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Pictures taken during September 2015

id: 44983
Oh yes. Steve is ready for camping
id: 44984
Phil looks like he was born ready
id: 44985
Phil's face as my cheapo folding chair made some ominous creaking sounds
id: 44986
Steve shows off Megan's hilarious wine glass holder
id: 44987
Nils and Christina have claimed their corner of the campfire
id: 44988
Dustin was really proud of his little foldable stool thing
id: 44989
Steve was surprisingly excited to play a game of Settlers. Count me in!
id: 44990
Christina and Nils joined us
id: 44991
How does this game work again?
id: 44992
Dustin doesn't know and Dustin doesn't care
id: 44993
We eventually started rolling the die in the box since it kept going off the table
id: 44994
See that blur on the top-right? That's a chip Steve is trying to eat
id: 44995
id: 44996
Phil gets to work setting up the fire for the night
id: 44997
The next morning was spooky and foggy as we drove to the boat place
id: 44998
Phil seems pretty excited.. what's he up to? Little did we know..
id: 44999
Dustin's ready for a day on the water
id: 45000
Nice shades, Matt
id: 45001
Dustin gets to work on his tube
id: 45002
Matt assumes his standard position on the boat
id: 45003
Boat partyyy
id: 45004
The day was a lot warmer and nicer than last year
id: 45005
Phil, what the hell?? He brought his own boat!
id: 45006
Steve seems perplexed by Phil's giant tube
id: 45007
Into the water!
id: 45008
But put on sunscreen first
id: 45009
Time to launch this thing
id: 45010
It's getting away!
id: 45011
The first test pilots board the USS Minkler
id: 45012
Beer is an essential part of the testing program
id: 45013
Phil and Steve weren't the only ones engaging in a tube testing program
id: 45014
Towing the tube seems like a bad idea..
id: 45015
Phil seems pretty confident
id: 45016
Steve helps tie the tube down
id: 45017
This still from a video shows the moment right before the tether holds failed..
id: 45018
Aaand the moment after
id: 45019
Well, that's the end of Phil and Steve
id: 45020
Well there's your problem
id: 45021
They're saved!
id: 45022
Well that was exciting
id: 45023
What's up with this helicopter that keeps flying past us?
id: 45024
Matt found the worst wig
id: 45025
Dustin is the whitest person
id: 45026
At least his beard won't get a sunburn
id: 45027
Alright everyone, on three... 1, 2, 3..
id: 45028
id: 45029
Now they're back in the water
id: 45030
It takes some skill to drink beer successfully in a lake
id: 45031
Megan has joined the tube test pilot program
id: 45032
Steve is so comfy
id: 45033
Matt is upside down!
id: 45034
"Jumping, eh?"
id: 45035
Dustin seems pretty proud of himself
id: 45036
Phil's turn to be upside down
id: 45037
Yes, I was the boat pilot again
id: 45038
OK give me my camera back
id: 45039
I was too busy running to the bathroom to help carry stuff. Cause I don't pee off the boat like an animal!
id: 45040
Did you have fun, Megan?
id: 45041
Good boat
id: 45042
I wish I had gotten a picture of the crazy guy across the street who kept dancing at people
id: 45043
Mmm, camping breakfast
id: 45044
We're helping
id: 45045
Pancakes and bacon!
id: 45046
Back to the Dustin Zimmer Memorial Swimming Hole
id: 45047
Megan gets her own pictures
id: 45048
I could get used to this HDR stuff. The photo looks so natural!
id: 45049
Lots of people here today
id: 45050
Phil contemplates.. I dunno, rocks?
id: 45051
Nils is chills
id: 45052
id: 45053
Nice waterfall
id: 45054
Steve's brain hurts
id: 45055
Megan is just hanging out on the rocks
id: 45056
Climbing back up?
id: 45057
Matt thinks deep thoughts
id: 45058
That's not how swimming works
id: 45059
id: 45060
Matt really got into his jump
id: 45061
I love Phil's reaction to Christina's jump
id: 45062
id: 45063
Megan's just going to live on this waterfall now
id: 45064
Every time I see this it makes me think of The Last of Us
id: 45065
Megan and Steve are having fun
id: 45066
Phil is.. being Phil
id: 45067
While the rest of the gang went to the brewery, I went on an impromptu hike with Phil and Matt
id: 45068
We had no idea how long this hill was
id: 45069
Phil needed to stop for a little refreshment
id: 45070
Matt does not seem surprised
id: 45071
Hey this trail has some nice views
id: 45072
Look at the little people! You may recognize this place from the photos two years ago when we were the little people
id: 45073
Meanwhile, the trail continues
id: 45074
id: 45075
What the hell?? Not only a parking lot, but a parking lot under construction
id: 45076
The Taughannock Falls I keep hearing about
id: 45077
Nice view from this area
id: 45078
That's the bridge we were on two years ago!
