset
id: 44822
This photo demonstrates why I don't like this ride
id: 44823
Now how did James' shoe get over there?
id: 44824
No, you can't climb under the thing. The ride op retracted the floor so he could grab the shoe
id: 44825
This is a weirdly spooky shot of the Parachute Jump
id: 44826
Buzz says hi to James
id: 44827
And James says hi to Neil
id: 44828
James was way better than most of my friends at Assetto Corsa!
id: 44829
Hi Mom!
id: 44830
She insists on taking her glasses off for photos
id: 44831
Meanwhile, Gragra's got some cool cool glasses. Hey wait, those are my glasses.
id: 44832
Gragra's got some sweet new digs. She grumps about it but I think she likes having more people around
id: 44833
Of course, I had to get a photo with her
id: 44834
Gragra was impressed with my weird metal cubes. Magnesium alloy and tungsten!
id: 44835
Mom and Mom's mom!
id: 44836
"Hey Gragra, hold these calibration cards"
id: 44837
Becky's ready for some lunch
id: 44838
Hanging out on the patio
id: 44839
Uncle Chris keeps an eye out for squirrels
id: 44840
Aunt Teresa loves when I take her photo
id: 44841
Nick and Becky like brunch
id: 44842
Is that food shiny?
id: 44843
Becky seems so suspicious of her.. egg thing?
id: 44844
id: 44845
id: 44846
Byyeee, see you in a few week
id: 44847
Macaroni just wants attention
id: 44848
Hi Steph
id: 44849
Steph's got a beer
id: 44850
Annalise's got a.. surprise
id: 44851
Brett checks out Bryce's desk
id: 44852
Steph seems suspicious
id: 44853
I was disappointed to find out Mom noticed the cat toy in the shells almost immediately
id: 44854
Annalise doesn't understand Magic. Also apparently since Bryce sat right next to me I never got any photos of him.
id: 44855
Brett taunts Macaroni with the string toy
id: 44856
Macaroni is into it
id: 44857
A staring contest ensued..
id: 44858
Macaroni's arch-nemesis..
id: 44859
"I love string!!"
id: 44860
id: 44861
Whoa, it's moving in for the kill
id: 44862
I rolled a soda bottle at him to distract him
id: 44863
Cats love string toy
id: 44864
Macaroni is having a good time
id: 44865
Steph caught me taking her picture again
id: 44866
Brett doesn't know why I'm taking this picture
id: 44867
Macaroni is out of control
id: 44868
Welcome to Clark University
id: 44869
I hear there are bathrooms in Goddard
id: 44870
The first floor of Goddard is a lot less drafty
id: 44871
id: 44872
I wish I brought my telephoto lens to get better shots of the Quidditch players
id: 44873
Annalise had to get a photo with Freud
id: 44874
Hey it's that place where I went to school
id: 44875
Down the sunblast hallway to the Math/CS department
id: 44876
Now this is a hallway I know all too well
id: 44877
One of my math classrooms!
id: 44878
The Linux Lab!
id: 44879
Brett said this place was better on the inside than the outside
id: 44880
And he was right! Good food
id: 44881
Grill me up some bacon!
id: 44882
Brett is so excited
id: 44883
Looks like this is the right place
id: 44884
Fancy ring, Tony!
id: 44885
Tony's Mom and Steph are ready to party!
id: 44886
Liz is ready to party!
id: 44887
Emily is ready to party! Hell, everyone is ready to party
id: 44888
This is the most Tony thing I've seen in a while.. but we'll top it by the end of the night
id: 44889
Nice location
id: 44890
Keith plays it cool
id: 44891
Beer on the deck
id: 44892
Strike a pose, Steph!
id: 44893
Brett needs a hat
id: 44894
This looks like a thrilling conversation
id: 44895
Hey James!
id: 44896
Tony loves photos
id: 44897
Hey that's not how kisses work
id: 44898
Group photo!
id: 44899
Tony and Shayna seem to be having fun, which is the most important thing!
id: 44900
Annalise has a nice sunny seat
id: 44901
I made sure to grab a couple photos of the Roman coin we got Tony as one of his wedding gifts
id: 44902
It's an authentic coin from the reign of Emperor Claudius!
