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Pictures taken during October 2015

id: 45223
Oh yes. My second virtual reality headset
id: 45224
Promising looking box
id: 45225
It passes Buzz's security check
id: 45226
Nice container for carrying it around
id: 45227
There it is..
id: 45228
This looks familiar
id: 45229
Gear VR
id: 45230
Powered by Oculus
id: 45231
Neil doesn't really care
id: 45232
Virtual reality!!
id: 45233
There's more nerds than usual here in the 34th St Hudson Yards station
id: 45234
Really long, vertigo-inducing escalators
id: 45235
Comiccon people were out in force helping to guide people around. I confused them by looking like a con-goer but not actually going
id: 45236
Go that way!
id: 45237
Peter Griffin! That's a pretty solid cosplay. He even did the voice!
id: 45238
id: 45239
I walk by this helipad every day now. It's fun to watch the helicopters land
id: 45240
Nice soft landing
id: 45241
I met a very excited Albert and Bryce for lunch while they attended NYCC.
id: 45242
Albert was impressed by the Gear VR. So was the kid sitting next to us.
id: 45243
Hi Josh
id: 45244
Josh takes his turn in the Gear VR
id: 45245
Ted and Tillery are bomb experts
id: 45246
Actually everyone is a bomb expert. Except Tillery, now he's a bomb defuser
id: 45247
Bombs are complicated
id: 45248
It's a real team-building exercise
id: 45249
Defusing bombs is fun!
id: 45250
It's also fun to take pictures of people wearing VR headsets cause they can't see you
id: 45251
This is an anti-bomb pillow
id: 45252
How cyberpunk
id: 45253
Green grid!
id: 45254
Waving the ilght bar around
id: 45255
Look at all these random colors
id: 45256
id: 45257
id: 45258
I tried to make a sine wave but got the math wrong..
id: 45259
Kailey is Kaylee!
id: 45260
Hi Josh
id: 45261
Josh is Bing Bong
id: 45262
Whoa, Eiwe is looking intense
id: 45263
id: 45264
Dave realized that his usual running gear was a pretty solid costume
id: 45265
id: 45266
Beer Quidditch?
id: 45267
Ahh, that's what happened to my acceptance letter
id: 45268
Hi Josh
id: 45269
DevOps is ready to fight
id: 45270
Hey look, it's a party
id: 45271
Since Dave's phone was in this case he had to use the front camera
id: 45272
As always, Mahoney went way above and beyond
id: 45273
He's a big bad wolf and his kid is Red Riding Hood!
id: 45274
Whoa! Grandma comes bursting out!
id: 45275
That is some next level costume effort
id: 45276
Varying levels of costume effort
id: 45277
Penguins love beanbags
id: 45278
Uhh.. hi Max
id: 45279
id: 45280
We took Josh's hat, put it on Craig, took a photo, and put it back without Josh noticing
id: 45281
The snitch has been caught!
id: 45282
Nice hoodie, James
id: 45283
Farhan as "Brown Artie"
id: 45284
Nate was a walking Slack channel
id: 45285
I have!!
id: 45286
id: 45287
Becca was a house elf, keeping with the Harry Potter theme
id: 45288
The Big Bad Wolf is back! And that kid is armed!
id: 45289
Even after seeing it once before their skit was pretty amaznig
id: 45290
Power rangers!
id: 45291
The pink ranger kept adjusting his skirt
id: 45292
2U spiders?
id: 45293
id: 45294
Various tech tools!
id: 45295
id: 45296
Jacob Jenkins
id: 45297
James spotted me taking his picture
id: 45298
DevOps shows off their Mad Max costumes
id: 45299
id: 45300
With lights and everything!
id: 45301
The people of Chelsea Piers!
id: 45302
Did someone order lunch?
id: 45303
It's the rat that shut down Wichcraft!
id: 45304
So many Arties!
id: 45305
And here's the real Artie!
id: 45306
Great costume idea
id: 45307
Everyone gathered around to take photos
id: 45308
Josh ran a fun trivia contest.. and my team won!
id: 45309
Suz was really excited for Friendly's
id: 45310
Look at all the ice cream!
id: 45311
Look at how small this mozzarella stick is!
id: 45312
So tiny!
id: 45313
That's right. We found a furry convention in the middle of nowhere. And I miraculously got this shot, at night, from a moving car. They look like they're having fun!
id: 45314
On the open road
id: 45315
id: 45316
Are we there yet?
id: 45317
Mom talking to random people on Oculus Social
id: 45318
I miss fall in the suburbs
id: 45319
Look how nice it is here!
id: 45320
Gragra really liked VR
id: 45321
She also raelly loved Rubik's Cubes, which she had apparently never encountered before
id: 45322
Nice view outside Gragra's new place
id: 45323
Mom loves my banana costume
id: 45324
Suz is a mermaid!
id: 45325
Iiii am a banana!
id: 45326
Gaius knows how to party
id: 45327
Refreshments to ensure the party goes all night
id: 45328
Maybe I'll come back later..
id: 45329
Don't you recognize Tony's costume? Uh-c'mon
id: 45330
Shayna's ready for some cool cool dancing
id: 45331
Suz's real tattoo. No, not really.
id: 45332
Pizza rat followed us from New York!
id: 45333
The creepy body table thing is back
id: 45334
James is the Sun!
id: 45335
Suz ponders the night ahead
id: 45336
Hi Tony
id: 45337
Tony definitely loves those horse masks
id: 45338
No one let Brett in, it's a trick
id: 45339
Steph is Marie from the Aristocats and Brett is a jogger or marathoner or something
id: 45340
Brett can't escape the Sun's gravitational.. hug
id: 45341
Steph likes what she sees
id: 45342
Brett just won the race
id: 45343
Candy will help with the running
id: 45344
What's going on in this room?
id: 45345
Brett suddenly tore his pants off, much to everyone's dismay
id: 45346
What's up in the kitchen?
id: 45347
No pizza for you, rat
id: 45348
Brett is making some weird faces
id: 45349
Facepaint is fun
id: 45350
id: 45351
Another Kaylee costume! Also excellent
id: 45352
It's time to introduce Suz to the traditional Rippoween treat.. jello shot syringes!
id: 45353
"I just push it?"
id: 45354
Brett is well versed in the ways of jello-shot syringes
id: 45355
Time to expose everyone to VR!
id: 45356
Brett thinks things are funny
id: 45357
Tony got some sort of crazy wine sword
id: 45358
Steph's head is very fuzzy
id: 45359
Steph is looking very sophisticated
id: 45360
Tony's augmenting his costume already. Nice 3d-printed Wolverine claws
id: 45361
Suz got a 3d-printed ring!
id: 45362
Good lord, no one touch the gem!
id: 45363
Tony's first moment in VR
id: 45364
Yup, that's the typical reaction
id: 45365
We know how to party
id: 45366
Tony has a jetpack
id: 45367
"Brett, wear this banana!"
id: 45368
"Brett, wear these claws too!"
id: 45369
Suz is an expert bomb defuser
id: 45370
Don't look at me like that with those claws
id: 45371
Why are we jumping, Suz?
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