id: 45079
"Nature in America"
id: 45080
This is the view looking the other way
id: 45081
You guys ready to head back?
id: 45082
No, we must continue on!
id: 45083
Wait... this is the end of the trail??
id: 45084
Screw you, trail
id: 45085
Phil and Matt wanted a nice picture together
id: 45086
This is what they got
id: 45087
This place is full of great views
id: 45088
Time for some night cooking?
id: 45089
Megan likes campfires
id: 45090
Is that normal for fire?
id: 45091
Nils has a pretty sweet shirt
id: 45092
It's so dark, Steve!
id: 45093
What's Matt making?
id: 45094
Good times
id: 45095
Of course, we eventually had to light up the disco ball for the pre-quiet-time dance party
id: 45096
These dots are a real bitch to capture with the camera but I think this shot does an OK job
id: 45097
The streaks it makes when spinning are impossible to capture
id: 45098
"Why is it wet in here? Did you bring this beer in here??" "...I dunno! ...maybe! Maybe it was a beer assassin!" I think it was Phil
id: 45099
My trust "shuttle chair" from STS-134 suffered a fatal injury when I lazily tossed it down the trail ahead of me. It served me well.
id: 45100
The disco ball was also a casualty of this trip. At least the casualties weren't human this year!
id: 45101
Time to go home
id: 45102
We were tricked by the "World Renowned Omlets" sign. They were not very good. We should have guessed since that's not how you spell omelet.
id: 45103
Eh, it'll do though. Good trip!
id: 45104
id: 45105
A train passed as I took this one and I thought it looked like a really cool glitch
id: 45106
There's only so many ways to capture this scene but it's pretty amazing to look at
id: 45107
A little closer in. The beams aren't actually anywhere near the original footprints of the WTC towers but it's close enough
id: 45108
They go really far up into the sky
id: 45109
A little wider angle to show Queens Boulevard
id: 45169
I bought this specifically for this event in the hopes of getting it signed
id: 45170
The Nitehawk was playing weird abstract digital stuff before the movie
id: 45171
Suz is excited
id: 45172
She ordered the "Acid Burn" drink
id: 45173
How is it?
id: 45174
Hackers director Iain Softley!
id: 45175
Fisher Stevens (The Plague), Renoly Santiago (Phantom Phreak), Laurence Mason (Lord Nikon)
id: 45176
Iain Softley (director), Jonny Lee Miller (Dade Murphy / Crash Override / Zero Cool), and Fisher Stevens again
id: 45177
Jonny Lee Miller mocked taking notes when someone in the audience started complaining about how they could be doing things better
id: 45178
Not sure what Laurence mason made this face for. Good Q&A though!
id: 45179
The event organizer got a photo with the director and cast!
id: 45180
So I jumped in there and got my own group photo. Hackers!
id: 45181
And I got everyone to sign my blu-ray!
id: 45182
You know Becky's excited
id: 45183
Gragra slowly makes her way inside
id: 45184
Who the hell are the Hinderhofers?
id: 45185
Color coded nametags for the branches of the family. Green, orange, white, yellow for the Irish flag. (Yellow is the flagpole)
id: 45186
Gragra really enjoyed seeing everyone
id: 45187
Hi Aunt Regina!
id: 45188
Mom's also having a really good time
id: 45189
Lots of people I may or may not know milling around
id: 45190
People kept asking me if I was the photographer. Nope, just _a_ photographer
id: 45191
But I guess I can fulfill "the photographer" roll sometimes!
id: 45192
This kid was crazy. Watch out
id: 45193
Hi Mom
id: 45194
I don't think I've ever seen Gragra this happy, haha
id: 45195
Having fun, Becky?
id: 45196
Aunt Teresa's selfie stick was a fun target for my camera
id: 45197
Everyone poses.. but doesn't look at my camera! It's convenient
id: 45198
Lots of neat old photos
id: 45199
This selfie stick is getting a lot of mileage
id: 45200
Whoa, that little girl has some moves
id: 45201
Bernie didn't have any orange so he wore this scarf
id: 45202
It's multi-function
id: 45203
This was pretty much the whole event. Standing around chatting
id: 45204
Color coded!
id: 45205
So many people
id: 45206
Becky found a photo
id: 45207
Aunt Regina has some ice cream or something
id: 45208
This kid was whipping a camera around like nunchuks
id: 45209
Everyone smile!
id: 45210
Group photo POV
id: 45211
That's a big cake
id: 45212
And of course we had to get our own mini group photo
id: 45213
Time to start stealing photos!
id: 45214
I spent most of my time at this table hanging out
id: 45215
Looking at the big photos
id: 45216
Selfie stick!
id: 45217
Becky's into it
id: 45218
I'm not sure what this photo was but it caused quite a commotion
id: 45219
Only a little sliver left
id: 45220
It's almost in totality!
id: 45221
Red moon
id: 45222
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