id: 44903
Alright you two, get dancing
id: 44904
id: 44905
"I think everyone is looking at us"
id: 44906
Do we call this the first dance?
id: 44907
Shayna has a neat tattoo
id: 44908
Tony is super relaxed you guys. Yup. Super relaxed.
id: 44909
How could you not be relaxed in front of this?
id: 44910
Now everyone dances!
id: 44911
Dance dance dance
id: 44912
Tony socializing
id: 44913
Spiffy glass
id: 44914
id: 44915
The focus and lens flare on this shot is so weird
id: 44916
Our table went through a lot of Diet Pepsi
id: 44917
Tony came by to check on us
id: 44918
James knows how to live life
id: 44919
So does Ryan
id: 44920
Father/daughter dance!
id: 44921
id: 44922
Hi Shayna-Dad
id: 44923
It was a nice dance
id: 44924
id: 44925
Next up, mother/son dance
id: 44926
Don't mind me, Tony
id: 44927
Getting some advice?
id: 44928
Ha, captioning these photos is hard
id: 44929
id: 44930
I really dig this cake
id: 44931
This punk-ass kid was pretty entertaining
id: 44932
See?? Punk-ass kid!
id: 44933
Brett takes his turn engaging in the fine art of swing-drinking
id: 44934
This photo is just madness
id: 44935
Cutting the cake!
id: 44936
Shayna likes cake
id: 44937
This scene will later be reconstructed in 3D for virtual reality playback
id: 44938
id: 44939
Tony makes his way onto the dance deck
id: 44940
So cool, so casual
id: 44941
Oh snap, there he goes
id: 44942
They're dance fiends!
id: 44943
Bryce doesn't like his little cup
id: 44944
What's next?
id: 44945
More dancing? Sounds good
id: 44946
Steph likes it
id: 44947
Brett's got some moves that could be called dancing.
id: 44948
So dynamic
id: 44949
These are surely ideal lighting conditions for photos
id: 44950
Dance deck!
id: 44951
Oh god, the crazy wine pourer thing is out
id: 44952
Whatever it's called, it sure makes a mess. Gotta love beverage containers that require a poncho
id: 44953
I wasn't the only one with a nice camera!
id: 44954
Since the previous caption was written, Tony has informed me this bizarre device is called a porron, which sounds like a joke
id: 44955
Liz doesn't care what it's called
id: 44956
Tony forgot some part of the procedure so it didn't flow as expected
id: 44957
And made a mess! Sorry this is so blurry. I figured it was worth it even as a blurred mess
id: 44958
Ryan is an expert
id: 44959
It's harder than it looks
id: 44960
Shayna took extra care with her poncho. She didn't even need it! Unfortunately I flubbed the photo of the pour
id: 44961
Brett manages to mega-biff it up and poured it right out of the top
id: 44962
Brett loves wine
id: 44963
Let's see if we can't figure out this typewriter thing
id: 44964
Uhh.. it's like a keyboard?
id: 44965
Time to head to the after party at the classy classy wings restaurant
id: 44966
Brett is a plane-eating monster
id: 44967
Tony is the emperor of Buffalo Wild Wings
id: 44968
Shayna presents Antonius Buffalonius Zoopaes Magnus
id: 44969
Brett carries the second half of our gift to Tony.. a slightly bigger than life size bust of Emperor Augustus!
id: 44970
Tony had no idea his shirt was so appropriate
id: 44971
Tony was confused what all the fuss was about. "Are you guys bringing in my real Dad or something? What's going on?"
id: 44972
"What the hell???"
id: 44973
Brett's face and Tony's expression says it all
id: 44974
Augustus loves wings
id: 44975
Gaius is the best wing man
id: 44976
Congrats, Tony
id: 44977
OK, well, sure
id: 44978
It's a fine looking statue
id: 44979
Now let's carry it away..
id: 44980
Unceremoniously stuffed back in the box
id: 44981
"Bryce, I think something is wrong with your sunglasses.." "What?" "How are you not noticing this??"
id: 44982
I saw this on the way back to Boston and knew Tony would appreciate it.
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